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  1. Is it true that great dane dogs are dumb,not too smart?
  2. are toy poodles an endotherm or an ectotherm?
  3. how long can an english bulldog take an antibiotic meds for ear infection?
  4. If you own a Weimaraner, please read!?
  5. Has anyone ever seen a german shepherd police dog with floppy ears?
  6. my mastiff x bull arab just had ten puppies father is mastiff x french mastiff
  7. Pregnant Beagle, Gestation? and early puppy?
  8. I need help with my chihuahua, she's in a lot of pain...?
  9. Help! My dog, 2 year old Shih-tzu, has black head or pimple looking things
  10. Would a great dane or a mastiff be better?
  11. Does anyone else think satin boxer shorts are weird..?
  12. adopting a 10 month old bull terrier.?
  13. I need help in getting a dog to go out for restroom breaks. he is a 7 mth
  14. Where is a really good Breeder in oregon for Poodles?
  15. I have toy chihuahuas that i want to sell, but was wondering how much i should...
  16. Does anyone have any golden retriever mutts for sale for a cheap price?
  17. I have a German boxer dog.?
  18. im a boxer and therefore i train everyday and do alot of running... my chest hurts
  19. silky terrier marking territory!!?
  20. My Shiba Inu swallowed part of a plastic spoon, kinda sharp. Will she be okay, or...
  21. What does Chow mean in chinese?
  22. how to make chow mein and fried rice?
  23. Where can I buy a mini Dachshund?
  24. my rottweiler puppy cant stay up and he looks weak his 8 months a vets...
  25. how old does my chihuahua have to be...?
  26. Who's the chick in the Bloodhound Gang's Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss music video?
  27. I need information on Jack Russell Terriers?
  28. What are boxer-mastiff mix dogs like?
  29. im getting a miniature poodle and have some questions?
  30. Poodle owners advice please?
  31. how to get a super dragon chow in dragon fable?
  32. i have a month old chihuahua i dont know whats wrong with her she wont eat and she
  33. I have a 6 month old boxer. She gets very excited every time she sees
  34. What do I feed my English Bulldog who is allergic to everything?
  35. Will my papillon's hair grow?
  36. How to clean under the eyes of a Shih-Tzu?
  37. Does anyone know of ne place to Buy a Mini American Eskimo or pomeranian...
  38. Hi, I am getting a collie cross puppy. Do you think a cross lab or cocker spaniel...
  39. The skin on my healthy 8 year old golden retrievers tummy has turned brown very...
  40. What is wrong with my chinese shar pei? He has a big half dollar sized bald...
  41. are dalmatians good with kids?
  42. My 10 month old Boxer puppy ... EASY ONE?
  43. White German Shepherd Dog?
  44. How do I convince my dad in to getting a boxer?
  45. does anyone know were to find coupon valid codes for greyhound bus?
  46. How do you groom a Great Pyrenees?
  47. Australian Shepard/labrador retriever mix?
  48. mastiff won't go up or down stairs?
  49. Has anybody heard of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and what do you think of them?
  50. Do shih-tzu's get diarrhea for there baby teeth coming out?
  51. Is David Hayemaker Haye the best heavyweight boxer at the moment?
  52. i'm gonna buy a toy poodle but not sure whether is it pure breed or not?
  53. Usually about how much will a breeder charge for a pomeranian?
  54. Why does my Pug turn his butt toward me when excited?
  55. What are your opinions of beagles?
  56. will a dogo argentino be a good guard dog?
  57. boxers or briefs, is it the same?
  58. Border Collie Breeding Question?
  59. Is www.kijiji.com a good place to buy english bulldogs?
  60. I need help with my toy poodle,i am in china now for 18 months and a friend...
  61. From your experience, what are boxer dogs like?
  62. What is a good nickname for my 5 month pembroke welsh corgi?
  63. Is it normal for my pomeranian to follow me around everywhere?
  64. Boston Terrier and a Daschund Puppy?
  65. long and short hair chihuahuas-CKC?
  66. My french mastiff has been eating our other dog's stool for a few months now.?
  67. How much food does a Yorkshire Terrier eat?
  68. best recommened food for both maltese and silky terrier?
  69. Does a bernese mountain dog make a good pet?
  70. How can I stop my Border Collie's bad habits of licking (please read details)?
  71. Help!!! How do i stop my dog from barking and howling all night?!?! He is half...
  72. One word to describe a poodle..?
  73. Needs a German Shepherd dog name?
  74. English Bulldog AKC Registration name HELP!?
  75. Who do you think the best all time boxer is from the major weight class divisions?
  76. standard poodle question?
  77. How can you tell when a shih-tzu is sick?
  78. why is the 5 month old bichon frise nervous as it was not nervous as a puppy?
  79. What's A Good Language To Command A Toy Poodle In?
  80. So, anyone who lives in Newfoundland Canada, do you know anywhere I can get a job...
  81. if a male Chihuahua mated with a female great dane would there be babies?
  82. Is feeding your pomeranian human food very rarely hurtful?
  83. I'm looking for Great Dane Breeders in Colorado?
  84. If a male great dane mated with a female chihuahua...?
  85. Has the kc ruined the siberian husky?
  86. is my toy poodle's leg sprained?
  87. why is my 7 month old female chihuahua so...?
  88. Anyone know how or where I can find a home for a full blood schnauzer?
  89. Basset Hound owners question?
  90. How to get from Dallas Fort Worth Airport to the nearest Greyhound Bus Station?
  91. why wasnt jesus born in newfoundland?
  92. Cane Corso , or French Mastiff?
  93. What would be a good name for a pug?
  94. Was Muhammed Ali an over rated Boxer or not? I ask this as i recently saw a
  95. Staffordshire bull terrier vs bull terrier?
  96. Pug eye problems? I am really concerned about her.?
  97. What is there to do at greyhound's Albuquerque station?
  98. my chihuahua eats her own poop why is that?
  99. What would be a good name for a red and white Border Collie?
  100. I'm getting 4 day old rottweiler with small white streak under the tan...
  101. i have a full blooded beagle who's tail was not docked i got him at a shelter and
  102. My dog is a Beagle/english setter mix and he is out of control!?
  103. is it ok for guys to wear thongs instead of boxers?
  104. How much would you pay for a 6 month old pedigree Old English Sheepdog?
  105. how do i stop my 11 week old boxer from crying in her cage whenever we leave her...
  106. My chihuahua screams if anyone comes near me?
  107. I need a name for my new Pomeranian?
  108. Does anyone know a good Pekingese breeder around South Texas?
  109. Is she a Great Dane or mixed?
  110. Is an English mastiff enough fun for two boys?
  111. guys if i own a golden retriever and want own one more dog as his playmate...
  112. Dogue de Bordeaux(French Mastiff) vs Doberman?
  113. How much do you pay for your yorkshire terrier to get a checkup?
  114. Questions about Newfoundland Labrador?
  115. Shiba inu for sale in pa?
  116. I need advice on my Golden Retriever.?
  117. Why is my English Bulldog limping?
  118. What to kind of dog to breed with a Australian Shepherd?
  119. I asked about my american bulldogs aggression?
  120. I have a 14 month Chihuahua that keeps vomiting up a foamy Liquid.?
  121. I plan to purchase a komondor from a breeder named Nancy Torok.?
  122. Does anyone have a Greyhound?
  123. my 22 week old husky cross with boxer puppy is still making a mess at night even...
  124. Would you say Mini Dachshunds are good pets for kids?
  125. Is this a purebred labrador retriever or a mix?
  126. My Beagle WON'T go bathroom outside?
  127. Im not a breeder I have never had baby pugs.?
  128. 11 week old Boxer puppy having seizures?
  129. should i worry about deers and raccoons attacking my jack russell terrier i just...
  130. Does anyone here have a American Pit Bull Terrier/Rottweiler mix? What is it like?
  131. What is a good breed to breed an English bulldog!?
  132. Boxer puppy won't stop sneezing, closing one eye?
  133. What Breeder Do You reccomned TO Buy A Chihuahua From In Canada?
  134. Should I get a 6 week old lhasa apso or a 4 month old one?
  135. has anyone had a english bulldog who had an aggresion problem? Did getting
  136. I need help with quantities for feeding a 3 month old Whippet puppy the...
  137. What is the difference between a Neopolitan Mastiff, Bull Mastiff, and a Mastiff?
  138. Female staffordshire bull terrier constantly wetting herself?
  139. Arturo Gatti: a journeyman boxer or a prizefighter? Any thoughts or opinions?
  140. Shih Tzu throwing up yellowish bile? Help, please?
  141. 9wk toy poodle will pee on newspaper but refuses to pooh on it?
  142. Chihuahua question...................?
  143. How could i get rid of my shih-tzu's bad breath?
  144. Can anyone advise me on grooming my komondor?
  145. bullmastiff for stud, how much?
  146. 17 year old mini-dachshund gets confused and lost in yard.?
  147. Is the Havanese a good type of dog?
  148. Questions about english setter?
  149. Why does my 3 month chihuahua hate his collar?
  150. Should I get my Boston Terrier male fixed or use him as a stud to breed?
  151. Are cairn terrier yorkie mixes Hypoallergenic?
  152. Are all Pekingese's paws sensitive?
  153. I have a 3 1/2 old mini dachshund puppy he is a very picky eater.?
  154. Questions about newfoundland dogs please answer?
  155. Boston terrier breeders around PA?
  156. Which is a better dog, The Labrador Retriever or the Rottweiler?
  157. How to get my 3 year old dogs used to my 8 wk minature schnauzer. He just...
  158. Is it a bad idea to get a teacup chihuahua if I have basset hounds?
  159. Skye Terriers...What are your experiences with them?
  160. where can i adopt a english bulldog puppy in ny or a boardering state.?
  161. Border Collie, standing in line at agility will try to herd dog at front,
  162. Can anyone help me pick out a good name for either a dappled girl dachshund
  163. who is a Yorkshire Terrier Owner?
  164. Bullmastiff puppy ear taping and weight?
  165. Boston Terrier/Chihuahua Terrrier traits?
  166. Best Way To Housebreak a Dachshund?
  167. I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt that I was petting two collies (lassie) in
  168. Schnauzer X Cavalier Pictures?
  169. Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever?
  170. Chow-Down Sundays! Ideas?
  171. Going to buy a pug and need some advice?
  172. How to strengthen body structure of a rottweiler?
  173. what was Brittany wearing during the lie detecter test? That was so cool and I cant
  174. Does any one no anything about a jack russel cross beagle?
  175. my shitzu Lhasa apso mix snaps and growls at my husband and I when we try to...
  176. Female Rottweiler name. Aubry Vs. Tori (Vote)?
  177. When did you switch from boxers to briefs or vice versa?
  178. i have a 3 month mini pincher chihuahua and like 1 week i found a tooth on the
  179. I have a picture from the Franklin Picture Company,it is 43 3/8by 38in. It is of
  180. Can a middleweight boxer be excited as a heavyweight?
  181. Good names for a girl Miniature Dachshund?
  182. What can you tell me about Norfolk Terriers, Cairn Terriers and Scottish Terriers?
  183. How do I tell my mom i would like boxers instead of briefs?
  184. Pomeranian's, breeding or have one?
  185. Has anyone got an Airedale terrier?
  186. I just got a boxer-lab mix puppy and my property manager wants me to prove
  187. Can anyone help me with finding a Norwich Terrier Brussels Griffon breeder in...
  188. Are Collies,,,,,,,not border collie but Collies, like lassie lol.....protective?
  189. whats the average cost for a maltipoo or a toy poodle?
  190. Is a golden retriever good at retrieving things?
  191. All my questions are about my Chihuahua?
  192. I`m getting a Shar-Pei!? HELP!!!!?
  193. My puppy Border Collie growls like a monster at my older dog... Like a...
  194. my pugs left tear duct looks like its swollen, pretty much all the time.
  195. What's a good English Mastiff name?
  196. why are virtually all the top 30 fastest men and best boxers black? are...
  197. In the future I want to get two purebred Boxers, brother and sister but?
  198. Introducing Siberian Huskies to a new kitten?
  199. which dog should i take between golden retriever and labrador retriever?
  200. How do you train a great dane not to lean on you?
  201. Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever?
  202. i'm having major issues with my 6 month old dachshund?
  203. Paper Training Pug. Not going so well. Any tips?? please help!!?
  204. Whats to be done with 'Timmy'? poodle who bit woman's nose off in Italy?
  205. what are the breeds related to the shar pei?
  206. why my 1 year old poodle has this attacks?
  207. What temperature should a Shar-pei (the less wrinkly kind) should sleep in?
  208. Female Rottweiler, my mom want's to name her Tori, I dont like it.?
  209. Getting a pug...Need some names!!!?
  210. Teacup Chihuahua Puppies?
  211. which one boxer can beat anyone and everyone in boxing ?????
  212. Trunks or boxer briefs?
  213. My golden retriever puppy is sick (weak and not eating or drinking).?
  214. Good name for girl Samoyed puppy?
  215. Help!! I have an aggressive English Bulldog and would like to know what
  216. Ok..I have a Fem. Bossie and I breed Her to a Male.Pug-But she has not gained any...
  217. Gimme more Brittany : )?
  218. what interesting facts could you tell me about the beagle?Evryone claims they are
  219. Do siberian huskies drink more water than some other breeds?
  220. what is the average punches per minute in a boxer?
  221. Where can I buy a flat coated retriever (pedigree) in the UK?
  222. Is there anyone around Washington expecting American Mastiff puppies?
  223. going deef or blind boxer?
  224. Is the Greyhound bus station in St. Louis really that dangerous?
  225. Which of these names is better for my Yorkshire Terrier?
  226. What should i do about a beagle that is extremely hyper, sheds, and always seems...
  227. All fighters boxers...Please help me here?
  228. Choosing A guard dog Rottweiler, German sheperd, etc...?
  229. my dog is part pug part boston terrier but he has problems?
  230. I have a 13 month old siberian husky that had puppies a little over 13 wks. ago.?
  231. Shih Apso(cross between a shih tzu and a lasahapso) Information?
  232. where can i buy girl boxers?
  233. Any shelter with purebred english bulldogs?
  234. Large Golden Retriever Breeding.......?
  235. is it true that some insurance companies will not allow you to get a
  236. How should I get my Shih-Tzu puppy groomed **Pic***?
  237. it is about roy jones the boxer?
  238. How do you start out to become a boxer from 12 years old?
  239. Is it acceptable to wear boxers in a pool?
  240. Where can I find Norfolk terrier puppies in the UK?
  241. Chihuahua just had a few teeth removed-Cheek is really puffy on one side-Is it
  242. do greyhound buses have wifi?
  243. Chihuahua odd eating habits?
  244. I have a chihuahua whose mate of nine years died...?
  245. Some one please help me!!! My 4 year old shih tzu is coughing it sounds bad..?
  246. My Staffordshire bull terrier has lost a lot of weight...?
  247. Brittany's songs.. What is best for me?
  248. Help with my rottweiler?
  249. UK member, Where can I buy vesta chow mein etc. Thanks?
  250. my 6 week old chihuahua is eating the wrong things.....?