what happens if i switch dog foods too fast?

Dogs what happens if i switch dog foods too fast?, I am a fairly new owner to a puppy and I guess I hadn't done my research well enough. My puppy has been sick and has been having trouble pooping ...

24-07-08, 06:58
  what happens if i switch dog foods too fast?
I am a fairly new owner to a puppy and I guess I hadn't done my research well enough. My puppy has been sick and has been having trouble pooping from the first day I had him (about a month ago). I realized that I've been switching his food from science diet to beneful because he would always steal my other dog's food. he also was diagnosed with hypoglycemia & coccidiosis which led to the vet putting him on wet food for a while, and then back to the science diet, then back to beneful. are these diet changes causing his stomach to be upset and him have trouble pooping? im so worried and i dont know how to fix this!

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24-07-08, 06:59
Hey there
best thing to do is mix the old dog food with new dog food then after a week or few dogs your dogs body, taste buds etc should be used to the whole change over its a transition the dogs body adpts to better
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24-07-08, 06:59
if you switch your puppies food to fast *especially since they are already stressed out with moving to a new place* can upset their stomachs and cause
just gradually switch over the food.
-the first week keep it the same
-the second week mix 1/4 of the new food with 3/4 of the old food
-the third week mix 2/4 of the new food with 2/4 of the old food
-the fourth week mix 3/4 of the new food with 1/4 of the old food
-by the fifth week your puppy should be on it's new diet.
(sometimes it may take longer for a puppy to transition over watch the puppy for sings of fatigue or trouble having bowel movements or diarrhea)
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24-07-08, 06:59
Oh boy! Well traditionally it always help to change the food over gradually, usually over a week is recommended. Other than that, there really is no way to safeguard against an upset tummy.

On a side note, you may really want to consider giving your dog a better quality of food. Beneful is ok, but considering that your dog has other health problems, he may benefit more from higher end foods like Neutro. My Pit has always had a very sensitive tummy, constant diarreah, colitis, you name it..i experienced it. I tried a ton of differrent foods, but Neutro sensitive stomach has been a miracle worker. No more diarrah, no more colitis, and a way healther dog.

Best of luck you and your baby!
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24-07-08, 07:00
Switching food too often will cause tummy problems, especially in puppies. They usually have sensitive stomachs. Older dogs usually handle it fine. Canned pumpkin is a great remedy for both constipation and diarrhea, Maybe you could try that, and stay on one food!!!! It has to be plain pumpkin, not the pumpkin pie filling that has sugar and spices.

As others have said both of those foods are aweful, think about changing to a higher quality food. I feed solid gold. My puppy is being switched from their puppy food to barking at the moon, and with his dinner I give him a little wet food. He's doing great on it! It's also easy to find since they sell it at petco. Wellness is another great brand you can buy there as well. Stay away from the stuff you can buy at grocery stores.
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24-07-08, 08:10
your dog may not eat. try mixing the old and new food together add more of the new one each time, it should work but your dog may still not eat as much till it is used to the new kind.
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