Why is my cat losing his fur?

Lost My Cat Why is my cat losing his fur?, I noticed my cat was losing fur around his face about a month and half ago. He was also very lathergic, just not himself I took him to the vet ...

14-08-08, 13:24
  Why is my cat losing his fur?
I noticed my cat was losing fur around his face about a month and half ago. He was also very lathergic, just not himself I took him to the vet who said it was probably allergies, gave him a shot and two weeks worth of pills and said it should do the trick. It seemed to be working but as soon as the pills ran out, it started again. So I went back to get more pills. Well he seems to be feeling back to normal again, but the hair loss is getting worse. On the top of his head, around his face and now the small of his back. There are also small red spots on the skin. Does anyone know what is causing this?

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14-08-08, 13:28
Try this...
Take a camomile tea bag and make some tea. Then use a cotton ball and wet it and the area that the cat is scratching.
Alergies seem to be the most ralistic thing.
Change your cats food.
If YOUR CATS ARE INDOOR/OUTDOOR start checking around and see if it is getting into some weeds or other thing that might make it scratch.
There is also a bug called "no-see-um" they are about this size ( - ) size so very hard to see....and flesh colored (light flesh) they bite like the dickens. (hence the scratching)
You might spray your cat with flea killer and then give your cat a bath and that would kill the bugs (the flea meds that you put between the shoulder blades don't seem to affect the no-see-ums)
good luck
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14-08-08, 13:31
It definitly sounds like allergies to me. What pills did they give him? Could you please respond with the medication name and it's dosage.
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14-08-08, 13:33
It sounds like an allergy. If all your vet did was pills and a shot I would recommend another vet. I have had success with both Holisitc vets and cat only clinics. They are treating the symptom, not curing the problem. They probably gave a steriod, which is bad for cats (or people) to use long term.
Get another opinion.
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14-08-08, 13:34
he might have allergies to somethink to somethink
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