my dog threw up what looked like long noodle worms..?

Dogs my dog threw up what looked like long noodle worms..?, which i think they are tape worms.. my question is how at risk is my two year old.. the puppy only poops outside but he lives indoors.. and i am ...

17-07-08, 10:17
  my dog threw up what looked like long noodle worms..?
which i think they are tape worms.. my question is how at risk is my two year old.. the puppy only poops outside but he lives indoors.. and i am a poor little thing i dont get paid till friday so it would only be until then that i can get him some medicine.. how serious is this really should i leave him outside for the time being or will he infect my son.. ive never dealt with this before so anyone with some insight would be helpful.. i havent noticed any in his poop but of course i didnt even know he was sick till he threw up a 3 this moning ..

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17-07-08, 10:19
SOunds more like boxer had them when he was a puppy. It shouldn't cost that much to get the stool test done and get the deworming meds from the vet. You don't want to wait too long because the worms are onlly going to get worse and if he's licking his bum and stuff and then he licks you or your son, it's possible that he's got the larvea on his tongue and just passing it along. I would say get it taken care

Ask your vet if they can put you on a payment plan or something. They are usually pretty good about stuff like that if you show that you are just trying to do the best for your dog.
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17-07-08, 10:23
It sounds like round worms, virtually all puppies are born with worms. They should be wormed every 2 weeks until 3 months old then again at 6 and 12 months.
Eggs can be transferred from your pup and his faeces to humans, all faeces should be disposed off down the toilet as eggs can lay dormant in grass and soil for up to one year and can reinfect your dog.
You need to get worming tablets from the vet, over the counter wormers are a waste of money and not as effective as those from the vet, plus you need to be given the exact dosage for the weight of your pup.
If you are worried about your son then see the doctor and get medication from him.
My son when he was about 15 months old got roundworms from our new pup, but once they both got medication for it the problem was cleared up.
I also worm both my Labs every 3 months without fail to ensure they stay worm free.
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17-07-08, 10:25
They are definitely not a good thing to have around your two year old. Tapeworms, whipworms, whatever, they are worms and two year olds are great about putting things in their mouths. Your son doesn't need to eat an actual worm to get sick. Until you go to the vet, you won't know what they are, whether they can live in your kid, or how sick they can make your puppy. Call your vet today and tell him/her about the vomiting and ask if you can bring him in for treatment with the understanding that you can't pay for it until Friday. Then make sure you pay for it on Friday or you'll lose the ability to get a favor from them again later.

Leaving the dog outside is not fair to the dog, and it will increase the likelihood of him ingesting MORE worms and getting sicker if he's left outside where he can eat his own poop, which is something puppies love to do for some reason.

I have a great question for you, though - if you can't afford to spend $30 to go to the vet now to get your dog treated before the worms make him really sick, why did you get a dog in the first place? If a small vet bill is enough to break your budget, you should spend some time thinking very hard about whether you are in a position to have a dog at all. What would you be doing right now if, instead of throwing up worms, your puppy fell down the stairs and cracked his skull , or ate rat poison, or started vomiting blood, or got into an altercation with a possum? Those things definitely could not wait until Friday. I know it is difficult as a dog lover to want a dog and not have one, but sometimes getting a dog is kind of selfish. You want it for your own reasons, but you are not being fair to the dog by depriving it of proper medical care. Consider rehoming him if you can find a reliable, safe, loving home for him. At least until you are in a better place financially.
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