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  1. Greyhound bus ticket prices?
  2. Why do most boys teenagers wear Boxers Not Slips/briefs?
  3. We are PCS'ing to Italy I was wondering if I am able to take my puppy...
  4. How much should a 2 year old labrador retriever eat per day? He is a little over
  5. Rescued Chihuahua...............?
  6. has anyone else noticed the growing popularity of chihuahuas and yorkies of late?
  7. Any pictures of a Basenji/Chihuahua?
  8. Anyone who has a Great Pyrenees, please answer my question?
  9. Large Munsterlander, Irish Setters, Flat Coated Retriever owners?
  10. does anybody know any good breeders of pugs, shih tzu' or yorkies in HAMPSHIRE?
  11. Are they're any good boxer breeders in va?
  12. Which do women prefer on men boxer shorts or briefs?
  13. Doberman pinscher or rottwieller?
  14. What kind of hair or cut does this poodle have?
  15. House training a Yorkie Poodle mix pup?
  16. Great dane or labrador?
  17. why is my chihuahua mix vomiting?
  18. dog breeds similiar to Chihuahuas?
  19. what is the origin or history of labrador retriever?
  20. what should i name my Pomeranian puppy?
  21. I own a Pug which we luv dearly, but she maintains a musky smell no matter what
  22. Where to get a free Dachshund?
  23. Is a shih tzu the right dog for me?
  24. Can we ALL have a Portuguese Water Dog from a Rescue Shelter as a Stimulus Gift?
  25. can a rottweiler be raised with a tiny dog?
  26. we have a 12 month old newfoundland and she?
  27. Where can I get a golden retriever Pup ?
  28. My pomeranian got bitten by a lab..?
  29. how much should a 12 week old bichon frise weigh?
  30. I want to teach my border collie some more tricks. anybody got any suggestions?...
  31. How much water should a 9 week old pug drink?
  32. Do any other girls out there like wearing guys boxers?
  33. Chihuahua...........................?
  34. Labrador x border collie?
  35. Which do women prefer on men boxer shorts or briefs?
  36. Toy Fox Terrier with Hydrocephalus. Need some advice on how to help her.?
  37. showering with boxers or naked?
  38. What Breed is He, Chihuahua?
  39. Information on Staffordshire bull terrier?
  40. Where can I find a Shiba Inu in Australia, and how much would it cost?
  41. How hard are Beagles to train really?
  42. picture of a maltese, shih tzu, poodle mix?
  43. adopting a rottweiler?
  44. fighting a kick boxer?
  45. Potty Training Help for Basset Hound?
  46. 1 yr old american eskimo walking strangely...?
  47. Rhodesian Ridgeback or Weimaraner now Input on which one?
  48. Male dalmatian for dog breeding?
  49. Ciao or Chow? Which one do you use?
  50. HOT or NOT when a guy's boxers are showing?
  51. Do you have a female Old English Sheepdog?please help!!?
  52. At what age does a Chihuahua get in heat?
  53. Would a Maltese x Poodle grow to about the same size as a Cavalier K.C. Spaniel x
  54. Where can I find someone local to breed my bull terrier with their bull terrier?
  55. Boxer 8 weeks pregnant - would like to hear your views?
  56. I Need Yorkshire Terrier Experts to Help Me..Trying to Groom My Male Pup?
  57. dachshund beeing sick?
  58. Is it to late to potty train a 5 year old Pomeranian?
  59. Is this doberman pinscher tall big?
  60. Help pug in trouble! Sick! Sick! Sick!?
  61. Is It Possible To Put Subaru WRX boxer engine in a e30 BMW 318i?
  62. my poor hampster was attacked my my pomeranian dog?
  63. Any websites where i can get cute Chihuahua clothes from?
  64. i hve a one n a half month old pug..?
  65. Poodle still slightly trembling one week after pelvic fracture surgery. Not
  66. lumps/bumps growing all over my boxer??? please help?
  67. Looking for someone who breeds Tiny, Tiny Tea Cup Chihuahua!?
  68. Can anyone tell me how expensive Mr. Chow's is?
  69. How often is too much for my little poodle mix to poo?
  70. why is a profesional boxers movement weird when he first starts his career?
  71. where can i get a boxer/lab mix?
  72. If Brittany Spears auditioned for American Idol...?
  73. Greyhound bus advice.?
  74. Anyone know where I can buy grooming tables big enough for a saint bernard?
  75. What is the best collar/leash combo for a beagle?
  76. How do I get my two labrador retrievers to stop destroying each other's collars?
  77. What is the fastest way to go to Greyhound station from JFK airport?
  78. 2 male boxer pups fight!?
  79. A Movie about golden retrievers?
  80. My chihuahua can barely jump up onto couches and beds anymore?
  81. anybody know of any good nutrition for my chihuahua?
  82. What is a 'bus stop boxer'?
  83. How do I train my Shar Pei Mix to get along with other dogs?
  84. i have a 50 lb bull terrier, how much food should he be eating every day?
  85. yorkshire terriers...........?
  86. I'm very close to buying an AKC Rottweiler and have not purchased a papered dog...
  87. What do you think about this Chihuahua Breeder?
  88. how long is a golden retriever average life span?
  89. Need attention getter for speech about german shorthaired pointer dog breed.. help?
  90. Does any1 know where I can adopt a pug from the area code:27976??? Or anywhere...
  91. Where can I find a 2 year old male Golden Retriever or a Australian Shepherd?
  92. how big is a ten weeks old pug?
  93. The Papillon Agency Pay well for text chat agent?
  94. What Do Yhoo Think Of The Name Princess (For My Chihuahua?)?
  95. english bulldog? good or no?
  96. What is the record number of knockdowns suffered by a boxer in a single boxing
  97. How do i get my dog into racing at the Gulf Greyhound Park?
  98. HOw long does a Pomeranian or Miniature Poodle Live?
  99. someone left this 2-3 mo old toy poodle in our driveway.. what should we do? (pic)?
  100. Do you have a female Old English Sheepdog?please help!!?
  101. Why didn't God just sink the Beagle?
  102. in the uk is a American Staffordshire Terrier legal or illegal to own?
  103. Can you tell if she is full blooded chihuahua?
  104. Does my dog look full blood greyhound?
  105. Is Honshu Kennels a reliable breeder to purchase Shiba Inu puppies?
  106. how to train a golden retriever not to leave your front yard?
  107. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Ruby?
  108. Where Can I Find a Whippet breeder In Los Angeles/Orange County Area?
  109. Should i get a border collie?
  110. why are chihuahuas so hard to find?
  111. Cutest Chihuahua Ever?
  112. Is breeding my border collie bad?
  113. Info on chocolate Schnauzer..?
  114. When did your English Mastiff first go into heat? Need Advice!?
  115. What are the Pro's and Con's to owning an English Bulldog?
  116. how to make a poodle skirt?
  117. Can anybody find me a Portuguese Water Dog in a shelter?I looked,but not...
  118. early sympthoms that my pomeranian is pregnant?
  119. In mike Tyson prime i think he was the best heavyweight boxer yet?
  120. Free English Bulldog Puppy?
  121. Am I the only girl who finds it hot when a guy's boxers are showing?
  122. My Border Collie Pup is 6.5 weeks old?
  123. whay does my chihuahua boston terrior hump my stuffed dog ?
  124. toy poodle enlarged heart very difficult breathing?
  125. Unsure if my English Bulldog is pregnant...?
  126. I want a beagle but what about the health problems...?
  127. My dalmatian molly seems to be bent...?
  128. what would it cost in gas to drive from calgary to st. johns newfoundland?
  129. Someone please help me with my chihuahua!?
  130. Is my beagle having nightmares?
  131. Dog Names for a Bichon Frise dog?
  132. my new shiba inu puppy sitll hasn't come out of her shell, how do I fix this?
  133. Are Pugs really bred to have retardation?
  134. Selfish Rottweiler and new puppy..?
  135. What do you wear when you sleep at night? Boxers, briefs, or nude?
  136. Neapolitan Mastiff or not?
  137. what is the cloud over my little chihuahua eye?
  138. i want to become a boxer and im only 14 yr old. anybody know where i can find...
  139. my dogs mother was a mix between a australian shepherd border collie mix and the
  140. 4/5 mo. old Shar pei bleeding gums.?
  141. I have a 10 year old golden retriever, should i adopt a new westie?
  142. Siberian Huskies or Labs?
  143. Where can I get an English Bulldog in St.Louis, Missouri?
  144. Lhasa Apso squinting and shaking?!?
  145. how long til my boston terriers ears stand up?
  146. English mastiff bitch wanted?
  147. House training issues for 1 year old Beagle...?
  148. Anyone with a Beagle use a shock collar?
  149. I am a US citizen; my fiance is Mexican. Can we marry in Chihuahua state without...
  150. Hi I got A question if somebody can help me out with? I got two dogs. A...
  151. how good is a golden retriever lab mix .my dog reba had 4 black and 1
  152. hello will my two old dog a min beagle was fixed about 7 to 10 days ago and she been
  153. My 2 year old pomeranian is having accidents.?
  154. why don't people like chihuahuas?
  155. Dalmatian Croats. Are they the most ancient Europeans?
  156. sleeping mini dachshund?
  157. Did the boxer rebellion lead to progress?
  158. i think my Chihuahua is having a seizure what can i do for her right now?
  159. brittany field training in michigan or ohio?
  160. Can my Pug not realize when he feels full?
  161. do girl golden retrievers' nose turn black after they turn pink?
  162. Shar Pei Lab cross gets bitten often?
  163. Clicker Training My Chihuahua?
  164. Why does my Pug have warts?
  165. How much do Pekingese puppies usally cost ?
  166. Do you think Neapolitan Mastiffs are good dogs?
  167. Do I Have An Overweight Lhasa Apso Puppy?
  168. Please suggest a name for my Pomeranian?
  169. Mast cell tumor and my 9 year old American Bulldog -- advice please!!!?
  170. My german shepherd bitch keeps fighting with my two other dogs. why does
  171. Schumann's Papillon Finale and Carnaval Finale... Any connections?
  172. Why does my Old English Sheepdog gag everytime after she drinks water?
  173. Lab or Golden Retriever?
  174. i have a chihuahua in heat, she yelps out of the blue for no reason.?
  175. Why does my poodle keep humping my cat?
  176. My 12wk old Silky Terrier has stinky freaking farts! Help?
  177. What are Belgian Malinois Like?
  178. where do i but pugs in maryland?
  179. I'm crate training my American Bulldog puppy, I have a large crate, how can I
  180. Bullmastiff home alone 8am - 5:30pm Ok or Bad idea?
  181. non shedding dog which resembles golden retriever, labs, or german shepherds?
  182. How big will my Chihuahua get?
  183. American bulldog or English bulldog?
  184. What breed would make a great companion for my boxer?
  185. why dont boxers put all their power into heavy bag workouts?
  186. Question about pekingese with epilepsy?
  187. My golden retriever bit a guest that came to my house. She only seems to dislike...
  188. just saw an advertisment on here that said brittany spears IQ is 115?
  189. Are Labrador Retrievers good with cats?
  190. Good human names for a male beagle dog?
  191. where to find a rottweiler in Philadelphia?
  192. who has a worse Rep Rottweiler or Pits and why?
  193. I have a 5 year old Toy/Mini Poodle- He needs a companion- what would you suggest?
  194. Do these look like pure bred american pit bull terriers?
  195. My dog is toy Poodle his only 2yrs.old?
  196. What is a lamb cut on a red poodle look like?
  197. 16 month old Boxer drinks alot of water?
  198. Im thinking about getting a border collie and lab mix for my mom but i was just
  199. How to get an English Bulldog to like my cats?
  200. Chihuahua Puppy for Show?
  201. Registering my two Miniature Pinscher puppies, any name ideas?
  202. which do women prefer on men boxers or briefs?
  203. my name is Brittany, i need a good nickname! :)?
  204. Why wont this Chihuahua stop crying?!?!?
  205. Why is my pomeranian losing her hair??!!?
  206. Am I the only girl who finds it hot when a guy's boxers are showing?
  207. Out of all the boxers who pulled off great upsets who had the most successful...
  208. Is my dog a chihuahua or a miniature pinscher?
  209. Shih-tzu potty relapse?
  210. French Mastiff Owners or anyone who knows about them....?
  211. best breed of dog to get as a friend for my rottweiler?
  212. Maltese Pomeranian mix....?
  213. My 8 Week old American Bulldog Puppy and my older dog play rough!! Is this normal?
  214. my shih tzu is 9 months old and weights 15 pounds she seems fat to me but
  215. What advice can you give when training a golden retriever puppy not to bite?
  216. Do yorkshire terriers get on with bordercollies!!!?
  217. Can feeding a rottweiler boiled chicken liver or boiled chicken gizzard(2...
  218. How much exercise should my 10 year old dachshund get a day?
  219. Ages and Greyhound Buses?
  220. Is it true that if a border collie doesn't have a full mask that they'll be blind or
  221. miniature bull terriers?
  222. What will i need for a 6 month old Pomeranian?
  223. what size dogloo igloo dog house would be recommended for a male rottweiler?
  224. help me name my chihuahua/boston terrier mix!?
  225. Toy Poodle Weight/Growth?
  226. Adopting a pug, but feeling guilty about it...?
  227. what to feed my toy poodle?
  228. does anyone know of any Hungarian Vizsla breeders in melbourne?
  229. where can i buy a Siberian husky arround 100 to 200$ or cheaper?
  230. Pomeranian or chihuahua? Opinions anyone?
  231. Greyhound sperm count?
  232. How to get my boxer to listen to come?
  233. Any rottweiler experts that can answer basic questions?
  234. Would an English bulldog be a good dog for a 10 year old?
  235. if u have to own a pet and u choose labrador retriever then which colour you...
  236. how old does a male toy poodle have to be to breed?
  237. I have a 15 month old silky terrier that is completely housebroken, lately
  238. Why the character snoopy is a beagle?
  239. Does anyone know a website that teaches how to make a Shih Tzu cupcake critter?
  240. Bearded collies changing colour :S?
  241. Would a Doberman Pinscher be suitable for this situation?
  242. Beagle doesn't understand potty training, HELP!?
  243. information on my chihuahua?
  244. Sister got a chinese crested today and it is snapping at the great dane...any...
  245. Would a border collie and rottweiler be a good match?
  246. want to buy a poodle skirt?
  247. Advice on my new Dachshund puppy please?
  248. One word to describe a weimaraner..?
  249. Do Golden Retrievers have belly buttons?
  250. my pug is scared of eating?