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  1. I have a 15 wk chihuahua that weighs 1lb 2 oz. pretty skinny, eats like
  2. Should I get a playmate for my 4 year old golden retriever, or will he be...
  3. Does anyone else think that Stone Cold Steve Austin would have been an awesome boxer?
  4. how old was your dachshund before it was house trained? ?
  5. Four month old Australian Shepherd puppy seems to play rough and wrestle a
  6. Girl boxers??? guys and girls!!?
  7. My 12 year old Beagle pees in the house every night?
  8. Does anyone know where I can find the game BOXERS OR BRIEFS? ?
  9. Stafford shire Bull Terrier problems with back legs?
  10. Who's sexyer Beyonce or Brittany spears?
  11. what exactly is an american pit bull terrier?
  12. I have a 15 wk 1 lb chihuahua and just found out she has a liver shunt. dont...
  13. australian kelpie??????????????
  14. Why does my Chihuahua cry?
  15. Pictures of a Golden Retriever?
  16. My 2 month old chi/poodle threw up?
  17. Can I buy a Greyhound Ticket with cash?
  18. What is the best food for a Groenendael (belgian shepherd)?
  19. I hear that Bloodhounds have been?
  20. Should I get a Papillon or a Chihuahua?
  21. Siberian Husky and Cavalier ? ? ?
  22. is this a chow/samoyed mix? The tongue is not fully colored...so she isn't 100%
  23. Does anyone own a Chihuahua?
  24. My pit bull mated with my Beagle....?
  25. golden retriever breeder?
  26. I have a 14 year old lhasa apso, and recently he has become scared of his
  27. Can anyone tell me the value of a 38 calibre Rimfire American Bulldog? (How
  28. Beagle Grooming Question?
  29. Mini-Schnauzers: Would this be a good dog for me?
  30. Why does my rottweiler hair fall so much?
  31. Got a Chihuahua from my parents, don't know what to call her?
  32. My year old adopted Chihuahua mix?
  33. Vizslas? good or bad idea...?
  34. Do chihuahua's over eat?
  35. Golden Retriever or Siberian Husky?
  36. is there a home remedy for a 2yr. old chihuahua?
  37. American Eskimo Help!!! Please Answer Quickly!?
  38. Help on Choosing between a Doberman or Rhodesian Ridgeback to match with my
  39. How can I get my beagle to mind better?
  40. What can I do for an extremely picky chihuahua?
  41. American bulldog male He is 5 months and weighs 85 pounds maybe higher?
  42. What time is in newfoundland?
  43. Please help Important question about Chihuahuas..?
  44. Looking for English Bulldog around the Western Cape?
  45. Which is a better dog a American Bulldog, American Pit Bull or a Bull mastiff?
  46. I have a 2 year old English Bulldog....?
  47. i would like to know if it is normal for my siberian husky to have had her first...
  48. My poor pekingese chews himself and scratches all the time...?
  49. My chihuahua penis is out, he has an erection and can't put it inside again.?
  50. I want a free baby female chihuahua. NO SCAMS! She will have a nice
  51. where can I buy those spongebob squareptants boxers in-store?
  52. American Cocker Spaniel puppy potty training!!!?
  53. My very pregnant dalmatian molly ?
  54. Would a Husky and Bernese mountain dog get along?
  55. Shivering beagle in Florida?
  56. Y can girls wear guys boxers but guys can't wear women underwear?
  57. Beagles and Short Haired German Pointers - advice from owners?
  58. what would win in a fight a pittbul or a bull terrier?
  59. what is a kangal dog and where does it come from?
  60. yorkshire terrier, few questions please answer :)?
  61. Is it true that Rottweilers....Doberman Pincher's....Chows sometimes turn on their
  62. Australian Cattle Dog Temperment?!?
  63. Rottweiler and Pitbull?
  64. How Much Should a 3-Year Old Boston Terrier Eat? ?
  65. My Pug is acting strange?
  66. Chihuahua Separation Anxiety?
  67. Can a Boxer be breed with a Jack Russell ?
  68. I heard that it is important to clean a Golden Retrievers ears...?
  69. Can beagles coon hunt?
  70. What are the pros and cons of getting a Yorkshire terrier?
  71. my chihuahua behavior?
  72. what causes Dalmatians to be deaf?
  73. 13 month old boxer pees in his crate still! help?
  74. How do you train a chihuahua to go potty outside.She hates the cold and she is...
  75. what if you favorite color english bulldog?
  76. Chihuahua Strange Behavior?
  77. How much is safe for a pug to walk?
  78. I am a 10 year old chinese PUG dog , and i have terrible dry fur. any
  79. Serious Lhasa Apso Problem?
  80. Is it normal for puppy Chihuahua's to act all spazzy when excited?
  81. Help, My german shepherd dog hates wearing a muzzle!?
  82. Can old english sheepdogs be lefft for long periods of time?
  83. We just moved into a new home and my Shih Tzu who is 4 years old will not...
  84. What is the best brand to feed my 8 week old pug pup IN AUSTRALIA?
  85. My mini Schnauzer was shot with a pellet gun and it went through her intestines how
  86. english bulldogs with other dogs?
  87. six month old sharpei X mastiff with eye entropia and breathing problems.?
  88. I would like to get into showing american bulldogs in all areas of
  89. Looking to get another Gordon Setter. Need to find a reputable breeder located
  90. how to break chihuahua jealousy issues ?
  91. chocolate labrador retriever or golden retriever or small dog?
  92. My chihuahua has a problem?
  93. who would you rather be? Brittany spears or Amy whinehouse ?
  94. What is the name of the boxer who fought the korean martial artist? ?
  95. 11 week old bullmastiff runt, maybe?
  96. My dachshund keeps making diarrhea?
  97. Any beagle owners out there?
  98. Switching to Boxers from Briefs?
  99. chihuahua girl names?
  100. I have a 5 mos. rott/mastiff mix who was diagnosed with parvo. Treating him at
  101. How long do Great Dane heat cycles last? What is to be expected? What is
  102. why did my pug start peeing pooping on the floor?
  103. Where Can I Find A Rottweiler Breeder?
  104. WANTED: Chorkie or Chihuahua?
  105. Is my dog REALLY a Staffordshire Bull Terrier!? Im not so sure!! Any ideas...
  106. what kind of names is good for pugs?
  107. What Dog should i Pick for 2nd choice with a Weimaraner?
  108. about my 4month old beagle.. POSTED IN WRONG CATAGORY....?
  109. Are greyhounds and salty dogs the same?
  110. How long will my parents miniature schnauzer live?
  111. Show Quality Great Dane?
  112. Can anyone explain to me why my boxer pup gags and throws up white looking foam?
  113. We just got a 6wk old Boxer/Lab Mix but having trouble finding out info
  114. i think my f pug may be pregnat from my brothers german sheperd is this possible?
  115. Is it true about dachshunds, that they're one of the most aggressive dogs?
  116. can a standard male chihuahua mate a female teacup?
  117. why is my chihuahua doing this?
  118. Housebreak my dachshund?
  119. Is it okay to spay my chihuahua? ?
  120. Is there such a breed called Mexican chihuahua?
  121. Who owns a Golden Retriever?
  122. Do all Papillon puppies cry?
  123. How do some pug YouTube videos manage to get a million hits or more?
  124. does newfoundland still exist?
  125. my poodle ate cat poop?
  126. who is you favorite boxer pacquiao or hatton?
  127. how can i convince my mom to let me get a chihuahua?
  128. does anyone know where i can get a beagle?
  129. Any good ideas for skin problems in a Newfoundland?
  130. Could I get away with wearing boxers as shorts at school?
  131. My DACHSHUND is the greatest dog on Earth, why is that?
  132. SHIH TZU OWNERS, Please help!?
  133. Before I got my gray poodle, it was bit by another dog. The bite area was
  134. Should I get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or a Pug?
  135. How do I make my Dachshund stop barking? ?
  136. names for my toy poodle ?
  137. Is Paris Hilton not friends anymore with her new BFF Brittany?
  138. Question regarding East/West Siberian Laikas vs. Siberian Huskies...?
  139. I have 4month old female beagle @ what age is it okay to start letting stay outside
  140. Does anyone know a reputable Chow Chow breeder in the Northwest, especially
  141. Information about Chihuahua?
  142. My chihuahua has ears that are ALWAYS rolled BACKWARD...?
  143. Which boxers do you like better?
  144. I have 3 rescue greyhounds?
  145. How long can I leave a pug puppy alone for?
  146. is there such thing as a short haired pomeranian?
  147. 7 Month Old German Shepherd, Aggressive To Other Dogs ! What Can I Do To
  148. Anyone with Pomeranian experience?
  149. Brittany vs. Labrador Retriever? I am familiar with brittanys from my childhood....
  150. Healthy weight for 8 week old rottweiler?
  151. How good are Newfoundland dogs?
  152. WORKING DACHSHUND owners?
  153. Does anyone have an Irish Wolfhound and can give me info?
  154. Take pomeranian on airplane?
  155. how big is 1 year old mastiff, is it worth $100 anyone have pictures?
  156. Why do they act like wrestlers are better fighters than boxers are?
  157. Pros and Cons of a Golden Retriever?
  158. Is there a good bed for a Golden Retriever or do they just prefer to flop on
  159. What is it like traveling on Greyhound Buses. I want to go from Det. to Wash D.C. ?
  160. (Just for fun) What would be a good show name for my whippet?
  161. HELP! How to take care of a 1 month old chihuahua puppy!?
  162. Can I wash colored with boxers?
  163. How do I train my wife's pugs that go to bathroom inside?
  164. Does anybody know why our Mini Schnauzer attacks me?
  165. how often should you a chihuahua a bath?
  166. What would you name a female Pomeranian?
  167. why wont my new toy poodle eat, unless I hand feed him.?
  168. Female golden retriever names?
  169. Bull Mastiff Puppy- 9 Months Old and smells REALLY bad! ?
  170. How do I get my male pekingese to stop marking his territory indoors??
  171. My dog (shih tzu-9 months) needs help, here are his symptoms:?
  172. How was the Boxers Rebellion viewed by the United States?
  173. Trying to determine wether rottweiler is pregnant or not (experienced
  174. My 4 year old Beagle was vomiting, has the runs and will not eat..she's been to
  175. Mental Issues with my English Bulldog?
  176. My french bulldog keeps rubbing herself against furniture. any ideas on how...
  177. Where can I find a golden retriever/labrador mix in the Dallas area?
  178. What does Brittany spears new song about?
  179. My 5 month old dachshund is shy around new people,?
  180. what to do about pug daddy?
  181. My dog is a Pit bull Terrier, I need her to stop..?
  182. How much do papillons usually sell for?
  183. Does anyone know where I can get a pure bred Rottweiler puppy?
  184. Sick mini Schnauzer wont eat, has enlarged heart, no sodium. Any...
  185. i am looking for a pug puppy, does anyone know where i can find one?
  186. Why does my 9 month pomeranian ignore me but thrive off the attention of others?
  187. Are miniature pinschers naturally afraid of snakes or will they challenge them?
  188. How do I start to housebreak my 8 week old Chihuahua?
  189. Why does my mini dachshund, Bella, follow me around every where I go?
  190. I have a 1yr M jack russell 10mnth F boxer/americanbulldog. How do I...
  191. Is my miniature schnauzer's neck ok?
  192. People who have a Saint Bernard?
  193. My Chihuahua barks incessantly every time I come home!?
  194. How to wear boxer briefs with out any harm?
  195. Has anyone had experience with giving a Newfoundland adequan?
  196. what ways can i build on my staffordshire bull terriers physique?diet?training...
  197. who has an old staffordshire bull terrier?
  198. How can I get my mom to let me get a beagle puppy?
  199. Cost of Irish Wolfhound and Scottish Deerhound?
  200. We are adopting a beautiful 2 year old Retriever/Greyhound and want to
  201. Are Siberian Huskies Good Family Dogs?
  202. Some tips to train a crazy Dalmatian?
  203. whats best for my siberian husky to eat?
  204. my little boston terrier seems depressed?
  205. Why does my English Bulldog smell like sour milk? ?
  206. My chihuahua just had babies a week ago and all of a sudden....? ?
  207. what do you think of when i say Brittany Spears?
  208. Dachshund back problems?
  209. Airedale Terriers????
  210. why wont my boxer pup walk on a leash ?
  211. How do I get a poodle on runescape?
  212. for a stir fry with chow mein?
  213. What do I do with my english pointer?
  214. I just adopted a maltese poodle mix?
  215. American Cocker Spaniel?
  216. Why does my papillons tail keep going down?
  217. are black pugs coat softer than fawn pugs?
  218. Pug owners i need help!?
  219. Why is my chihuahua puppy to young to go outside?
  220. I Found A Bichon Frise For $100 Should I Get It!?
  221. my boxer mix 6 mth old pup has been vomited 4 times a week since he was 5
  222. What is your american bulldog like!?
  223. How much are baby Chihuahua's?
  224. Theres more details now!~~*The question about Shiba Inu by natvv* What do
  225. how often do i have to clean with an inside golden retriever?
  226. Abercrombie Boxers?????????????????
  227. Essay on how to make puppy chow?
  228. What do I do about my pug biting my other dog's tail (Bichon)? Why is she doing this?
  229. My 6 week old boston terrier?
  230. Is my pregnant pug about to go into labor?
  231. What did you feed your great dane puppy?
  232. Collie cross Labrador throwing up....?
  233. i have the weirdest hair. it can be super poodle curly or wavy ish with
  234. I need some help with Barkley the Beagle?
  235. boxers i need some help with my footwork?
  236. I think the German Shepherd dog is the most beautiful dog, agree?
  237. For people with American Pit bull Terriers?
  238. Where can i get a Bioflow dog collar for my great dane ?
  239. A different question regarding my chihuahua. help with pics! ?
  240. AnyOne Selling A Male Golden retriever puppy in quezon city or metro manila...?
  241. I have a mischevious chihuahua who cannot mind her own urination. Any suggestions?
  242. litter training toy poodle?
  243. Do Golden Retrievers naturally know how to swim?
  244. I just sold my 8 month old american bulldog and the guy i sold it to disappeared?
  245. If you dont have a button on your boxers...........?
  246. mini schnauzer in heat?
  247. Dachshund chews up clothing?
  248. My 7 year old Bull Terrier is having accidents in the house.?
  249. mating my american bulldogs?
  250. How long does an average Dachshund grow to be?