How do I temporally stop my dogs from mating.?

Looking for a Mate My Dog How do I temporally stop my dogs from mating.?, I don't want her gettin pregnant until she's atleast a yr she's only 7 months and I don't know Thor best thing to do to not let them mate...

27-11-10, 00:30
  How do I temporally stop my dogs from mating.?
I don't want her gettin pregnant until she's atleast a yr she's only 7 months and I don't know Thor best thing to do to not let them mate

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27-11-10, 00:50
Dont breed her yet. If you have kennels for them put one in and then the other out and then switch until out of heat. Breed her when she is 1 year and on as its is best that they go threw 1 heat be4 so at 1 year she will have a 2nd heat and breed her than. I actually know a couple of kennels that bred at 6 month wrong thing but what can u do? People cant stop everything from breeding. Just wait till 1 year and then breed but just keep them apart from each other! Dont listen to these other peoples. You dont here people saying go get your daughter fixed lol
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27-11-10, 03:08
Well since you don't even know the answer to this, you shouldn't be breeding. Go to the vet and have your dogs fixed. Simple, then we don't have to worry about you abusing your dogs for money.
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27-11-10, 03:21
Have them seperated at all times if they continue trying to mate. If you give them free time together, supervise them.
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27-11-10, 04:03
keep them separated until her season is over, then wash her to get rid of the sent of her being in season.

i've done it with mine and it worked really well
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27-11-10, 04:33
It's called keeping them separate.

If you were ready to become a reputable breeder, you'd know that you shouldn't breed a dog before it's two years old, not a year old. You're clearly not ready to be breeding. Please get your dogs fixed instead and start doing more research if you're serious about learning to breed dogs professionally. There's a lot more to breeding professionally than putting a male animal and a female animal together.

Pet quality animals should not be bred. If Thor and your female are simply pets of yours you wish to breed, what you are doing is nothing but irresponsible, backyard breeding. Get your dogs fixed. (Before You Breed) (To Breed or Not to Breed?) (Breeding) (What is a Backyard Breeder?) (Are you a BackYard Breeder?) (Breeder/Exhibitor Education) (Learn To Breed)
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27-11-10, 04:48
Is she in season? If she is you must keep them separate. Sometimes dogs have silent seasons and you can't tell if they are in season easily, you have to keep a very sharp eye out for any enlargement of the vulva. I like to just keep them separate unless I want to mate them. But they can have play time as long as I have assured myself that the female is not in season. It can take some experience and can be slightly different depending on the breed and the female to be sure whether they are in season or not.

They do NOT "unsterilize" dogs, in fact it isn't so easy with vasectomies with humans either. But female spaying removes the uterus and it is not replaceable, and when they neuter a dog the testis are removed which are also not replaceable. In human males they can cut the vas deferins which sometimes can be reconnected.
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27-11-10, 05:13
Put them in different rooms.
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27-11-10, 05:25
For now, separate them. But, I highly recommend you don't breed them at all, especially not at a year since it is still too young (minimum age should be about 2 years). Not only can breeding lead to heartbreak, especially if you don't know what you're getting into, but if you don't do it right and for the right reasons you'd be a BYB. BYBs are the whole reason there are so many dogs getting killed in shelters. I also suggest that, if you aren't planning on breeding responsibly, you spay and neuter your dogs.
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27-11-10, 05:32
a dog shouldn't get pregnant until they are at least two years old, and unless you are a professional breeder you should not be breeding dogs. There is a HUGE overpopulation of dogs already. A responsible pet owner has their dogs neutered.

If you were a proper breeder you would know how, but use the two door separation method. Have at least two closed doors between them at all times while the female dog is in heat, and a day before and after she is in heat.
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