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  1. Food aggresive german shepherd?
  2. where can i find a siberian husky puppy?
  3. Behaviorial problem in pug?
  4. What is the best puppy pair?
  5. my labradoodle keeps being sick after he drinks?
  6. Golden Retriever has weird, scabbed over holes on his back?
  7. im looking for a dog and the computer says i should get a mixed breed?
  8. Something is wrong with my chihuahua?
  9. question about new pomeranian puppy?
  10. Can a cocker spaniel live outside in alaska?
  11. My dog is a Shih Tzu but a mix but i don't know what the other dog breed is?
  12. My boston terrier Daizy was on heat and she got stuck with my brothers...
  13. How long does a labrador mix like mine usually live?
  14. I have a shih tzu mixed with a jack russell if i carry my dog too much will...
  15. From the list what is the better family dog? housedog or Apartment dog? Best dog
  16. Are mini blue heelers X jack russell good family dogs?
  17. what is the best type of bedding for small pets?
  18. what are some healthy dog food brands?
  19. How do I convince my dad to get me a pug?
  20. Rottweiler and a cat?
  21. Why does my shih tzu poodle mix jump up and down on the floor and try to bite my
  22. What kind of mix is my chihuahua?
  23. Can I legally milk my cocker spaniel in order to save a late night trip to 7-11 to
  24. I need help i have a chocolate dapple mini dachshund & idk what to name it, & its
  25. what do pitbulls and german shepherds have in common'?
  26. Yorkshire terrier or bichon frise or Norfolk terrier or Norwich terrier??
  27. I said I wanted another Pomeranian..?
  28. German shepherd out of control?
  29. Could the African wild dog be bred with a domesticated dog breed?
  30. chewing labrador puppy help:-)?
  31. Is this enough exercise for a golden retriever?
  32. What type of dog is best for me?
  33. Help me potty train puppy with pads?
  34. What was it like to get your first Rottweiler?
  35. When I pug in my headphones, my computer shuts off?
  36. My yorkie will not eat his food till i get home WHY?
  37. EMERGENCY!!I stepped on my puppy! on accident :( hes 4 months !?
  38. Is it better to buy a rabbit from a rabbit farm or a pet store?***?
  39. What is the acceptable color of a German Shepherd Dog?
  40. My female rottweiler has 5 week old puppies. They look 100% pure rottweiler. Can...
  41. what is a good website for looking up puppies for sale?
  42. why are yorkies so affectionate?
  43. what color will my toy poodle get as she gets older?
  44. everything about yorkie puppies please?
  45. introducing new dogs- male 10 month old jack russell and female 3 year old wheaten...
  46. Hoiw can I stop the war between my pitbull mix and the wild cyoties?
  47. **Shih Tzu Puppies Questions!!! Please Read!! PEOPLE WHO KNOW ABOUT SHIH TZUS!?
  48. Reliable Standard Poodle Breeders?
  49. How to train a disobedient Chihuahua?
  50. how do we stop our 10 weeks old jack russell puppy from nipping?
  51. What size harness would an 8 week old Golden Retriever wear?
  52. What type of Shih Tzu Haircut is This? 10 POINTS?
  53. German Shepherd family dog?
  54. New dog needs a name! HELP!!?
  55. Can you suggest a dog breed that meets all the following criteria?
  56. Dog owners help! Would these two breeds get along well?
  57. I just about had it with my Yorkie peeing and pooping everywhere!!! What can I do?
  58. dogs...pitbull.;..what do you guys think?
  59. my 6 month old red nose pitbull keeps getting pus build up in his ears?
  60. Any tips on how to help our 3year old Yorkie male be friends with our 4mnth...
  61. Why does my Boston Terrier puppy run away from me?
  62. help with my chihuahua?
  63. How to potty train my yorkie?
  64. Do Jack Russell Terriers and cats mix well?
  65. I have a question about pugs?
  66. My standard poodle! I need help!?
  67. What's the best playmate for my dog?
  68. Toy Poodle Owners: What is your favourite groomer clip for your pup?
  69. do you share your bed with a pet?
  70. Which one wuld u prefer chihuahua or yorkie?
  71. How to train my dog to stop biting my ankles?
  72. Question about the RSPCA animal rescue?
  73. 13 wk old Bichon Frise?
  74. How do you potty break a mini dachshund?
  75. Does anyone know where I can buy a female Pomeranian?
  76. My new Yorkshire Terrier is acting EXTREMELY shy and antisocial!?
  77. can i leave my golden retriever outside to sleep?
  78. My pitbull got fixed yesterday?
  79. I need to name my dog so could you help?
  80. Tips on training my labrador not to chase new kitten?
  81. Are yorkies all ling haired??? ?
  82. My other dog...salt & papper miniature schnauzer has invasive lypoma?
  83. Will my 11year old yorkie get along with a new puppy English bulldog im getting?
  84. What's a good breed of dog for my mom and grandma?
  85. What breed is this dog?
  86. 3 Female or Male Labradors?
  87. Can I give my newborn puppies(3days old) drink from their mom as well as tube...
  88. Is in breeding dogs illegal? Or just immoral?
  89. which is the best vet schools in the USA and also legal to own a Pitbull in the area?
  90. i have a puppy shih tzu with umbilcal hernia?
  91. Training a almost 2 year old Jack Russell?
  92. where can i get a cheap yorkie?
  93. I have a half Border Collie half German Shepherd and at 4 months he weighs 35
  94. My Pomeranian and barking.. Help greatly needed.?
  95. Help with Chihuahua Flea Treatment?
  96. I have a 13-year-old yellow labrador and wants a small dog too.?
  97. Pregnant Maltese question?
  98. What is the best way to handle a dog who snaps at you?
  99. Is it safe to have a pug in dubai?
  100. Pitbull laws please help?
  101. Anyone have a male pug willing to breed in pacoima?
  102. Is a German Shepherd a good dog?
  103. Dog or no do for dog food?
  104. whats the best kind of insurance to go for with a chihuahua?
  105. what is a pedigree pitbull?
  106. what is your favourite breed of dog and why?
  107. Jack Russell Terrier with rough patch?
  108. Are german shepherds happpy when they sleep inside?
  109. Does anyone know where i can find a 2-4 year old labrador retriever?
  110. How to differentiate a pure Pomeranian dog from a Pom-Spitz?
  111. New golden retriever puppy won't sleep?
  112. Does the RSPCA dispose of euthanized dogs for animal feed?
  113. why doesn't my pitbull defend himself when he gets attacked?
  114. Is it normal for toy poodles to have loud, gurgling stomachs?
  115. Where can I find a Bichon Frise dog rescue in PA?
  116. My Pitbull and Labrador Mix?
  117. My 11yo jack Russell terrier has a recurring bump on her chest, recently it...
  118. Beagle?English Cocker or English Bulldog? Which is best. Go!?
  119. is ecotrin safe to give to my 13 year old mimi dachshund?
  120. where can i get Rottweiler in Tanzania?
  121. My 8 month old black Labrador retriever is VERY missed behaved and be still
  122. How do I get a rescue dog that used to be abused to stop flintching whenever I scold?
  123. Name for a female German Shepherd?
  124. what is a good nme for a maltipoo?
  125. Can I travel to France with my Rottweiler?
  126. How to train my one year old dog not to attack me?
  127. Things that should be done with a Pomeranian..?
  128. What website can I buy dog food from in Canada?
  129. Can I put any old basket on my bike and put my little 10 lb pomeranian in it?
  130. How do I potty train my miniature dachshund?
  131. oppinions of good dog names for a boy?
  132. Chihuahua Throwing Up?
  133. unspayed mini poodle, 15 yrs old.?
  134. Pomeranian Abnormal Breathing?
  135. THIS ONE FOR THE VETS AND/OR PRO BREEDERS: Is it possible for a dog to be
  136. My Jack Russell Gets Really Itchy Skin?
  137. i have a female pitbull pup she needs a name any ideals.?
  138. black labrador puppy name?
  139. Old English Bulldog Questions?
  140. I have a 45 LB English Bulldog & a 7 LB Jackhuahua. How much should I feed...
  141. Why would my pitbull puppy nip my arm?
  142. Are bichon frise's rats?
  143. whats the difference between Pitbull terrier and a Staffordshire bull terrier?
  144. Puppy hair loss on head. New coat coming in.?
  145. What should I name my new Bichon Frisť puppy?
  146. Is there any reputable breeder of Labrador in Europe or America, I can get the...
  147. What does it mean when my female pitbull growls at her pupd?
  148. How can help a rescued 13 yr. old abused Chihuahua. She tries to bite me when when
  149. Chihuahua in Apartment? Kinda long plz help?
  150. Should my shih tzu get surgery to help him breathe?
  151. American Pitbull Terrier? & Homemade dog food?
  152. Teaching my maltese to distinguish different commands?
  153. My dog is extremely picky with her food?
  154. What breeds of dogs are good watchdogs and/or are protective of their owners?
  155. What is the best dog for my family?
  156. anyone know what breed of dog this is?
  157. staffordshire bull terrier or american pit bull terrier?
  158. My Boston Terrier is due Jan 28th her temperature was 100.6 at 7:30 pm now at
  159. My dog is a golden retriever and husky mix but looks like a tiger?
  160. 1950's Spaghetti Poodles?
  161. what do you think off Staffordshire bull terriers?
  162. Name the movies that a Pug dog breed is found in?
  163. how to convince my parents to let me get a rottweiler?
  164. What size crate do I need for a miniature dachshund?
  165. Should I get a english cocker spanel, border collie or english bulldog?
  166. i have a german shepherd dog. in the past 3 weeks she has become extremely clingy.?
  167. Pitbull laws please help?
  168. Is my yorkie getting enough exercise?
  169. How do I get my Yorkie to not bark at others when I'm holding her?
  170. can my dog sleep on my bed?
  171. Will it be better to keep a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd for my old parents?
  172. does any one know where i can get a girl walking a poodle wall decal?
  173. How much should a 6 month old Labrador Retriever Weigh?
  174. Does this sound like a good book about a German Shepherd?
  175. I have a female weimaraner that showed up on my front door yesterday....?
  176. why is my 14 week pomeranian having diarria?
  177. what dog should i add to my family? Husky or dachshund?
  178. What are some good boy dog names?
  179. What are the religious beliefs in Newfoundland and Labrador?
  180. hey my golden retriever is 6 months and i need help with a fue Qu.?
  181. Should I let my mini dachshund puppy sleep in bed with me?
  182. Is there anyone who is or knows someone whos selling Yorkies for a cheap price?
  183. How much would it cost to fly a Dachshund from Germany to Australia?
  184. Good breed of dog for hiking and woods protection?
  185. Chihuahua pee pee problem & potty training blues - HELP!?
  186. I have 2 weeks to go in my pregnancy and I have a 2 year old English Bulldog and he
  187. My labrador whines and sits by my mom and taps her with her paw?
  188. Sick Labrador, help please?
  189. dog name, breed and personality survey (excuse to talk about our dogs)?
  190. What is the definition of "sable" in relation to Pomeranian coat colors?
  191. Still need help on a puppy name?
  192. obedience issue boston terrier?
  193. Pitbull song with slow beat?
  194. How can I calm my 1 year old puppy?
  195. USERNAME HELP! i want a username that involves dachshunds!?
  196. There's a blizzard in progress in my hometown. My little chihuahua will not go out
  197. Whats the difference of a maltipoo and a teacup poodle?
  198. Why does my dog dump out her food when my husband feeds her?
  199. anyone have any puppy's/dogs for sale?
  200. how do I get my dog to stop peeing on his bed, he is our only pet, and he will do...
  201. My dachshund that's 2-3 years old is too clingy? HELP?
  202. Would a hamster and a puppy (poodle-chihuahua) get along?
  203. My German Shepherd dog is a coward when it comes to surprising?
  204. Bad credit and a pitbull mix...any rentals in LV or Henderson?
  205. Where can I buy a poodle skirt?
  206. We have an 10 week old german shepherd puppy and she pees when she is afraid?
  207. How do you morally justify buying a dog from a breeder as opposed to rescuing?
  208. If i get a Rottweiler can i trust it to protect my children?
  209. Potty training ideas for an 8wk old english bulldog! **10pts**?
  210. I currently own a 1 year old boston terrier boy, I'm considering adding a...
  211. does anyone know mini dachshund pups for sale. TOWNSVILLE AREA?
  212. i am thinking of buying a rottweiler puppy,what are the precautions i must...
  213. my chihuahua started giving birth at 12:30pm today and she still is chubby and no
  214. does any body sell golden retriever puppies cheap?? fl. 2011?
  215. Who is Armando to Pitbull?
  216. Poll: What's Your Favorite Breed Of Dog And Why?
  217. My boston terrier swallowed a piece of plastic from one of those roasted
  218. my yorkie wont stop shaking!?
  219. Help my minuture yorkshire terrier!!!!!!!?
  220. Compare Border Collie with a Labrador Retriever?
  221. Is it ok for my miniature schnauzer to develop a huge belly?
  222. They rank intelligence of dog breeds now, is it the same for religious beliefs?
  223. Is my friends Boston terrier sick?
  224. Is a labrador retriever and norwegian buhund a good mix of breeds (not for
  225. I dont wanna look like a poodle!?
  226. What are some signs to watch out for in Golden Retrievers for cancer.?
  227. What would be the best way for my overweight chihuahua to loose weight?
  228. is this ok for my west highland terriers?
  229. Weight of my 8 week old German Shepherd?
  230. Did I get my puppy to early?
  231. Tell me about your dog? Personality, breed, etc.?
  232. help with German Shepherds?
  233. why do dogs love table food so much?
  234. Pug vs havanese?!???
  235. how do i find a reputable labrador breeder in ontario?
  236. my pomeranian gets scared of dogs?
  237. Are Havanese dogs considered "clingy"?
  238. why does my 9 year old shih tzu not like getting picked up?
  239. why is my male attacking his puppies?
  240. I got a golden retriever a few months ago and we let him inside but he kept on
  241. my lab does not allow her puppies anywhere near her.She has not even fed her...
  242. Does my cockapoo have an ear infection or is it just sore?
  243. will a dachshund and a cocker spaniel mix became friends?
  244. which dog is better german shepherd or golden retriever?
  245. Why would someone cut off a puppy's whiskers?
  246. type in brindle pugs on ur computer and then anserw my question?
  247. My Shih Tzu puppy needs help!!!?
  248. Why is my German Shepherd whining?
  249. HELP!!! my 2 month Jack Russell is sick and no vet's are !!!?
  250. record # dachshund puppies born?