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  1. LOOKING for AKC Female Boxer 2 breed my male boxer with(most unique looking box ever)
  2. Best way to get dog used to whelping box?
  3. My Labrador keeps telling me he needs a friend. What kind does he want?
  4. 13 year old Labrador retriever ?
  5. Which dog should I get: Labrador Retriever or Golden Retriever?
  6. Labrador puppy losing hair?
  7. Labrador/ pit mix and children?
  8. My labrador pup keeps on jumping on people. He ignores me when i call him, what...
  9. My labrador needs a friend. Which breed should I get him?
  10. I want to buy labrador puppies,male?
  11. What is the average lifespan of a pug/boxer mix?
  12. How much does a female Tamaskan puppy cost?
  13. Is a Labrador retriever a good first dog?
  14. what age do you think a pitbull boxer lab mix male dog calm down?
  15. Is it a good idea to have a Labrador and a Cavalier at the same time?
  16. Hi.. Is it a normal weight for a pitbull puppie who weighs 3.2 lbs?
  17. What breed of small dog seem to be the friendliest?
  18. I'd like to register my black labrador retriever as a stud, but i cant seem to...
  19. when are labradors old enough to go on long distance walks e.g 10 miles?
  20. How should i stop my labrador stop crying when he is alone?
  21. I'd like to register my black labrador retriever as a stud, but i cant seem to...
  22. Best way to get dog used to whelping box?
  23. My labrador pup keeps on jumping on people. He ignores me when i call him, what...
  24. My Labrador keeps telling me he needs a friend. What kind does he want?
  25. What breed of small dog seem to be the friendliest?
  26. 13 year old Labrador retriever ?
  27. Is a Labrador retriever a good first dog?
  28. Is a Labrador retriever a good first dog?
  29. How much does a female Tamaskan puppy cost?
  30. How much does a female Tamaskan puppy cost?
  31. Labrador puppy losing hair?
  32. Labrador/ pit mix and children?
  33. What breed of small dog seem to be the friendliest?
  34. when are labradors old enough to go on long distance walks e.g 10 miles?
  35. What breed of small dog seem to be the friendliest?
  36. My labrador pup keeps on jumping on people. He ignores me when i call him, what...
  37. Which dog should I get: Labrador Retriever or Golden Retriever?
  38. My Labrador keeps telling me he needs a friend. What kind does he want?
  39. Miniature schnauzer acting out suddenly?
  40. dog breed
  41. where does the chihuahua come from?
  42. Would a maltese look good shaved or furry?
  43. How much dry food should I feed a 10 pound Poodle/ Shih tzu mix?
  44. Does my 13 year old Labrador Retriever have separation anxiety? (click...
  45. How do i train my 8 month pug to toilet outside?
  46. Help needed from pug and doxie, chinese crested and any other breed that doesnt fit
  47. My Labradors are destroying my lawn! Help!?
  48. I heard if you let your english bulldog swim they take in water and could
  49. How long can a labrador puppy stay alone in a garden?
  50. Labrador or Golden Retriever?
  51. What is a good dietry plan for a Labrador puppy?
  52. Will neutering my pug discourage him from running off?
  53. Does your Pug or Puggle seem to have a hard time breathing when asleep?
  54. should i get a cat or a pug?
  55. My 3 year old Maltese-Mixed is terrified of skateboards. Should I get a...
  56. my 15 week old runt pug wont eat :-(?
  57. Biting issues in a Labrador Puppy?
  58. Why is my puppy pooping in his crate?
  59. I'm looking for large breed of dog that tends to be good with kids?
  60. Labradors are destroying my lawn when they play! Help!?
  61. personalities of a dog breed?
  62. XTM Nitro X-cellerator wont turn over when glow pug is in?
  63. Anyone with Labrador Retrievers?
  64. 2 pugs one male & one female?
  65. what should be the name for my dog?
  66. My Pug is not eating her food?
  67. What kind of dog is this? She's a rescue from Tennessee, and we have no...
  68. Beneful Dog Food Switch for Labrador/Dog?
  69. Comparision- Labrador and Golden Retrievers?
  70. My yorkie refuses to wear a collar and he absolutely hates riding in cars,
  71. I have a 3 yr old yorkie who has luxating patellas on both back legs. She
  72. how to stop our labrador pulling towards other dogs?
  73. How to recognize a pug is a good breed?
  74. Pugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  75. New labrador puppy - help?
  76. Need name for male pug?
  77. pugs vs miniature pinschers?
  78. Yorkshire Terrier Sick Puppy?
  79. My yorkie got the rabies booster and now has a lump at the injection site. Is...
  80. What's the name of this song from Slum Dog Millionaire?
  81. Miniature Dachshund help....PLEASE!!?
  82. Should I bring my Boston Terrier to Vegas?
  83. why is my pitbull pup small?
  84. Do Boston Terriers Bark Alot?
  85. What will be the best dog for me?
  86. I bought my minature jack russell at the age of 7 and a half weeks.?
  87. How can I keep my puppy from being sad?
  88. Bladder stone in my male Pomeranian?
  89. something wrong with my yorkie?
  90. How would I go about breeding dogs?
  91. puppy drank soap water?
  92. Who Has Been To Or Heard Of Newfoundland And Labrador?
  93. My chihuahua is chewing on her skin till it bleeds?
  94. My 2 year old maltese has a gurgling stomach, won't eat, and just vomited...
  95. Should I put a 9 week old puppy in a crate at night?
  96. what are some small to medium size dogs you can reccommend?
  97. my chihuahua was potty on the pad like a good boy ...but now he is going everywhere?
  98. names for female brown cocker spaniel puppy?
  99. I need help, my dog is ready to breed!?
  100. Just adopted a VERY shy 6 month old male chihuahua?
  101. i got my first puppy he's 2months old and an american pitbull a few questions?
  102. My one year old Shih Tzu is bleeding from where she urinates?
  103. would a king charles and a shih tzu dog get along?
  104. Is this name cute for a golden retriever?
  105. Do you think shih tzu is the most beautiful and charming dog to be with?
  106. are they're any Yorkie Poodle mix Male puppies for sale in Orange County Ca?
  107. This pet store charged me a hamster for $50.00, was this overcharging?
  108. Why does my puppy pee so much?
  109. What kind of cookies would make the best "dog" treats?
  110. help for my 11 yr old Chihuahua with luxating patella?
  111. Pomeranian is not feeling good need help?
  112. How can I stop my small dog from growling when I pick him up?
  113. What is a good name for a female Maltese?
  114. For miniature poodle owners?
  115. Could I have damaged my miniature Dachshund?
  116. How do I keep my small dog out of the litter box?
  117. will neutering my male miniature schnauzer affect hunting ability or watchdog...
  118. My chihuahua won't stop biting!!! Help?
  119. Attn. dachshund owners!?
  120. What is the average life span of a pekingnese/poodle mix?
  121. What is the best dog recipe in Asia?
  122. How dangerous is it for a puppy with a grade 2 murmur to be anesthetized...
  123. What size portions should my German Shepherd eat?
  124. Dog name for a male yorkie?
  125. Going on a short road trip a day after getting my puppy, can I bring him along?
  126. My 10 month old pug is not herself?
  127. What is the name of the dog that looks like a fox?
  128. My Chihuahua just had a c-section yesterday and I need some questions asked?
  129. Good Durable Toy For American Pitbull Terrier?
  130. What is a good name for a female yorkie?
  131. How dumb is a maltese?
  132. Chihuahua Puppy swallowed felt toy?
  133. Rottweiler or Bullmastiff?
  134. Where can i find American Pitbull Terriers in NH?!?!?
  135. looking for NKC registered english bulldog?
  136. Labradoodle Pedigree?
  137. What kind of dog is this? (picture included)?
  138. How Long Did it Take You to Potty Train Your Dog?
  139. Should I get a Basset Hound or a Dachshund?
  140. how can I comb my poodle's fur?
  141. Why does my beagle puppy snort?
  142. Whats the average litter size of English Bulldogs?
  143. Which dogs are small and don't shed?
  144. I adopted a small Pomeranian (not the teacup thing) he had very bad skin,...
  145. Who is your favorite actor and breed of a dog?
  146. Gastric band / bypass for my puppy?
  147. 2 yr old Boston Terrier pottying inside?
  148. Name suggestions for our new puppy?
  149. can i use johnsons tearless baby shampoo on my maltese?
  150. Do you own a big dog and a small dog?
  151. Why does my Shih tzu eat his ear wax?
  152. How much raw meat should I feed my 60lbs pitbull?
  153. Why does a pugs bite hurt so much?
  154. Would You Take This Dog To The Pet Smart Store ?
  155. how smart is a maltese?
  156. I have a shih tzu black and white?
  157. Are grocery store pet foods better now that the main ingredient is actual meat?
  158. my 5 year old yorkie cross breed has a small lump on his back what is it?
  159. Greyhound puppies possible colors?
  160. why does my dog roll in new foods before eating them?
  161. hey i have a 8 month year old german sheppard and pitbull mix?
  162. I hear no working dog is worthy of breeding, why is this?
  163. yorkie problems.. HELP!!?
  164. Does anyone else get tired of seeing golden retrievers and labs at the park?
  165. 1/2 pekingese 1/2 shih tzu how come a collar seems as if he's gaggaging?
  166. opinions on cocker spaniel OR labrador?
  167. is it good for a small dog to eat bones?
  168. If I already have a female dog, and want to get another dog- would it be
  169. Where to report a puppy mill reseller - a "dog broker"?
  170. my hamster already hade SEX can i give the pet store my male hamster?
  171. How should i train a 4 month stray puppy?
  172. How to get papers for full-blooded rottweiler?
  173. Interesting Ad for wanted Yorkie - See Link?
  174. I am really worried about my puppy because my other dog is old?
  175. Can a basset hound be a seeing-eye dog?
  176. What is the best way to get semen out of the carpet, blanket, and dog?
  177. My dog swallowed a small piece of plastic, what do i do?
  178. My 12 week old Maltese Has lump on belly!?
  179. Miniature Dachshund breeding questions?
  180. Why would our dog scratch the carpet after i have gone to bed?
  181. What i the best way to get my Yorkie to eat dry dog food?
  182. How do I stop my 10 week old puppy from having scary freak outs?
  183. Genital Irritation in my 3 yr old male Shih Tzu?
  184. Dog owners, dachshunds in particular?
  185. Why did my dog start peeing in the bed?
  186. Brand name dog jackets!?????
  187. Can I dual register my Yorkie?
  188. Rottweiler have puppies early?
  189. Rottweiler purchase question?
  190. i had 2 dogs. a Shih tzu and a pit bull. we had to get rid of the Shih tzu.?
  191. i have an english bulldog with black looking tar coming out of her and she is 53
  192. Small, colorless bump underneath dog skin?
  193. Where to find a German shepherd locally?
  194. How Many Hours Of Exercise Does A German Shepherd Need Daily ?
  195. What breed of dog is this?
  196. How do I get my puppy to stop whining?
  197. male pitbull puppy names?
  198. Why do people waste their time "rescuing" dogs?
  199. pros and cons of fostering rescue dogs?
  200. What coloring will my German Shepherd puppy have?
  201. What is the Best Dog Day Care in London?
  202. puppy keeps peeing inside?
  203. I am house training my puppy and ....?
  204. If you were a dog on the Internet, could you be something else than a hound dog?
  205. Korean Yorkie breeder?
  206. Hey, i have 2.5 months old yellow labrador, whose hind legs are very weak. If
  207. Good girl dog names for a black dog or a white dog!!!?
  208. how much money is it to get a Chihuahua fixed?
  209. Why does my dog sleep on my bed during the day even when I am not on it
  210. Should I buy an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy or an English SBT?
  211. Maltese breathing problems?
  212. What type of meat in dog good is best for a shih tsu lhasa mix with sensitive skin?
  213. What should I name my pomeranian puppy?
  214. i have a female chihuahua she came in to heat 4the 3rd time an my male was with her
  215. i am looking for a picture of 3 dachshunds?
  216. how to make my dog eat her food more?
  217. My 4 month old Chihuahua has HORRIBLE behavior! HELP ME!?
  218. chocolate Labrador names needed please?
  219. Is there a difference between male and female golden retrievers?
  220. My Labrador's face is swelling in patches, and has ticks. Lyme disease?
  221. I am in a charity dog run and i need a good team name to make lots of money
  222. what could have caused my chihuahua's swollen head?
  223. What are some good breeds of guard dogs for both families and livestock?
  224. Yellow Labrador Names?
  225. How do I get my 2 Yorkies to stop using my dining room as a bathroom?
  226. why does a shih tzu mat everywhere?
  227. Bichon Frise aggressive to older dog?
  228. What is the best Poodle Mix?
  229. What would be appropriate name for a person who walks their dog but won't...
  230. Is $530 a reasonable price for a small dog and all of the things needed for one?
  231. My dog has had two dead puppies, will they all be like that?
  232. My pugs rib is bent?!?
  233. how common are crystal cherry red shrimp and cardinal shrimp in pet stores?
  234. how much long will my pomeranian x chihuahua live?
  235. What kind of shock collar is best for my dog?
  236. How does the dachshund greet you?
  237. The weight, in pounds, of 6 small dogs is: 16, 20, 17, 16, 17, 16.?
  238. When is the best time for my dog to get pregnant?
  239. Where can I get a Boston Terrier Puppy?
  240. Looking for *FREE* dog clothes patterns online.?
  241. Do you like the name Finn for a male Boston Terrier?
  242. Was there a song on csi this year by pitbull?
  243. What kind of dog food would you recommend for a 1 yr old chi pom?
  244. why do labradors/dogs get cataracts and bloat?
  245. My Labrador is vomiting?
  246. Best dog for me.HELP :) Any suggestion is accepted.?
  247. name a college that allows dogs?
  248. Who knows the most about a West Highland White Terrier? ( Westie )?
  249. is there anyone selling a yorkie in nc?
  250. Why can't my shih tzu climb up and down the stairs?