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  1. what should i name my pug....................any ideas?
  2. Splenic Hemangiosarcoma in a golden retriever, extremely desperate for answers?
  3. briefs or boxer briefs?
  4. can any one tell me how to register a 3 yr old chihuahua?
  5. Can I take my chihuahua on the plane with me?
  6. House training probs w/ my Poodle?
  7. whats a good nickname for jade brittany?
  8. What are a good, somewhat cheap pair of boxer briefs?
  9. Can my chihuahua be pregnate?
  10. Does anyone know of a Shiba Inu Breeder? If so, where are they located?
  11. any one have whippets?
  12. apbt (pitbull) or rottweiler ?
  13. Finding a smart Greyhound route.?
  14. Wtf shes smelling my boxers?
  15. what do you think of my golden retriever 5 month old puppy?
  16. all bloodhound gang gang song on hooray for boobies?
  17. Boston Terrier or French Bulldog?
  18. Great Dane question!?!?
  19. 3yr old shih tzu with health issues.?
  20. To Create a System for Jing How Chow Chinese restaurant selling good food and drinks
  21. wondering what food to feed my chow/pit mix ?
  22. What is wrong with my dog? (Weimaraner)?
  23. Dachshunds should I get one?
  24. Ive got a 12 week old Mini Schnauzer and she has eaten my Heather plant flowers?
  25. My chihuahua hates my boyfriend!?
  26. Border collie training?
  27. can vomiting in a chihuahuas be from jealousy?
  28. How can I housebreak my 7 month old Basset Hound?
  29. Our Pomeranian's eyelid is a bit swollen and red - is there something in
  30. My English Bulldog is CONSTANTLY irritated and sheds like crazy, but every vet...
  31. Great Dane Feeding Help?
  32. I have a Bichon Frise female and male puppy (not related),?
  33. Help with a new pug please help!?
  34. My poor little poodle!?
  35. is butterbean the boxer dead or alive?
  36. Abby and Brittany the conjoined twins? What if half was a boy?
  37. Male Shiba Inu showing dominance over visiting dogs to the house.?
  38. chihuahua behavior help please?
  39. My chihuahua pup screams, I think its a bug that bites him somewhere...
  40. Mens Boxer Shorts???????????????
  41. Does the facial coloring of pugs change as they get older?
  42. Do you see dalmatians anymore?
  43. Papillon with lion cut?
  44. Border Collie Question?
  45. which do women prefer on men boxers or boxer briefs?
  46. are st.Bernard's and mastiffs the biggest dog breeds?
  47. looking for info on toy poodles?
  48. Advise please:Just got my shih tzu Spayed.?
  49. i named my mastiff bo like the model bo derek how else can i spell it?
  50. Who are the top 10 welterweight boxers?
  51. english mastiff with lumps on back of both elbows?
  52. How do i teach my shih tzu to SPIN?
  53. my pomeranian knows to poo and pee on potty pad, but sometimes he chooses not
  54. How i pass the deadly piranha poodles in the game The Mystery of the Monkey...
  55. what are some shih tzu hair styles?
  56. My Golden Retriever is too nice?
  57. How do I teahc my Golden Retriever Puppy her name?
  58. Help! 9 week old bullmastiff pup plays way too rough...all the time!...
  59. What dog should I get? I already have 2 18 month old chihuahua males?
  60. Who has ever owned an English bull terrier?
  61. I am thinking about getting a beagle...useful advice please!?
  62. Is my Lhasa apso really ill?
  63. Please help me with my female poodle will be 1year old and she has gotten her
  64. my 4month old silky terrier hair is not growing from her rib cage
  65. if i have crate trained my boxer when is a good time to start letting him...
  66. My border collie barks all the time...what should i do?
  67. Who was the athlete from the Winter X Games that did a back flip in his...
  68. Do west highland white terriers make good dogs.?
  69. How do I teach my 11 year old golden retriever to stand up for itself against a
  70. which ae boxers look best? easy points?
  71. Which do women prefer on men boxers or boxer briefs?
  72. Is this a good name for a Rottweiler?
  73. Why does my 5 year old Papillon poop in her kennel at night?
  74. how much should shih tzu puppies cost without papers?
  75. What do I do about my Pomeranian? Every time I put him in his crate he goes mad!!?
  76. I have a 2 1/2 year old Shih Tzu that just will not house break! I need help?
  77. My Chihuahua howls when left alone?! ?
  78. Dachshund Paralyzation, Help, Please?
  79. Unusual for a female Chihuahua to lactate if not bred?
  80. does anyone have a french bulldog?
  81. are chow dogs mean to other dogs?
  82. Is my new greyhound happy?
  83. What is wrong with my limping 8 month old Pomeranian?
  84. How come boxers used to fight more often?
  85. boxers or briefs ?
  86. bichon frise adopitions near terrebonne oregon?
  87. Whats it like to have a Doberman Pinscher?
  88. Who is the tallest boxer??????????? ?
  89. I just got a 4 month old mini schnauzer, i have hiom for 4 days allready,...
  90. Ive bought a black spotted great dane to breed with a chihuahua how do i go about it?
  91. Help!!! My chihuahua has a huge teat.?
  92. Who here owns or has owned a dalmatian?
  93. ok i just got a dachshund and he just Puked ?
  94. What is the adult weight of a golden retriever? ?
  95. So, I took my Border Collie to Las Vegas?
  96. How do you treat possible ear mites in an 11 week old beagle?
  97. my shih-tzu is itching ALOT ?
  98. Shy Jack Russell Terrier?
  99. that old boxers myth.....?
  100. Does Anyone Else Own A Jack Russell X Poodle?
  101. 11 week old Lhasa Apso puppy - when can I reduce her meals?
  102. Are boxer dogs this cruel?
  103. Nintendogs Chihuahua: what does the Tiara and The Firefighter hat do?
  104. i got a staffy bull terrier who is 9 wks and had his 1st vacations is e ok 2 take 4
  105. 9 week old American Cocker Spaniel-- no shots!?
  106. Great Pyrenees weight?
  107. To the simpson's fan! How many times was Moe knocked out when he was a boxer?
  108. What would be a cute name for a black pug?
  109. I need samoyed webkinz names by thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  110. Anyone think greyhound racing should be banned?
  111. Should I get a whippet?
  112. i have a puppy chihuahua named lucky he is 4 months old he loves to bite me
  113. Advice on buying/owning an English Bulldog please!?
  114. URGENT!!! my new teacup poodle(5months)...is always biting is this a good idea?....?
  115. i have a pomeranian he is 1 year and 4 months. it only has a little bit of...
  116. Great Pyrenees owners or friends?
  117. The Fly on Mens Boxer Shorts..........?
  118. Which puppy do you personally find cuter? A bulldog or a Golden Retriever, and why?
  119. is it possible for a dog to be retarded? i fear my bernese mountain dog is...
  120. Why is my beagle peeing in the house so much lately?
  121. are Chesapeake Bay Retriever good with..?
  122. I am going to Toronto from the USA via Greyhound how does the boarder
  123. Girls: Thongs/Panties? ............... Guys: Boxers/Briefs?
  124. How did dogs like poodles descend from wolves?
  125. My Shih Tzu Puppy needs and abortion....?
  126. Im getting an Irish Setter puppy, but I already have 3 well established...
  127. more info on my toy poodle?
  128. What is is it like to take a 1300 mile trip aboard greyhound?
  129. POLL: What do you think my Rottweiler Angel feels like when she sees another...
  130. how to differentiate between a Beagle and a Basset Hound?
  131. My 5 month old long hair chihuahua growled at me!?
  132. I cant seem to find a Basenji!!!?
  133. meds for schnauzer skin allergies?
  134. Girls... do you prefer your man in boxers or briefs?
  135. My new girlfriend is a boxer. Should I invite my friends to see her box?
  136. Animal Farm regarding Boxer's death?
  137. my year old chihuahua is acting funny someone please help me!!!!!!!?
  138. Best food for a Shar Pei?
  139. My pug wont eat her food from her bowl. Help?
  140. Please help me look a name for my chihuahua.?
  141. 11 week chihuahua wont grow ! help? (pics)?
  142. chihuahua puppy death 3?
  143. Have read up on potty training pug puppy... but?
  144. My dog (Yorkie/Chihuahua Mix) has an underbite..Serious problem, or not?
  145. My weimaraner is very skinny. How can I fatten him up?
  146. Can I take my greyhound for a run?
  147. What do I need to know before I get a Chihuahua?
  148. Dog food suggestions for my small chihuahua?
  149. Question about border collies?
  150. Is it socially acceptable to swim in boxers or boxer briefs?
  151. would my rottweiler hurt a ferret?
  152. Do Bulldogs get along with pugs?
  153. Do you know a good 1TB Hard drive? that i can pug into a USB DVD player?
  154. Arthritis in Toy Poodle?
  155. What is wrong with my beagle?
  156. i want to customize my boyfriends boxers for valentines ?!?
  157. about my german shepherd dog?
  158. Just got a Boston Terrier, help!?
  159. German Shepherd and Golden Retriever.. Which one?!?
  160. Problem with my King Charles Spaniel?
  161. Question about a Dalmatians and Labrador Ret.?
  162. My 9 month old boxer puppy still pees in her crate!!! ?
  163. My shih tzu has thrown up white foam about 10 times today, twice it was red colored.?
  164. Question about English bulldog and a blood draw for heartworm treatment?
  165. My chihuahua puppy has bold patch on his head and it's getting bigger.Is there...
  166. Have you ever Had problems with your Bloodhound puppy?
  167. Who was the fattest boxer?
  168. Political Cartoon?!?! (Newfoundland confederation)?
  169. does anyone own a shorkie/ shihtzu yorkshire terrier mix puppy? if so how...
  170. What breed do you think my new puppy is??? Possible Chow, lab, and/or heeler mix?
  171. need a new home for my rottweiler?
  172. How do I house train my adult Chihuahua?
  173. Where can i find english springer spaniel B*tches that need a stud(sire)?
  174. Pregnant Chihuahua Still Eating - Whelping Tonight?
  175. mini dachshund potty training help please?
  176. what is the best dog with small children?and what about the newfoundland?
  177. I have a 3 year old female dalmatian and want to get another dog as a...
  178. Is My Puppy Purebred Chihuahua?
  179. Help with a 7 month old chihuahua?
  180. Any dog breeders out there????pekingese or maltese.?
  181. a crazy chihuahua question if you please...?
  182. My pomeranian went down the stairs?
  183. Help me pick a name for my chihuahua puppy?!?
  184. i have a girl chihuahua thats in heat and my 4 yr old male chihuahua is not
  185. What would be good for a Norwegian Elkhound pup to eat ?
  186. Bullmastiff Training help?
  187. How to train a bichon frise to sit/stand/and to a pee pad?
  188. What can I give my poodle terrier to release her bowels?
  189. walk in boxer at home?
  190. my boxer is 62 days into her pregency her temp is 98.8 and following me...
  191. ATTENTION PAPILLON OWNERS!!! Are Papillons difficult to house break? ?
  192. I have a (supposed) 8 mo. old puppy that the breeder said was a...
  193. Crossing boarder into Canada on Greyhound how does the boarder crossing work? Do...
  194. Collie Found - question deleted?
  195. What should I name my new female Pit Bull Terrier. Please no angel because I had
  196. where can i find the lyrics to the song day n night remiX ft. collie buddz?
  197. What Are the Chances that My Friends Dachshund Will Make a Full Recovery From
  198. my chihuahuas...signs of progress?
  199. My dachshund is not feeling well...?
  200. what is a micro chihuahua?
  201. Does anyone have a suggestion for naming a young female collie?
  202. Knots in Newfoundland?
  203. I would like to buy a small pomeranian male in utah ?
  204. Saffordshire bull terrier?
  205. How long is a 6 month old pug in heat for?
  206. Is Purina Puppy Chow good food for my puppy?
  207. Matamoros, Chihuahua?
  208. I just got a 10 week boxer Puppy. Is it okay to take her outside without a leash.?
  209. What is your opinion on Bichon Frise/Poodle mixes?
  210. What NBA player would be the best boxer?
  211. Why does my Chihuahua pee on itself when I want to pick her up?
  212. when do Lhasa apso stop having seasons as mine has nt had one for over a
  213. My baby Chihuahua.........?
  214. Doberman or American Pit Bull Terrier?
  215. Greyhound bus, stop in vernal utah?
  216. My 2 yr old Bichon Frise gets car sick. The vet said to give her benadryl (otc) 25
  217. what's the best way to keep beagles quiet?
  218. why does my chihuahua love to lick and sniff peoples faces?
  219. What Do you think about the American Bulldog Breed?
  220. Introducing two Great Danes to a Boston Terrier?
  221. How would a vanilla, cream, or any light colored pomeranian look as a pup?
  222. my bull mastiff doesn't bark and he is too kind even to stranger whose tress
  223. Should I get my Vizsla castrated?
  224. Information on Dalmations and German shorthaired pointers please :)?
  225. Why has Penguin UK not released a copy of Raymond Chandler's Poodle Springs?
  226. My beagle is not even a year old and she just had 7 pups 2 days ago.?
  227. who is the hottest white NBA ,NFL, NHL, Soccer and boxer?
  228. Why is my chihuahua so mean?
  229. Is Brittany Spears as big as Beyonce? ?
  230. what food to feed 14 18 month golden retrievers?
  231. brittany flickinger hair?
  232. Will I be safe on the Greyhound bus?
  233. Why has my l5 mo. old pug started to mouth and/or EAT his own feces if given the
  234. I have a 4-month old golden retriever pup. I am worried about leaving him alone
  235. How much feed should I feed my Great Dane puppy?
  236. american bulldogs and strangers?
  237. How much do English Mastiffs tend to cost?
  238. How long is a Greyhound bus?
  239. Which dog is cuter? The pekingese or the boston terrier? ?
  240. ATTENTION PAPILLON OWNERS!!! Do Papillons bark too much?
  241. What should I name my female teacup shih tzu?
  242. I think my chihuahua dog is mad at me ?
  243. I recently purchased a pekingese girl puppy, any tips anyone can give me?
  244. Important question about Yorkshire terriers?
  245. My 3 year old boxer is acting anxious.?
  246. How much for a Samoyed?
  247. What do you think about a yorkshire terrier?
  248. How do you say I am so sorry poodle I miss you in armenian!!?
  249. Old karate movie with either jet li or chow yun fat (wong fei hung)?
  250. What boxer would you most like to see have a movie made of their life?