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  1. why does my shih-tzu still have worms?
  2. Ho to stop my schnauzer chewing and ripping things to pieces when I'm not home.?
  3. what do you do with a three month old golden retriever who is angry?
  4. which dog breed would you prefer, Rhodesian ridgeback, Irish wolfhound or a Boxer?
  5. Would an English setter be a reasonable wildfowling dog?
  6. What do you think about Great Dane dogs?
  7. Which do women prefer on men boxer shorts or briefs?
  8. Does any one on here own an Afghan Hound?
  9. How do you train a beagle...?
  10. Under weight lab/whippet cross?
  11. Anyone know any good names for a male long coat chihuahua?
  12. Italian greyhound hair loss on back (With pics)?
  13. Saint Bernard Question...?
  14. Suggestions on Great Dane Food?
  15. When a dog is in heat, how long do they spot? any1 ever put a diaper on a hyper...
  16. what should i name my new male pug puppy?
  17. What are some reputable Brittany breeders in southeast texas?
  18. Can a chihuahua live in the same house as a beagle?
  19. i have just got a 12 month old pomeranian. i find he barks when left alone
  20. Jack Russell Terriers ??
  21. How to start train a 1yo Rottweiler?
  22. How do I find a good poodle breeder in the mid-Atllantic area?
  23. Bichon Frisť puppy -When to wash?
  24. Which do women prefer on men boxer shorts or briefs?
  25. Why don't my collies have long hair?
  26. how much would it cost to get a doberman pinscher shipped over from eastern europe?
  27. What's an unusual/funny/different name to give a Golden Retriever?
  28. could chocolate poison a chihuahua dog?
  29. Would you rather get an American Eskimo Dog, Australian Shepherd, or a maltese...
  30. I need information on Shar-Pei dogs!HELP!?
  31. How Can I keep my Miniature Schnauzer from getting mats on her?
  32. is the pomeranian chiuahua or welsh corgi the cutest dog?
  33. Chihuahuas, are they good with other dogs?
  34. if u have to own a pet and u choose labrador retriever then which colour...
  35. What color will this chow chow baby most likely end up?
  36. Good name for a pomeranian?
  37. would it be a good idea for a small ( 100 lb ) lady to get a great pyrenees puppy?
  38. my shih tzu got bit by my boxer/lab mix and he is not acting normal is this common?
  39. I think I want to get a shiba Inu is that a good choice?
  40. why dont none of the boxers around welterweight fight each other?
  41. how do i get my chihuahua, short hair mix to relate to me ?
  42. Is a boxer's chin the more overrated part of the sport of boxing?
  43. Male puppy miniature dachshund names?
  44. how old a female chow should be when she's ready for mating?
  45. is it normal for a female pug to be in heat for 8 weeks?
  46. how to build muscle on a doberman pinscher ( NO STUPID ANSWERS PLS )?
  47. Beagle/pug mix (puggle) like to swim and play?
  48. Which one is better Alaskan Malamute or Siberian Husky?
  49. What would I need to get for a 6 month old Pomeranian?
  50. Question about Basenji and Allergies?
  51. Whippets/Lurchers and cats?
  52. How much for a pug and what do i need to know?
  53. cute picture of saluki?
  54. Can I buy Greyhound bus ticket at the station, or anywhere not online (because I
  55. My beagle needs more fiber in his diet?
  56. Akc dachshund's?????????????????????
  57. My Shih Tzu is having surgery today and I'm worried?
  58. any shelters with westies or bichon frise?
  59. dog tricks for boxers?
  60. Is there ever more than 8 Greyhounds in a dog race?
  61. chow mein noodle cookies?
  62. When my newfoundland is in season when is it too late to mate her?
  63. Is it safe to have our Shih-Tzu groomed yet?
  64. whos boxer now you considered to be the most exciting?
  65. What mix is my puppy? When we adopted her they said shes boxer/shepard. What do you
  66. Pros and cons about Chihuahuas?
  67. Why are there so many Shih Tzu's in the animal shelters?
  68. How often does a 6 week old basset hound puppy poop?
  69. Greyhound from Houston to Las Vegas,Lake Tahoe?
  70. Which is better....pomeranian vs. yorkie?
  71. House breaking a silky terrier in winter?
  72. Can you give a mini schnauzer cheese?
  73. my 3yr old american bulldog hates strangers and most men?
  74. I have a older German shepard mixed, 7 yr old fox terrier, a rat chow puppy and
  75. do airedale terriers make good dogs?
  76. 3 Year Old Saint Bernard vs. Baby?
  77. how do i potty train my chihuahua?
  78. Anyone on here from Newfoundland, Canada?
  79. i have a 7mth old shih tzu who i'm sorry to say eats his own poo i can not
  80. My pure bred champion Teacup Chihuahua?
  81. Lots of Great Dane Questions!?
  82. which would i look best in boxer shorts or boxer briefs?
  83. I live in the Cleveland-Chattanoog TN area and I am looking for a teacup...
  84. my boxer has a rash now i do ?
  85. How do I stop my Mini Schnauzer from barking?
  86. Desperately seeking help for my Shih Tzu's potty habits?
  87. GIRLS: guy's boxers showing !?
  88. My Pug has a slight rash in his nose crease, any suggestions?
  89. Golden retriever or golden lab?
  90. P0ll:Pomeranian or long-haired chihuahua?
  91. If a rottweiler pup in a litter of 5 is born a little smaller than the rest if he...
  92. I'd like to learn a little more about dog breeds, weimereiners, labradoodles,...
  93. How big do a Chihuahua dachshund mix become?
  94. I have a 9 month old boxer that squats to pee, what can i use to clean him when he
  95. how do i talk my parent sinto a basset hound?
  96. Where can I get a bichon frise shih tzu mix for under $700?
  97. Bull terrier feeling sick?
  98. basset hound names and tips?
  99. Is my dalmatian molly going to be paralysed?
  100. good male bernese mountain dog name?
  101. Chihuahua Color Chocolate vs. Sable. Difference?
  102. My BF insists on breeding our leonberger...?
  103. My shih tzu has very dry skin on her back butt, it looks like dandruff, what can...
  104. I have a 5month old female beagle.. would like to know the right size dog crate...
  105. how do i talk my stepdad into getting a basset hound when i already have a beagle?
  106. Spring Spaniel or Samoyed?
  107. Greyhound and Cats. Oh Boy.?
  108. how long can you leave a standard poodle alone?
  109. What should I teach to my Newfoundland Puppy?
  110. How much of boxers should guys show?
  111. Ive got a 3 year old Golden Retriever who has had diarrhea for the last 2 days.?
  112. Can I use Selsun Blue on my Pomeranian?
  113. how long a great dane lives?
  114. I need help with my pug!?
  115. I'm getting a Siberian Husky mixed with a Collie Tomorrow?
  116. My 8 mo old cairn terrier/bichon has a bald spot, dry, flaky.?
  117. How do i get a yorkshire terrier to stop using the bathroom in his crate.?
  118. Any english bulldog breeders in georgia.under 1000 dollars.and dont have to be...
  119. i have been offered a 2 year old dog collie x staff would this be a good dog to
  120. maltese poodle, problems with eating?
  121. German Shepherd Police Dogs (Unused)?
  122. Shih tzu nail question?
  123. Pit Bull v.s. Rottweiler?
  124. where can i check the population of Newfoundland cities online?
  125. how should i feed my boxer to have thicker bones and a better muscle mass?
  126. Desperate for help with my Shih Tzu Peeing problem?
  127. Sores on my Chihuahua's ears?? Important (with pic)?
  128. What should I name my new toy poodle? HELP 10pts?
  129. Mini Schnauzers Size?
  130. white golden retriever! which name for him!?!?
  131. Anyone have a French or English Bulldog?
  132. Cherry eye in Lhasa Apso?
  133. POLL: Briefs or Boxers? Or the in-betweens?
  134. My chihuahua just had?
  135. how can you tell the difference between a coton de tulear and a bichon...
  136. Help... I need help with my rottweiler?
  137. I have a Shar-Pei! Do you!?
  138. Does any1 know any good breeders for beagles? in Ca area?
  139. Anybody know where to Get a Tea cup chihuahua in NY, USA?
  140. I have a chihuahua,17yrs old, He is coughing bad, ,plus he keeps chasing his
  141. How much can you be expected to pay in the UK for a bernese mountain dog?
  142. how much is a full breed female shih tzu worth?
  143. Are baby carrots a good treat for a teacup Chihuahua puppy?
  144. I really need help with my Rottweiler!! What should I do now?
  145. Does anyone own a pug/pit mix? And more importantly do you have a picture they
  146. I'm looking for a biggest guard dog.Is Mastiff the right dog or is there a bigger...
  147. Is this normal, about a Chihuahua who just had puppies?
  148. Ear infection in 2yr old boston terrier.?
  149. Weimaraner dog Owners, Thoughts or input?
  150. any mastiff neapolitan owners?
  151. My 7 month Golden Retriever has had a limp on his front leg for thre...
  152. jack russell terrier and alcohol?
  153. Are Boston Terriers Good Dogs?
  154. how big is a pit bull terrier?
  155. Golden Retrievers do u have one ?
  156. How much do Golden Retrievers usally cost ?
  157. if my boyfriend is allergic to dog hair would a french poodle be OK?
  158. i wanna get a Pomeranian puppy, but I need some info first?
  159. Which breed of dog should I get: Norwich Terrier, Shih Tzu, or Havanese?
  160. Help Neutered Chihuahua trying to mate with my new female jack russel mix!?
  161. can a male pitbull puppy live with another male english bulldog?
  162. I am i suitable owner for a border collie pup?
  163. Australian Kelpie owners...ANKC?
  164. i have a question regarding a english bulldog puppy?
  165. For a short period we changed foods from Pro Plan to Walmart Brand. We have
  166. Do I have time for a Rottweiler?
  167. Should I have my Miniature Dachshund neutered?
  168. Why Does My Boston Terrier have a weird smell coming out of her butt?
  169. Can my boston terrier be helped?
  170. Getting my first Labrador Retriever?
  171. Breeding my minature dachshund?
  172. My pekingese suddenly is terrified of me!!?
  173. I need a dalmatian puppy, i am staying in Chennai Villivakkam area, if any one
  174. At what age will my bull terrier's ears stand up completely?
  175. what is the perfect name for a (Bugg puppy) boston ,pug hybrid ?
  176. Are Clumber Spaniels good pets?
  177. When should a beagle be house trained?
  178. Irish setter or a Bearded collie?
  179. When will my 6-month old Miniature poodle gain her appetite again?
  180. English Bulldog Puppies for adoption?
  181. i have got to the stage were my underware are to small what shall i get i was
  182. When to take a shih-tzu for ther second shot?
  183. I have a shih tzu / maltese and she was bred with a yorkie \ maltese.. How
  184. spot on Shih Tzu's syes?
  185. I have a male Boston Terrier. Will his ears stand up on their own?
  186. What would happen if your greyhound killed a neighbor's cat.?
  187. why does this happen to my boston terrier?
  188. Girls- Boxers or briefs on guys?
  189. Pomeranian Puppy Needs Braces!?
  190. Good type of harness for a miniature Dachshund?
  191. should i get a basset hound ?
  192. What is your thought on Cairn Terriers?
  193. Tips please on getting my Whippet pup to pee off our property?
  194. I just got a boxer should I get a English or French bulldog?
  195. Is the Norwich Terrier a good type of dog?
  196. Question on beagle dog breed?
  197. american pit bull terrier or greyhound?
  198. I have 2 dogs, a rat terrier/jack russell and a beagle mix?
  199. Is there such thing as a micro teacup chihuahua?
  200. newfoundland flag when chosen?
  201. my boston terrier smells so bad.?
  202. Chihuahua problem, please give some advice-thanks!?
  203. How hard is it to raise a Rottweiler?
  204. American Eskimo dog temperaments?
  205. Anyone have a Beagle Corgi Mix?
  206. can a boston terrier sustain a pregnancy if the father is a blue tick? pleas help!?
  207. First-time owner, planning to get a female Yorkshire terrier?
  208. How does a Great Dane at age 1 need to weigh?
  209. im training my doberman pinscher?
  210. Neopolitan Mastiff and a Neapolitan Mastiff?
  211. Signs that a Beagle is dying????
  212. Is it true the kind of dog you pick says something about your personality? if...
  213. Looking to get a first dog, please help! Beabull, Pug, American Bulldog, or Boxer.?
  214. would a jack russell terrier be a good dog for a first time owner?
  215. What is the difference between Buddhas Delight and Vegetable Chow Mien?
  216. Beagles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  217. Does this Chihuahua Breeder seem Reputable / Responsible?
  218. I'm about to purchase a pure bred Portuguese Water Dog?
  219. what is the difference between a toy poodle and a teacup poodle?
  220. I have constant mood swings and i have a little pug on the bottom of my stomach
  221. anyone who has a french bulldog, what is the cheapest price you got them at?
  222. Why on earth was Beverly Hills Chihuahua so awfully directed?
  223. Guys: Why do you wear boxers?
  224. Overactive anal glands in a pug?
  225. Why won't my 8 1/2 week old poodle listen to me?
  226. Names For A Great Dane Dog?
  227. looking for female girl golden retriever to make puppies!?
  228. Cry 4 help! How 2 train my 3-month-old, UNTRAINABLE miniature poodle?
  229. What is the difference between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Parson Russell Terrier?
  230. Are pets like a small pug allowed on base?
  231. Is a collie (Like lassie) and a border collie the SAME BREED??
  232. Adopting a Chihuahua, Dachshund mix?
  233. Do girls think boxers are sexy?
  234. Grooming. Cabinet Dryer on a Yorkie and Poodle, pros and cons?
  235. Cab you keep a Golden Retriever shed free with daily brushing?
  236. Border Collie and a dachshund?
  237. Are toy or miniature poodles yappy?
  238. who's hotter: megan fox, elisha cuthbert, brittany snow, kate bosworth,...
  239. do english bull terrier's have webbed feet?
  240. when do golden retriever change their fur?
  241. is it possible to train a great dane at a very early age...?
  242. Will my English Mastiffs be good protectors when they grow up?
  243. Training a Border collie?
  244. I hate when my pug act like she doesnt know me?
  245. I'm gonna buy a toy parti poodle but not sure whether is it pure breed or not?
  246. Can you take a guitar on a greyhound bus?
  247. Do male basset hounds lift their legs to pee?
  248. My chihuahua is being a finicky eater?
  249. is he a pure breed papillon or a mix?
  250. Is Obama being unpatriotic by getting a Portuguese Water Dog; should he have stuck