how do you find a dog in the woods?( i need fast answers )

Found a Lost Dog how do you find a dog in the woods?( i need fast answers ), my gram and paps dog was let loose back at their camp. they always do that and when they called her she never came back! she goes far into the ...

12-09-08, 23:20
  how do you find a dog in the woods?( i need fast answers )
my gram and paps dog was let loose back at their camp. they always do that and when they called her she never came back! she goes far into the woods and they have never lost her before. im scared that if we go into the woods and look for her we will find her hurt. or find her dead. im scared that she might have ran into a bear and it attacked her.
how can you find a dog in the woods without going far into the woods?
thanks for helping

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18-10-08, 16:48
Walk through calling her name.... if shes not trained to come to a whistle or anything of that nature, going through and calling out her name is your best bet. Good luck and I hope you find her okay.
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19-10-08, 14:11
there is a place online where you can rent a dog. google this site and rent you a blood hound.
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21-10-08, 03:24
Go around the edge of the forest and yell out something that will get the dog's attention. For us, I would use the dog's name followed by "want some cheese?" and I know my dog will come running.

Also put out a lot of fliers to the local area, campground, and vets in the area.

Good luck!
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21-10-08, 21:57
Whistle or Scream its name at the top of your lungs or go out in the woods with a flashlight and point it near the ground if she is still alive she will come to it
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26-10-08, 02:00
I think that there is a sportsman and a deer hunting section in here too and I would post this question in there too. I really have zero ideas to suggest as my Uncle Gill's deer hunting dog was once bit by a snake but still able to hobble and got back to camp. We brought the dog to the vet and it is OK. I would try to rescue the dog and have it checked out by a vet as a snake bite on the leg needs a biopsy to determine the infection. Try to think positive. Good Luck.
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26-10-08, 02:55
You DEFINITELY have to go look; she may need your help. She may have just hurt her leg or something and is having trouble walking. If you went and looked for her a vet would easily be able to help her; but if you don't find her she definitely won't get any help and could die.
If it was me I would call my dogs name very loudly but make sure to keep it in a loud and upbeat tone; like you would if you were calling her to come eat or play. If she thinks she is in trouble she may hide. Also, if you have her food bag try shaking it as you go. When my dogs hear their food bag or box of treats they immediately come running. Also, if she has a favorite squeaky toy, try squeezing that. Try to lure her out with the thought that you are there to play.
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26-10-08, 15:42
get a dog whistle
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31-10-08, 22:37
tell neighbors to help. find friends and look for the dog ......dont go in there by yourself could set dog treats around.good luck and be careful.
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04-11-08, 11:06
Without anyone looking for her there is little chance anyone will find her. I would organize pairs of family members to go together. No kids pairs.

You can inform shelters etc and put up posters, but chances are in this sort of setting if no one looks for her you will not find her. She's going to get scared of strangers and chances are she will run from them. If it's people she knows she may well run to them.
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08-11-08, 08:12
No choice, people, not just one person, have to go in. The dog can be injured or trapped, and may need help getting out. Your grandparents were very irresponsible to allow their dog to run around the woods by itself. Anything can happen, and depending on where they were, there could have been illegal traps or poison set out for coyotes, foxes, raccoons, and/or bears, that the dog could have gotten into.
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11-11-08, 19:53
Tell everyone at the camp site that the dog is missing and give them a description. Keep calling the dog, whistle or make other sounds the dog is accustomed to hearing. Do not venture far into the woods. If you see any park rangers, fish and game or police cruising the area, advise them as well. Good luck in finding the dog.
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12-11-08, 03:18
search parties and file a lost dog report put up posters and stay posative call her or put her fav treat down i hope you find her

please help me]
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13-11-08, 07:40
Stay clam, the dog might come back on her own. just keep calling out for her and if needed to go try finding her in the woods. put sighs around the neighbor and newspaper about the losted dog make sure u put the breed the color and appr.Height/;Weight. go near the woods and hold one of her favorite treats and see what happens. Make sure if u do find her to take her to the vet ASAP bring her in a cage of something u might not want to hold her bc she could be sick or have rabies
hope u find her
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13-11-08, 19:11
Start searching, if it's been a long time since you lost her she very well could be hurt, most dogs do find their way back home but some don't you need to go find her.
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