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  1. I need a national anthem for a made up island. The island is Chihuahua island,...
  2. English Bulldog Question!?
  3. Brittany Snow Questions?
  4. Help! Chihuahuas !!!?
  5. how much do i water do i give my beagle mix?
  6. why are chihuahuas the only dogs that like to sleep under the covers?
  7. Anybody know of any Siberian Husky german sheppard mix puppies in the tri-state...
  8. Newfoundland Teenage Years?
  9. Did I do the right thing after my boxer had a stroke?
  10. Fight between a Kick Boxer and a Boxer, who would win?
  11. How do I measure my Labrador Retriever height? Vertically? or Horizontally?
  12. how can I find a female dachshund ready to breed?
  13. Whats a good dog name for dachshund male female (pic)?
  14. Whats the purpose of soft fuzzy boxers and smooth not fuzzy kind?
  15. I took my 5 month Shih Tzu to the groomer for the first time. She is now
  16. How many babies or children have been killed by staffordshire bull terriers in
  17. Help, my Australian Kelpie needs discipline?
  18. If Nicolay Valuev is uch a crappy Boxer, then why is champion.?
  19. How many of you guys, actually wear silk boxers, and what is your favorite color...
  20. does the cover up that boxers,kickboxers ect do work vs bare knucle to?
  21. Is it cool to just let my community tank chow down on any guppy fry that may appear?
  22. Girls: Baggy pants showing Boxers?
  23. Akita Chihuahua ... Akita or large breed owners please!!!?
  24. what are names for a poodle?
  25. My friend's male breeding Chihuahua was hit by a truck and I can't get it out of my
  26. Are Skye Terriers affectionate?
  27. do people like long-haired chihuahuas?
  28. what is the proper punishment of a beagle?
  29. how much does a 2 ibs pomeranian cream color cost?
  30. Barbra Boxer vs Feinstien?
  31. What is the best way to keep our little chihuahua comfortable she was just spayed...
  32. My neighbor has a Pug...?
  33. How do I know if my Labrador retriever is being submissive?
  34. I have a male 7 month old pitbull/boxer mix (bullboxer) and need some info?
  35. i have a Minnie dachshund, he is a year in a half. i cant get him potty trained!?
  36. Why did Lindsay Graham whine like a little girl to Barbara Boxer?
  37. Will a nose ring look cute on someone with a pug nose?
  38. My Bull Terrier Is Constantly Jumping Around Biting Constantly, Does
  39. Will i make a good boxer?
  40. a black lab beagle mix?
  41. Why is my Chihuahua so shakey?
  42. How can I help my rottweiler gain some muscle?
  43. will girls think I am gay if I wear thongs instead of boxers?
  44. does anyone know how comfortable greyhound buses are inside?
  45. BEAGLE HELP! need information!?
  46. Chihuahuas, nice or nasty?
  47. Our nine year old Chihuahua cross Fox Terrior has a sore bum?
  48. Boston Terrier SICK!?
  49. How Do I Get My 1 and a half year old pug to stop biting?
  50. My female chihuahua is 3 years old and just started limping on both right legs
  51. What doesnt rhyme with poodles?
  52. Do deists dachshunds do the doo-wop do?
  53. Does anyone have Bloodhound Gang info?
  54. Day 4! Rottweiler Parvo Puppy!?
  55. how much do you feed a 33 pound beagle mix?
  56. Who would win out of a MMA Fight, a Kick Boxer or a Boxer?
  57. Mini poodle question .?
  58. what is good colleges for boxers?
  59. How do you introduce an Australian Kelpie puppy with an 8yr old Miniature...
  60. My 1yr Old Border Collie Still Does the loo In the House I have Tried Lots of
  62. Border Collie Nameing help?
  63. Rimadyl for golden retriever?
  64. Is My Chihuahua Purebred? Is she going to have a super LONG Snout?
  65. Is this a dalmatian in this video?
  66. Help! My pug's nose is VERY dry, VERY hard to the touch, and very cracked?
  67. My Boston Terrier puppy, is causing CHAOS!?
  68. where can i get a neapolitan mastiff ?
  69. Is A Boxer Mix Bad Idea?
  70. Can you help me train my food motivated beagle?
  71. Why does my Yorkie/Chihuahua have two rows of top front teeth? How much...
  72. is it ok to feed my great dane puppy homemade dog treats?
  73. Nervous, One Year Old Boston Terrier?
  74. Maintaining a Miniature Schnauzer Coat?
  75. my male chihuahua isnt fixed yet, when he is will it stop him from..?
  76. 2month old chihuahua puppy having trouble pooping?
  77. Are English Cocker Spaniels good family dogs?
  78. Do you need to know any French if visiting Brittany, since many of the...
  79. Pregnancy in heartworm positive Chihuahua?
  80. What is a good name for a female Rhodesian Ridgeback?
  81. I noticed that my 6 year old pug has a black spot on the clear part of his eye.
  82. Do you like these boxers?
  83. What are the differences between French Bulldogs and Victorian Bulldogs? They...
  84. Does your Bloodhound do this?
  85. does boxer's are good for the guys?how comfotable can it be what can it do?
  86. How much did Charles E. Darwin get paid on the Beagle voyage?
  87. Do you like these clover boxers?
  88. Hi! I have a few questions about new born Chihuahuas!?
  89. Dog Breed name?? Cocker spaniel silky terrier mix?
  90. Spiritually speaking, I don't know whether I was the boxer or the bag?
  91. French bulldog in the northwest area?
  92. Ways to exercise my 2 wolf mixes and siberian husky?
  93. my 7months old english bulldog has started breathing heavily dont kno wats the...
  94. Would do Canadians think of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia?
  95. My dog bit her tail alot and now it is half bald... kinda like a poodle but...
  96. how do i teach my great dane to stack?
  97. How large is a typical 7-month-old Great Pyrenees dog?
  98. Need suggestions to keep my beagle from destroying our house while I'm away.?
  99. siberian husky interaction...?
  100. what is the difference between an american bulldog an a pitt bull?
  101. Nasty Shih tzu tear stains!?! Photos included!?
  102. What is the first thing you think of when you see a Doberman Pinscher?
  103. who is the best boxer/mixed artist/ fighter of the 90s and this decade 00 - 09?
  104. Can amateur/professional boxers fight with their contacts on?
  105. My two yr old beagle won't stop whining?
  106. Anyone know of a male chihuahua stud on the Sunshine Coast?
  107. Depressed Border Collie!?
  108. Pomeranian/rat terrier prices?
  109. I have a rottweiler with alpha tendencies will this work?
  110. Help me name my new 9 week old chihuahua pup (Pics included)?
  111. How much do Shih Tzu's cost?
  112. Shih Tzu in pain from DHLP Parvo vaccine 2 weeks ago?
  113. What is a good name for a little dark brown chihuahua with great big ears.?
  114. Chihuahuas, long or short?
  115. How can I tell if my pomeranian sprained her leg?
  116. I got my self a 8 week old shih tzu puppy, we have him a week now and he
  117. What schhols did Muhhamed Ali the boxer attened?
  118. I'm a boxer and just had hard sparring and I'm having trouble with my head/eyes.?
  119. Brittany Dog Names?????????????
  120. Would you be fun to sit next to on a Greyhound bus trip?
  121. What is a good name for a male American Bulldog puppy?
  122. I have a boxer who is currently nursiing pups what can I bathe her with or use to...
  123. My (chav) neighbours never walk their dogs. Rottie and Border Collie. It's...
  124. Boxers seem pretty lightweight. Why?
  125. Would Benni be a cute name for a pomeranian?
  126. Health concerns for English Bulldogs?
  127. I would like a French bulldog, but am afraid of the congenial defects...
  128. Suggest names for beagle puppy (FORUM)?
  129. belgian malinois????????????
  130. Help on training my dog ( labrador retriever)?
  131. Whats a toy chihuahua?
  132. I have a boston terrier and he gets SUPER flaky?!!?!?
  133. What is the best kind of food to feed an English Bulldog?
  134. Dog's...Toy Poodle Bitch Wanted For Adoption!?
  135. Which do women prefer on men boxers or briefs?
  136. do you think they have papillon pups in vietnam?
  137. How long does it usually take to house break a jack russell terrier puppy?
  138. Our 7 week old Great Dane puppy's front feet shake when she stands...?
  139. I am getting a siberian husky, and can't decide a name for him. It will be a male.
  140. I live in nebraska want to buy a pocket beagle. Where is the closest town or...
  141. What will stop 1 1/2 year old mini schnauzer from destroying and eating everything!?
  142. Do you think my puppy looks like a Basenji? Pics!?
  143. How can I take care of a 2 month chihuahua?
  144. Where in the U.K can i find a muzzle to fit my Chihuahua.?
  145. I just got a 1 year old Shih Tzu and he growls and barks at my husband?
  146. Help! How to take care of my great dane she`s going to have pupies?
  147. who are the best harlequin great dane breeders in kentucky or california?
  148. how do you get your old pug to act like a puppy Again?
  149. Help me and my American Bulldog?
  150. How to train an Australian Kelpie puppy not to chase/attack my chickens?????
  151. Any German shepard/siberian husky mixes in New Jersey?
  152. How chihuahua can got along with pit bull x mix puppy?
  153. Are Basenji's a good first choice?
  154. labrador retriever ear problem?
  155. i want to get a shiba inu?
  156. Need help potty training my beagle?
  157. My Border Collie walks when she poops and is a speed pee-er?
  158. Breeder question about our boxer?
  159. What is the best way to grow a Pekingese's coat to where it looks like
  160. Golden retriever or sheltie?
  161. Need advice from Siberian husky owners!!?
  162. Exactly How Much Exercise Does A Border Collie Require?
  163. What sort of things can I give my pregnant chihuahua to keep her and the
  164. Is this a golden retriever?
  165. Adult male Weimaraner trying to mount 4 1/2 month old female?
  166. What did brittany spear's get sued for?
  167. Beverly hills chihuahuas!?
  168. What are Brittany Murphys workouts?
  169. Help with a Miniature Dachshund!?
  170. How do I stop my 9 week old pug bitting me?
  171. Grooming 8 week toy poodle HELP !?
  172. would a rottweiler,doberman,and a pitbull get along?
  173. What were the names Noah gave the Schnauzers on his Ark?
  174. Why did my 4-year-old pug suddenly pee on the couch?
  175. Dog food better than dog chow?
  176. What are the main difference between the animated 101 dalmatians and...?
  177. Lads would you wear your gf's knickers if you ran out of clean boxers?
  178. My Salt Pepper Miniature Schnauzer has a swollen right leg. For the past
  179. movie by Stephen Chow?
  180. Train a 13 week old Siberian Husky?
  181. Can you tell me your experiences or stories with English Bulldogs?
  182. Is there a way to help my Siberian Husky's fur grow back after she was spayed?
  183. How tall will my 5 pound pomeranian be?
  184. How can I get an 8 month old (farm bred) border collie fetch a ball back...
  185. question on bichon frise?
  186. I'm having trouble potty training my Miniature schnauzer, can anyone help me?
  187. I have 2 chihuahuas (brother and sister). 5 months old and female is in heat.
  188. will pug shed hair.is there any tools or tablets to stop shedding their hair?
  189. Are there any Bichon Frise meet-ups or groups that meet regularly in New...
  190. should i get a Basenji?
  191. I have a 7month old male beagle, should we get a female beagle?
  192. who would win brittany or duff ?
  193. question on shih tzu puppy?
  194. My chihuahua, Won't eat much. Help, please!!!?
  195. i really want a french bulldog! anyone know where i can get one cheap in the
  196. What do you think about the Akita Inu breed?
  197. Potty training my new Boxer?
  198. I have a 8 month old male english bulldog he seem to be limping for the...
  199. My pregnant beagles right eye can't look straight forward. Is it pressure from
  200. My 13.5 yr old beagle was found dead.Nothing was wrong with him but his
  201. my boxer swallowed a bone plz help me!!!?
  202. Beagle Issues, can someone help?
  203. Is Schnauzer Minatures are loud?
  204. bluetick coonhound/collie pictures?
  205. Where can I find Chihuahua in Kissimmee, FL?
  206. a siberian husky or a rottweiller?
  207. poll:miniature schnauzer or scottish terrier?
  208. What is a good name for a male boxer?
  209. 2 year old basset hound eating own poop?
  210. My Boston Terrier needs to have his teeth cleaned. Is there anything I
  211. new 10 wk. vizsla puppy vomiting?
  212. My mama dog Shih Tzu's hair needs help?
  213. How do I stop my 4 month old poodle from biting all the time?
  214. Who is worse Brittany Spears or Lindsay Lohan?
  215. How rare are border collies?
  216. i have a 8 week old jack russell x pomeranian...how much should i be feeding him?
  217. Puppy Chihuahua 2 months old can he be bathed?
  218. My Dachshund just died in her sleep. Did it hurt her?
  219. Do you like these boxers?!?
  220. Help with a Miniature Dachshund!?
  221. Why does my mini schnauzer lick everything?
  222. Do you know of a supportive brand of boxer briefs?
  223. How are Chihuahuas entertaining?
  224. Getting my male chihuahua fixed in a week....?
  225. What is the oldest a Chow Chow dog ever lived?
  226. Are King Charles Spaniel's difficult to house break?
  227. Adopting a Senior German Shepherd - I want to save a dog, and for the dog
  228. mini poodles mix easy to train?
  229. Presa Canario Dogo Argentino Mix?
  230. Why does my Chihuahua drisil every time he comes by me?
  231. How do you remove a poopstain from a poodle?
  232. Beagle Walking at all hours of the night?
  233. Good, relatively cheap boxer briefs that don't lose shape?
  234. Why is my pug scooting again?
  235. What kind of dogs get along with beagles?
  236. How do you train a black Labrador Retriever to heal?
  237. How much time does it usually take to take care of pembroke welsh corgi daily?
  238. How do you take care of a shih-tzu puppy?
  239. I have a 7 month old French Bulldog puppy who urinates in her crate every night.?
  240. Who is your favorite, me, schumer, frank, pelosi or boxer?
  241. Need a good recipe for chow fun or chow mein... anyone?
  242. How Do I Get Better A Scissoring Dogs Especially Poodles?
  243. American Pit Bull Terriers Owners ?
  244. When should guys switch from tighty whities to boxers?
  245. Yorkshire Terrier puppy wiht sensitive stomach... The best sensitive stomach dog...
  246. how do i stop my 5 month old rottweiler from biting me?i know shes playing ard but...
  247. Do you wear boxers or boxer-briefs?
  248. my 9 week old shih tzu whines and barks to try and get into our bed at night .?
  249. I have a question about my poodle.....can you help?
  250. Pekingese in Chicagoland area?