what can you give a nursing dog to stop diarrhea?

Want to Give Free Dog what can you give a nursing dog to stop diarrhea?, my dog gave birth 2 weeks ago and has had bad diarrhea, I have tried feeding her rice for 2 days now but no luck it is still bad. She ...

22-08-08, 01:34
  what can you give a nursing dog to stop diarrhea?
my dog gave birth 2 weeks ago and has had bad diarrhea, I have tried feeding her rice for 2 days now but no luck it is still bad. She has never had accidents in the house before and it is getting out of control. I feel really bad for her and want to know if there is anything else I could give her or if I should just continue with the rice a bit longer. She is drinking lots of water and is eating eukanuba small breed puppy food. I have thought of taking her to the vet but do not see a serious need to.
she has been on puppy food since she got pregnant.

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22-08-08, 01:34
A serious need to is the fact that for days she is being de hydrated by this..and while she is miserable and dealing with this she also has pups to feed and nourish..Pups should be seen by a vet also in a few days of age so I would take them all of to the vets together..They all need checked for worms and other parasites.MOm as well..she could have also picked up a virus from a depleated immune system..What additional nourishments/supplements is she taking for nursing? maybe it is one of her supplements? Just put yourself in her shoes and see if it is okay to wait any longer or you would feel at this point you need some help..she cannot talk but you can talk for her...I wish her luck..
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22-08-08, 01:35
Did you just switch her to the puppy food? If so, you might have switched her too fast. Some dogs can't handle a quick change in food. my shepherd could breath foreign air and get diarrhea. You may need to take her to the vet if it doesn't clear up soon. She could get dehydrated quicker because she is nursing as well. Maybe you could go to the store and see if there is any kind of puppy sensitive stomach food available.It could be something like worms too and the puppies have put stress on her body causing the sudden diarrhea.
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22-08-08, 01:37
If she is nursing and has diarrhea,then you should take her to the vet,as it will cause her to lose electrolytes,and that,coupled with the stress from nursing pups,can cause her to crash very suddenly. In the meantime,give her unflavored Pedialyte and plain,unsweetened yogurt to help replace her electrolytes and calcium.The yogurt can help with the diarrhea,too.Make sure not to get diet yogurt with artificial sweeteners,just plain ,full-fat yogurt will do.
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22-08-08, 01:38
try boiled potatoes with the skins on no butter salt ect works 99% of the time
as soon as the d+ stops add a high grade puppy chow a tad at a time til all puppy chow
hopes it helps
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22-08-08, 01:38
Plain canned pumpkin, not pie filling which has tons of sugar. It helps with both constipation and diarrhea.
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22-08-08, 01:40
You might try putting her back on her old food, and gradually mixing in the puppy food a little at a time. She might also be nervous because of the puppies. Try to spend a little time with her without the puppies and give her little breaks and lots of positive attention during the day. Also try adding a little sugar and a little sea salt to her water. This helps to fight dehydration and is what they give to sick babies to fight dehydration.
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22-08-08, 01:41
Just take her to the Vet. She has puppies to care for, she will deplete her own body to nurse them even though she is weakened by this illness. The is not something you can solve on your own.
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