will my dog's nail ever grow back again??

Dogs will my dog's nail ever grow back again??, my doberman fell down on the deck the other day and was bleeding very bad from his front nail. so we took him to the vet and he had to ...

11-08-08, 19:59
  will my dog's nail ever grow back again??
my doberman fell down on the deck the other day and was bleeding very bad from his front nail. so we took him to the vet and he had to pull the the entire nail. now he's on antibiotics etc. but he only has a big whole where the nail used to be now. will it ever grow back? and how bad is it when he licks the spot really? socks or booties don't work. bandages don't either. he takes it right off.

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11-08-08, 22:15
No. Never. Ever. Nails don't grow, they are born with them.

That's a silly question to ask, your nails grow, as do dogs....
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11-08-08, 23:36
My Great Dane had an infected toe nail and the whole thing fell off. He just had a patch of pink where it used to be.

It grew back fine and normal.

Licking it if it does not have stitches is okay unless your vet wants you to put a topical antibiotic on it. In that case, try bitter apple spray.

If your dog is on an oral antibiotic licking should be fine.

Either way, best to consult your vet, I am no professional. ^_^
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12-08-08, 07:18
Your Dogs Nail Will Grow Back But It Takes A Sum What Long Time. Your Dog Might Be Licking It's Nail Because The Nail Might Be Hurting Him Because It's Growing Back Sort Of Like When You Have A Tooth Growing When You Pulled Your Lose Tooth Out It Hurts Some Times When The Tooth Grows.
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13-08-08, 07:10
My terrier had an accident 3 years ago and lost his entire nail and his nail has not grown back. So if your's has also lost his entire nail then I'd so no.

Have you tried one of those clear plastic head collars that you get from your vets that stops your dog licking any part of its body?
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13-08-08, 07:55
Yes I believe his nails will grow back because if our nails were to fall off, the would grow back. It may be bad if he licks his finger recently because of the antibiotics. You may try asking him to stop licking the spot if or give him a treat when he does not lick the spot. I hope I helped.
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13-08-08, 22:42
If the vet actually removed your dogs nail then chances are is it won't grow back but his body will fill in that whole with tissue. Its just like declawing a cat. I would try not to let him lick it anymore than he has to, you don't want him to irritate the wound and cause a larger chance for infection. I do agree with the bitter apple spray, unfortunately for me my dog likes the stuff. You've got to do what is best for your dog, its not his choice.
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14-08-08, 04:01
its alright for him to lick it because there is something in a dogs saliva that can cure their wounds.
and maybe his nail will grow back again
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15-08-08, 13:08
My dobie did the same thing. The nail has grown back but it is at a slightly different angle then it was originally. It doesn't seem to bother her any.

I would try to keep it covered or at least away from his being able to lick it. It makes it harder to heal. You may have to resort to an "Elizabethan Collar" for a few days. I also used the colored stretchy stuff they use on a horse's leg over the bandage. It made it harder for her to remove. I had to rebandage every day for about two weeks. I spent a lot of time just having her lay with her head in my lap petting her so it would take her mind off of it.

I will keep you and your doberman in my thoughts and prayers and hope it heals quickly.
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