Can I use neosporin on my dogs sores?

Dogs Can I use neosporin on my dogs sores?, My dog has 2 sores on her leg and I was wandering if I could use neosporin?One of my other dogs a long time ago had diahreha and the vet ...

17-07-08, 01:26
  Can I use neosporin on my dogs sores?
My dog has 2 sores on her leg and I was wandering if I could use neosporin?One of my other dogs a long time ago had diahreha and the vet said I could give her pepcid ac and so that is what made me ask
My dog has 3 legs,she is missing her left hind leg.Well a about 2 months ago she broke her paw on her right hind leg and the vet put her in a splint.About a month ago the doctor noticed one sore and still put a splint back on her and then my poor dog couldnt walk so 2 days later I took her back and the splint caused another sore.So he took the splint off and just wrapped it real good.Well my dog chewed it off a week later and the vet said it would be ok for me to change the bandage.So I bought 2 ace bandages and gauze and I change her bandages everyday and clean it with water.My dogg is doing really good with it but everytime I change the bandage The gauze sticks to the sore and pulls off the skin thats healing so my mom thought neosporin would help it heal and stop the gauze from sticking to the sore

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17-07-08, 01:27
Yes, neosporin is fine, just make sure she doesn't try to lick it off, it's not good if she ingests it. (Use as little as possible just in case).
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17-07-08, 01:31
My bullmastiff gets pimple like cuts on his face and we put neosporin on them to soothe him. He doesnt mind it because there is no sting and it seems to keep away infections. If the sores are large, or continue to get larger, then you should let the vet give you a proper antibiotic. I would go to the vet anyway, but in the meantime there is no harm in a little neosporin

Edit: The neosporin does help the bandage to not stick to the cut. Sometimes, the cut heals with the gauze so when you peel it off, you re the wound. The neosporin prevents that and the same time keeps away infection and soothes your dogs sore. Good luck hope your dog feels better!
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17-07-08, 01:31
Yes , it shouldn't hurt the pet. I use it all the time.
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17-07-08, 01:37
Neosporin is fine to use on your dog ... BUT ... what is causing the sores?

If there's any sign of infection (puffiness or swelling, heat, discharge) Neosporin isn't going to help.

If your dog is suffering from a skin condition or allergy, Neosporin won't address the underlying cause.

You should have your dog seen by the vet to find out what's causing the problem. On a minor cut or abrasion, Neosporin may be all that's needed, but anything more serious needs a vet's attention.
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17-07-08, 01:47
yes you can use it but what has caused these sores??? Are they infected or how did they occur? Just using neosporin might not be enough if your baby needs antibiotics! Give a vet a call , just in case!
But yes you can use the cream- if possible cover the wound with gauze wrapped around several times to keep your pooch from licking it!
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17-07-08, 01:48
Calicowgirly_Katie's Avatar  
Yes I use it on my dogs all the time.
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17-07-08, 01:58
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07-12-09, 12:06
  Re: Can I use neosporin on my dogs sores?
I know this is an older post, but perhaps someone else may read it. (as I did)

For many sores and especially hot spots - ask your vet about Neo-Predef.
It is an antibacterial powder medication that is quite amazing.
I saw results witnin 2 days on my dog and my friend's dog.
It can be used on cats, dogs, even horses.
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