Does Anyone Know Anything About Chorkie Puppies (Chihuahua-Yorkie Mix),...

Dog Grooming Does Anyone Know Anything About Chorkie Puppies (Chihuahua-Yorkie Mix),..., ...Mostly About Grooming and Washing? I have an almost 3-month old girl Chorkie puppy (She turns 3-months old August 5th!) that I have had for about 2 months. I am ...

18-12-10, 20:02
  Does Anyone Know Anything About Chorkie Puppies (Chihuahua-Yorkie Mix),...
...Mostly About Grooming and Washing? I have an almost 3-month old girl Chorkie puppy (She turns 3-months old August 5th!) that I have had for about 2 months.

I am just curious about how I should groom and wash her. :-)

Any other important information about them that I may need to know is also welcome!
Everyone this is important!
I got this from one of my friends, and the mother abandoned it. It was in a liter of FIVE and the family couldn't take care of all of them. I helped them!
It's not like I took her from her mother, her mother left her behind! I've been doing my best to help the poor thing, and she feels like part of the family now!

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18-12-10, 20:03
Is she an indoor dog or an outdoor dog?

Is she long hair or short?
Indoor: Long - groom her daily
Outdoor: Long - groom her twice a day
Indoor: Short - groom her weekly
Outdoor: Short - at least once a month

Does she have fur (Chihuahua) or hair (Yorkie)?
Indoor: Fur - wash once a month
Outdoor: Fur - wash every 3 moths
Indoor: Hair - wash once a week
Outdoor: Hair - wash once a month

Hope I helped!
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18-12-10, 20:04
Same as any other dog.

Short haired dogs usually only need baths whenever they smell, while medium or long haired dogs will need to be brushed from time to time (how often depends on how quickly the fur mats) unless you have them trimmed regularly to keep it short.
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18-12-10, 20:05
I have a 5 month old chipoo because your dog is part chi s/he could shed more then a Yorkie if she's a indoor dog you might wanna bathe her every 2-3 weeks buy a good shampoo that has both moisturizing anti shedding AND get your self a Deodorizing Dog Spray
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18-12-10, 20:06
well basicaly just like anyother dog. chihuahua puppies are very brave and they will stand up to rotweillers if given the chance. yorkie puppies are very hyper but very loyal. the mix should be a minature guard dog!
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18-12-10, 20:12
I know all about Chorkies - purposely bred, ill mutts that'll be unpredictable in every aspect possible, from color to coat type, temperament to size.

Hot to groom her? Use a brush, like any other dog. If her fur is long like a YT, extra brushing is needed, or you'll have to take her to get professionally groomed or clipped.

You've had your dog since she was less than a month old? Enjoy some behavioral issues due to her being removed from her mother so early.
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18-12-10, 20:19
Since the dog is a mix there are no breed specific grooming guides to follow. You'll just have to decide what looks best suits her depending on her coat type.

Make sure to thoroughly brush her out frequently to prevent matting. Once her coat starts coming in go to a groomer to decide what would look decent enough on her. Do no give the dog baths too frequently as too many baths wash away the oil from the coat, which will end up making the coat feel dry and brittle. If the dog gets dirty after a recent bath don't bathe her again, just wash her with just plain water or wipe up the mess with a wet towel.

Make sure that your dog gets a thorough checkup at the vets and start working on socialization and obedience as soon as possible. A purposefully bred mix does not bode well for the future physical health or temperament for this dog. Also, as others have already said, this dog was removed WAY too early from its mother, which could lead to behavior problems down the road. Puppies learn a lot from their mothers and their litter mates in the first 8-10 weeks of their lives and these are things that humans can never teach them.
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