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  1. Cool /or unique name for our English Bulldog puppy like Meat or Tank. Suggestions
  2. How much is a greyhound bus ride from missouri to florida?
  3. how often should a 2 month old chihuahua eat a day?
  4. Why are Pugs so cute?
  5. Can labrador retrievers natually swim?
  6. Poll: Briefs or Boxers for guys?
  7. Are Dalmatians frisbee dogs?
  8. I have a 8 month old Rot/boxer and wanted to adopted another dog?
  9. what would a min-pin crossed with a pomeranian be called?
  10. What are the big differences between the field and the bench english springer
  11. What's your male chihuahua's name?
  12. How to train a chihuahua?
  13. Does anyone have an American Bulldog?
  14. My year old english bulldog has a small red bump on the tip of his penis?!?
  15. Do Tea Cup Chihuahuas get along with black labs?
  16. A question for owners of Dachshunds?
  17. Italian Greyhound problems. PLEASE HELP?
  18. What can i add to dry feed for my 7 month old rottweiler ?
  19. Our papillon has just been diagnosed with moderate pancreatitis.?
  20. I have a rescued Dachshund who will guard the person he is sitting with.?
  21. White boxers!!!!!!! Advice!?
  22. which is better rottweiler or german shepherd dog?
  23. Why is my new chihuahua puppy anti-social?
  24. My pug has a loose tooth, what to do?
  25. My french bulldog had 11 pups?
  26. whats shampoo is the best for my toy poodle?
  27. whats wrong with my Chihuahua?
  28. Who saw Lindsey Grahm own that tool boxer today in the senate?
  29. Great Dane Jumping Problem?
  30. My yellow lab x golden retriever is itching terribly. Why?
  31. I have 2 male chihuahua's and need advice on the best way to get them housebroken.?
  32. Whats Wrong With My Dachshund?
  33. Manchester Terrier Owners, Are MT's insane and hyper?
  34. Can Boxer's and Pomeranian's Mix?
  35. Why are Bull Terriers banned in some areas?
  36. jack russell terrier and parson russell terrier.is it the same dog but with...
  37. Crossing Canadian border with one way greyhound ticket?
  38. looking for boston terrier dog breeders?
  39. What name do you like better for a black great dane male dog?
  40. why does it seem my shih-tzu likes my boyfriend more than me?
  41. Vic Darchinyan The Boxer?
  42. what are 5 quotes from boxer in animal farm?
  43. My beagle keeps running away?
  44. Opinion Poll: Do you think George Lucas had an experience with a Brussels
  45. Become a boxer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  46. which breed would be better? Samoyed, Papillon, Golden R?
  47. I want to breed my Airedale Terrier.?
  48. My chihuahua won't gain weight?
  49. My chihuahua makes this little hacking noise and Im wondering what it is and...
  50. umm... well hey would you care for a mixed boxer?
  51. what are the smaller versions of big poodles like?
  52. How is your Boxer with your young child?
  53. golden retriever won't pay attention in class!?
  54. My lovely dalmatian is sick! please HELP ME!!?
  55. I have a female beagle who was spayed on 1-27. Now shes always rubbing up on my...
  56. is it normal for a 14 year old girl to wear joe boxer underwear for men?
  57. How often should a Rottweiler be groomed?
  58. Boxers for BF's Vday Gift?!?
  59. Good Name For A Dog? (Boston Terrier)?
  60. My dog is a poodle/yorkie terrier.... he is 55 pounds!!! this is a magor helth
  61. I have a Bichon Frise dog ,he is always licking his feet they get very brown?
  62. Does anyone have an alaskan malamute,german shepherd mix dog?
  63. Looking for a micro pocket teacup chihuahua.?
  64. Understanding Chihuahua ears...?
  65. I have a Pit Bull Terrier i want to know what to feed him too..?
  66. Is it possible to train a Chihuahua/Dashund mix to not bark obsessively?
  67. Weight loss guidelines for a little fatty dachshund?
  68. scene names for brittany?
  69. help with my poodle skirt..?
  70. Can you get pregnant if you slept naked with a guy who had boxers on but cum on his
  71. 13month boxer not in heat yet??
  72. What kind of dog food receipes to feed a Brussels Griffon? Best Dog food?
  73. Can I make chow-mein with maruchan ramen noodles?
  74. I have an 8 month old Pomeranian that has bilateral luxating patellas and...
  75. list everything you can think of that I need for my new chihuahua?
  76. How can I get my 3 year old Pomeranian to pee on wee-wee pads?
  77. GUYS. Boxers, briefs or.....?
  78. Train my beagle to track, hunt, retrieve?
  79. American Eagle Boxers????????????
  80. Can golden retrievers be cuddly?
  81. How do I a whippet canister into a baloon?
  82. Question about my pug?
  83. I think my toy poodle has something wrong with him mentally?
  84. Chihuahuas ears were perked, now they are not?
  85. is ok not to wear briefs under a loose boxer shorts?
  86. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Basenji Owners I need YOUR aid!?!?
  87. the difference between boston terriers and french bulldogs?
  88. Does anyone know of any historic boxing footage (1930s-40s) that shows a
  89. what could be making my border collie sick?
  90. Where can I find Pokemon men's boxers?
  91. I need a toy poodle, is there any breeders around?
  92. Guys Boxers or briefs?
  93. Do Pugs Have Heart Conditions?
  94. What are the best games to play with an Italian Greyhound?
  95. Help-Can't take Boxer for walks!?
  96. Are there suggestions for moving company/agent to ship a chihuahua cross country?
  97. when is the temperature is too hot for english bulldogs to be exercised in?
  98. my dog just had 13 puppies is that normal?they are golden retriever/german shepard?
  99. Vote the Name My New Puppy (Siberian Husky?
  100. How do I find a female boxer to breed with my male boxer?
  101. Good name for my Irish setter?
  102. Anyone know any good nicknames for Brittany?
  103. What are some health risks Pit bull terriers could have?
  104. How To Do Boxer Splits?
  105. Are Pit Bull Terriers evil in your opinion?
  106. going about showing my whippet?
  107. What kind of dog would be okay with a poodle?
  108. Nick names for brittany alexandra?
  109. Do Labrador Retrievers drool?
  110. Pregnant Pekingese around day 58...?
  111. Would it be possible to mate a 12 pound Chihuahua/ terrier male and a 60 pound
  112. Pug breeders? Any good websites that tell you?
  113. Can you give Archie - 6 year old male Labrador Retriever a home?
  114. Good names for a boy Siberian Husky?
  115. how long do pugs live?
  116. i have a year old bichon frise and i just got him about two days ago.?
  117. Pregnant chihuahua help please?
  118. Can anyone see my playfighting whippets?
  119. Are Dalmatians GOOD at frisbee?
  120. What toys are strong enough for my golden retriever?
  121. BloodHound Gang INSTRUMENTAL MP3?
  122. need a ckc registered breeder of old english sheepdogs?
  123. Is it normal for a English Bulldog to clot when she pees during her first cycle?
  124. Need help to find a male Bull mastiff!?
  125. Vizsla apartment dog?
  126. can anyone help me find information about my chihuahua pitbull mix?
  127. How do I stop my 5 yr. old mini-Dachshund from whining?
  128. Do ferrets get along with Dachshunds? Please help!?
  129. Are collies a particularly motherly and nurturing breed (more)?
  130. How to retrain a 1 year old Pomeranian?
  131. Can you help me with nintendogs Dalmatian friends?
  132. Airedale Terrier vs Bull Terrier?
  133. how do I stop an English cocker spaniel from shedding so much?
  134. about neapolitan mastiff ?
  135. My Golden Retriever is acting strange! Please Help!?
  136. does a siberian husky get along with small dogs?
  137. Can you train a male mastiff not to mark his territory in the house? and how?
  138. Basic training for Collie cross?
  139. Does anyone know of a local breeder or a place to get a pomeranian puppy in Ohio?
  140. Boston Terrier vs. Beagle for apartment life?
  141. im looking for a Shiba Inu Breeder in a certain area?
  142. Trumpet makes dachshund sleepy?
  143. Help!! My mastiff pup ate 2 turtles, would there be any problems for his life?
  144. What are some cute yorkshire terrier dog names?
  145. Independant Yorkshire Terrier Pesonaility Help?
  146. How to know if my puppy is a samoyed one or japanese spitz?
  147. How much does stud fee cost for pugs?
  148. rottweiler skin problem what do i do?
  149. The Bloodhound Gang concert?
  150. What should I ask my dachshund breeder? And what should I check for in the puppies?
  151. Any advice on poodle grooming?
  152. (Parson) Jack Russell Terrier tips?
  153. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  154. Do you know if there is a Greyhound bus station in Jamestown,NY?
  155. Why is my golden retriever always seem sad?
  156. Something wrong with my Shih Tzu?
  157. What are dachshunds like?
  158. The Staffordshire Bull terrier in the spot light again?
  159. i just became a boxer and have no nickname, im tall powerfull, white and my...
  160. Help name my White Female Standard Poodle Pup?
  161. Why is Barbara Boxer (D-CA) acting like her constituents have not written
  162. 1 year old bull terrier won't quit mouthing-Help?
  163. I Need Help Choosing A Dog! German Shepherd or Siberian Husky?
  164. What can I feed my 1yr old Boxer puppy to keep his skin and coat healthy?
  165. When is it ok to get a male golden retriever fixed?
  166. what are diffrent hair styles for a poodle?
  167. how to teach my pomeranian spin?
  168. what is stronger a chow or a german shepard.?
  169. Shorts and boxers????????????
  170. can you get pregnant if the girl was naked and the guy had boxer shorts
  171. My bichon frise had puppies and they are about 12 days old now. When...
  172. My English Bulldog can't walk!?
  173. American Bulldog Trouble Plz Help!!!!?
  174. Why does my beagle puppy shiver?
  175. what are some good names for a girl boxer dog?
  176. is a plastic kind of dog crate good for a golden retriever?
  177. Samoyed: male or female?
  178. Pug, Beagle, or Basenji Mix?
  179. Discounts on Greyhound Bus?
  180. What can i do to make my pomeranian dog stop barking?
  181. Do you find it uncomfortable wearing boxer shorts when the weather is hot and humid?
  182. should a get a pomeranian ?
  183. Do You have a golden retriever?
  184. Who are your best 5 boxers of all time?
  185. why does my 5yr old pug lick constantly?
  186. Newfoundland Bath time Troubles, HELP!!!?
  187. oldest recommended age for dachshund breeding?
  188. Is it normal for Golden retrievers to constantly be hyper?
  189. How do I get my chihuahua to like my husband?
  190. Beagle puppy name and gender!?
  191. how do you get the noodles to have a fried texture on chow mein after you
  192. Beagle's got the itches, Help!!?
  193. Any tips on slimming my chubby Pomeranian down?
  194. Is it okay to eat anything I want (no sweets/no sodas), but like when it comes to...
  195. help my poor pug im so scared?
  196. Joke: What do you get if you cross an elephant with an Austrian poodle?
  197. My 9month 4lb chihuahua has a nickel size (hard)lump on her back near her shoulder
  198. When you buy a greyhound ticket at the station, do you have to pay with a...
  199. How do I know if I have a norfolk terrier?
  200. I live in the northern Virginia, DC area. Are there any animal shelters...
  201. Old English Sheepdog GirlBoy Names?
  202. boxers or briefs in hospital?
  203. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel help..?
  204. Do you have experience with Skye Terriers? ?
  205. Family Staff Bull Terrier kills 3 month baby? Are the parents bannanas having
  206. Boarder collies behavior @ home?
  207. At what outside temperature is too cold for my Chow Chow dog?
  208. How much do 5 week old pugs cost?
  209. I have 3 dogs a yellow lab, a basset hound, and a pitbull. They all get along
  210. Can a chihuahua and a child coexist peacefully, happily, even?
  211. I know that bloodhounds are known for how calm they are. I was just wondering
  212. im trying to decide between getting a yorkie and a shiba inu?
  213. Do you know of any Portuguese Water Dog Breeders?
  214. Cute pomeranian pictures!?
  215. can a chihuahua that has not been neutered get cancer?
  216. Where can I buy powdered clay and where can I get a second-hand, cheap pug mill?
  217. My beagle is showing signs of labor but I don't think she is pregnant?
  218. How can I train my adopted 13yr-old toy poodle to use the garden?
  219. very shy quiet chihuahua that wont move at all even for her food HELP please!?
  220. can i get pregnant by getting fingered or laying next to a guy while he has boxers
  221. My Pug has really bad allergies and I don't know what to do?
  222. GUYS-Would you mind getting boxers for Valentine's Day?
  223. Does anyone have any experiances with miniature dachshunds?
  224. Good quality boxer-briefs?
  225. My 4 week old Jack Russell Terriers have diarrhea. Should I worry?
  226. where to sell chihuahua in vancouver?
  227. What's your chihuahua or other small dog's fave toy?
  228. ive been considering a great pyrenees?
  229. I would Like to find a Breeder of Siberian Huskies near or within 600mi from las...
  230. i have a border collie pup 5mts hes sick and i cant afford vet atm?
  231. I have a boxer Rot mix!!! Help!!!?
  232. Free english bulldogs in Massachusetts? :]?
  233. i am interested in buy an english bull terrier and using it for hunting.?
  234. why are there so many chihuahuas at my local animal shelter?
  235. Does all beagle dogs always have to smell 24 hours?
  236. my 4 mth female beagle puppy humps?
  237. My friend is lazy. and wants to become a boxer?
  238. Why does my border collie puppy eat poo?
  239. Do you wear boxers whities or thongs or comando?
  240. How do I get my 8 week old pug from getting under my bed?
  241. How big will a Chihuahua/Shepard mix get?
  242. Which boxers look best?
  243. What song reminds you of a labrador retriever?
  244. Help, mastiff uncontrollable barking!?
  245. What was the original color of the spots on a Dalmatian?
  246. i just got a new puppy and they said he was a poodle but he seems to big and...
  247. Whats your favorite pair of boxers you own and brand?
  248. Are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Hypoallergenic?
  249. Why does my border collie pup always bite us?
  250. What is up with my boxer's fracture?