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  1. pit-chow puppy has swollen ears on the flap feels like fluid in them?
  2. i am meeting julia niesz the presidant of the lbc.to register as a unattached
  3. speech about german shorthaired pointer dogs.. help!!?
  4. What is your opinion on the 10 year old Sussex spaniel winning Westminster Dog Show?
  5. My 3 1/2 yr old dachshund is getting neutered tomorrow?
  6. Pet collie-cross losing fur in clumps, help!?
  7. Are Pomeranian dogs really hard to live with and whatever? read below...?
  8. How do I train my 5 week old Boston Terrier?
  9. Which is funnier - a Pug or a Boston Terrier?
  10. Want to buy chihuahua in a few months. What are some things and tips I need to know?
  11. What's the average weight for a female short haired border collie?
  12. Who Is The Next Best Rising Mexican-American Boxer?
  13. Siberian Husky question.?
  14. Do you like these ae and aero boxers?
  15. What is the treatment for a Boxer's fracture?
  16. My Greyhound keeps getting cramp?
  17. how big to maltese poodles get?
  18. i am adopting a shih tzu.. what should i expect?
  19. I'm scared to ride the Greyhound bus. Help!?
  20. If You Own A Maltese cross Poodle Please Answer?
  21. Do you own a Giant Schnauzer?
  22. Please read, about my Border Collie and I?
  23. Boxer's Fracture Healing?
  24. Can my pomeranian wear a flea collar and?
  25. When Do Chihuahuas Stop Growing??
  26. Chihuahua and yorkie help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  27. How big is the avarage miniture schnauzer's penis? I'm not a perv its for...
  28. what can i do to make sure my 6 year old golden retriever lives long? =[?
  29. will an electric fence work for an english cocker spaniel?
  30. I think my Great Dane has gone into heat, but I'm not sure! What can I expect?
  31. How many calories to give overweight mini poodle?
  32. Help with my rottweiler?
  33. What is the name of the song where the guy is dressed in a bloodhound dog suit
  34. missing or extra:pug?
  35. What can I do about my aggressive Dachshund?
  36. Can you register a golden retriever half lab?
  37. i have a lab/golden retriever/ chesapeake mix puppy, she is 13 weeks old?
  38. 1 year old great dane with red skin on her nose?
  39. Are Boxers and Bull-mastiff's good family dogs ? Do they really drool snore a
  40. Boxers Or Briefs??Girls please answer?
  41. What does a golden retriever/pit bull mix dog look like?
  42. How do i get my parents to get me a chihuahua?
  43. Some questions about a 2 month old shih tzu puppy?
  44. Where is the cheapest dog shop?that sells chihuahua?
  45. My boston terrier has pink skin?
  46. Top Boxers vs Top UFC Fighters?
  47. Samoyed Dog - While at Work!?
  48. how to potty train 1 year old chihuahua?
  49. Should I be scared that my 4 pound 18 week old toy poodle is getting spayed tomorrow?
  50. what are the chances of me becoming a pro boxer? and becoming rich?
  51. How can I stop my collie pulling so much on her lead?
  52. My 10 week old chihuahua still needs his 2nd shot. He's crying to go
  53. Getting a Chihuahua Puppy?
  54. I going to be getting a dapple dachshund and i need a name?
  55. I would love to own a Pug (fawn or black) does anyone have any tips?
  56. i need a female rottweiler pup?
  57. Miniature Schnauzer vs. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier?
  58. Does anyone else have a malti-pom (maltese/pomeranian)?
  59. I have a toy fox terrier. And he always shakes when he's just sitting or when
  60. Where Can i get a Dachshund?
  61. hello,i have just re-homed a retired greyhound and was wondering how they train
  62. Ladies: Boxer, Briefs, or Boxer Briefs?
  63. pug question very important!?
  64. basset hound problem, please help!?
  65. how can i do my makeup like brittany snow has her's?
  66. How do you stop a toy poodle from marking in the house?
  67. my girlfriend keeps leaving skid marks on my boxers?
  68. Nintendogs Dachshund and Friends Question.........?
  69. I want to adopt a Great Dane, but I'm 5'2. Think it's a problem?
  70. Precum through boxers? licensed doctors opinions please.?
  71. my chihuahua has a lump on her stomach.?
  72. boxers to briefs????????
  73. Labrador Retriever vs Golden Retriever?
  74. Help! My pugs won't stop peeing in the house.?
  75. Why do refs hit boxers' gloves together when they have been knocked down?
  76. Does an infant milk make an effect to the growth of my 3 month old great dane?
  77. Friend's mother is scared of American Pit Bull Terriers?
  78. Rottweiler stud help?
  79. Walking my Shih-tzu Maltese Mix?
  80. Is a Dachshund right for me?
  81. Do you think this would be a good match for my Collie?
  82. Smiley face boxers?????
  83. What do you think of this(Infomation Border Collies)?
  84. Is there any online Doberman Pinscher clubs I can join?
  85. Can you tell me about Chihuahuas?
  86. how to potty train my pomeranian?
  87. Fighting a kick boxer?
  88. Is there such a thing as a male AKC chihuahua under 3 lbs?
  89. Male chihuahua problems?
  90. I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi he is CKC registered.?
  91. Boxer prints?????????????????????????????????
  92. I think my border collie hates me?
  93. Can somebody know where i can get yorkshire terrier?
  94. My poodle is throwing up and wont eat.?
  95. I need a nickname for my friend named Brittany.....?
  96. How much time out of my day would a shih tzu puppy take up?
  97. My over weight golden retriever isn't loosing weight?
  98. What is the address of the house on the corner of Seymour and Chihuahua in
  99. what do you think my chihuahua is mixed with?
  100. Italian Greyhound Question? Vet?
  101. I have a question about my Toy Fox Terrier.?
  102. Does anyone know where I can get a growth chart for a siberian husky.?
  103. Is it possible for the chihuahuas ears to drop after a while?
  104. Are Shih Tzu a good breed of dogs to have?
  105. Am I a good boxer for my age?
  106. husky or chow chow which one is better?
  107. My pet pug chewing problem!?
  108. My 1year old Labrador retriever acts crazy just like shown in 'marley and me' movie?
  109. ONLY Basset Hound Owners Please Comment ;o) Easy points!?
  110. my dachshund only likes certain people?
  111. How can I break the biting habit of my 4 month old golden retriever?
  112. Jack Russell Terrier/Beagle Mix How Big They Get?
  113. Does anyone know where i can buy a cavalier king charles spaniel?
  114. I can't seem to get my Vizsla to gain weight.?
  115. What other dog breed is like an english bulldog?
  116. Should I get an English Bulldog?
  117. Thinking about getting a chihuahua?
  118. Does anyone own a Newfoundland?
  119. Why does my Yorkshire Terrier keep biting at her paws?
  120. How can I protect my new home from my jumpy/territorial basset hound?
  121. Reputable Shih Tzu breeders in Nor Cal.?
  122. Qustion about top boxers fights?
  123. Rottweiler and Brindle colour long legged Staff - Difference in coat?
  124. Why does my 1 year-old standard poodle pee in the house?
  125. Can my chihuahua have worms?
  126. My 5 mnth beagle puppy whines gets in a state if she holds her cuddly toy cat
  127. breeding toy poodles?
  128. Where can I get a Border Collie puppy in Canterbury, New Zealand?
  129. Do pregnant poodles nest ?
  130. What to name a landseer newfoundland dog ?
  131. about how much yearly would a chihuahua be?
  132. What do you think of this Rottweiler breeder? Reputable or not?
  133. I have 4 baby chihuahuas with bumps on there heads looks like the skin
  134. Where can I find the ad from citibank that had a french bulldog in it? About...
  135. Nintendogs Dachshunds and friends Action Replay (AR) codes?
  136. This boxer had these people involved in his career, Joe, Red, and Monk....
  137. I have a toy poodle, is there any harmless human conditioner I can use on him?
  138. What is it with Morrissey and pugs?
  139. Can a Male Chihuahua mate with a Golden Retriever?
  140. Where can i get a great dane puppy in Western Australia?
  141. What does briefs / boxers say about a man?
  142. Please help me!! I want to find a bearded Collie but cant find them anywhere? Are...
  143. Why do pugs tilt their heads?
  144. Horrific beagle behavior?
  145. My irish setters nose is pink?
  146. Best way to get from Houston Greyhound terminal to downtown?
  147. severe ear problems with miniature yorkshire terrier, any answers?
  148. pug or bulldog ??????
  149. What's the truth about dalmatians?
  150. What age can i breed my male rottweiler ?
  151. Jack Russell Terrier owners Please?
  152. I have been thinking about getting a boxer for our family....?
  153. What is the average price of a miniature english bulldog from a respectable breeder?
  154. Do you like these boxers?
  155. Where's a good place to buy boxers?
  156. American Eagle Boxers??????
  157. how much is a finnish spitz puppy i need to know?
  158. Toy poodle Heat Cycle?
  159. 12 week old Welsh Terrier puppy's ear droops. What can I do?
  160. Anyone know any havanese breeders plz I need help!?
  161. Does anyone own a pomeranian?
  162. I have a 2 yr old Pomeranian/Scottish Terrior Mix. I just got a 5yr old
  163. What do i do!! my tiny chihuahua just gave birth to a dog and it is still fat.?
  164. For people who have chihuahua mix, what do you think?
  165. My 11 yr old poodle had two super loose teeth, I pulled them, Will he be ok?
  166. Need voted for flat coated retriever names!!! Just adopted one.?
  167. I Have a Overwheight Chihuahua?
  168. Why has my 7 yr old boxer not eating nor drinking and throwing up foam with
  169. Why does my puppy chihuahua pee all the time?
  170. Is my dog a Yorkie Terrier or Silky Terrier?
  171. Bully bitch and boxer problems?
  172. I think rottweiler is pregnant but something weird is going on..?
  173. Is a German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd a good guard dog? (BEST ANSWER!!!)?
  174. My pomeranian pukes everyonce in a while and it's foamy, the vet said nothing
  175. I have a 6 month old boxer that pottys every 5 minutes?
  176. Labrador Retriever vs Golden Retriever vs American Pit Bull Terrier?
  177. How should we prepare to give our poodle a show cut?
  178. my husky wants my chihuahua?
  179. Is a puggle considered a pure breed being as they are a cross between a beagle
  180. So, about three months ago I got a boxer/german Shepard mix, and he's
  181. I want a German Shepherd dog, but they're too expensive?
  182. sheet music for secret garden - papillon?
  183. Is it to late to train my Rottweiler?
  184. what was a boxer breed to do?
  185. boxers to briefs??????
  186. Does anyone know any havanese breeders if so plz give their name,tel and...
  187. how often can i breed my bull-mastiff?
  188. What is a good name for a female miniature dachshund?
  189. How much to feed out 9 week old female Bullmastiff?
  190. Help with a 15Month American Bulldog.?
  191. How do I get my boxer english bulldog mix to stop biting?
  192. i have a 1 year old pug that cant stop scratching.?
  193. Why are Greyhounds dog considered livestock in some states that they race in?
  194. Help with names for a Golden Retriever?
  195. How much dose a greyhound busdriver make a year?
  196. Which of these celebs wear boxers?
  197. Anyone have a Greyhound?
  198. Can you show me some pictures of long haired blue merle Dachshund?
  199. Help. Boston Terrier has Major Seizure Disorder!?
  200. Will my Pugs Die from chocolate?
  201. the greater swiss mountain dog?
  202. What do you think of this pug?
  203. What is the life expectancy of a purebred golden retriever?
  204. Information about Beagles?
  205. what does a beagle and a hungarian vizsla mixed breed look like?
  206. I watch my sons fifteen month old boxer everyday and I?
  207. Chihuahua info for a teenage girl?
  208. Is it true Basset Hounds don't swim?
  209. hey i just got a 2 yr. old collie german shepard mix, it wont listen, its...
  210. My beagle ate 16 donuts in one night?
  211. whippet owners help...?
  212. my pug so hyperactive and poops alot!?
  213. can anyone recomend homeopathic remedies for a large greyhound..?
  214. how can i help pomeranian in labor?
  215. Where is a place where I can adopt a Chihuahua for 100 dollars or under?
  216. Where can a person view a boxer's previous fight videos?
  217. Very stinky dachshund?
  218. Can you get Mastiff dogs fixed?
  219. How much attention do french bulldogs need?
  220. Which do women prefer on men boxers or briefs?
  221. Has my chihuahua seen a ghost?
  222. Where can I order a men's sweater/sweatshirt with a black poodle on the front?
  223. Are Miniature Australian Shepherd Agility Dogs?
  224. All you doggie owners out there!! Welsh Springer Spaniel as a first dog?
  225. Questions about French Bulldog Breeding?
  226. what is a good name to call a chihuahua female puppy?
  227. why is it every time i see a greyhound at the dog park or around the neighborhood
  228. pennwood pugs information?
  229. Are there any English Bull Terrier shows in the north west area of england?
  230. How old is my American Bulldog?
  231. Which do women prefer on men boxer shorts or briefs?
  232. Papillon puppies in Indianapolis.?
  233. Where can I go in Charleston, SC to get border collie puppies?
  234. Ideal dimensions of dog crate for Jack Russell Terriers?
  235. what are the birthing problems of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  236. Is it possible for a mini Dachshund to get pregnant from a lab/pointer mix?
  237. greyhound bus windows?
  238. my rottweiler is pregnant the pups are moveing whan will they be born?
  239. What to do for a runny pug?
  240. is there a such thing as girl boxers? (not the fighters the clothing)?
  241. How do i get my dachshund to stop digging in my yard?
  242. sports bras and boys boxer/briefs?
  243. We just got an collie and she is afraid of noises, like cars taking her...
  244. What's wrong with my dalmatian molly?
  245. Why is my chihuahua so mean?
  246. My Pomeranian ate some weeds in the backyard and now he is vomiting. How...
  247. About my German shepherd Dog!!!!?
  248. im after some wacky boxer shorts with 'Groom' on them.?
  249. Advice about a 7 month old beagle?
  250. Do you know of a good Basset Hound breeder in Florida?