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  1. shih tzu or westie..?
  2. my 9 month old boxer wont get up anymore, eyes are rolling back...?
  3. Valentines day gift- boxers?!?
  4. why are the greatest boxers throughout history nearly always black?
  5. Where can I find information about the temperament of the different
  6. How do I get my chihuahua past her fear of people?
  7. Chihuahua's face is swollen? Help!?
  8. Newfoundland puppy products?
  9. What would you rather have as a Runing Back, a Rhyno or a Rottweiler?
  10. Do you wear Boxers with Boxer briefs?
  11. my dachshund puppy 1Year old has kidney failure. What caused it?
  12. Great dane?? how great are they?
  13. Llama and pug names I am adopting them this weekend?
  14. How do I register my Yorkshire Terrier with AKC and CKC with out an...
  15. what time of year do golden retrievers shed the most?
  16. What is a better breed. yorkie, pomeranian, chihuahua ?
  17. What do you know about Siberian Huskies?
  18. I need a couple of books on border collies!?
  19. have you ever mistaken a bedlington terrier for a lamb?
  20. Will my chihuahua doxie mixes ears ever stand up?
  21. Manchester terrier questions?
  22. Are Shih Tzu Maltese mix dogs hypo-allergenic?
  23. Where would one most commonly find a Griffichon (Bichon Frise mixed with
  24. How do I take care of a chow chow?
  25. Anyone know about border collie/corgi mixes?
  26. my border collie is ...?
  27. is my old english sheepdog bad behaved and scared?
  28. My chihuahua has a triangular shaped head. Is this bad?
  29. my 3 months old poodle puppy doesnt eat the treats i got him anymore...how
  30. If you have a white boxer how does it act?
  31. Where can i get a bullmastiff stuffed animal online?
  32. my pekingese dog is 1 yr and 6 months old and shes only had 2 heats and...
  33. My norwich terrier is acting a bit odd.?
  34. Are there any reasons why I SHOULD clip my boxer's ears?
  35. Goldendoodle or Golden retriever?
  36. Is there a Labrador Retriever breeder in the Melbourne Metro area?
  37. Which boxers are fearless?
  38. Can a Scottish Terrier kill a Wolf?
  39. Dachshund underweight and thinning hair?
  40. What dog should I have? Saint Bernard or What?
  41. has anyone ever snuck alcohol on a greyhound bus before?
  42. how to stop our mastiff- rottweiler(9 weeks)to biting us?she´s biting us
  43. Pure American Pit Bull Terrier?
  44. I feel oddly guilty about wanting a chihuahua, how weird is that?
  45. How do I get rid of Bloodhound.Exploit.213?
  46. i can not have a relationship with my schnauzer?
  47. i know that the 101 dalmatians are named all thoes other names but lucky penny...
  48. I think my 9 month old pug is pregnant?
  49. What to expect when getting Bichon Frise fixed?
  50. My 6 year old English Staffordshire Bull Terrier...?
  51. Buttons on your boxers?
  52. Does Anyone Have A Black Pug For Sale?
  53. how many of you dislike chihuahua's?
  54. Just got a 7 week old boston terrier and about 1hour after eatting?
  55. The Flys on Mens Boxers?
  56. dachshund vs wiener dog same or different?
  57. What to name my Saint Bernard pup?
  58. Should I get a golden retriever?
  59. Who thinks that Border Collies are the best herding dog?
  60. Looking for a miniature dachshund...?
  61. which mastiff breeds for me ?
  62. Looking for male, ruby, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy?
  63. What can I do to help my Boxer with her allergies? ?
  64. I have a 10 month old mini dachshund and she just got spayed. ?
  65. my saint bernard eats and eats but wont gain weight, whats wrong?
  66. why would a pug give birth to 3 stillbirth's?
  67. Does the amount of boxers you wear depend on your penis size?
  68. awesome name for a dachshund?
  69. To those who own a boston terrier, what are they like?
  70. Do you like bagels? I like beagles ?
  71. How do i discipline my 2 yr. old Bichon frise?
  72. what would be the best way to advertise our rescue group for English Bulldogs?
  73. why does my pug do this!!!!!?
  74. how much would the full cost - to get me rottweiler from the uk to greece?
  75. Bernese Mountain Dog Mishap?
  76. alaskan malamute vs siberian Husky? ?
  77. My dachshund puppy had her first shots... and now is sick. ?
  78. What things would you need for a 10 week old pomeranian?
  79. Need help with my beagle?!?
  80. where can i buy a bearded collie in norfolk or suffolk?
  81. if a boxer dog is almost white can he enter a beauty contest? ?
  82. Basset Hound Question?
  83. My great Dane puppy has an attitude ?
  84. Cockapoo Mom and Full Poodle Dad?
  85. i owna shih tzu and its 8 years old.but as much as we try she refuses tobe...
  86. My dog shelby is a chihuahua and is super territorial and if you do anything she
  87. what is the name for this type of golden retriever?
  88. Are All chihuahuas mean?
  89. Whats your opinion on keeping a toy poodle outside? take two...?
  90. Why are the Colored and White Bull Terrier showed separate in show rings?
  91. I am getting a Labrador Retriever but i do not know what colour to get...
  92. my chihuahua's behavior depresses me?
  93. My Beagle just ate two Swiss Rolls!?
  94. My chihuahua has like a bump growing out of his hip area! Please Help!?
  95. What is there to do for fun in Grandfalls-Windsor Newfoundland?
  96. Help With Trying To Find Pug Puppies In Wisconsin?
  97. Bichon Frise behavior?
  98. What do you think of Brittany Snow?
  99. Song from Ghost Whisper Shadow Boxer?
  100. Going from Toronto to Vancouver- Greyhound or Westjet?
  101. Where to purchase a champion blood line basset hound in GA?
  102. My 3 year old Chihuahua has a loose tooth?
  103. Boston Terrier.... What to look for?
  104. Anyone know where you can get stilts for dogs ? , want to turn my Jack...
  105. ATTENTION PAPILLON OWNERS!!! Any experience with Papillons and litter boxes?
  106. My 6 yrs old neutered male chihuahua is humping my 9 wks male chihuahua, why? ?
  107. How do I train my 8 week old pug?
  108. just bought a Golden Retriever?
  109. how can you tell an american boxer from a german boxer?
  110. My 8 month old english bulldog puppy gets very excited about his food... why?
  111. Tell me about Pomeranians, Boxers, and Yorkshire Terriers.?
  112. Should i get a border terrier or a miniature australian shepherd?
  113. Why is it that most boxers have better physiques than most mma fighters and
  114. what is happening to bob arum's top rank boxers? ?
  115. How do you train your pug that is 3 to spot pulling?
  116. how do i brush my grumpy pugs teeth?
  117. how do i get my hair like brittany flickingers?
  118. Would you recommend a Newfoundland to our family?
  119. Which sheds more Papillon or Cavalier?
  120. how many beats per minute does a toy poodle's heart beat?
  121. Dalmatians for sale?????????
  122. What kind of dog is calm and will live well with a male shitzu Chihuahua mix?
  123. what do i name my english mastiff?
  124. who do you think will win margarito or the other boxer(dont know the other guy name?
  125. My 1 yr old chihuahua is seriously sick.?
  126. is this a really healthy and safe recipe for my beagle??!?!?
  127. Looking for a purebred rottweiler breeder?
  128. What happens if you are caught sneaking onto a greyhound, or you are
  129. ATTENTION PAPILLON OWNERS!!! Are Papillons good apartment dogs?
  130. Is my border collie puppy not growing enough?
  131. whats wrong with my jack russell terrier?
  132. My Pug Is Very Bored With Her Food!?
  133. Help, is my friend's Labrador Retriever okay?
  134. what's your opinion on keeping a toy poodle outside?
  135. My 5 month mini schnauzer male is 13 lbs I was told that he will end up being...
  136. How can I get my 2 year old, stubborn as a mule, English bull terrier to stop...
  137. I bought a Yorkshire Terrier yesterday and he is not eatting. He is only
  138. How do Itreat my toy poodle's pain nail?
  139. Border Collie puppies available this March or June in around northwest...
  140. My Rottweiler Puppy is acting weird.?
  141. i have a beagle and she has not grown at all. is something wrong?
  142. How do I keep my 10 month Golden Retriever from running off ??? (Please Help)?
  143. My new great dane won't leave me alone for 5 seconds..help!?
  144. I am getting a pedigree Bichon Frise for my birthday but what shall i name it?
  145. does anyone else have a golden retriever/border collie mix?
  146. Clinically Depressed Poodle Mauls Former French President Chirac?
  147. heart broke over my great dane buddy, is there help out there?
  148. what was the name of the episode of law and order svu that brittany snow was on?
  149. I Need Help Walking My Beagle!?
  150. How do I keep my Great Dane from Humping Grandma?
  151. Does anyone know why my chihuahua keeps on barking 2other dogs?
  152. If I breed my teacup chihuahua (male) with my pocket poodle (female)?
  153. Papillion x Poodle :)?
  154. boston terrier breeder?
  155. How long do i keep my shih-tzu's topknot in for?
  156. My chihuahua weighs 3.8 lbs. She is 1 1/2 yrs old. When she runs, its on...
  157. Should i get a border terrier, or a mini australian shepherd?
  158. I have a female lab, would a male or female bernese mountain dog be better? Would...
  159. im thinking about adopting a toy fox terrier.. what price do they usually run?
  160. what is the average weight for a female shih tzu?
  161. Welsh corgis??????????
  162. My 8 week year old pug has crusty stuff all over her eyes?
  163. i'm getting a new born shih tzu next week should i be worried about
  164. Are pugs cute dogs or creepy looking dogs?
  165. what can happen if my dog shih tzu arent complete with shots?
  166. my american bulldog puppy keeps biting me?
  167. How do you clean the inside of a dog's ears? I have a beagle.?
  168. I rescued a greyhound.He has longhair like the wire kind.?
  169. Does my beagle look right? for breed standards?
  170. how often should i feed my 7 month old shih tzu?
  171. what is cuter- a toy poodle or dachshund?
  172. Chihuahua help please!?
  173. help with my chihuahua part 2!!?
  174. 5 week old boxer help!?
  175. Advice on raising 2 beagle puppies?
  176. Name of movie with a greyhound and lion, maybe from the 70's or 80's? ?
  177. My Maltese cross poodle is terrified of the water ?
  178. Can you tell where they boxers are from if my pants where sagging a little?
  179. Can I take my well trained beagle on a Stagecoach bus in Torquay?
  180. What are some questions to ask a golden retriever dog breeder?
  181. Beagles vs TheTrash (food)?
  182. Tear stains in my chihuahua?
  183. west highland white terrier HELP!?
  184. my dog is mixed with rotweiler and beagle how big will she get?
  185. My Dachshund Chihuahua mix just consumed half of a chocolate muffin...?
  186. My shiba inu, has been chewing his hind legs, and scrathing like crazy!?
  187. Is Beverly Hills Chihuahua Worth Going To See At The Cinema ???
  188. Do you have a Havanese? ?
  189. is this really a purebred PUG?
  190. Boston Terrier Mixed with Chihuahua?
  191. Can you help me with my basset hound?
  192. Im 16 and wat underwear should i wear? boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs? I...
  193. my pug keeps biting people she meets what should i do?
  194. what color of great dane should i breed my merle great dane to?
  195. Yorkie or Silky Terrier?
  196. How many movies have Chow Yun Fat and Michelle Yeoh done together?
  197. Is this name good for a black male pug?
  198. I Want A Yellow Labrador Retriever...
  199. women which do you prefer on men boxers or boxer briefs?
  200. Boston Terrier or Miniature Pinscher?
  201. Does Anyone have nintendogs dachshund and friends?
  202. How can I clean My 3 yr old chihuahuas ear?
  203. Is there a quiz i can take to see if my home is good for a golden retriever?
  204. Boston terrier has crooked tooth!!?
  205. Do you like labrador retrievers ?
  206. My Shih-tzu can't stop itching?
  207. small pets on that greyhound? ?
  208. would you suggest a golden retriever?
  209. Are there any 10lbs pomeranian breeders left?
  210. I want 2 breed my chihuahua with great dane?
  211. Can a six months old german shepherd dog live with a 6 months old labrador?
  212. English Bulldog or Pug ?
  213. how do i go about finding and buying a Teacup Yorkshire Terrier in san antonio?
  214. help! i just got a 6 week old male Pomeranian. i need tips..lots of them. ?
  215. do you like Pekingese?
  216. Help with my two chihuahuas!!?
  217. How much would a Beagle puppy cost in the UK?
  218. pregnancy from semen on boxers?
  219. My jack Russell terrier ate my underwear two days ago and now has diarrhea...
  220. Whats a better dog a basset hound or an english bulldog?
  221. Is my dachshund marking her territory? ?
  222. two week old chihuahua with a cone head?
  223. how bad is it for a chihuahua to be eating papers?
  224. Which Dog should I choose, Beagle or German Shepherd?
  225. people who own a st.bernard and a newfoundland.?
  226. Golden Retriever Limping?
  227. anyone have a greyhound and what are they like?
  228. My 14 week old pomeranian puppy acting weird?
  229. my little sister wants to take a greyhound bus from california to florida?
  230. What should I name my male Chihuahua?
  231. what are dogs attracted to (german miniature schnauzers to be exact) ?
  232. When do shih-tzu's start menstruating ( having period)?
  233. How dangerous are greyhounds and should I be worried?
  234. Is there any Shih-tzu owners that can tell me allittle bit about Shih-Tzu's behavior?
  235. How can I train my 3 year old schnauzer ?
  236. Who is better Daft Punk or the bloodhound gang?
  237. what were boxer breed for?
  238. My 20lb Beagle ate 3/4's of a pink bismuth tablet. Will she be ok? what should
  239. I have a toy fox terrier she has chronic dry eye?
  240. wearing boxers or briefs?
  241. walking a doberman pinscher?
  242. What should I do about a neighbor walking unleashed and unmuzzled greyhounds?
  243. what is better a saint bernard or a Newfoundland or a mastiff.?
  244. Can a beagle can give people allergies?
  245. HE i hate my roommate he is nasty and hes a homosexual and i always find him...
  246. can Irish wolfhound live in india???
  247. Where can I buy an authentic 1950s poodle skirt outfit?
  248. My socks and boxers have handed me petition demanding a visit to the laundrette,?
  249. what is a good affordable ex-pen for my Pomeranian,enough space to fit in...
  250. my 6 week old boston terrier wont pee?