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  1. Girl or Boy Dachshund?
  2. how can i house train a 5 yr old toy poodle?
  3. My mini dachshund is 18 months and has not had her first heat yet....
  4. What is a sealed brindle boxer?
  5. What should I do about my poodle? He likes wearing my mom's heels and make-up but
  6. how many times has toy fox terrier won best in show at westminster?
  7. Are Dachshunds a good dog?
  8. Anyone recommend a harness for balance; a crutch for my 3 legged boxer dog. He's...
  9. can my 4 year old chihuahua still have pups?
  10. my great dane has a weird bark?
  11. Breeding Chihuahua need help!!?
  12. Which boxers should i get?
  13. My daughter's pug has started peeing on my bed! If I leave my door , that's
  14. Is this normal for a english bulldog puppy?
  15. What is a good breed to befriend a Jack Russell Terrier?
  16. why did Brittany spears shave her head?
  17. Am I a Vizsla or a Redbone Coonhound ?
  18. Lipstick kisses on boxers?
  19. What to ask/look for when viewing Labrador Retriever pups?
  20. What should I name my webkinz irish setter?
  21. My Pomeranian's front legs went spread eagle and her chest hit the floor.?
  22. Good puppy names for a girl labrador retriever (white or yellow)?
  23. which is better to get, a golden retriever, or a german sheperd?
  24. Trying to find Border Collie Puppies?
  25. Is is normal for tea cup female Chihuahua glands to swell up around their...
  26. I am looking for an affordable yorkshire terrier dog or breeder in CT or New...
  27. MeXiCan BoXerS!! WhAtS GoiNG On!?
  28. Can you wear boxers over briefs?
  29. The best boxer in the world or the best karate master?
  30. My border collie wont stop barkin at the tv when it gets turned off and on and when
  31. What should I name my female Mastiff?
  32. Coat color: Seal in American Pit Bull Terriers (and other breeds)?
  33. Does anyone know where I can get a Pug puppy for free, or have one they...
  34. My 10 month old staffordshire bull terrier has parvo....?
  35. Does ne one have a border collie/chow mix?
  36. What to name a French Bulldog?
  37. Is Bernard Hopkins the most overrated Boxer of the last 20 years?
  38. how much does a chihuahua eat daily?
  39. What size clothes for my chihuahua puppy?
  40. My Rottweiler Wants To Eat My 3 Month old chihuahua?! Help?
  41. How big does a chihuahua/daschund breed dog get?
  42. Is he a really boxer puppy?
  43. How old are papillons when their ear fringe starts to come in?
  44. Ladies, do you like these boxers?
  45. What type of dog is Pedro from Beverly Hills Chihuahua?
  46. 3 years past and im still greiving over the loss of my beagle?
  47. rocky marciano was the best boxer ever?
  48. Why are towels , sheets and boxers so expensive?
  49. Can dogs have asthma? Or what else could it be? (Dachshund)?
  50. Siberian husky mix puppies in new jersey area?
  51. I have a poodle and when I got him back from the groomers...?
  52. Guys: Does anyone wear gym shorts instead of boxers sometimes?
  53. where in oklahoma can i get a boxer pup?
  54. recipe for puppie chow for Valentines day?
  55. did you here about the cowboy who bought a dachshund?
  56. do these toy poodle puppies look healthy to you?
  57. How do i control an out of control Rottweiler?
  58. looking for an english bulldog puppy...?
  59. So does anyone know if boston terriers can have pug babys? With out AI. C-section.?
  60. i have a 11 month pit/boxer mix spayed and has all shots including a micro-chip. how
  61. Why is my toy poodle's nose getting lighter in color?
  62. I am trying to find a new home for my 10 month old jack russell terrier. Where
  63. A Golden Retriever barked at me...?
  64. Best Breed to be a companion to a Border Collie?
  65. Any last suggestions before I get my Boston Terrier Dog?
  66. Is my chihuahua possessed by demonic beings?
  67. Yorkie/ shih tzu Info?
  68. hi.i live in two bedroom flat.i own a pair of two pugs.wat other breed can i be
  69. Is my Dalmatian Molly attacking my Goldfish?
  70. anyone who has had a pregnant Labrador or retriever?
  71. Brushing my Siberian Husky?
  72. next door neighbors Chow attacked my Yorkie?
  73. If you have a boxers fracture is it still safe to train?
  74. How can I control my Standard Schnauzer from getting over excited when I
  75. Does anyone have pics of an adult Husky/Dachshund Mix?
  76. Tips for training my 10 week old great dane?
  77. whitening shampoo for bichon frise?
  78. My shih tzu is vomiting her food whole, what to do?
  79. He's a pomeranian right?
  80. Labrador cross Boxer??? (with photo)?
  81. Scottish Terrier/Golden Retriever Mix (Expecially in Wisconsin)?
  82. Im 13, and i need to tell my parents i want to wear boxers. I currently wear briefs.?
  83. when hit in the nuts, does it hurt more in boxers, briefs, or etc.?
  84. How do you get a toy poodle has white hairs on his chin?
  85. Calling all Jack Russell Terrier owners!!! What brand of food do you feed your dog?
  86. age old question - Boxers or Briefs?
  87. Which do women prefer on men boxer shorts or briefs?
  88. Which should I get a Boston Terrier or Beagle?
  89. Jeckyll and Hyde Bullmastiff?
  90. why is my boxer still skinny?
  91. How old should my boxer dog be before i breed her?
  92. 6 week old female basset hound puppy name?!?!?
  93. Guy's boxers showing = yummy !?
  94. If it's 5pm in California, what time is it in Newfoundland?
  95. people who have komondor dogs?
  96. i don't know much about this breed, here's my story my daughters friend had
  97. Who Agrees that Sugar Ray Leonard is the greatest American boxer of the last 30
  98. Do you think it's ok for English Bulldog and miniature schnauzer to live together?
  99. My sister is a boxer and she's getting headaches and is starting to get
  100. why is my female shih-tzu panting hard at times a month after having her pups?
  101. How much hair do collie crosses shed?
  102. boxer dog walking eating?
  103. What should do about my chihuahua?
  104. how to train a pitbull chow mix?
  105. Who has a pomeranian?
  106. where can i be a boxer at the age of 16?
  107. does anyone know where i could get a Pomeranian for $600?
  108. What to feed my Golden Retriever?
  109. Can we give our Great dane Glucosamine Pills ?
  110. Prolate Dip for Mini Schnauzer...?
  111. what do u think of my pug mix?
  112. Miniature Dachshund...?
  113. I know Border Collies need alot of exercise, is about 30-60 miniuts a week...
  114. Question about chihuahua, walk and temperament?
  115. what is causing my Jack Russell Terrier mix to lose her hair?
  116. Can you find a breeder for a Sealyham Terrier?
  117. How do all the anti hybrid breed people feel about the Bullmastiff?
  118. Does my German Shepherd Dog look pure bred?
  119. Juding from the way he DOMINATED Alexander Karelin, do u think Rulon Gardner would...
  120. Siberian huskies in Louisiana?
  121. Dachshund lovers question?
  122. My boxer dog is having problems. Do you know what i could do?
  123. Will a 5yr old male pug get along w/15mnt f/puggle?
  124. I think my chihuahua is possessed by demonic beings?
  125. What does a true full-breed landseer Newfoundland look like?
  126. Question for those knowledgeable about Dachshunds?
  127. Siberian Husky SHOW grooming?
  128. So i am thinking of buying a Pug and am interested in what Pugs were
  129. Tips or pointers on caring for a TINY chihuahua?
  130. how well do you think a beagle and german shepard would mix (breeding)?
  131. Why won't my 7 month old border collie go potty outside?
  132. For Brittany Spaniel owners.?
  133. Guys: Does anyone wear gym shorts as boxers sometimes?
  134. Should I get an Airedale Terrier or an Irish Terrier?
  135. Anyone who has a Labrador Retriever, what are your thoughts on them/any good stories?
  136. I need advice about my pug Bella. She constantly barks, is ferocious when she...
  137. need help for my pregnant golden retriever?
  138. Wat name brands sell boxer briefs?
  139. can you breed a pug female with a male boxer?
  140. im getting a chihuahua..... is it easy to paper train it?
  141. Toy Fox terrier's for sale?
  142. I have to crated my minature dachshund?
  143. Boxers with small hands...?
  144. Question about my Pug's nails?
  145. wat are good boxers for middle school guys to wear?
  146. Basset Hound in Apartment?
  147. Anyone have a mix of a scottish terrier/golden retriever? (Expecially Wisconsin)?
  148. 4monthold female beagle still having problems potty trainging her?
  149. 20-wk Havanese puppy is smelly, even after a bath!?
  150. do you have komondor dogs?
  151. is a golden retriever puppy goood with a yellow labrador retriever?
  152. My 8 year old Rottweiler has a ball on his leg any1 know what it might be?
  153. why does my 2y/o mini poodle STILL have snow nose? (pink nose)?
  154. I WANT A BEAGLe??????????????????????????
  155. How much do boston terriers smell?
  156. Can i purchase a greyhound ticket online with a debit card?
  157. Type of weight training for a boxer?
  158. I just got this Pug Pup?
  159. My husband just surprised me and adopted me a 10 week old golden retriever...
  160. How can I get my chihuahua used to a walking leash?
  161. Can someone give me advice about my dachshunds?
  162. Question about Jack Russell Terriers?
  163. will pugging an mp3 player into a guitar amp break the amp?
  164. What different type of yorkshire terriers are there?
  165. My dog fell off the bed, dachshund, couldn't walk on back legs now he walks a little?
  166. My Border Collie / Black Lab cross is brilliant.?
  167. Top ten heavyweight boxers of all time!?
  168. I know Border Collies need alot of exercise, is about 60 miniuts every week day
  169. Boxers or briefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  170. How can i get a teenage Rottweiler to listen to me?
  171. My Shar Pei is scaring me.?
  172. a border collie that likes to bite people?
  173. Can anyone give me info on the Italian greyhound breed?
  174. why do border collies...?
  175. Can I get a toy poodle boy?
  176. What do you think about Dachshund's?
  177. Boston Spaniel, boxer, english mastiff?
  178. Suggestions on Pomeranian haircuts?
  179. Why is Brittany spearps song if u seek amy bad?
  180. What is proper etiquette when pugging Heroics?
  181. My 10 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier has been unwell for the past two days.?
  182. Did anyone else notice that the Cairn Terrier was snubbed from the judging
  183. What's the weirdest pair of underwear or boxers you've owned?
  184. Toilet train 9 week old pug if not home?
  185. I have an 8 month old English/American Bulldog?
  186. Should I buy a double dapple mini dachshund?
  187. r and Mrs. Beagle have five children. Half of them are boys. How is this...
  188. Big issues with Siberian Husky training, please help?
  189. How long till I get the boxers body?
  190. My golden retriever (4 yrs) has overly sensitive paws.?
  191. My daughter really wants to breed our Shih Tzu when she is old enough.?
  192. who do you think would win a fight a horse or a rottweiler?
  193. a Beagle or a Sheltie?
  194. What do you think of this poodle?
  195. corgi or dachshund puppy?
  196. how do i calm my golden retriever down?
  197. My 5 month old great dane puppy might have allergies ?
  198. how much would it cost to own a papillon dog in a years time. and if you were
  199. where can i get a beagle in minot, nd?
  200. Blind Great Dane digs to make bed on couch, dog bed and our bed! Will not stop!?
  201. Does anyone here own a Shiba Inu?
  202. Boxers Body, how long will it take?!?
  203. What kind of personality do shih tzu-yorkie mix have?
  204. English Bulldog Health?
  205. what do you think of neoplilatin mastiffs?
  206. Does anyone know where I can find a male havanese to breed my female havanese??
  207. Why does my Beagle keep pooping on the carpet?
  208. Does an American Mastiff Exist?
  209. How much should a golden retriever puppy weigh at 14 weeks?
  210. chihuahua hair loss... help please!?
  211. my 7 month old rottweiler has a spot on the back by the tail it seems it itches and
  212. Whats the difference between an English Bulldog with a Brown/Liver colored nose or
  213. What size carrier can go on an Airplane with a toy poodles?
  214. Should I get a male or female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  215. how long does it take to toilet shih tzu puppie?
  216. have a pug and am looking into a second dog?
  217. What do you call that condition of a boxers' ear?
  218. What breed of dog will be a great friend for my jack russell terrier?
  219. Have you ever french kissed with a Great Dane?
  220. shih tzu puppy owner/ breeder..?
  221. Is it wrong that my poodle is my life!?
  222. Everyday expenses, travel costs, quarantine for Yorkshire Terrier?
  223. my dachshund is almost 4 months old and i was wondering when i should get him...
  224. How long to get a boxers body?
  225. My New Collie Puppy doesn't have a fluff Coat?? will she get it?
  226. My pomeranian never learned how to jump. Help!?
  227. Which do women prefer on men boxer shorts or briefs?
  228. Hyper Rottweiler Puppy, only inside House!!?
  229. need info on clumber spaniels?
  230. Do Siberian huskies come in a short haired breed. And if not then do they shed a lot?
  231. Boxers... I'm gonna be startin gym...?
  232. what do boxers have for dinner?
  233. My dog (Pekingese) ate some small broken shards of plasic from a broken pencapWhat
  234. Boston Terrier has brown in the white part of the eye.?
  235. how do i change my name on yahoo answers i think that i now appear as pink poodle .?
  236. How much do I feed a French Bulldog Puppy?
  237. newfoundland puppy- housebreaking help?
  238. my soon to be 1 year old boxer will not stop jumping and biting me?
  239. how much do white pugs cost?
  240. Is my chihuahua possessed by demonic beings?
  241. Thinking about gettin a italian greyhound but should i train it to use a pee pad?
  242. Was Chow Yun Fat in Enter the Dragon?
  243. My toy poodle is 3 years old. She has never had a boyfriend. Lately, she has been
  244. How cheap could I find an unregistered saint bernard or an unregistered boxer for?
  245. Breed of dog- husy/border collie mix or aussie?
  246. I was wanting to know what problems tea cup chihuahua have?
  247. What is the difference between a Toy Schnauzer and a Miniature Schnauzer?
  248. my chihuahua... bad foods? HELP SOON!?
  249. Poodles and make-up...........?
  250. how small is your 1-4 month old pomeranian?