Can I give my dog robitussin to help her kennel cough?

Want to Give Free Dog Can I give my dog robitussin to help her kennel cough?, I adopted a 2 month old black lab from the animal shelter about a week ago. The next day I noticed she was sneezing a lot, now she has a ...

29-01-09, 02:08
  Can I give my dog robitussin to help her kennel cough?
I adopted a 2 month old black lab from the animal shelter about a week ago. The next day I noticed she was sneezing a lot, now she has a really bad hacking cough to go along with the sneezing. I called the shelter and they told me that she has kennel cough because it was apparently going around the dogs in the shelter. I was told that there wasn't much I could do but to just let it pass. But I feel so bad because her cough sounds painful. Can I give small doses of robitussin or benadryl or something like that?

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29-01-09, 05:20
Take her to the vet ASAP.
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31-01-09, 10:11
Robitussin is very safe for a dog as my vet has instructed me to give my pets this when they start coughing with a cold.You can safely give your pet about 1/4 cc ,every 6 hours for cough.It will also help if you place this pet in a small area or room in your house and use a vaporizor with a medicated steaming solution in it,so pet can breath in the medication
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31-01-09, 17:53
No, what you need to do is take her to the vet, kennel cough (bordatella) is actually a virus and there are meds for it. You get them from your vet.
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02-02-09, 00:55
All you can offer him is supportive care...Humidifier,warm bedding, antibiotics to keep him from getting secondary infections. One thing you can do is do percussion pounding on his chest cavity to help the mucous break hand on either side of the rib cage,do not to hurt him,just enough to hear the hollow sound like burping a baby. Humidity is a huge factor in treatment.Dont give him any over the counter medication,it may harm him.
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02-02-09, 02:46
You can go to your local tractor supply store and buy kennel cough vaccinations, they run around six dollars and is a simple shot given under the skin. Easy to give.
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08-02-09, 11:26
No, do not give her robitussin (unless a vet approves). You can however give her vitamin c, I would use ester c as it's easier on the tummy. It will help her recover from the KC, but is not a cough medicine of course.
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09-02-09, 08:07
I've never given my dogs robitussin, But I know they can have benadryl. I would give her a benadryl while I was waiting for my appointment to see a vet! She must go to the vet, or she will not get better!!
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10-02-09, 08:41
No there are special meds for kennel cough, and it usually goes away
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12-02-09, 08:36
Taker her to the vet, kennel cough is a virus not a cold, and can be deadly.
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12-02-09, 15:01
Don't give a dog people's drugs unless you're a doctor and know exactly what you're doing. If the people at the shelter told you to just let it pass on its own, that's exactly what you should do. She's better off sneezing and coughing than dead due to an overdose of human medication!
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17-02-09, 10:15
You can take her to a vet. Never give a dog people meds without the advice of a vet. The wrong stuff, too large a dose and your dog has bigger problems. A vet is the way to go. Now that you have a dog, get used to it. Welcome to having a pet.
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17-02-09, 11:56
Only if you want her to die.
That shit is almost too strong for people-much less a dog.
Dont give your dog that, take it to a vet for Christs sake.
Kennel cough is common among dogs in a shelter and can be easily treated-just take it to the vet-they will give you the right medicine to clear it up.
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18-02-09, 06:28
She needs to see a vet. Puppies need antibiotics to fight off the virus. If they don't, things can quickly progress into pneumonia and then you could run the high risk of losing her.

Until your appointment however, yes you can help ease the coughing with Pediatric Robitussin. Give her HALF the normal dose for a 2 to 6 year old. That's usally half a TSP or about 1 cc. But really get her into see the vet ASAP.

My own vet advised me to medicate my pup with Pediatric Robitussin in conjunction with antibiotics. That's the only thing you are able to do with Kennel Cough BECAUSE it's a virus. Unless they had the vaccine, there is NO true blue cure for it. It can only be controlled with antibiotics and cough syrup (for comfort) until it's run it's course. So yes, it IS similar to a human cold. You could even use children Mucinex and it works even better than the Robitussin. I am also using this same treatment for a litter of shelter puppies with kennel cough, they are doing just fine and are very comfortable.
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19-02-09, 10:48
I personally think it's very irresponsible of a shelter worker to have told you that. It's true that healthy adults can get rid of kennel cough on their own or by being given Robitussin (it's what my old vet told me to use). However, with young puppies, kennel cough can quickly turn to pneumonia - puppies need antibiotics to fight it off. If this were my puppy, she'd be at the vets.
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