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  1. my border collie has dry patches on her body?
  2. Chihuahua nipples are blue, is she sick?
  3. How big do toy poodles get?
  4. Boxer humping everything?
  5. do havanese require a fenced yard?
  6. Does anyone here have a Short coat Havanese?
  7. We we're thinking of adopting a greyhound?
  8. do huskies or great pyrenees have more fur?
  9. wich dog is better a daschound or pug?
  10. Wellness vs Solid Gold for a miniature schnauzer puppy of 3 months.?
  11. Grooming Border Collies? I need advise!?
  12. About Yorkshire Terriers. PLEASE HELP?
  13. How can I stop my 11 week old Great Pyrenees male pup from barking @ me?He wags...
  14. 7 month old American Bulldog -- 2 issues?
  15. Where can i find an adoptable toy poodle in CT?PLEASE HURRY DOGS LIVES ARE
  16. what is a average life span of a spitz and a golden retriever ?
  17. How long do I keep my chihuahuas separated after her first heat?
  18. What would you call a Pomeranian and Papillon cross?
  19. Could i Kennel Club register my chihuahua puppy?
  20. Boxer dog keeps casting-help!!!?
  21. Where can I find a mini dachshund breeder here in Texas?
  22. Cute Chihuahua pictures?
  23. How do I keep my active 21 month old Boxer, lab,pit mix quiet when she...
  24. how do I find a pug for my mom?
  25. I really need to know a havanese breeder?
  26. i have a 9 month old English Mastiff that weghs 112 lbs. how many mg's
  27. My Beagle has a definite hound smell. Is there anyway to tame it without...
  28. I have a 8 yr old female chihuahua mix who gets bladder stones despite...
  29. which dog should I get Weimaraner or Rottweiler?
  30. buying a jack russell crossed with a chihuahua?
  31. What is the best way to train a Border Collie?
  32. Ladies, do you like briefs or boxers on men?
  33. I think my chihuahua is in heat?
  34. Bichon Frise name ideas?
  35. What's the average life span of a Jack Russell Terrier?
  36. Does anyone own a rhodesian ridgeback. If you do post a pic.?
  37. My Shiba Inu has short hair, Why doesn't she look like the puppies online?
  38. My 1 year old Pug ate a cigarette butt. Is it safe or toxic and should I be...
  39. I have a problem when i wear boxers.. Dont know wat to do.?
  40. What's wrong about giving boxers to your husband for Valentine's Day?
  41. Whats up with the cavalier king charles spaniels and their birding instinct?
  42. Why are the fur of the Siberian Huskies in dogshows thicker than the fur of...
  43. What should I name my male Australian Cattle Dog puppy?
  44. why is my French Bulldog acting weak and disoriented?
  45. Would should i do to prepare for my Jack Russell Terrier puppy?
  46. All about Pembroke Welsh Corgis?
  47. Dog Breeding Ages - German Shepherds?
  48. How big is a chihuahua's liver?
  49. i went to france years ago we went to an fun park in brittany or near it...
  50. Where can i get the cavalier king charles spaniel on stardoll?
  51. why wont my 2 yr old boxer wont come back to me ?
  52. Is it really true that our best british boxers only fight US boxers who are...
  53. My male chihuahua keeps sniffing my pregnant female chihuahua...Question?
  54. how come i keep getting this bloodhound virus?
  55. Question about rottweiler that is 8 weeks 3 days (almost due)...
  56. My Golden Retriever has had a greenish/brownish discharge in his one eye...
  57. chihuahua mix, are they good?
  58. Do Doberman pinschers shed much?
  59. Does my Shih Tzu has worms?
  61. Whats the difference between a red setter and a irish setter?
  62. I think rottweiler is pregnant but something weird is going on..?
  63. 14 week old Greyhound?
  64. how to introduce my 6 week old pit to my one year old chihuahua?
  65. my dachshund is sick. she smells horrible, we wash her and with in a few...
  66. Every night my dachshund puts her neck on my spouse's mouth and seems to try and...
  67. Help on AKC name for my male dog..Mastiff?
  68. Is my dalmatian Molly pregnant? [pic]?
  69. Why is my 4 year old Siberian Husky German Shepherd mix so scared of very little...
  70. how much is a greyhound bus ticket from roundrock texas to nwe port rickey florida?
  71. Why does my chihuahua keep her tongue out?
  72. My 4 month old siberian husky puppy doesnt like interacting with other dogs?
  73. How long do you sleep in your pajamas or boxers?
  74. Took my dachshund for vomit/diarrhea?
  75. Does anyone have a German Shepherd Chow mix? Or Lab mix with chow?
  76. I have a 4 month old dachshund and i just changed from purina puppy chow to...
  77. Why My 4 years old Shih tzu very afraid of my new pup Lab 6 weeks old?
  78. miniature shnauzer vs shih tzu?
  79. What are the best ways to keep my labrador retriever from getting any diseases?
  80. Is it normal for a Mini Schnauzer to bleed?
  81. I have a barking pug question...lol?
  82. is my chihuahua losing his baby teeth?
  83. Beagle with Itchy Eye(s)?
  84. is my frenchie really a french bulldog?
  85. My Cairn Terrier gave birth a big Puppy?
  86. Why is my English Bulldog acting so strange?
  87. Chihuahua, cat, or both?
  88. How dangerous a dog is the Standard Poodle?
  89. Brussels Griffon Information?
  90. Home-Cooked Meals for a Pomeranian?
  91. 11 pound chihuahua ate about 5 half eaten pieces Russell Stover sugar free
  92. isn't a silky terrier like a larger version of a yorkie?...?
  93. what is the recommended feeding schedule for a 6 month old chihuahua?
  94. My pug has a very upset stomach...?
  95. cavalier king charles spaniel question?
  96. Will my boston terrier have problems since I adopted him at just 5 weeks of age?
  97. Just got a 6 week old shih tzu who wont eat much, what do I do?
  98. Is a scottish terrier a good pet?
  99. HOw do I care for a five week old chihuahua?
  100. Why did You Become a Boxer?
  101. Where can I find a Boston Terrier breeder in Michigan?
  102. Anyone have this dog kennel, will it fit a full grown German Shepherd in it?
  103. are there any Cairn Terrier breeders in Michigan?
  104. Wat name brands sell boxers?
  105. This is funny!!!! I know someone who matted a pomeranian,poodle with a
  106. Golden Retriever loosing allot of hair!?
  107. Male Rottweiler in my area?
  108. Is their any border collie breeders out there in the uk?
  109. why do women find boxer shorts so sexy on men?
  110. Should I get a male or female Beagle dog?
  111. Groomer cut my long haired chihuahua's hair.?
  112. Irish Staffordshire Bull Terriers ? Are they pure bred ? do they have any...
  113. My miniature pinscher sleeps a lot. Is that normal?
  114. Can anybody tell me where I can find a breeder that breeds Mini Dachshunds here in
  115. I want a Shih Tzu.........??
  116. Does anybody have a pomeranian?!?
  117. Shall I leave my 6 month old Poodle alone in her crate or let her have run
  118. My adopted Greyhound is peeing on the carpet--help!?
  119. Do you have a chihuahua and brussels griffon mix?
  120. why do my 2 and ahalf month samoyed puppies always try and bite everything?
  121. What is a good name for a female dalmatian?
  122. I need great dane dog names....like NOWW!?
  123. have you heard of a Blue eyed Newfoundland?
  124. Is that Muhammad Ali the boxer who took a picture with the East?
  125. Dog Walking - 18 Week Old - Yorkshire Terrier - Help !?
  126. why does my mini dachshund shiver?
  127. About how big do italian greyhounds grow?
  128. Can someone help and reflect plus cope with me for my dying Teacup Chihuahua?
  129. Does anybody no or have a cavilier king charles or a cocker spaniel, that they wont
  130. I think my chihuahua is grumpy?
  131. My shitzu mixed with beagle is pregnant but i dont know how to tell anyone?
  132. How much should a Cairn Terrier puppy cost from a breeder?
  133. miniature schnauzer dog food?
  134. Where can I find a bag to tote my Chihuahua in?
  135. My schnauzer and his health issues?
  136. How do I convince my mum to get a Newfoundland dog?
  137. what to feed my sick golden retriever?
  138. Boxer briefs loosening?
  139. How do you introduce a Great Pyrenees to a donkey?
  140. Great Dane owners: we are considering adding one to our family, what has your...
  141. What was the most number of puppies a Purebred Pomeranian ever had?
  142. My 6 yr old Boxer is in labor for 13 hours, help!?
  143. Basenji breed question?
  144. Any useful methods for potty training a mastiff pup?
  145. Why does my Siberian Husky howl and howl even after she is fed and went to the...
  146. Which do women prefer on men boxers or briefs?
  147. Siberian husky problems?
  148. Can I bring my basset hound to Cairo?
  149. Rottweiler Owners, I got questions?
  150. do chihuahuas normally weigh 3 lbs at 12 weeks?
  151. Good American Bulldog breeder in Michigan?
  152. names for shih tzu thats Gold and White?
  153. My 4 year old basset hound has a phantom pregnancy?
  154. Anyone here on Y/A own a Purebred Basenji dog?
  155. Do you wear boxers or briefs?
  156. I want either a Scottish Terrier or a Chihuahua, but I'm not sure either dog...
  157. My golden retriever puppy is urinating on the floor?
  158. Just Bought 8 week old English bulldog and am wondering if she is Sick or not?
  159. Are there any Maltese or Poodle breeders in NC?
  160. y are all poodles love being dressed up in tv?
  161. My friend's Siberian Husky has a weird bark/howl. Is that normal?
  162. getting my mini dachshund tommorow! any tips?
  163. My siberian husky gets very territorial over her food and water (growling, even...
  164. please answer poodle owners?
  165. chihuahuas.........??????
  166. My chihuahua seems depressed?
  167. Why my 2month old toy poodles wakes up every hour during the night?
  168. im looking for a female chihuahua on the isle of wight or portsmouth/southampton
  169. !!!HELP!!! with my Newfoundland?
  170. Shih-tzu.....why??? HELP?
  171. Would wearing my Jeff Gordon boxers and drinking out of my Tony Stewart mug make me?
  172. Where can i find a white pug in or around Dallas, tx?
  173. im a Beat boxer , how do i publish ? :)?
  174. Hey guys does anyone know, some great girl names 4 an Irish Setter Puppy?
  175. Which dog food is best? We have a Belgian Malinois approx. 97 lbs.( too fat, I know)?
  176. Regaining trust after beating dachshund.?
  177. questions about lhasa apso puppy grooming and personalities?
  178. Do shih tzu get health problem easily?
  179. Boxers or Briefs. All opinions please!?
  180. Boston Terrier is almost ALWAYS hyper, need help?
  181. my poodle is 16 years,has Caddric's,and no bladder control she is not...
  182. Can you have English Pointer Dog?
  183. I have a 2 year basset hound, and she almost has a heart attack when--?
  184. what is wrong with my beagle?
  185. Thinking about getting a Bull Terrier?
  186. Labrador and Miniature Schnauzer?
  187. What are some weighs boxers lose quiock weight?
  188. Is petfinder.com a trustable site to buy a shih tzu?
  189. My Siberian husky has one cloudy eye.?
  190. what is the coldest temperature a weimaraner can stand?
  191. My new basset hound puppy wont eat..We wormed him today but he still hasnt...
  192. What dog do you think is cuter a Shiba Inu or a Doberman Pincher?
  193. Is a Westie (West Highland White Terrier) hypoallergenic?
  194. can you guys help me think of a female dog name for my boston terrier?
  195. Do Beagles shed a lot?
  196. What is your opinion about the Great Dane?
  197. Should i get a Beagle or Italian Greyhound?
  198. Great Dane owners: what have your good and bad experiences been?
  199. What's a cute name for a toy poodle?
  200. Which do women prefer on men boxers or briefs?
  201. Is Shih Tzu a good pet?
  202. how much does a chihuahua have to eat?
  203. What would be the lifespan of my Jack-Russel/Dachshund cross?
  204. what sould i get a husky or a beagle?
  205. hi i have a 1996 banshee with spark pug problems?
  206. I just got a beagle, and its about 11 months old.?
  207. Daschunds OR Pomeranian?
  208. whats wrong with my pug?
  209. Where can I find a Euro line GREAT DANE in the US?
  210. how to start out as a boxer?
  211. Wat do u think? Boxers or briefs for a 13 year old?
  212. Maltese or Norfolk Terrier?
  213. is a Samoyed a good pet to have?
  214. Are boxer dogs any safer near children than other dogs?
  215. boxers or briefs??? classic question?
  216. Whould a beagle be good wen...?
  217. My dog is a teacup yorkie, poodle. Where should she sleep?
  218. Is my shih tzu a pure breed? pictures included.?
  219. What are Chihuahuas favorite food?
  220. Lipstick kisses on Boxers?
  221. boxer or boxer briefs to hide boner?
  222. Is my dog a purebred papillon?
  223. Smooth fox terrier Boxer mix?
  224. Any other Silky Terrier lovers/owners out there?
  225. Questions regarding Norfolk Terriers?
  226. Anything bad with my Great Dane?
  227. what should i name my new Boxer puppy?
  228. My mini dachshund has hundreds of bumps blackheads all over her back!?
  229. What brand of food should I feed my Boxer Lab?
  230. are Pomeranian dogs mean?
  231. is it normal for a 1 1/2 year old chihuahua to be bigger than its mom?
  232. What name is better for a Chihuahua?
  233. How often do u have to groom ur shih tzu?
  234. A border collie in town...?
  235. Do you like when you can see the top of guys boxers?
  236. is there any boxer that turn pro. on there late ages ,like at 30 years. and...
  237. all about the boxer dog breed?
  238. How do you get a dog (siberian husky) to relax in its' cage..?
  239. I have a 3 yr old blonde male pomeranian. Is it common for this breeds
  240. Why would my Puppy (a Pug) eat his pee pad?
  241. If you saw a Chihuahua running around on the street without tags..............?
  242. Please help with a question about Doberman Pinschers...?
  243. Potty Training a Dachshund? Need some tips.?
  244. what would a border collie Korean jindo mix look like?
  245. My chihuahua won't eat?
  246. my pitbull killed my friends pomeranian. He knew they didnt get along?
  247. we have a 10mth english bulldog, strict diet enova dry food, gets baths, he...
  248. POLL: Boxers or Briefs.?
  249. How do i get boxers, if i can't go shopping?
  250. What sex of dog should I get if I have a 4yr old female border collie?