How do I make my dog love me =( ?

Dog Nutrition & Food How do I make my dog love me =( ?, I have a dog name Buffy, so we call her Buffy the mail man slayer. Haha. Anyways, I take good care of her. I feed her, walk her, play with ...

18-01-09, 22:33
  How do I make my dog love me =( ?
I have a dog name Buffy, so we call her Buffy the mail man slayer. Haha. Anyways, I take good care of her. I feed her, walk her, play with her, pet her and talk to her. And she follows my mom around all the time and not me. What can I do to change that?

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12-02-09, 23:53
at some point buffy decided that your mom was the Alpha dog, maybe she fed her more in the beginning? the only thing you can do to change it is to get your mom out of the picture all together, which i dont think is possible. or to have her completely ignore him, and you give all the attention and care.

info on alpha dogs:
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20-02-09, 11:55
Fulfill the dogs needs, not your own. Take her on longer walks, play with her longer, teach her how to be obedient toward you. Dogs love a challenge. They need to be doing a "job" no matter what it is. They don't know that if your just going for a walk that it's a walk. They know that it's their job as a follower to follow their leader! (which is your mom in this case). You need to establish that your the leader and not the follower. That's how dogs will respect you, and give affection back to you!
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10-03-09, 19:30
She seems like the kind of dog that attaches itself to mostly one person. Some are more prone to that than others. If she's already chosen to follow your mother around, then there's nothing you can do to change it. Just keep treating her well.
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18-03-09, 15:29
I think she will follow you around if your mom is not there. Just ignore her and she will want your love. My dog does that to me she will just follow my husband when I am the one who does everything for her. All I do is ignore her or walk out of the room without acknowledging her and she will follow me to see what I'm doing.
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19-03-09, 01:48
lets just say we eliminate your mom then you win the dog's heart
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22-03-09, 07:26
You didn't say what kind of breed she is, but some breeds are a one master dog. Some also just prefer females over males, especially since your dog is a girl. You also didn't say how long you've had this dog, but I'm sure she knows what you do for her and appreciates your devotion. My mom's job is to feed the dogs, while me and my dad walk them. They know who has the food and who has the leash in the house, it's pretty cute. The dogs love all of us equally, it seems.
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01-04-09, 09:00
She just feels more comfortable with your Mom. Just give her love and attention like your doing. She still loves you even if she follows your Mom around.
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06-04-09, 00:00
i bet your mom feeds her more and walks her more. your dog expects to get more out of your mom
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06-04-09, 05:28
chances are you mom was the first one of the family she saw. So that's who she naturally clings to becuase she belives thats her mom....cant really change that man.
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11-04-09, 07:18
act uninterested and she will come to u. that is the way it works ha ha ha
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11-04-09, 22:02
Just spend time with it...and maybe it senses that something is wrong with you if you are jealous of a dog.
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11-04-09, 22:32
Tell me about it! My dog did the same thing to me! I would do EVERYTHING for him and he would follow my bf around. Eventually, I began to ignore him and play with him less. This was too much for him! He now follows me around like a shadow.
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14-04-09, 15:00
Did your mom raise her? I had a dog once that my dad raised, I was too young when we got her, and although I constantly cared for her several years later, she was still all about my dad. No big deal now, cuz I got my own dog, and he ROCKS! But seriously, maybe you smell too good...
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22-04-09, 12:40
Move out of the house.
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