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  1. Which do women prefer on men boxers or briefs?
  2. my English bulldog is constantly farting!! help me!!?
  3. Rottweiler feeding (owners or who knows)?
  4. I want to register my Dachshund with AKC any good names?
  5. i have an 8 month old female pug and i am making plans to get a male. im worried...
  6. how many puppy can a toy poodle have?
  7. What are the main difference between the animated 101 dalmatians and...?
  8. 7 month old chihuahua itches ears, dry skin on ears?
  9. Boxers???For boxer owners.....?
  10. Why does my chihuahua poop everywhere if he's 10 mos.and he used to go on his pads...
  11. How many times does a Beagle eat a day?
  12. How do I stop my chihuahua from eating the carpet?
  13. My mama dog Shih Tzu's hair needs help?
  14. I am about to get a pomeranian!!!! What all do I need for her to prepare?
  15. Paris Hilton's BFF Brittany vs Vanessa?
  16. I just bought my husband 3 packs of boxer underwear?
  17. Do greyhounds adapt well to taking long forest walks, camping, etc.?
  18. how can I find a female dachshund ready to breed?
  19. How are Chihuahuas entertaining?
  20. I got my self a 8 week old shih tzu puppy, we have him a week now and he...
  21. Pug 106 coolant light appears Although...?
  22. what should i feed my poodle?
  23. Im getting a rottweiler puppy on saturday and...?
  24. The Pink Poodle, maybe?
  25. What sort of things can I give my pregnant chihuahua to keep her and the pups
  26. Does anyone have a good Webkinz Irish Setter name?
  27. My dog a Beagle has been scratching for a couple of days, ?
  28. Do greyhounds adapt well to taking long forest walks, camping, etc.?
  29. Who in your opinion, was the most over hyped boxer in history?
  30. Chihuahuas, long or short?
  31. A question about boston terriers/small dogs?
  32. My pomeranian in heat? I'm not sure.?
  33. chihuahua traveling???????????????????
  34. How do i get my 5-year-old Shih'tzu to stop biting?
  35. what are short leged boxer briefs?
  36. Which do women prefer on men boxer shorts or briefs?
  37. Easy 10 Pts.! Boxers or Boxer Briefs more attractive?
  38. Best European boxer of all time?
  39. Border Collie hates the lead?
  40. chihuahua owners and breeders?
  41. Which do women prefer on men boxers or briefs?
  42. what is the difference between Rottweiler, Great dane, Neapolitan mastiff,
  43. How do I potty train my 8 week pug?
  44. English bull terrier/staffy?
  45. Sexy or Not... Pants sagging Boxers Showing?
  46. Help in California! My Chihuahua Mix needs a new home?
  47. My female schnauzer is going through a false pregnancy ?
  48. i have a 4 month old boxer/mastiff mix. he turns over his water and food dish every
  49. Paris Hilton's BFF Brittany vs Vanessa?
  50. skinny jeans - boxers or boxer briefs?
  51. i want to get a shiba inu?
  52. My Dachshund just died in her sleep. Did it hurt her?
  53. Need a good recipe for chow fun or chow mein... anyone?
  54. what is the difference between Rottweiler, Great dane, Neapolitan mastiff,...
  55. I have a 7 month old French Bulldog puppy who urinates in her crate every night.?
  56. Why does my chihuahua poop everywhere if he's 10 mos.and he used to go on
  57. Is an Australian Kelpie (my new favorite dog) right for me?
  58. golden retriever + no fence?
  59. Is it true the more experienced boxers are more excited to teach you?
  60. I have an english bulldog that is 9 months old. He is very playful! ?
  61. whats the name of this bloodhound gang song?
  62. American Indian word for Dog With Tail, what is the translation does anyone know?
  63. I need help find a brochure on Newfoundland?
  64. How long would it take to get to Newfoundland, From Denmark, By Ship?
  65. How to leash train pomeranian 4 months?
  66. 11 yr old Boston Terrier?
  67. about how high is a bull terrier?
  68. anyone who has travelled by greyhound before, what's it like?
  69. 6 week+ pregnant rottweiler has occasional clear mucusy vaginal discharge is this...
  70. My cavalier king charles spaniel needs a name..?
  71. What Food Do You Think is Best For a Border Collie?
  72. My Chihuahua doesnt play with any toys, is this normal? Are there any suggestions?
  73. mini dachshund potty training?
  74. Should I get a shih-tzu?
  75. 4 months old chihuahua ate some grapes! what to do?
  76. Chihuahua History???
  77. Help! My SHIH TZU eats her own poop...=(?
  78. Shiba Inu...............!?
  79. Good dog toy for destructive beagle?
  80. Can I give cows milk to a six weeks old Golden Retriever puppy.?
  81. What are beagles like?
  82. I'm looking to buy a Basenji Puppy, know where i can find one cheap?
  83. should i get a permanent pet ID for my 42 lb chow mix?
  84. I have a purebread, AKC chihuahua and want to buy a AKC female?
  85. is there some kind of professional person i can go to for help with my toy poodle?
  86. For All border collie trainers (puppy) please help?
  87. Need help finding Doberman Pinscher puppies?
  88. how often should i feed my jack russell terrier a day?
  89. Introducing my current siberian husky to a new one?
  90. Information about 5-6 year old Golden Retrievers?
  91. Why is my four year old boston terrier peeing in the house after being trained?
  92. What do i do when my poodle eat the whole apple? she is shivering now and...
  93. I have a 1 year old cavalier king charles/poodle mix who is constantly...
  94. As I write this Barbara Boxer is talking about imposing a 'carbon tax', what...
  95. GIRLS: guy's boxers showing!?
  96. Question about the dog breed Bearded Collie.?
  97. When buying my chihuahua I was told she was toy. She doesn't look like she is...
  98. Adopting a retired racing Greyhound?
  99. I'm getting a chihuahua puppy, help!?
  100. Where could I find a Shiba Inu?
  101. Can anyone find a french bulldog dachshund hybrid breeder in North Carolina?
  102. Chihuahua breeders question..?
  103. Registered name for American Bulldog named Turbo?
  104. Chihuahua Training Advice??
  105. how do i get my 2 year old beagle to play?
  106. POLL: What is a better ((cuter)) name for an female English Bulldog?
  107. How do you tell the visual differences in Great Pyrenees and Yellow Labs?
  108. Will a female mini Pinscher and a female Jack Russell Terrier get along?
  109. Hiking with my boxer puppy?
  110. What's wrong with my 5 month old dachshund's ears?
  111. Large red spot on dachshund dog?
  112. Do you think this is a good name for a black male standard poodle?
  113. I hear conflicting info about boxers?
  114. what are some golden retriever facts?
  115. Where can I find a teacup poodle?
  116. What color boxers did you wear today and why?
  117. How can you keep a 3yr old chihuahua company when you're not home?
  118. top 5 boxers of all-time? ?
  119. Will a new 2 year Siberian husky adapt to a new home and owners? ?
  120. Who are the hardest punching boxers?
  121. my 11 year old pomeranian is acting very weird?
  122. how wide are english bulldogs?
  123. Want to stud out my toy poodle, what steps should I take?
  124. Male miniature schnauzer studs in Taiwan.?
  125. is an Australian Shepherd my kind of dog ?
  126. i need help for my shar pei pup?
  127. is a corn snake safe with chihuahuas? ?
  128. Kingdom Hearts (1): Does anyone (in detail) know where the dalmatians are
  129. My 6 month old chihuahua twitches?
  130. IS my dog a pom or a long haired chihuahua? ?
  131. What is the differences in temperament between different Dachshunds?
  132. doberman pinscher question?
  133. tearing eye in boxer pup?
  134. how can i tell if my chihuahua is pregnant?
  135. Naming a great Pyrenees!?
  136. What were shih tzu's bred for?
  137. i have a 5 week old rottweiler. what food should i give him?
  138. Are their any personality differences between male and female standard poodles?
  139. Hi my names Brittany im going on a slimquick diet and i dont no a whole lot of...
  140. are my boxers to small or to big?
  141. Dachshund owners have any quirky doxie habits to tell?
  142. Is there a door christian fellowship church in chihuahua, Mexico?
  143. Boston Terrier Feeding Tips?
  144. do you consider a Chihuahua a 'girly' dog?
  145. Whats on the back of my pug's head?
  146. Is a long haired dachshund the right dog for me?
  147. will a beagle make a good house dog?
  148. Does anyone have a MALE TOY POODLE?
  149. My chihuahua is a bad walker, he doesn't come when called in public and...
  150. What dog should I get a German Shepherd or a Labrdor? Does a German shepherd shed...
  151. What to do when your 2 lb chichuahua breeds with her 12-14 lb brother...
  152. Where can I buy silk boxers for my boyfriend in Halifax?
  153. Saluki golden retriver mix....... tired of people hailing abuse everywhere we go ?
  154. Mini golden retriever?!?
  155. Help.Chihuahua-paralized?Arthritis?!?
  156. docile 3yr old male pug getting aggresive barks n unfriendly to dogs.twice he
  157. My english bulldog is losing her hair on her sides, what causes this? This
  158. where can i find dry ice in newfoundland?
  159. Which do men nowadays prefer: BOXER SHORTS OR BRIEFS?
  160. Have a Question on the Brussels Griffon?
  161. Does a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel need consistent companionship?
  162. What should brittany do?
  163. English bulldog's face fold -- black gunk? ?
  164. My four year old poodle Ginger, keeps peeing on the rugs around my house,...
  165. My Boston Terrier is having surgery tomorrow to remove a mast cell tumor.
  166. A few questions about German Shepherd Dogs.?
  167. Are there any reliable black and tan coonhound breeders in or around Indiana?
  168. what is the easiest way to give Obedience training to my American Pit Bull Terrier?
  169. My 15 month old belgian malinois is?
  170. should I avoid wearing white Boxer Briefs ?
  171. Beagle, Shiba inu, or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? Help me choose?
  172. Would a ferret be a good companion for a toy poodle?
  173. How does Greyhound work the bus thingy?
  174. what dog food is best for a chow chow/golden retriever?
  175. Question about riding Greyhound buses, any tips?
  176. English Mastiff crate help!?
  177. my pomeranian has really itchy skin?
  178. My Pug isn't normal, he doesn't like to eat?
  179. do they dock the tails of cavalier king charles spaniels?
  180. Why does my beagle keep eating my bike pedals and seat?
  181. How to stop a beagle puppy from barking?
  182. I have 2 chinese pugs.One is 6yrs. and the other is 3yrs.They are father and...
  183. Golden Retriever Weight Problem...?
  184. What ages of guys wear silk boxers, and I finally purchased my own silk...
  185. how do I stop this male pekingese from peeing and pooping on the beds?
  186. My Chihuahua has become a food guard.... now what?
  187. this is for brittany s?
  188. Where can we get a beagle?
  189. When I say the word boxer what do you think feel? When I say the word father what
  190. Crate training a whining, howling, crying olde english bulldog puppy, how do I make
  191. Miniature Dachshund in heat.?
  192. Golden Retriever won't stop Shedding, Is he sick?
  193. Litterbox Training a Chihuahua, What Litter To Use?
  194. Can anyone in San Antonio, TX give 2 chihuahuas a good home?
  195. Personalized Boxers for Valentine's day gift?
  196. Dog Lovers:shih Tzu Or Chihuahua?
  197. Some questions about training a border collie?
  198. Hey!! If you had a Great Dane, What would you name it?
  199. Which boxers should i get? ?
  200. What are cute names for a baby girl Chihuahua? READ ?
  201. i am getting a boxer who is supposed to come with papers how can i check to see if
  202. Any advice on training and grooming a tibetan terrier? ?
  203. 6 month old boston terrier, bad ear scratching?
  204. Does anyone know where i can buy a teacup toy poodle?
  205. who has heard of a Newfoundland?? (:?
  206. I have a Bull Terrier, shes about a year old...and she keeps scratching her ear?
  207. Bringing home a shih tzu puppy what do i need?
  208. Reworded Up to what age is a shiba inu EASY to train to do tricks?
  209. Is it normal for a chihuahua to have a short tail (1 1/2 in)?
  210. How to decide if we should euthanize my 13 year old Pomeranian with kidney disease?
  211. My Miniature Schnauzer Keeps Making A Noise As If Shes Loosing Her Breath Or...
  212. at what age do i start training my chihuahua puppy?
  213. Does a beagle HAVE to be a hunting dog?? ?
  214. VERY URGENT...My Pekingese is acting very strange and i dont know whats wrong
  215. my jack russell terrier is ABSOLUTELY OUT OF CONTROL! HELP ME PLEASE!!!?
  216. where can i find miniature pinschers in san antonio, tx for sale?
  217. Where can you find a shih tzu female puppy for under 400 dollars ?
  218. Could someone please tell me anything about long-haired chihuahuas that you
  219. What should my poodles name be?
  220. Golden Retrievers ?
  221. So, we are getting a Miniature Poodle?
  222. Is a beagle the right dog?
  223. what other dog breeds are similar to havanese?
  224. how many calories are in chicken chow mein and sweet and sour chicken?
  225. Keeping a border collie occupied?
  226. 7 year old Boxer, loss of appetite and changes in personality?
  227. need help golden retrievers?
  228. My English Bulldog has some hair loss. What could it be?
  229. How to train a Golden Retriever?
  230. 2 female Jack Russell Terrier questions?
  231. Pomeranian or Chihuahua?
  232. where can i find a toy poodle?
  233. Any tried and trusted methods of shutting up my neighbours 4 Yorkshire Terriers?
  234. Question about punching power??(boxers help)?
  235. What is required for owning a Samoyed?
  236. My chihuahua is bored.?
  237. what is the history on chow mien and cookies?
  238. How to stop a black lab/ border collies shedding?
  239. Can anyone answer my question about Greyhound Buses?
  240. What do i feed my 8mnth old pug?
  241. Planning on getting a shih tzu?
  242. Chihuahua eating problems?
  243. Breeding Mini Dachshund.?
  244. Behavior problem with my chihuahua..?
  245. My pomeranian puppy squints?
  246. which do women prefer on men boxers or briefs?
  247. would a schnauzer look right if its hair was all the same length?
  248. Do I have a possible aggression issue with my rottweiler?
  249. Where can i find a Shiba inu?
  250. My bishon, pomeranian, maltese, pekinese?