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  1. My Lab/Great Dane bit the neighbors dog ear off on my land, can I get in...
  2. Bored and wondering...what else does my border collie mix have in her?
  3. Who are the top 5 Trenton boxers of all time?
  4. what percentage of labrador retrievers get hip problems? mine is a male and is 7
  5. where in somerset can i get the back end of my W reg pug 306 lowered?
  6. I have a American Bulldog mix, she is about 60 lbs, how much dry food should she...
  7. My 1/2 Dane 1/2 English Mastiff is 14mos and has not come into heat?
  8. Can you tell me a little about a Bichon Frise?
  9. I have a Norwegian Elkhound?
  10. Do these look like pure border collies to you? Pic?
  11. What would you consider an appropriate age to have a shih tzu spayed?
  12. Saint Bernard owners please help?
  13. Can you help me decide between a boxer and a labrador?
  14. Border Collies as a 'first' dog?
  15. How can I train my chihuahua to use the bathroom outside?
  16. Is there such a thing? (Regarding Miniature Pinscher)?
  17. My Chihuahua is addicted....?
  18. MASTITIS! I put a deposit on a English Bulldog that died last night, mom had
  19. Question for Mexicans about people from Chihuahua Mexico?
  20. what is the recipe for Puppy Chow?
  21. Male Dachshund dog's erection unable to retract?
  22. How do you train your chihuahua to stop barking too much?
  23. How to stop my 3 year old Beagle from peeing in the house!?
  24. What should I do before breeding my pure breed Labrador Retriever?
  25. Female pug owners, have a question?
  26. My chihuahua Does Pee, every time he get excited or see some one new? whats wrong?
  28. Tmorrow i am picking up a king charles spaniel girl, does anybody know of...
  29. Do Border Collies protect?
  30. I have a question about my shih-tzu?
  31. What breed mix of dog do you think this is? Labeling it a Poodle Mix..?
  32. Boxer's Fracture Healing?
  33. How long do boxers live?
  34. Are there any English Bulldog puppies ready in March that don't cost over $1500?
  35. my poodles have really bad breath and nothing seems to help ive tried everything i
  36. is $250 a reasonable price to pay for a lhasa apso puppy, 10 weeks old?
  37. Alaskan husky vs. Siberian Husky..whats the difference?
  38. Boxers or Breifs? question for guys and girls?
  39. How should I have my Shih-Tzu puppy groomed? ***Pic***?
  40. Is my chihuahua having nightmares or is there something eles wrong..?
  41. Can you tell Snoopy is a beagle from his drawing?
  42. Is the Flat-Coated retriever a good dog for a family?
  43. Our 2 almost 3 year old miniature schnauzer bites little kids!!!!?
  44. Would a 2 Pound Chihuahua be considered a dangerous dog?
  45. This is sorta weird but where can I get Girl Boxers?
  46. 5mo old Shih Tzu poops wherever he wants.?
  47. What's usually the normal cost of a purebred teacup female Pomeranian puppy?
  48. I am looking for a Brown and White Boston Terrier puppy. Does anyone know of a
  49. Are Teacup Poodles hard to train?
  50. Is it good to buy a yorkshire terrier from a news paper ad?
  51. Which is the best name for my Australian Cattle Dog puppy?
  52. how to regulate my 2month pug puppy's meal timing?he has a sudden loss in appetite...
  53. What is a good name for an all black Newfoundland dog?
  54. how to help my pug stop itching?
  55. Rottweiler German Shepherd or a Black Lab German Shepherd cross?
  56. How to become a boxer?
  57. My Boxer is 16 months old and still pee's like a female...lol?
  58. My Pekingese has been in heat for 4 weeks now, is this common with this breed.?
  59. Does anyone know the length of an 8 week old Jack Russell Terrier pup?
  60. Siberian Husky puppy help?
  61. Slimming belts for boxers- do they work?
  62. Kenneling a poodle mix dog...Is it ok?
  63. I am looking for recommendations for dry food for my boxer?
  64. How do pregnant chihuahua act?
  65. What boxer had the most draws in world title fights?
  66. What breed dog should we get (we live in an apartment)? English Bulldog
  67. is too much protein bad for my 3 month old great dane?
  68. How do u become a male teen model? Like the ones in the boxer pack. 10 pts to
  69. ameture boxer fights?
  70. Where can I get health statistics on Labradors, Pointers and Rough Collies?
  71. Is my chihuahua possessed by demonic beings?
  72. What's the Average Price of a Purebred Boxer?
  73. Why does my pug have to sleep under the covers?
  74. Staffordshire bull terriers, your views?
  75. What does dark chow mean in most songs?
  76. How can I get my fat beagle to lose sime weight?
  77. Do Schnauzers have black gums?
  78. Why do I like guys that show their boxers?
  79. Can Boston Terriers do weight pulling?
  80. I'm trying to find a reputable Pug and an English Bulldog reeder in Florida... help!?
  81. What are the risks of owning a chihuahua?
  82. what is cheaper than greyhound?
  83. I think my 12 month old collie is on her period?
  84. 10 Month old Pomeranian tried to bite?
  85. Is the chihuahua the most popular dog in the world?
  86. Problems with my papillon. please helpp?
  87. I'm getting a border collie/ golden retriever mix dog... (Picture)?
  88. how much will it cost to insure my rottweiler?
  89. Is it alright to wear boxers in a pool to swim?
  90. I have a Labrador and I was wondering if King charles spaniel would be a good match?
  91. My dachshund has gone paralyzed in his back legs what should i do?
  92. what is the perfect name for a beagle?
  93. Can a 7 month-old male boxer inseminate a female?
  94. Cairn Terrier breed line?
  95. Border Collies - Troublesome Little Devils?
  96. Where can I look to buy a small sized yorkshire terrier?
  97. old english sheepdog or bernese mountain dog?
  98. Greyhounds + Stairs; do they need to be taught to use them as growing dogs as...
  99. Where can i find a rottweiler pup in arizona?
  100. How do I get my collie/heeler puppy to eat?
  101. Does anyone else own a lhasa apso?
  102. Why is my 1 1/2 yr old boxer scratching her chin like its nobodys business??!!?
  103. which name is better for a girl chihuahua? (choose from names below)?
  104. My Rottweiler 2 year old dog last couple days has been puking up after...
  105. what r some good names for webkinz basset hounds? please reply fast?
  106. what can happen if a chihuahua falls on it's head?
  107. whats the name for a jack russell terrier/ basenji mix?
  108. My english mastiff puppy has curly hair.?
  109. my 7mo golden retriever girl is going to get fixed?
  110. Why does my beagle obsessively lick his paws?
  111. It seems my 8 month old boxer dog is not gaining weight?
  112. Any creative names for a female Boston Terrier?
  113. Is a coyote strong enough to kill a Jack Russell Terrier if the dog was +/-...
  114. I have a 13 month old siberian husky that had puppies a little over 12 wks ago.?
  115. How are Boxadors (boxer/lab mix) with kids?
  116. Female Bull terrier behaviour to me being pregnant?
  117. Is it possible for a litter borne of the breeding of two miniature...
  118. Do I have to neuter my chihuahua in order to have him potty trained?
  119. do Brazilian Mastiffs work good in gruops of 2?
  120. Help with naming my female Rottweiler.?
  121. what could be wrong with my beagle?
  122. Middle name similar to Brittany?
  123. Cheaper: Amtrak or Greyhound?
  124. Information about Siberian Huskies from owners?.?
  125. Why do tv shows or movies always try to make it look like an actor wears boxers?
  126. can I register a german rottweiler in AKC?
  127. How big does a Teddy Bear (Shih Tzu, Poodle Yorkie) get?
  128. Border Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs Australian Shepherds?
  129. Who are the most exciting boxers in the Phoenix, AZ area and where can I see
  130. What are some good names for a pug :)?
  131. Which chihuahua is the cutest?
  132. Corgi or greyhound??
  133. Do Greyhounds bite easily?
  134. Name of two pistols used by Tequila (Chow Yun Fat) in Hard Boiled?
  135. Is animal lard used in cooking vegetable chow mein?
  136. I am adopting a dog on Saturday. She is a chihuahua but her dad had long
  137. Were thinking about getting a dog? Boxer, Beagle, help?
  138. Is my Shih Tzu going to be ok?
  139. POLl: do you prefer me in brifes or boxers?
  140. Getting a Golden Retriever pup. Male or female?
  141. is my new puppys hair style a cut or natural? (i think he's a Confetti Schnauzer)?
  142. How's this match for WM 25 - Big Show vs Russian boxer Nikolai Valuev?
  143. Where can I get... (any poodle breeders...)?
  144. When do long-haired dachshunds grow out their hair?
  145. Info on the dog breed Basenji?
  146. chihuahua.............?
  147. How to help my poodle through change?
  148. Need some advice about my Staffordshire bull terrier?
  149. What non-boxers from other sports would you pay to see fight at 10 rounder?
  150. How should I train my chihuahua?
  151. my girlfriend wants me to wear boxer-briefs but i wear boxers i want to...
  152. Going for Yellow or Black English Labrador Retriever?
  153. Lazy Jack Russell Terrier?!?
  154. hi i have just brought home a 7 week old border collie x lab + hes very quiet...
  155. golden retrievers hair wont grow?
  156. Average weight for a one year old male saint bernard?
  157. Where to find a Shiba Inu?
  158. For the Greyhound buses, do they check your ID if you're 15?
  159. about how much is a male beagle pup? estimation please.?
  160. why does my Chihuahua keep biting my jack russell?
  161. Pug pooping in the house?
  162. How big are boxers.......?
  163. why are technically all the top 30 fastest men and best boxers black?
  164. any tips on potty training my new Boston Terrier puppy?
  165. Who else has or has had a golden retriever?
  166. Shih Tzu has very watery eyes! Any cure or RX to stop this?
  167. HELP !! Our little chihuahua has a behavioral problem that we working out...
  168. Troublesome Jack Russell Terrier (WALKING)?
  169. English Mastiff back feet problems?
  170. My pug has skin problems, any remedies or help?
  171. what can i do for my boxer to gain?
  172. ok i want a hunting dog but not a big one and it cant shed much.I also have a
  173. Can an American Eskimo dog be black?
  174. Thinking of rescuing a weimaraner...?
  175. are thare any boxers footballers still alive over on 80/90/100 10 points find 1?
  176. WANTED: Pomeranian puppy! WEST PALM BEACH, FL?
  177. Does an English springer spaniel/shiba inu hybrid exist?
  178. writing a speech about german shorthaired pointers and i need a bold strong
  179. What are the pro's and con's of a Newfoundland dog?
  180. Can I give my 8 week old Toy Poodle puppy a bath?
  181. HELP!! iv got explosive diarrhea. iv jhad it for a week already. iif i try to...
  182. My Pomeranian is sick! He's vomiting and trembling:(?
  183. Good Names for a female bullmastiff?
  184. I'm considering adopting a 6 year old yorkshire terrier what questions should I ask
  185. How do you get a 3 year old Beagle to stop going through the trash!?
  186. What is a good name for a girl Basset Hound?
  187. Help from someone who knows about Shih-tzu's?
  188. Discontinuing Litter use for Miniature Pinscher?
  189. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy?
  190. where is a good place to adopt a beagle in north london?
  191. my pug has a weird obsession . . .?
  192. Can I use human eye drops for my Shih tzu?
  193. Do you like these boxers?
  194. rescuing a doberman pinscher?
  195. Whats your experinces with Bull mastiffs?
  196. What 2 American Eagle boxer briefs should I get?
  197. I have a Weimaraner anyone else?
  198. When I'm older and I get dogs I want a weimaraner, a golden retriever, and a
  199. My long haired chihuahua washes her face like my cat does. Is this normal or is...
  200. Male Chihuahua names?
  201. How do you go to the gym in Nintendogs Dachshunds and friends?
  202. I need help with my pug. She has skin allergies. Need help?
  203. my dog (4yr.old pug) is wobbling. i just noticed it when i got home 20 minutes...
  204. male or female Basenji?
  205. Poll: Do you think Poodles are embarrassed by their silly haircuts?
  206. my Chihuahuas hate each other HELP!?
  207. Why does my poodle whimper while chewing on a stuffed toy?
  208. Beagle Internet - Unlimited Access from $12.95 a month. www.beagle.com.au?
  209. What is the average price of a boston terrier puppy?
  210. my 5 month old great dane?
  211. which dog, Beagle,Cavalier king charles spaniel or Border Collie?
  212. How much would a Golden Labrador Retriever cost?
  213. Looking for a mix between a bull mastiff and an english bulldog. Anyone know where...
  214. I just rescued a 2 year old dachshund..?
  215. Can Nate Campbell Beat 140 lb Boxers?
  216. i want to be a boxer ...can i?
  217. With Feinstein and Boxer, isn't Calif. getting what they deserve?
  218. found a name for my schnauzer.. what do you think?
  219. German Shepherd Dog Toronto Ontario Canada?
  220. Can I use a single shot 16 gauge shotgun to hunt small game and migratory...
  221. is a beagle equally energetic ike a labrador.?
  222. bichon frise hard to house train?
  223. Poll: Briefs of Boxers.........?
  224. Why is my English bulldog all of a sudden peeing all over him self and
  225. [pictures] What is this lump on my golden retrievers neck [pictures]?
  226. My Pomeranian is in heat!?
  227. What would some good pomeranian dog names be?
  228. rottweiler health HELP?
  229. A good chow mein recipe?
  230. My mini-schnauzer is a hairy guy. His hair was growing over his penis so I...
  231. from greyhound station to lax airport?
  232. Pug puppies, preferably small?
  233. my english bulldog has parvo and on top of it he now has an upper respiratory...
  234. are norwegian elkhound dogs pretty big ?
  235. Can border collies be happy in the suburbs?
  236. Whenever my shih tzu goes Poop it gets it all over its butt?
  237. i would like to see a photo of a pregnant rottweiler she is about 60days she...
  238. I'm scared to ride the Greyhound bus?
  239. How common or uncommon is it for a Great Dane...?
  240. I would like to know all about Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  241. How to cure a depressed pug?
  242. Is it typical for Bernese Mountain Dogs to be so attached?
  243. what dog food would you suggest i feed my 4 month old bullmastiff?
  244. My chihuahua help??? Please?
  245. My beagle is suddenly really sad and walking around the house with her tail...
  246. where can i find a stud lhasa apso or shitzu?
  247. Aggressive, Rescued Rottweiler's Bad Behavior?
  248. Is Lhasa Apso A good Dog?
  249. Why is my chihuahua growling at my husband?
  250. I Don't know what to name a new dog that's a Poodle?