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  1. Can a nine month old Lab/Chow mix pup be corrected from biting and chewing?
  2. My Chihuahua Died Suddenly from bloody Stool. Why?
  3. Just a question about my Pug and the previous owner?
  4. On average, at what age do female beagles go into heat?
  5. What is a non-carrier collie?
  6. Is this a good name for a male standard poodle?
  7. English Bulldogs....?
  8. English Bulldog Eyes ?
  9. american bulldogs question?
  10. Where can I find a Bloodhound?
  11. What is this book...welsh corgi?
  12. What age are yorkshire terriers fully grown?
  13. Smooth Fox Terrier vs. Jack Russell Terrier?
  14. I'ma guy..How do i ask my mom to start buying me male thongs and male...
  15. why do boxers put vasoline on their faces?
  16. Why do people call poodles gay dogs?
  17. Nintendogs Dalmatian and Friends help...?
  18. My dog gets these seizures shes a pug/beagle mix?
  19. Can Shar Pei who have had their ear canals removed still hear?
  20. how much would a 1 hour greyhound ride cost in Canada i'm not planing on leaving...
  21. i'm looking for a male rottweiler?
  22. Shiba Inu... Should i get 1?
  23. Tibetan Mastiff Questions ?
  24. Boxers or briefs???????
  25. In the movie Stick It, Joanne says she earned her spot (on the team) like a
  26. Two questions about english bulldog house training?
  27. Help me with some names for French Poodles. ?
  28. Where is a good place to buy a chihuahua?
  29. Should I get a Weimaraner or a Labrador Retriever?
  30. Bloodhound Puppys.....?
  31. Do Pug dogs have a tendency, as a breed, to be overly gassy ?
  32. Ladies: How annoying are your bf/husband's boxers?
  33. My golden retriever is out of control. Help?
  34. Would a ferret be a good companion for my toy poodle?
  35. Chihuahuas with diarrhea?
  36. Why does my male shihtzu, 2 years old, keep humping my male Pomeranian, 1 year old?
  37. Dachshund Breeder- Things to watch out for?
  38. Cute names for a Chihuahua?? Girl/ or boy! ^^?
  39. I have a dominant breed by nature (English Bulldog) Will spaying make her...
  40. Which dog should I get a Golden Retriever or a Choclate Lab?
  41. I'm not a professional boxer, but what would .....?
  42. Any tips for house training a chihuahua?
  43. i am taking a greyhound bus to white plains ny. can i get to a train to...
  44. shih tzu and samui mix with picture?
  45. Once I'm in Philadelphia at the Filbert St Greyhound station, how can I...
  46. Do u know a Norwich Terrier Breeder?
  47. small breed dog that licks sheets? we rescued a longhaired Dachshund...
  48. about my family's female english mastiff ?
  49. Why does my Golden Retriever do this? ?
  50. Does my dog look pit/boxer?
  51. i have 4wk old boxer puppies and their eyes look funny. they almost look like they...
  52. I have a 13 month old border collie male. He is obsessed with playing fetch...
  53. Hi, I have a 17 week old female boxer ?
  54. i am a boxer i run 3 miles per day ?
  55. will a shih tzu affect my asthma ?
  56. What vitamin supplement would you recommend for a 1 year old beagle?
  57. Difference between the miniature bull terrier and the english?
  58. what would be a good name for a tan Shiba Inu?
  59. Questions about a greyhound busride?
  60. toy poodle called tetley? what do you think?
  61. I just had my Chihuahua spayed and she is peeing all over the place. When will...
  62. Living in America and buying in Newfoundland Canada?
  63. Can Chihuahuas be good with kids. ?
  64. What color is this puppy (Pekingese)? ?
  65. Does anyone know were to buy a 2 year old Golden Retriever?
  66. what shampoo to use on great pyrenees?
  67. I have a lab/chow mix puppy...?
  68. do staffordshire bull terriers have 8 nipples and do pitbulls have 10
  69. Has anyone heard of a Havanese? ?
  70. is it possible for poodles to be Pink?
  71. My miniature pinscher is acting VERY strange; help/opinions!?
  72. bull terrier or american bulldog?
  73. Do you think Collie-four-knee -hah should be the model for U.S. Energy Policy?
  74. Border Collie breeders on Long Island?
  75. My dog has all of the characteristics and looks exactly like a boxer,is she...
  76. What would cause my poodle to act like he has to spit up all during the day,
  77. How old should boston terriers be to give them their first bath?
  78. Who out there has a Portuguese Water Dog?
  79. Realistically, how likely is an English Mastiff, raised from very young puppyhood...
  80. Why canít my 7-year-old Beagle howl like other Beagle dogs?
  81. Can A Rottweiler Make a Good Search and Rescue Dog?
  82. how to potty train a 6month old boxer puppy?
  83. How do you housebreak a Chihuahua?
  84. Is brittany spears a satanist? Video Included.?
  85. How to make my Beagle to speak!?
  86. how do you time go faster in nintendogs dachshunds and friends for ds?
  87. How long is my cavalier king charles spaniels ears going to get?
  88. Can a 3 year old Blue Healer/Australian cattle dog be trained?
  89. Can I wait to breed/mate my shih tzu till her fourth heat?
  90. I'm thinking about adopting a cairn terrier. Can you guys give me some info about
  91. I have a month and a half years old lab basset hound mix that whines when she...
  92. Why does my Chihuahua get dark brown funk in ears everyday? The vet says no mites.?
  93. half Daschund half miniature pinscher....?
  94. English Bulldog breeding question?
  95. Are norwich terriers smaller than cairn terriers?
  96. Which do women prefer on men boxers or briefs?
  97. Top five favorite Latin boxers?
  98. 3 month old boxer puppie help?
  99. Do you think the name Edward is a good name for a golden retriever? ?
  100. Can my pug survive on a vegetarian diet?
  101. what is different about border collies?
  102. i want a great dane but i dont know how to take care of one and i ned some money.?
  103. My Golden Retriever Smells bad after a couple days after a bath.?
  104. breeding my pomeranian?
  105. do you think a Tibetan Terrier or a Havanese is cuter and which one is easy to train?
  106. My staffordshire bull terrier?
  107. can a boxer gain muscle from push ups or weights?
  108. How good are golden retrievers for asthmatics?
  109. Beagle and German Shepard Help?
  110. what are english springer spaniels like as pets?
  111. Boston Terrier proublms ?
  112. My 1 year old beagle's hair has recently started to change colors.?
  113. my 2 year old boxer has small mosquito like bumps on her head...?
  114. Do you know of any quality Golden Retriever Breeders in the Tri State Area?
  115. Would my Kelpie and my Golden Retriever get along?
  116. Is Innova puppy food to rich for my shih tzu?
  117. What is a good name for a female, pie-bald miniature dachshund puppy?
  118. OMG...........How do i potty train my pomeranian puppy!?
  119. bull mastiff or cane corso?
  120. Does anyone have any suggestions in house breaking a Dachshund? ?
  121. How much should i feed my one year old mini dachshund?
  122. rottweiler weights 18 pounds at 8 weeks?
  123. Why can't my great dane gain weight?
  124. Risks of a blue merle collie?
  125. My Chihuahua yaps too much? Any advice?
  126. Regarding Basset Hounds and their eye drainage/water...?
  127. My 6yr old female boxer keeps attacking my 4 month old male beagle puppy!!?
  128. Do Standard Poodles make good pets?
  129. Is a Pug a good dog??
  130. Beagle Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  131. Traveling with my pug overseas - one 5 1/2 hour flight or two 2 3/4 hour flights?
  132. movie with Brittany Murphy in it? please help!?
  133. I have a beagle. She's never hunted a day in her life. I'm looking at getting a...
  134. Name meanings...what does 'Brittany' and 'Lynn' Mean?
  135. French Mastiff - 1 Yr old - Help Please ?
  136. Whats wrong with my chihuahua?
  137. Action replay codes for Nintendogs Chihuahua and Friends?
  138. Shy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  139. Which dog is better: border collie or golden retriever?
  140. my greyhounds rear leg?
  141. whats a good amount of food to feed my chihuahua.?
  142. WHat should i name my GErman shorthaired pointer!?
  143. Toy Fox Terrier good dog for me?
  144. How much exercise should my 16 week old rottweiler have at one time?
  145. South Brittany- Which Campsite? Staying in a Key Camps mobile home?
  146. My Golden Retriever has a tummy bug?
  147. Irish Wolfhound Breeders?
  148. How can I keep my neighbors poodles from peeing in my yard without putting up a...
  149. my 3 year old mini poodle has begun shaking, she also stretches her hind legs out
  150. Poodles Project 911!!!!?
  151. What should i name my rottweiler?
  152. how to house break my english bulldog?
  153. Bloodhound.pdf.1 is annoying.?
  154. Pomeranian or English Bulldog?
  155. Should i breed my pomeranian?
  156. I need tips/solutions helping a 6 yr old F Dachshund...?
  157. My golden retriever has the worst gas?
  158. My Dachshund just had back surgery. Need help on how to care for her.?
  159. How long did your bichon frise live?
  160. Is this a cute name for my Basset Hound pup?
  161. Pug question! Sorry, I forgot to add a picture of him; here it is:?
  162. Why do some boys/men wear briefs and boxers?
  163. Teacup Yorkshire Terriers?
  164. Whats a Cute name for a (girl)yorkshire terrier?
  165. i have a male pomeranian and i'm looking for a female pomeranian for him?
  166. Found a pair of my silk boxer's in my son's room...?
  167. Why does my miniature schnauzer scratch ALL time?!?
  168. does a bichon frise have good night vision?
  169. How much do you think a pure-bread dachshund would cost?
  170. I have an 8mnth old chihuahua that has 1 slightly swollen eye that is watery.
  171. how much is a black pekingese puppy?
  172. My dog is a blue mooned chihuahua and he just turned 1 year old can i breed him?
  173. Should I get a border collie or maltipoo? Can i have your opinion.?
  174. Clogged tear ducts in 10yr old chow mix?
  175. Is 14oz. really tiny for a 1 month old pug puppy?
  176. Irish Setter vs. Alaskan Malamute?
  177. Jack Russell Terrier?
  178. Pregnant pug about to deliver?
  179. Chihuahuas Small children...Good or Bad? ?
  180. Questions about Pembroke Welsh Corgis?
  181. Grooming my Pomeranian at home....?
  182. This might sound stupid and easy but how do I teach my 8 week pug to sit?
  183. Do boxers and labradors get along well?
  184. Are Bichon Frise's good dogs?
  185. Where can i get a good beagle puppy in Concord NC but for under $200?
  186. Wtf she was smelling my boxers?
  187. French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, or Boxer?
  188. How do I get my Adopted Brindle Boxer's legal papers?
  189. Shih-Tzu ate her way through the fence and lost her tooth, what can i do?
  190. does anyone know of a musical that boxers are in?
  191. Can someone tell me what is wrong with my Chihuahua? :(?
  192. i have an 11 month old pug he needs to gain weight is it ok to mix vienna
  193. Where can I buy or adopt one of those poodles that have hair all over their...
  194. Does anyone have a Schnauzer cross Poodle?
  195. Ok Labrador Retriever......... owners......?
  196. Yesterday we bought home a adorable English Staffordshire Bull Terrier, but...?
  197. I think i have boxer's fracture.?
  198. can a you become a boxer if you have asthma?
  199. My Basset hound won't stop barking and howling when we live him at home. I need help?
  200. How much would it cost to take my pomeranian to hawaii in a airplane?
  201. My Dachshund's ears look odd?
  202. About my 4month beagle...?
  203. could a Soilder beat up a pro Boxer or MMA fighter?
  204. Any ideas on how to stop my American Bulldog from biting the leash and
  205. Need help house training/housebreaking 7 month old pug puppy?
  206. boxers or briefs on school trip?
  207. iam trying to buy a rottweiler puppie in the port huron mi. area. range of 300.00...
  208. Where can I find a Red Sox hoodie for my English Bulldog?
  209. Beagle Not Sleeping - please help. ?
  210. miniature schnauzer marking in the house, any tips?
  211. what dogs look good/get along with german shepherds side by side ?
  212. A question for Basset Hound owners..?
  213. getting my shih tzu fixed?
  214. Trying to determine wether rottweiler is pregnant or not (experienced
  215. do basset hounds have small bladders?
  216. valentine's day boxers?
  217. Why does my Toy Poodle keep coughing?
  218. Baby boxer training help?
  219. What's the difference between an Imperial Shih Tzu and a Chinese Imperial dog?
  220. Black Male Pug Dog Name?
  221. pomeranian skin itching?
  222. Border collie/Jack Russell mix and training seems impossible?
  223. My 9 week old lhasa shih tzu is sick! please help!?
  224. Are Chihuahua's good family pets? (READ DESCRIPTION)?
  225. How do I get my Mastiff to calm down and stop running and barking at nothing?
  226. Bloodhounds?? Please read?
  227. Would a Doberman get on with a Whippet? ?
  228. Are English bull terriers a good dog to have?
  229. new 3 year old choc lab fighting with dachshunds.?
  230. What is the best color of labrador retriever and why?
  231. How much food should I be giving my 1 year old Siberian Husky?
  232. im getting an old english sheepdog and have a few questions...?
  233. Hi, I'm Am A Boxer, I'm 5foot9 And 230 Pounds, Is That Good?, And What Weight...
  234. english bull terrier question?
  235. what are border collies like for a pet if ive got a 14 and 9 year old and will be
  236. overly friendly papillon?
  237. does any body know who is/are the boxers that retired ?
  238. Concern about my lhasa apso!?
  239. okay question for people who have real teacup chihuahuas not fake 4 pound chihuahuas?
  240. What is the best diet for my Great Dane pup.?
  241. My 8 month old great dane won't stop Pooping. what do I do?
  242. My chihuahuas dont love me anymore?
  243. Schnauzer breed question...?
  244. Tell me about golden retrievers?
  245. At what age does a longhaired chihuahua's hair grow?
  246. boxer boys marking territory in house? what to do...?
  247. Do you think my dog is a whippet?
  248. Does anyone know a reliable Staffordshire bull terrier breeder?
  249. pug house training isssues?????!!!!!help!?
  250. I am taking Greyhound from Va Beach Va to London Ontario Canada its a over 24 hour