Are female dogs suppose to whine while mating?

Looking for a Mate My Dog Are female dogs suppose to whine while mating?, We are breeding our 2 dogs and the first couple of times they did there thing our female was making some blood clenching screams..Not even a whimper you could hear ...

13-03-10, 23:55
  Are female dogs suppose to whine while mating?
We are breeding our 2 dogs and the first couple of times they did there thing our female was making some blood clenching screams..Not even a whimper you could hear it from out side of the house. This is both dogs first time..Nothing came from the male except for him growling the first time they got stuck and our female tried to move...But our female the first couple times was screaming very loudly even before they got stuck. Is this normal?? My step mother said that all the dogs she's seen breed have never made that loud of noises, and I'm 21 and have never heard any thing like it before. Can anyone give me some opinions? Has anyone bred dogs and heard the female yelping??
The female is 5yrs and the male is 1 1/2. She is flaunting it and obviously is ready for breeding. Yes it is her first time. Thank you to every one who gave me real answers and not all that BS of irresponsible dog owner and all that crap. We already have 14 people who want puppies before we even considered breeding them. Both male and female have already been vet checked.
I have bred dogs before but this is the first time I have heard anything like this. my step mother has also bred many dogs before becoming a part of this family and she has never heard anything like it. And my dad has also bred dogs before and hasn't heard anything like it. 2 out of 3 adults in our house have experience in breeding dogs and both have not heard anything like this before. And I use to own and manage a miniature horse farm breeding and selling. I know alot when it comes to breeding horses but am still inexperienced when it comes to breeding dogs.
umm the 14 people are friends and family and they have known both dogs since birth and want a puppy out of the for the intelligence level of both our dogs, the protectiveness they both have, the temperament of both our dogs and not to mention they know us and they know our dogs and how we treat them. That is why they do not go to a shelter. And we're not selling them we're giving them away being that they are friends and family thank you very much.

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14-03-10, 06:46
Nah...I dont breed my PET quality dog...neither should you
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14-03-10, 09:22
If your dog was screaming bloody murder why the hell are you still intending to breed her? You don't know anything about the mating process, probably nothing about heat cycles, and likely nothing about gestation and emergency c-sections. Your dog was crying and you continued to put her with the stud when she was clearly distressed. Irresponsible. Downright irresponsible.

Contact an AKC breeding mentor before breeding again if you want to do it humanely with your dogs' safety in mind.
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14-03-10, 10:50
NO. It's not normal. She shouldn't be doing that. And yes, if you were responsible you would've had them fixed. Just hope she doesn't get pregnant and if she does, there's a good chance it could kill her what with you not knowing what you're doing and all. Just get both of them fixed after this.
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