Why does my dog play with his food?

Dog Nutrition & Food Why does my dog play with his food?, if there is food in his bowl, he normally plays with it. He will get piece by piece, if he eats the one hes playing with than he gets another ...

24-08-08, 06:58
  Why does my dog play with his food?
if there is food in his bowl, he normally plays with it. He will get piece by piece, if he eats the one hes playing with than he gets another one and just throws it around the room by himself, rolling on the floor with it in his mouth, haha. after he eats so many he goes to the bowl and eats all of it, or he will just walk away and forget about what he was doing.
he is 1 yr old, black lab german shephard.

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11-11-08, 14:13
Maybe he doesn't care for the food in front of him...
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15-11-08, 00:37
He is just enjoying himself. My friends dog did the same thing
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27-11-08, 16:24
ha ha ha thats soo cute!
maybe he is bored or maybe he just thinks this is a fun game.
lol thats so cute.
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28-11-08, 08:38
How old is your dog and what kind of food is it? If a puppy, this is normal. dogs should have dry, kibble food, which makes it hard to play with. You might try another type of dog food, he might not really like his food and eats it only to keep from starving.
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10-12-08, 08:21
maybe you need new toys to amuse him my dog digs hes water hes a lab its so funny!
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13-12-08, 09:20
it's just something some dogs do. Ours will grab a piece of food, trot to the family room, eat it, and then back to the kitchen to grab another piece and repeats the whole cycle again. It is like after he gets a few tastes of it he decides he likes it, and then goes to eat it all. I don't know, I just laugh. So long as he eats it, I don't care, it's just dry kibble, so it doesn't make a mess.
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13-12-08, 14:13
i think its just a stage or something. my dog played with his poop and then ate for awhile. but he has not done it for two years now.
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05-01-09, 22:06
my cat does that, he pick up the dryfood in his mouth, and brings it somewhere else, and plays like soccer with it. were not really sure why he does it, but hes a healthy normal cat, and eats normally. so your dog probably does it because hes not the brightest bulb in the factory, like my cat.
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22-02-09, 11:05
my dog does the same, it's neat that they can get enjoyment out of the little things in life. I dont think you need to worry about changing it's food.
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13-03-09, 21:59
maybe just because hes bored or he thinks its fun
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12-04-09, 01:24
my dog does that too. he'll throw a piece of kibble down the hall and play with it and then eat it. it think he's just havin fun.
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26-04-09, 06:28
that's too cute. He is probably just bored and playing around... plus he's still a puppy. I have a 1 yr shephard and she is still VERY playful! haha

Have you seen those toys that you can put the treats in? They roll them around and the treat comes out? I bet he would love those. I wouldn't put too many treats in there b/c they are so fattening.. but you could put his foot in there.

Too cute though!
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