Why does my puppy suddenly not want to go for a walk anymore?

Want to Buy a Dog Why does my puppy suddenly not want to go for a walk anymore?, I got my puppy at the age of just over 12 weeks, he had his second set of injections shortly after and then a week later i started taking him ...

24-08-08, 04:00
  Why does my puppy suddenly not want to go for a walk anymore?
I got my puppy at the age of just over 12 weeks, he had his second set of injections shortly after and then a week later i started taking him on short walks, about 15 min walks.

Basically what I do is that I feed him at 8am, then at 12:30 and then at 4:30/5:00pm, for the first two feedings I take him outside once I know he wants to go (he lets me know) and the final walk i reserve for actually going for a walk with him (and to let him go toilet).

It's been fine up until like a few days ago, when I try walking him now he does his business and then tries to go back into the house. I've tried everything, I've called him over (which only serves to get him so far before he starts whimpering and then he starts pulling me back towards the house again), I've ignored him and just walked and sometimes he follows me but most of the time I end up dragging him with me (gently).

Once I get to a certain point (where he cannot see the house anymore he's fine) but I don't want to have to go through this drag and pull scenario every time I walk him, so does anyone have any suggestions on why this might have suddenly started happening?

He's now 4 months old and quite scared of people (but since i walk him late at night 8pm there aren't very many people about) with men he just growls at them, with women and children he runs, but he's getting better around dogs, he actually sniffs them now before running to me. I've also tried rectifying this and i know how to, it's a slow process, i just encourage people who want to pet him to approach him slowly and give him a treat etc etc but if anyone has any other tips on this I'd appreciate it!

So really the only big problem I have is his dislike of walking now, is it because he just wants to go home? Or is he scared? Or is it him testing me, seeing who boss and who can order who around?

I'd really appreciate any advice on this matter (and the other if you think I'm not doing the whole 'get him used to people' thing right) as I'd like to work on it with him before I have to go to University and then my mother and grandmother take over the majority of the time (that way I can also teach my mum what to do with him).

It doesn't seem like he's ill, he's as energetic as he always was, if not more so! If he's in the house he runs around like a maniac, loves being cuddled, loves playing and getting attention, however once outside recently he tends to want to venture back into the house.

I think it might just be that usually we took him out on walks at about 4-5pm, when it was still light outside, so maybe it is just the problem of it being dark. But then he also does it in the day, in some ways he's always done it, just not to do this degree. Before it was just a slight whimper and then he'd be on his way but now it's gotten worse, I've been with him the entire time, he's never once had a bad experience.

But I'll try the puppy kindergarten thing as well as trying to bait him into walking with me with treats or his favourite ball.
I also forgot to add that my puppy is a Bichon Frise, if that helps any!

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27-08-08, 09:15
Sounds like he is resisting the walks because he is afraid of people. Often times, petting a dog from above or overly petting them, especially from strangers, can be very stressful because in doggie language it may seem like a threat or a dominance move.

You are definitely doing the right thing in trying to desensitize him to people. For a start though, I would just do these exercises at home, with friends you know and who will follow your directions. You want to keep greetings as low key as possible, which means no talk, no touch, and no eye-contact. Just have your friend approach, toss the treat, and move away. And keep repeating until your dog is comfortable with it. Note that if she spooks, then you want to throw the treat from farther away.

It is much tougher to get strangers to do this because it is difficult for people not to do the no eye-contact part, and that is very important. Eye-contact can sometimes be taken as a challenge in doggie language.

In terms of being outside, I would just keep away from people for now. Say a quick hi to your neighbors and then move on. It is also best to cross the street if you can so you create as much space as possible for your dog during the passing.

You can also make walks more fun by playing the find-it game with him, or playing tug with him during walks.

At home, I would start doing obedience training sessions with your dog everyday. 10-15 minutes per session is sufficient and it will help to build his confidence.

This article has more on why hugging or petting can be stressful:

Hope this helps.
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11-11-08, 19:30
He needs more socialization. If you have the extra time and money, taking him to puppy kindergarten will help SO MUCH. It's worth it. He will meet new people, lots of new dogs and it will be a different situation. The trainers will also teach you some great puppy training techniques and answer your questions.

Basically, he needs to be exposed to more new people, animals and situations on a regular basis. Instead of walking him after dark, you should walk him in the mornings and maybe take him to the park a few times per week where he will see lots of different people. Bring some treats with you and ask strangers to call him and give him a treat. He needs to learn to associate going outside and seeing strangers with something good!

Many pups go through this awkward fear of strangers, just like many kids do. It's important not to give up on him because if you do, he could develop fear aggression. Don't give in when he tries to pull you home - if you do then he will manipulate you to try to get you to do what he wants all the time. You are the leader, so you need to expect him to follow you. Don't be rough with him, but do be patient and firm. You might be able to use treats to lead him away from the house.
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