when my dog will give birth?

Dogs when my dog will give birth?, im not sure of my dogs due date. today was the first day u could sqeeze milk from her nipples. does this indicate how far along she might b or ...

17-07-08, 23:51
  when my dog will give birth?
im not sure of my dogs due date. today was the first day u could sqeeze milk from her nipples. does this indicate how far along she might b or how many weeks/days till her due date? i done know about the temp thing but im trying to figure a time to start that. she drinks alot more and has started pooping inside which she normaly doesnt do.
and dont bother saying go to the vet please thats an easy way im looking for signs to figure it out on my own
1. my dog only goes outside alone to potty so who new some stray dog would come along. but the pups, if their r enough have homes waiting.
2. have talked to a vet he said no need to worry just watch her and when she does go into labor to call him if any problems.
3. visited a website he referred that gave complete details of things to watch for and things to b prepared for during birth.

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17-07-08, 23:51
look up gestation period for dogs
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17-07-08, 23:54
Gestation for dogs is 63 days. Since you obviously have no idea what to expect you really should visit your vet so you can ask questions, and know what to expect. Go to this website and educate yourself on what is involved.


Please don't try to "do things on your own" if you haven't got a clue as to what to do. This could very possibly be harmful to your dog and her puppies.
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18-07-08, 00:00
This is not something that you should figure out on your own. You could loss the puppies and the mother. If you don't know anything about breeding dogs, why isn't your female spayed? Thanks for your contribution to the worlds pet overpopulation problem. You just insured that innocent puppies in shelters are going to be euthanized.
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18-07-08, 00:02
Dogs Have N?pples?!?
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18-07-08, 00:05
When my shih tzu was getting ready to have her babies I knew because the day before when I would try to find her and call her she didn't come she was hiding which they call "nesting". The night before she couldn't get comfortable at all and the only thing she was happy with was laying on her back and getting her tummy rubbed. When I was done she would stay on her back which was unusual for her since she hates that. So the best thing you can do is look for little things like that. When I found her hiding she was underneath my bed in the dark. Hope this helps.
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18-07-08, 00:05
if your dog has milk coming from the nipples then get her a place to birth, like a crib, and have her go in it every day, and when the milk starts coming out then she give birth in about 2 weeks, depending on the breed, then just give her attention when she is in her birthing area. make sure she can get out and the one day she won't. and she'll start to birth. then when the pups come out take them and clean them, BE GENTLE!!
them put them back in the birthing area, the mother will take care of them, and bring regular food and water to the mother. she will take a few min. between births and expect a few losses.
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18-07-08, 00:07
chrymyrs01's Avatar  
dogs give birth app. 9wks after mating. if she is starting to produce milk, i would say another week or so. watch her real careful as animals tend to give birth late at night when it's quiet. if this is her first litter, she may need help delivering. good luck.
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18-07-08, 00:08
dogs gestations periods are 63-65 days. if you kinda have an idea of when she could have gotten pregnant that would help. also dogs usually gain most of their weight in the very last week before having pups. so if you suddenly notice she is huge, its gonna happen soon.
just in case i would prepare a welping box or area for her. a smallish enclosed area that is free of drafts and wetness, with soft clean blankets and sometimes a heating lamp is nice to have. its summer now though so it may not be necessary. have a bowl of water for mom but not somewhere the pups could accidentally get into and drown. most dogs inevitably go into labor at night so i would make sure she is confined to the room with her welping box/area at night so she doesnt decide to have the pups on your bed or couch. good luck!
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