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  1. Is a Keeshond a good breed for apartment life?
  2. are Pomeranian's hard dogs to take care of? and do they require A LOT of
  3. I wanna teach my Pomeranian to growl!!!?
  4. Does anyone have a boston terrier?
  5. I'm bringing home my yorkshire terrier puppy tomarrow what do i need to bring her...
  6. Can a golden retriever protect you if an intruder breaks in will the dog befriend...
  7. How Much Does a Pug Puppy Cost?
  8. top 5 greatest boxers that never won a championship title?
  9. I want to be a boxer!?
  10. What can I give my great dane to firm his stool?
  11. price for greyhound buses to cali frm pa?
  12. What is the best food to feed an overweight shih tzu?
  13. my adult toy poodle ate a nylabone bone non-consumable type. Does anyone
  14. My pug keeps licking his tummy and its becoming red, is this normal for pugs
  15. 3 week old rottweiler pups?
  16. What color Brussels Griffon is this?
  17. Boxer vs. Lab vs. Golden Retriever?
  18. English Bulldogs and children?
  19. about greyhounds who had him before me?
  20. My Chihuahua leaks, any advice?
  21. Help! My chihuahuas are great except for the housebreaking part. What am I...
  22. stuffing boxer briefs..............?
  23. What are ways to make a chihuahua like you?
  24. Do boxer dogs feel cold weather?
  25. Does anyone have a Shiba Inu dog?
  26. Stud Fees for a Chihuahua?
  27. how do i decorate boxers?
  28. Help with potty training my toy chihuahua!!!?
  29. My yorkshire terrier puppy's ears dont stan up yet are they going to ever stand up?
  30. We have an aggressive dachshund. he and our other male dog (jack russel) keep
  31. I have a 21 month old male shih tzu who bites with no warning as he makes a...
  32. Which is better for quail and pheasant a gsp or an Irish setter?
  33. Can I apply two applicators of Front line plus on my shih-tzu at once?
  34. How much are airline tickets for 1 elder woman and one (dachshund) dog?
  35. how can i tell if my pug is pregnant?
  36. Is the treaty Barbra Boxer trying to pass good or is something wrong with it?
  37. I want to buy a Shiba inu?
  38. bullboxer with american bulldog or just ambull or just boxer let me kno...
  39. Which if these packs of boxers do you think are the best?
  40. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  41. Give me some Pomeranian info please?
  42. What are some awesome tricks I can teach my 9 month 3/4 toy poodle 1/4 silky...
  43. German shorthaired pointer or Irish setter?
  44. What kind of electric fencing for our beagles at our new house?
  45. Which name do you like the most for a male Siberian Husky?
  46. Great Pyrenees - male/female, off-leash, guarding questions?
  47. How do I effectively socially my American Eskimo?
  48. Does My Pitt Bull Terrier Pup Look Like A Mutt?
  49. Collies aka Lassie Collies question?
  50. Why does my Pomeranian look like he's clapping?
  51. need help with my english bulldog (her eyes are turning red)?
  52. How much does a beagle cost?
  53. How much should my 4 month old bichon frise eat?
  54. Pembroke Welsh Corgi Female Name?
  55. Rihanna a Brittany Spears fan?
  56. my boxer dog is sick?
  57. Looking for a Great Dane puppy with two different colored eyes,,,?
  58. is my chihuahua pregnant?
  59. How Big Might My Boxer Mix Get?
  60. Is a Pomeranian a good indoor dog...?
  61. my newfoundland bitch is 19 months old and?
  62. How to put weight on a Great Pyrenees female almost 2?
  63. I'm looking for a miniature schnauzer pup near Eastern Kentucky University?
  64. Pugs! Determining how they look.....?
  65. I was wondering why my 2 year old Golden Retriever does this?
  66. Why is my 13 week old chihuahua losing small amounts of fur?
  67. Why does my Pomeranian look like he is clapping?
  68. FREE Chihuahuas walton county GA- help?
  69. Potty training a Scottish Terrier?
  70. Why does my chihuahua hump everything he see's?
  71. Why does Napoleon feel threatened by Boxer in Animal Farm by George Orwell?
  72. Poll - Boxers or Briefs?
  73. I rescued an 18 month old Great Pyrenees....?
  74. Greyhound Station at Kansas City?
  75. Is Wellness Food good for my Golden Retriever?
  76. Would you rather have a pug or a unicorn?
  77. What dog collar size is for a fully grown female Shih tzu?
  78. What gift can I give to a shih tzu dog?
  79. Which do women prefer on men boxer shorts or briefs?
  80. Help on my Labrador retriever?
  81. what do i need to buy im getting a chihuahua soon?
  82. West highland terrier or Toy Poodle?
  83. Does anyone know of any reputable breeders for Bernese Mountain Dogs?
  84. when does a pug grow into her ears and tail?
  85. can a toy poddle be mixed witha reguular poodle?
  86. how do u die a poodle red?
  87. Is it safe to carry weed on a Greyhound bus?
  88. dachshund PLEASE READ, i NEED HELP?
  89. God floods the Earth, burns Sodom and Gomorrah, but refuses to sink the Beagle
  90. Bullmastiff......breed for pet?
  91. My new male bull terrier likes to hump my leg!? how do I make him STOP!?
  92. Who is the best Boxer to get ruined by management?
  93. Pug throwing up weekly.?
  94. what will i do to avoid c section for my pomeranian?
  95. is a rottweiler dog safe around children ?
  96. Brittany spears died today???
  97. What do you think a Cairn Terrier should be named?
  98. Is Linoleum safe for a puppy? (pomeranian)?
  99. Help me and my border collie!?
  100. better kickboxer/ Thai boxer?
  101. Labrador Retriever, asking again to get better answers, lab owners pls
  102. House training a 5-month-old Chihuahua/toy poodle?
  103. Bichon frise breeders?
  104. Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Is your father a boxer?
  105. Labrador mix with rottweiler?
  106. what is good name for a french bulldog?
  107. Can anyone help me find a free pug cross stitch pattern online?
  108. Is a lanolin shampoo good for my shih tzu?
  109. what is wrong with my italian greyhound?? Vet?
  110. I have a problem with my male Chihuahua, he is almost 1 yr old and he pees
  111. Is there a difference between a miniature pinscher?
  112. Miniature Pinscher putting his neck/chest in you're face?
  113. Help with my two Shih-Tzu's?
  114. Has anyone met Cool Collie on Club Penguin?
  115. Are beagles easy to look after?
  116. Expert on Shar-Pei advice anyone?
  117. how much does a well bred Chihuahua cost?
  118. should i get a pug????????!!!!!??
  119. How to Control my One year old English Bulldog.?
  120. 1 year old beagle problems?
  121. So I have an english bulldog..?
  122. How can I reunite my german shepherd and beagle after they fight a month ago?
  123. Should I switch my shih tzu from Innova's EVO reduced fat to Innova's
  124. Gsd and rottweiler questions?
  125. Online purina Cat chow?
  126. help with my yorkshire terrier puppy ?
  127. Pug with elongated soft palate- does she need surgery?
  128. Ways to sale a American Eskimo Toy 12 weeks old female?
  129. i need a shih-tzu or toy pudle or a mix?
  130. What are some names for a girl border collie?
  131. Rough Coated Border Collie?
  132. How much will it cost to spay a 4 year old Siberian Husky?
  133. My chihuahua whines in her cage?
  134. We think our dog is pregnant and she is a CHIHUAHUA!!!?
  135. My shih tzu has a fever, 105, anything I can do until the vet tomorrow?
  136. A Few Quick Questions On Australian Cattle Dogs (Blue Heelers)?
  137. if I ray to Allah most high to become a boxer or actor or super famous,...
  138. Why does my shih tzu do this?
  139. what our the ups and downs to getting a well bred Chihuahua?
  140. Pros and Cons of having a poodle?
  141. How much can i sell a pure bred Albino Labrador retriever?
  142. my pug got an allergic reaction:swolen eyes?
  143. Could a heavyweight boxer beat Bruce Lee?
  144. Odd lump/growth on Border Collie's head!?
  145. Should I get a male or female Shih-Tzu?
  146. I am looking for a female Chihuahua pup in Mid Michigan area?
  147. My 6 year old bichon frise peed in my bed.?
  148. Considering a dachshund (wiener dog)?
  149. How to introduce a Jindo to a Boston Terrier?!?!?!??!?! DOgs?
  150. How about brittany Griner?
  151. i am trying to get a King Charles Spaniel and i was wondering what a good...
  152. whats a better dog to go for walks with or play ball? a border collie, corgi/lab...
  153. Do both amature boxers and professional boxers wear boxing gloves?
  154. chihuahua and rabbit poops?
  155. Weimaraner dog Owners, Thoughts or input?,,, re asking to see any other thoughts?
  156. Rhodesian Ridgeback , Are they good to have?
  157. Which do women prefer on men boxer shorts or briefs?
  158. how do you train a chihuahua?
  159. How is a Belgian Malinois groomed for comfermation?
  160. Border collie stare down?
  161. Greyhound station BUS HOURS HELP?
  162. I would like to find some pics of long haired chihuahuas from newborns
  163. boxers or boxer breifs?????
  164. Doberman or American Staffordshire terrier?
  165. Pure bred chihuahua or mixed with something...breeder said she was pure bred?
  166. Is my toy poodle pregnant?
  167. my dog a Golden Retriever and need help with toys somewat worded wrong just keep...
  168. rescuing a rottweiler?
  169. My 10 week old boston terrier has been going to the bathroom all morning?
  170. Is this dog all Pomeranian?
  171. my crazy chihuahua!!!?
  172. Are Beagle/pug (puggles) playful?
  173. what shampoo do i use for my female pomeranian in heat?
  174. URGENT help needed! Will rate best answer. My 3 month Old Chihuahua has a baaad
  175. List of all Molly [better yet, Dalmatian molly] illnesses?
  176. Getting my Great Dane pups to eat more?
  177. Whats a Rhodesian Ridgeback?(Roe de shin Ridge back)?
  178. How long is a redtick beagle pregnant before giving birth?
  179. Are Shetland sheepdogs mean to children?
  180. My 8 month old Bullmastiff throws up right after eating Why?
  181. How to get my chihuahua mix to quit barking at the door?
  182. Do you think she is a ambull mixed with a boxer or just a straight boxer?...
  183. Jealous Border Collie Bitches fighting, What can I do?
  184. i want to get a toy poodle?
  185. boxer tooth problem!?
  186. how do u teach ur dog(pug) to roll over and other tricks?
  187. How can I stop my American Eskimo dog from digging up our backyard and...
  188. 6 week golden retriever puppy has swollen face??
  189. My 5yr. old shar-pei has been shaking everytime she lays down to sleep....
  190. Border collie 7 weeks?
  191. Best puppy food for a border collie.?
  192. Mini dachshund is very skinny and is losing hair on his ears. Checked by a
  193. I want to get a Shih-Tzu, but........?
  194. Pug owners - exercise requirements?
  195. can I travel back to Milwaukee on greyhound but take a different route back?
  196. Do chows really turn?
  197. My Labrador Retriever Has A Stomach Infection, We called the vet and they gave us
  198. apricot poodle care? what should i do?
  199. can 2 chihuahua teacups mate without problems?
  200. Do professional boxer's wear a jockstrap and cup?
  201. Where can I adpot a free chihuahua?
  202. 13 week old boxer puppy acting weird, do you know whats wrong?
  203. why are chihuahuas (dogs) considered Mexicans?
  204. Showering in public/ showers at the gym? shower naked or with boxers on?
  205. My boxer just had a puppy how much is a resonible price to sell it for?
  206. Where can i get a cheap pomeranian dog in houston, tx?
  207. Nintendogs: Dalmatian and Friends Question?
  208. Boxer stud............................................?
  209. Why does my poodle have horrible breath?
  210. Help i have a i year old Cavalier king charles Spaniel,he is obsessed?
  211. My dads Tibetan Terrier lived to 17 whats the oldest dog you had?
  212. How to get 1 yr old corgi used to 2 month old great dane?
  213. What is the percentage of Shih Tzu's dying from Heartworms?
  214. Why does my one mini dachshund who was......?
  215. What is the best food for a chihuahua?
  216. Best way to get to O'Hare Airport from Cumberland Greyhound?
  217. How do I stop my cavalier king charles spaniels from pulling?
  218. I have a six year old golden retriever?
  219. My 9 week old shar pei is agressive towards strangers - help!?
  220. I have a male chihuahua and he don't like me to put dog clothing?
  221. Whats some really kool names for a beagle?
  222. What is causing my Pug to have chronic ear infections?
  223. Would it be possible to stunt my pugs growth?
  224. Greyhound bus stop in Townsville?
  225. any reccomendations for a good shetland sheepdog groomer?
  226. Looking for anyone with Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Kelpie experience?
  227. Whippet owners/ breeders - at what age do Whippet bitches have their first season?
  228. New 10 month old bull terrier won't stop biting?
  229. So I got in trouble at a store the other day for trying to take like $75...
  230. Can a golden retriever live in an apartment?
  231. I have a Chow - Collie mix who runs away. Help?
  232. i got a shih tzu and can anyone help me?
  233. Is my toy poodle pregnant?
  234. Recipie for puppy chow (muddy buddys)?
  235. Did poodle skirts have poodles on them?
  236. Does anyone know of a good quality rope chew toy for a Border Collie that won't...
  237. Lab or Golden Retriever?
  238. How do you house train and Crate train a boston terrier puppy?
  239. Is chocolate bad for Shih Tzu's!?
  240. Dalmatian being an attention whore HELP!!!!!!?
  241. why is my border collie so small?
  242. Where do i buy a black baby pug?
  243. 4yr old pitbull/mastiff rescue dog?
  244. Any way to tell how will Rottweiler puppy look when it is fully grown?
  245. what are tibetan spaniels like?
  246. Greyhound from Fort Smith to Churchill?
  247. I just got a female toy apricot poodle and i want to name it something to...
  248. i have a 9 month old collie bitch who has taking to messing in her crate
  249. How can i stop my border collie from carrying on?
  250. How can I get my 7 month old Chihuahua to sit still while im trimming his nails.?