My dog is having trouble pooping and keeps crying! help!?

Dogs My dog is having trouble pooping and keeps crying! help!?, I bought a teacup pomeranian about a month ago (I know that it was a bad decision on my part buying a teacup dog) however, ever since i've had him ...

23-07-08, 08:40
  My dog is having trouble pooping and keeps crying! help!?
I bought a teacup pomeranian about a month ago (I know that it was a bad decision on my part buying a teacup dog) however, ever since i've had him we had taken him to the vet about 7-8 times. The medical bills keep piling up because he's not getting better. He had been treated for hypoglycemia and coccidiosis which one vet diagnosed him for, but now we're giving him another medication for discomfort in his large intestines? Ever since I had my puppy (he was born on 3/16/08) he has been crying everytime he tries to poop, and sometimes it doesn't even come out. We've been giving him this laxative for cats that the vet gave us, but he's still not getting better and the doctors we've went to can't seem to figure it out. His butthole is swollen, and he keeps tryin to poop every 20 mins, but only a small amount comes out. It's not his anal glands, anal sacs, or anything like that. Please help me! I just want him to get better soon. His butt has been in discomfort for a whole month now!

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23-07-08, 10:11
Check into feeding a raw diet. You can adjust a raw diet to meet your dogs own specifics. If it needs softer stools, use more meat, needs firmer stools, feed a higher bone content. Its actually quite easy.
Until youve done your dietary research and to give some immediate relief adding a spoonful of canned pumpkin should help soften the stools for your little one. Oh and not the sugar filled pie filling, just plain ole canned pumpkin. OR You can mash some cooked sweet potatoes and feed them to her. Its natures all natural stool softener.

Heres some raw related links

You should also join rawfeeding and rawchat on yahoo groups. They can supply much needed personal experience/advice for anyone investigating a raw diet.
My kids eat a diet of raw meat, raw bones and raw organs. Remeber raw bones are fine, cooked bones are BAD! Cooking dehydrates the bone and makes it brittle, which makes it prone to splintering, which is where the danger to any pet comes from.
Even the tiniest of tiny dogs can and do thrive on a diet of raw. Its not just for big dogs!
Hope this helps,
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23-07-08, 10:22
It sounds as if your poor dog has a bowel obstruction. A bowel obstruction, if not treated, can be deadly. You seriously need to consult another vet. The only thing that will help your poor puppy get better is to clear the obstruction, which MUST be done by a vet.
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23-07-08, 11:29
First off, there is NO SUCH THING AS A TEACUP POMERANIAN. If anyone told you otherwise, they are ignorant. Pomeranians are toy breeds and should be about 3-7 lbs. All Poms are toys. Poorly bred dogs can be over sized or undersized and these should never be bred as they have many health issues.

Sounds like you have a sick pup - sounds constipated to me. Also sounds like impacted anal glands which you say it isn't but I would check again. To help him out, you can feed him jarred meat baby food which will help loosen stools. Also put a Q-tip in his butt hole and move it around a bit to try and stimulate him to go (like you do a baby). Put a warm cloth on his anus or have him sit in a warm bath - he won't like it but it may help.

If he's been to the vet, they have dewormed him and checked for bacterial infections. Some Poms can have IBD (irritable bowel disease) and go through periods of flares but your little one probably is constipated. Avoid rice, kibble, bread, etc... give him lots of water and canned food or jarred baby food.

Sorry your Pom is sick. Try those things I suggested as I really feel that it's his anal glands - so common in TOY dogs. Good luck.
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