best way to house-train two puppies at once?

Dogs best way to house-train two puppies at once?, I have two 16 week old puppies. I love them very much but am tired of the potty training process. My husband and I are crate training, teaching them to ...

17-08-08, 05:24
  best way to house-train two puppies at once?
I have two 16 week old puppies. I love them very much but am tired of the potty training process. My husband and I are crate training, teaching them to ring a bell when they want out, praise them when they go outside and say "NO!" if inside, but they are still going inside. It seems that once one begins to understand the other pees inside and the house is a litter box again! We use the odor remover and everything! Any advice? it's been almost a month!
thanks for the answers. Just for the record I would never get rid of one of my pups, this is a commitment that I made and dogs are not something that you can just git rid of. Also I work during the week and my husband works weekends so there is someone with the pups 24/7. I know that it will get done I just wanted any tips. thanks.

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18-08-08, 12:51
The first mistake you made was getting two puppies at once. Crate training a dog is a full time job. Crate training two dogs is two full time jobs.

You need to try only one process at a time. Start with crate training. Is someone home full time with the puppies? You are going to need to dedicate yourselves completely to these two puppies. A month is not long enough to expect perfection.
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18-08-08, 18:00
Dogs are den animals. Meaning that they nest in a very small area and psychologically will keep that area clean no matter what. Dogs are actually very clean animals. the best way to train both puppies is to place them both in a cage or keep them in a small area by any means possible. Continue your Bell training and bring them out frequently, if possible at the same time everyday. Eventually they will learn to hold it in until "potty time". Also if you let them roam the house, keep watch on them at all times; and if you catch them in the act of releasing products, squeeze their hind legs together as it will stop them or make a loud startling noise. Remember that dogs do not know the meaning of outdoors and indoors.
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18-08-08, 18:17
The best way is through the crate training. You have to be consistant with puppies. Try to come up with a schedule. Each puppy goes in its own crate. When you are ready, take one puppy at a time for a potty break untill they go potty. Or have your hubby go in the front yard with one pup and you with the other in the back or something like that. Then the puppies won't have the chance to play with eachother and you might have more luck with them going potty. Always take treats out with you. Put a word to it such as "potty" and when puppy goes, he/she gets a treat. If you can't be watching one or both puppies, then they should be in their crate. This will allow them to be on their own and not bond with the other puppy too much that they don't forget about people. It is a lot harder with 2 puppies, not impossible, but REALLY hard. You should also take each puppy out alone and work with each puppy on tricks or obedience so that the each puppy will have a bond with people. Puppies can have play time together, but make sure it isn't a bunch or else they'll bond together and forget about you.

So use the crates more, when puppies come out of the crates they go directly outside untill they potty. They also get a treat for going potty. Good luck!
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