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  1. Bichon Frise likes to bite?
  2. brittany snoww?? please read?
  3. Where can i find chihuahua puppie for sale in Washington?
  4. I have a question for Newfoundland owners.?
  5. If you have seen beverly hills chihuahua?
  6. German Immigrants in Texas became Americans German immigrants in...
  7. in the game dragon fable where do u get the super dragon chow?
  8. My 2 year old boxer urinates in his water bowl.?
  9. Why does my chihuahua try to run away when it's very cold outside?
  10. Why is my labrador/retriever so aggresive?
  11. im thinking of getting a Doberman Pinscher?
  12. I have a Chihuahua and she might be preg by a Cocker Spaniel. Can she have
  13. Do you have a basset hound and if so how do you keep your house clean?
  14. Great dane prices mixed up!?
  15. Why are there so many staffordshire bull terriers in rescue shelters?!?
  16. Are Irish Staffordshire bull terriers illegal in the UK ?
  17. What is too high of a temperature that an English bulldog is good to be in?
  18. is there a cheaper way to get from toronto to waterloo other than greyhound?
  19. We adopted a 3 year old Beagle and he has severe separation anxiety. Does
  20. my pug is 4 mouths old and has had her shots but she pukes and is losing weight but
  21. Is he a poodle? How can I find out?
  22. Do you think they will put back into service that Greyhound bus where that poor kid
  23. Problem with a golden retriever?
  24. Calling all Havanese owners!?
  25. what should i feed my bernese mountain dog pup?
  26. Ten Week Old English Mastiff Has A Runny Nose...?
  27. Looking to buy a golden retriever?
  28. My chihuahua has blood in his stool?
  29. I was interested in getting a Shiba Inu and I was wondering if anyone has
  30. male long hair chihuahua problem?
  31. Has anyone traveled U.S to Canada by greyhound bus?
  32. what can i do to get my boxer to stop digging out of my yard?
  33. Do you give your dachshund any vitamin supplements?
  34. im planning to travel from laguna to puerto galera. can i bring my shih
  35. which dog should i get shih tzu or papillon?
  36. boxers or briefs?or boxer briefs?
  37. I am pretty sure that boxers are the one of the fastests. My boxer ran 30
  38. maltipoo or poodle????
  39. Boxers, Briefs, Boxer briefs, thong, jockstrap, speedo, or swimming trunks?
  40. I moved and can't go back to my house which has my chihuahua's akc papers in...
  41. I'm thinking about switching my 11 month old boxer to Blue Wilderness?
  42. When should a pregnant chihuahuas nipples leak?
  43. how much are pomeranian/chihuahuas?
  44. Is it EVEN proper to put back into service that Greyhound bus where the poor
  45. how to get a mentor Rhodesian Ridgeback?
  46. Toy poodles, Yorshire Terries or Yorkie-POO?
  47. when to worm and vaccine my new basset hound?
  48. My sister's chihuahua?
  49. Who is the best ever pro boxer?
  50. Who is the worst food runner at Chen Chow?
  51. Worried about my collie - she's seems so subdued!?
  52. How to help my great dane to get over separation anxiety?
  53. Does anyone have a Jack Russell Terrier?
  54. Is Pumpernickel a good name for a chocolate labrador retriever?
  55. Can my 5 yr old Whippet be in heat- again?
  56. English bulldog question?
  57. Why has my parents cairn terrier started snapping?
  58. Do you own a Lhasa Apso?
  59. whats the diffrance between greyhounds, lurchers and wippets?
  60. Why is my toy poodle so clingy?
  61. why did my housebroken lhasa apso poop and urinate in my daughter's bed two...
  62. If you are a Basset Hound owner (or puppy owner), what works?
  63. i have a japanese spitz x pomeranian is it normal for his hair to be short?
  64. White Golden Retriever?
  65. Shih Tzu's only Sleep 3-4 Hours at a time.?
  66. Min pin and chihuahua breeders???
  67. Jack Russell/ Rat Terrier Mix- behavior issues?
  68. Pro boxer, please help me!?
  69. Great Pyrenees question?
  70. I am looking for a mini dachshund?
  71. While I am away should I surprise my hubby with a greyhound trip to his only...
  72. I need everything to know about chihuahuas!!?
  73. I spayed my 6 mth old basset hound and?
  74. How can I stop my greyhound peeing in her bed every night?
  75. what is a good chihuahua diet?
  76. How long does it take a Bichon Frise to digest food?
  77. earlyer i asked a question about getin ether a shiba inu or a great dane?
  78. where can i rent with great dane in atlanta, alpharetta , GA?
  79. Any cool names for Mastiffs?
  80. i have a chihuahua with too many whiskers, can i trim them??!?
  81. i am 250 pounds and i want to be a boxer but i have to 200 pounds fast...
  82. What name to call a pomeranian puppy?
  83. how much do chihuahua's cost in America?
  84. How can I get my Pug to be less fearful of strangers?
  85. 3 shih`tzu HELP PLZ :)?
  86. What was the name of the good looking Uk Boxer from the 1980's?
  87. What's up with my PUG?
  88. My 8 week Mastiff has a vicious growl when you touch his face is it playful...
  89. want an english bulldog, what questions should i ask?
  90. Any English Bulldog Puppies for sale in NC?
  91. how can I get my Mum to buy me a Border Collie?
  92. How many times do boxers fight in a year?
  93. What is the best kind of shampoo for a 5yo Yorkie Pomeranian mix?
  94. is this a real picture of a mastiff..?
  95. what breed is more protective to there masters and scaryer looking...
  96. If your girl showed up wearing a hockey jersey, Scooby Doo boxers, and Chuck
  97. What should I do about my Dachshund?
  98. Havanese dogs?............................................. ....................?
  99. question on west highland white terriers?
  100. why are people so ignorant about the rottweiler?
  101. how to reach JFK international airport from greyhound bus stand at penn station?
  102. Beagle pup obsessed with toes?
  103. Is my english bulldog small for his age?
  104. what is your opinion on mini schnauzers?
  105. What's the best way to potty train my new baby Chihuahua?
  106. Beverly Hills Chihuahua?
  107. Girls, Do you like to see a guy in boxers or boxer briefs and why?
  108. what size crate should i get for my chi-poo? (chihuahua/poodle?
  109. Question about cleaning Chihuahua ears and infections?
  110. How can I get involved in Agility training with my border collie mix?
  111. Did any of you UFC fans miss the old UFC?I remember when people watched it to
  112. Boxer 1st birthday party!!?
  113. We all know what a womanizer is, thank you Brittany, but what do you call a gay
  114. Hey where is a good place to buy a shar pei instead of adopt?
  115. Dachshund whining constantly?
  116. My collie has had diarrhoea since i got him...i don't know what wrong
  117. Shampoos for a Shih-tzu?
  118. Crate training my 7 week old chihuahua/dachshund puppy?
  119. Could i be a pro boxer?
  120. do you like the names a'yrin brittany and chelsea jon'arie?
  121. Sick Pug Puppy helppppp!!!?
  122. buying a border collie puppy from a pet shop what should i ask?
  123. Is Michael Steele Rush Limbaugh's poodle?
  124. I have a female chihuahua should i get her a boy or girl companion?
  125. Will a chihuahua and a hamster be ok with each other?
  126. chihuahua help...please...need to know about behavior?
  127. My 1 year old English Bulldog has been limping for 2.5 months on his front...
  128. Is my chihuahua possessed by demonic beings?
  129. My American Pit bull Terrier hates men?
  130. got a toy poodle 3 days ago she is 2 mt for some reason my cocoker who is 4
  131. What's the deal with Shiba Inu's?
  132. What's the name of the song in the Beverly Hills Chihuahua trailer?
  133. How do you get a golden retriever to sleep during the night?
  134. Shih Tzu First Hair Cut?
  135. what's wrong with my siberian husky?
  136. Why is my toy poodle itchy all of a sudden?
  137. I need help... I have two crazy boxers!?
  138. Is it safe for a sixteen year old girl to ride a Greyhound bus alone?
  139. Searching for a Yorkshire Terrier in New Mexico?
  140. boxers, is this true?
  141. Mohammad Ali, at his prime, against any boxer to date, who could have beat
  142. What do you think of Brittany Snow's brunette hair?
  143. Would a rottweiler and boxer get along?
  144. White Golden Retrievers?
  145. Help with walking new Golden Retriever puppy.?
  146. Is Brittany Thrillkill famous on the internet or something?
  147. What's a GOOD NAME for a pomeranian?
  148. I have 2 pugs (1 is 4yr old male, the other an 8 month old female) who are...
  149. Why does my pomeranian go on an unstoppable running rampage all the time?
  150. HELP i think my NINE year old DACHSHUND is PREGNANT?
  151. Female Chihuahua-Spots on belly, heat cylce. (Experienced Breeders/Vets Please)?
  152. Specsavers advert, border collie?
  153. I'm looking for an article in the Australasian Post from 1960 or 1961 about
  154. Your thoughts on a Papillon-German Shepard Mix?
  155. DO pomeranian SHED TOO MUCH?
  156. Where can i buy an American Eskimo Dog (toy) in the uk?
  157. will mu chihuahua stop this?
  158. Should a Hip-Hop Kru dance to Brittany Spears all the time?
  159. my shih tzu bitch is now nearly 2 and seems to wee herself every time some...
  160. What do dachshund mixes Look Like?
  161. Why does our Pug dog constantly flick it's tongue in and out it's mouth like a snake?
  162. Is it true that UFC fighters have their own fight style like boxers,wrestlers
  163. 15 year old poodle Not eating Please some one help He my only friend?
  164. Southern California beagle breeders?
  165. my toy poodle wont eat ?
  166. Possible food allergies with my great dane puppy!?
  167. if you own a shiba inu dog ......?
  168. I have a toy shih tzu whom was bleeding from the rectum now is just whining a
  169. pug dog has a sore noes?
  170. You decide! What food should my shih tzu eat?
  171. What are some easy, simple, traditional recipes that are from
  172. My chihuahua is making like a cough sound or perhaps an almost choking sound. He
  173. Basset Hound Scent Games?
  174. stuffing boxer briefs?????????
  175. New Chihuahua. Please Help. No clue on what kind.?
  176. I have a 4 yr. old boston terrier and he barks at everything even the tv....
  177. Would like to buy Shiba Inu Puppy?
  178. Boxer vs. Lab vs. Golden Retriever?
  179. Preg. French Bulldog w/ Lyme?
  180. My 14 year old brittany gets me up 4-5 times a night to pee or wanting to eat.?
  181. House training a Chihuahua....help!!!?
  182. owning an english mastiff?
  183. How do i train my boxer puppy to walk on a leash?
  184. what is a pug and a minature pinscher?
  185. The Brittany Spaniel, what do you think?
  186. Great dane a good dog to get?
  187. Where can I find a pink poodle skirt without the poodle?
  188. will someone help me with my boxer puppy?
  189. Golden retriever weight?
  190. Need help with my Chihuahua that lost her puppy in birth...?
  191. Who do you think will be the Next Brittany Spears?
  192. my Chihuahua has had runny bloody stool and is going more frequently....
  193. My chihuahua is pregnant and she keeps peeing and she is also shaking is she ready 2
  194. boxer or briefs for guys - which is sexier?
  195. is it essential to book accommodation in Brittany in advance?
  196. Why do some boxers and MMA fighters weigh more the night of the fight than the...
  197. What breed of dog gets a long with a Miniature Schnauzer?
  198. My 1 yr female Great Dane shedding?
  199. Would you ever move to Newfoundland, Canada?
  200. Perfect Name for a Great Dane?
  201. Dachshund HELP?? (i dont think seizure)?
  202. Any test out there that can tell difference btwn Eng Bulldog American...
  203. Why do boxers wrap their hands in practice?
  204. A problem with my Chihuahua?
  205. how soon can a dachshund puppy leave its mother?
  206. what does this mean a boxer at school asked if i was a kickboxer he said...
  207. my shih tzu is 2 years oold and she bites and snaps what should i do?
  208. Stair gates for a Chihuahua.....?
  209. Whats a pug and boston terrier mix called?
  210. i need tips on potty trainging my 8 week old pomeranian?
  211. Is my chihuahua possessed by demonic beings?
  212. my dog (pomeranian) is red irritated after coming from the groomer on...
  213. question on my boxer please help?
  214. One or both of my puppies (10 1/2 week old Boston Terriers) may have eaten...
  215. What is the law when it come to owning a rottweiler?
  216. bull mastiff or great dane?
  217. how much food to feed my Labrador Retriever...?
  218. whats wrong with my 3 yr old boxer?
  219. How do I get my Mix Chihuahua to stop barking?
  220. Whats Wrong With My Dachshund?HELP!?
  221. Im considering to buy a female boxer dog?what do you think about it?is my
  222. German shorthaired pointer or Irish setter?
  223. Does anyone know a good beagle breeder in London or the south east of England?
  224. English bulldog that raises his paw?
  225. What do I do? My 8 month old schnauzer ate several chicken bones from left over KFC.?
  226. Is there any good info on a chinese shar pei?
  227. Where can I buy a Chug puppy in the Uk (this is a cross between a chiwahwah and a
  228. What is the better choice for my shih tzu? Innova Small Bites or Innova Low Fat?
  229. Which food is best for a Great Dane?
  230. I'm thinking about switching my 11 month old boxer to Blue Wilderness?
  231. Is there a better food than EVO that I could be feeding my shih tzu?
  232. Shar Pei behavior around infants...?
  233. Can you take a Neapolitan Mastiff out on walks, read below?
  234. Need to find a home for my Siberian Husky!!!!!!!!!?
  235. My Boston Terrier's eye is red and irritated on the bottom eyelid?
  236. Female Baby Rottweiler puppy?!?
  237. potty training a english bulldog?
  238. french bulldog or english bulldog?
  239. Golden Retriever puppy 19 week feeding?
  240. I found a male pomeranian male running in the streets and I have no idea...
  241. my 9 week old shepherd/chow mix barks at night and i have not slept good in days.
  242. (beagle questions) my beagle is 7 months old. when can i leave her to roam
  243. What kind of dog should i get? Border Collie or Labrador?
  244. Anyone have a Beagle?
  245. What early explorer landed in present day Newfoundland?
  246. Rhianna a Brittany Spears Fan?
  247. My little pug has swollen nipples and is swollen behind the nipples too, is she...
  248. FOR A CHIHUAHUA IS A CRATE OR A BED BETTER OR BOTH!!!! im really stuck!!?
  249. boxers and thongs together?
  250. Which name for our staff bull terrier: Tornado or Harley? Any other ideas?