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  1. doberman or rottweiler. to go with my 1 year old male stafford?
  2. Male boxer with new male boxer puppy?
  3. Miniature Dachshund...?
  4. Whats a good name for my chihuahua? I Preferably want the name too be Italian.?
  5. Greyhound records for my dog?
  6. German shepherd or golden retriever?
  7. Adopted 1 year old female boxer won't eat or drink...????
  8. Irish Wolfhound or a Leonberger?
  9. boxers or briefs, which one?
  10. the girl put her hand in my pants above my boxers and after 2hours she touched
  11. standard poodle groomer in college station, texas?
  12. I in my early 20's and i slept in my boxers last night for the first time?
  13. My Great Dane has cherry eye since last Friday....?
  14. Norfolk Terrier or Sheltie?
  15. Injured/ bruised knuckle ? a boxer?
  16. My chihuahua is driving me nuts!! Help!!?
  17. Is our dog part papillon?
  18. Top 5 boxers of all time from these regions of the world!who u pick and why?
  19. Anyone with a Tibetan Terrier?
  20. Nova Scotia, Newfoundland or New Brunswick..I only have a week?
  21. Rottweiler Puppy With Long Fur.?
  22. german shorthaired pointer?
  23. Our chihuahua is behaving very strange this afternoon. Growling and shaking for no...
  24. Does anyone else have a crazy Papillon dog?
  25. Boston Terrier and Schnauzer question?
  26. is it ok to feed my american pit bull terrier, tuna?
  27. adult italian greyhound still not potty trained?
  28. My female pug is aggresive?
  29. Beagle's Being left alone?
  30. How can I stop my two Poodles from competing with eachother?
  31. My Bichon Frise has a skin irritation on her back paw. It's pinkish and she...
  32. which is more fattening fried rice or chow mein?
  33. training an english cocker spaniel?
  34. What is wrong with My Shetland Sheepdog?
  35. Name for adopted retired racing greyhound (racing name: Warrior Epic)?
  36. Will a Cane Corso Mastiff a Lab get along in the same house?
  37. Any tips on paper-training an 8 week old pug?
  38. Did anybody ever seen Bloodhound Gang live?
  39. i just got a 10 wk old lhasa apso?
  40. Will she need to bring ID to ride the greyhound?
  41. can not find my 1p mealdeal voucher[brighton greyhound]in my emails?
  42. how do you use pastels to color a brindle greyhound?
  43. Might get an Italian Greyhound - Looking for IG and/or Chihuahua Owners Answers?
  44. i have a 1 1/2 yr old shih tzu that was abused how do i have get over it?
  45. Jack Russell Terrier size..................HELP?!?!?!?
  46. I'm showing my Labradoodle (Labrador X Poodle) in 4-H and I can't figure out what...
  47. my shih tzu is wreaking havoc! help!?
  48. Border collie colors?
  49. Rottweiler or Rottweiler mix? What do you think?
  50. My dog (Great Dane) is having medical issues-Any advice?
  51. Help name my new white Standard Poodle?
  52. chihuahua mix has 1 inch bump between back and thigh?
  53. 3 yr old Pomeranian issue?
  54. Does this look like an american bulldog?
  55. Can anyone in the SE U.S. give a good home to a sweet brittany/beagle mutt and...
  56. Is a pomeranian/eskimo mix a real up and coming breed?
  57. Looking for a basset hound in the hudson valley area?
  58. Where can I find a American Eskimo in Houston Texas?
  59. German Shepherd vs. Rottweiler?
  60. How am I going to explain to my Poodle this whole Alex Rodriguez steroid scandal?
  61. 1 year old female boxer has mucus from vagina and other stuff....?
  62. Can anything help my chihuahua's tracheal flap problems?
  63. My female is in heat and my male boxer is going nuts. We are trying to keep
  64. i just bought a Yorkshire terrier-2 month pup, its not eating! what do i do?
  65. How do i know if my chihuahua broke her leg?
  66. Sick puppy, help! (boston terrier)?
  67. Boxer got 96,000 emails, calls, letters AGAINST the stimulus bill and 6,000
  68. what pet insurance plan would be best for our great dane puppy?
  69. Question about my Chihuahua Puppies?
  70. What was the HMS beagle voyage?
  71. How do you pronounce Weimaraner and Samoyed?
  72. Does your cavalier king charles spaniel hide?
  73. Tough situation with my female boxer?
  74. 4 border collies, 20acres. Oldest dog runs when screen s, other dogs...
  75. My staffordshire bull terrier?
  76. Is there such thing as anytime tickets on greyhound?
  77. I need help to find a welsh corgi breeder in winnipeg manitoba?
  78. What job were Pugs originally bred for?
  79. Another Siberian husky question?
  80. I have a little chihuahua that the vet has been treating for a ear problem
  81. Who's the the real best pound for pound boxer of all time?
  82. i need help..we might get a pug today and we are talking about it.?
  83. do you like boston terriers?
  84. I have a question about beagles?
  85. how to crate a dog? i have to retrain my dachshund who is 1 1/2 year old.?
  86. Bone Bows for a Shih Tzu Male?
  87. My 5 month old great dane?
  88. What Color are My Boxers?
  89. Border collie health and flydisc training?
  90. Pomeranian had strange, pink swelling at corners of mouth.?
  91. How can i convince my mom to let me have a chihuahua?
  92. About how long do boxer dogs live?
  93. why would a chihuahua's eye pop out?
  95. Why does my Vizsla chew off his paws?
  96. Basset Hound Having a Cherry Eye Removal; Advice for After the Surgery?
  97. How can I make my pug stop barking so much?
  98. my border collie makes a wierd coughing/whooping noise?
  99. GUYS: what do boxer-briefs feel like when you are wearing them?
  100. I just got a Welsh Corgi he is 10 weeks old. He basically refuses to go
  101. I need a name for my new Chihuahua?
  102. Are Pembroke Welsh Corgis have Collie in their lineage?
  103. boxer pup 13 weeks help?
  104. How can I baby my chihuahua?
  105. Should i get a italian greyhound and will my toy poodle be to much for it ?
  106. tonights greyhound results?
  107. I have a chihuahua and..?
  108. Does anyone have a 1/2 shiba-inu 1/2 pug dog?
  109. My English Bulldog is sick, won't eat or drink.?
  110. My Lhasa Apso hasn't been the same since he has had his hair cut short, why?
  111. What should I name my new dachshund puppy?
  112. my basset hound got hit by a car and she alive it has been 4days and now
  113. *easy 10 points* do english bull terriers ears naturally stand?
  114. what is the difference between harrier beagles and regular beagles?
  115. What type of dog is a Labrador retriever?
  116. What kind of mix do you think my dog is? rat terrier? chihuahua? fox terrier?...
  117. My docile Golden Retriever used to eat?
  118. Best food for my little Chihuahua puppy?
  119. Question about a boxer dog?
  120. What would you like to ask?my basset hound got hit by a car and she has
  121. Steps to becoming a professional boxer?
  122. Is it OK to feed my French Bulldog once a day?
  123. Ladies: Boxers or Briefs or Boxer Briefs?
  124. whats the best way to house train a shih tzu pup?
  125. i just got a 6 week old rottweiler and when he eats he throws it up.im
  126. Potty Training Ideas/Tips for my Teacup Chihuahua?
  127. Poodle problems ?
  128. Are standard poodles best solo or with another puppy housemate?
  129. Boy black chihuahua names?
  130. what is the average price for a jack russell terrier?
  131. does my pug need a friend?
  132. how much are bichon frise worth?
  133. Boxer Dog owners, or anyone who realy knows?
  134. Is it safe for a small girl to take greyhound cross country alone?
  135. i want a english bulldog so bad but....?
  136. !~Brittany Spears~!?
  137. I have a Chihuahua, and there is some brown dripage around his eyes, what is it
  138. My dog is a beagle/ basset mix and will be 12 in june. He is very healthy. What
  139. how do I make a poodle skirt similar to those in the 50's?
  140. is junonia papillons a reputable breeder?? does anyone know of an actual GOOD
  141. Where to buy Shiba Inu in Pinang,Malaysia?
  142. Everyone says there is no such thing as a teacup dog... so what would a 2.9
  143. How much does a pure bred French Bulldog generally cost?
  144. Border Collie or German Shorthaired Pointer.?
  145. name for a dachshund puppy?
  146. Why does my Boston terrier have pink testicles?
  147. Are the stairs dangerous to a chihuahua?
  148. New Chihuahua Owner Here?
  149. Would a Westie and a Pug get along?
  150. What are your thoughts on Cavalier King Charles Spaniels?
  151. What is the easiest way to house train a 2 yr old pug?
  152. Name for a golden retriever....?
  153. Walking a Pomeranian?
  154. who agrees with me?top 7 boxers ever...?
  155. I adopt 2 male shiba inu puppies soon. I keep one and in Aug. my Military...
  156. can german shepperd or rottweiler live in the temperature which exceeds 45 celsius?
  157. How do I get my Dalmatian to have that push-forward look when I stack her?
  158. English Bulldog puppies foods?
  159. Grrrr! Pad trained chihuahua is reverting to going everywhere! HELP!?
  160. Cocker Spaniel or Beagle?
  161. my dog is a chihuahua?
  162. How do you stop your balls hanging out of yor boxers?
  163. My boston terrier has dry, itchy skin in the winter - what kind of oil should I
  164. Havanese is having hard time pooping after spaying?
  165. Canada: Should Labrador seperate from Newfoundland and become its own province?
  166. chihuahua leg problems (advice???)?
  167. Red Toy poodle Vs. Malti-poo?
  168. What's up with Dalmatian's?
  169. Miniature Dachshund(weiner dogs) temperaments?
  170. How can I train my miniature pinscher?
  171. How much are the Greyhound tickets?
  172. Where can I find a stud service for my Basset Hound thats in heat?
  173. question about puppy chow mix?
  174. My Jack Russell Terrier barks or cries as soon as we leave the house.?
  175. Is it true ballerinas are just as strong as boxers?
  176. French Bulldog Name..?
  177. Can a 10lb poodle be bred to a 25lb cockerspaniel?
  178. Do you know of any west highland white terrier breeders in or close to california?
  179. I need a funny name for a boy pug dog?
  180. Great Dane or a Mastiff ?
  181. How should I go about selling my 3 year old beagle?
  182. Ive got i question on my pug?
  183. does any one have a shih tzu?
  184. How do i stop my dog(beagle) from eating stool?
  185. My 3 month old male rottweiler keeps pooping in his cage!?
  186. Rottweiler puppy names in spanish or African?
  187. Where can I find a Dalmatian puppy?
  188. I have a new basset hound puppy.we are trying to think of a name for him.so
  189. how much chow could a chow chow chew if a good chow could chew chow?
  190. Boxer rebellion fatalities?
  191. Should I get a teacup poodle?
  192. I have a Golden retriever that has only one testicle?
  193. Diarrhea in my 2 Years Old Golden Retriever?
  194. Is a pomeranian better or is a brichen frise better?
  195. why is my weimaraner peeing right after she drinks water?
  196. Why did my boston terriers muscles all tighten up?
  197. Smelly pug problem? Can anyone help?
  198. How much money can you make as an amateur boxer your first few fights?
  199. anyone have pictures of a husky/poodle mix?
  200. my 4 month old pug gets pimples on her jaw line...?
  201. Where can I find a male havanese in Connecticut?
  202. My English Bulldog is 5 months old and she only weights around 15 pounds.?
  203. Do Beagles make good pets?
  204. Where can i get men's boxers for valentines day?
  205. My dog won't run/jog anymore (English Bull Terrier)?
  206. Shih Tzus barely shed... poodles barely shed... but my dog sheds a lot!?
  207. when in doubt choose poodle?
  208. Are Chihuahuas good alone?
  209. My Beagle only gets into trouble when we're around. He br r in gs socks etc. to
  210. albino boxer or white boxer?
  211. Staffordshire bull terrier that chases its tail and barks!?
  212. Do you like pugs or basset hounds more?
  213. How to find a papillon?
  214. How to train a siberian husky...HELPPP!?
  215. Baby boy killed by Jack Russel and Bull Terrier?
  216. Do you like Brittany Snow brunette or blonde?
  217. How do you train a 2 year old shih-tzu to not bark?
  218. Boxers that started later in life?
  219. More info on Irish Wolfhounds?
  220. Do you have to have yor bags checked when riding on a Greyhound bus?
  221. Doberman Pinscher or German Shepherd?
  222. can you breed an australian shepherd with a shih tzu?
  223. i have 2 chihuahuas and theyre kinda on the skinny side i want them?
  224. Help, my little Jack russell terrier is scared of big dogs!?
  225. Chihuahua puppy and kids..good match?
  226. Owners of Giant Schnauzers?
  227. pit mix and a poodle question...?
  228. What is the lifespan of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  229. How do you trim a dachshunds nails?
  230. I need help about my Chihuahua?
  231. Where can I find a pure bred Boston Terrier puppy?
  232. Is a pug 11 weeks old..?
  233. Bernese Mountain Dogs?
  234. American Eagle Boxers???
  235. Dog Chow at the end of 'When I Grow Up'?
  236. Border Collie versus Australian Shepherd?
  237. Pekingese? Like or Dislike?
  238. What insurance company will provide homeowner's insurance if I have a
  239. Can a Doberman Pinscher be a yard dog or does it have to be inside?
  240. HELP! I was just holding my two month old chihuahua i just got and she was in...
  241. Miserable, needy Border Collie!?
  242. Pomeranian Help With grooming 10 points?
  243. I need help naming my female chihuahua pup?
  244. American Eagle Boxers?????!!!!!?
  245. Our great dane swallowed a whole popsicle stick last night.!!?
  246. How do I find a reputable Great Dane breeder?
  247. What is the difference between an applehead and a teacup Chihuahua?
  248. Our 1 year old miniature schnauzer seems distressed and hallucinates indoors....
  249. My sister recently received a greyhound-chihuahua mix. The problem is we...
  250. I have a 3-Year-Old Male Shih Tzu that I want to get AKC registered so I can breed...