Mother dog keeps trying to move puppies???

Dogs Mother dog keeps trying to move puppies???, My bitch keeps trying to move her 2 day old puppies from the container that they are in (a kid's pool). I have about 15 towels in the pool but ...

23-07-08, 14:03
  Mother dog keeps trying to move puppies???
My bitch keeps trying to move her 2 day old puppies from the container that they are in (a kid's pool). I have about 15 towels in the pool but do not understand why she keeps picking up a puppy at a time and running to my room. What can I do?
I moved her to another location and changed all of the bedding out. Maybe she will feel more comfortable. I let her outside and she hid under the porch. She is acting wild.

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23-07-08, 15:17
She is doing what she thinks is best, most dogs will move a few days after birth, she needs to besure they are safe, they like to put them in an enclosed area, where it is dark, cosy and safe (in her mind) let her do what she wants, you can try to get her to go in a cupbord or somewhere that will seem safer to her. This will be a cleaner area for her too.
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24-07-08, 00:09
shes not comfortable put her someplace privet and stop looking at her and letting people look at her
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24-07-08, 02:20
well take the mother out intil it is time for them to get milk then whatch her and when she is done then let her whose the restroom then put her back where she can not can the dogs
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24-07-08, 04:48
she doesnt like the spot they are in and is trying to move them somewhere she feels they would be safer at. mabey you should just move them into your room. my aunt dog did that and she didnt stop till the puppies were where she wanted them so i would suggest just moving them in there if that where she wants them.
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24-07-08, 08:08
all shes trying to do is procet them. animals will move there youngs serveal times so that nothing can find them and kill them. she doesn't feel safe where there at. u can try to move her and the pups to a new spot where she feels safe. maybe a cool dark space and somewhere thats not in the
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