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  1. my Great Pyrenees has aa swollen ear.?
  2. Boxers, Briefs, or Combo?...Female Opinnion for Guys?
  3. My shih tzu has been chewing ANYTHING she can get ahold of lately, and...
  4. how much do schnauzers cost?
  5. How old does a golden retriever pup have to be before you start walking it?
  6. my 7 month old pug is throwing up why?
  7. Cat/Chihuahua Help?!?!?!?!?
  8. selling a white collie?
  9. boxer is having siezures?
  10. My golden retriever has an ear infection that won't go away. We've tried
  11. Shampoo/Conditioner for my new Pomeranian?
  12. What type of Boxer-Briefs do you women like on us guys?
  13. Are Boxers bad inside dogs?
  14. My chihuahua makes this really weird noise?
  15. My dog was put down today. We do not know if we did the right thing. She was 12 year
  16. How long can a pit boxer carry puppy's?
  17. why does my chihuahua bite my dog's ankles?
  18. Boxer or German Shepherd?
  19. raw meat and shih tzu's?
  20. What should I do with my weimaranar that attacked my chihuahua?
  21. i have a question about boxers?
  22. Epileptic Pug , Please help?
  23. Chihuahua ? behavior....?
  24. Which do women prefer on men boxers or boxer briefs?
  25. GUYS...Boxers or brefs?
  26. I have a 9 month old spayed female Beagle?
  27. yorkshire terrier how many?
  28. how long should i walk my border collie cross?
  29. Is it true that a USA boxer has never beaten a Russian boxer?
  30. i need help finding a name for a baby chihuahua...any suggestions?
  31. Can you guys help me out please I have a Kangal Dog puppy Large breed puppy should...
  32. Vimy Ridge and Newfoundland?
  33. Is it ok to leave your Chihuahua during the day?
  34. chow chow? or chow? what do you think?
  35. I need help with my nine week old boston terrier puppy.?
  36. Calling All dog lovers!!!!!Does anybody have a shih tzu Lhasa Apso mix?
  37. A German Shepard mixed with a Collie?
  38. chihuahua giving birth?
  39. A King Charles Caviler Spaniel?
  40. Need Advice on feeding great dane puppy!?
  41. Beagle flight cage size?
  42. Lemon Spotted dalmatians (anybody else have one)?
  43. Are miniature schnauzers good to Have as pets?
  44. Breeding Shih Tzu brother/sister?
  45. Who would like to own Standard Poodles?
  46. I need help with my Boston Terrier-Lab Mix! Please help me?!?
  47. my beagle has seizures she shakes and tenses up.?
  48. teacup chihuahua for my brother...?
  49. yorkie or chihuahua wich one ?
  50. Doggy behavior survey: My boxer keeps trying to set her squeaky toy on my...
  51. This poodle has overreacting problems! What should we do?
  52. why do men wear boxers..........????
  53. Breeding American Bulldog With Other Breeds?
  54. German Shorthaired Pointer owners...or anyone who truely knows?
  55. How do i convince my parents to get me and Border Collie puppy?
  56. about my pekingese poor eating habits?
  57. My Dalmatian Molly is swimming vertical, nose up, front fin movement only...
  58. How much do shih tzu puppies generally cost?
  59. What is weather like in St.John's, Newfoundland?
  60. My 2 day old shih tzu is having a hard time drinking her mom's milk?
  61. French bulldog vs. yorkshire terrier?
  62. I just got a German Shorthaired Pointer. I have a few questions.?
  63. what is a good tank for collie loaches?
  64. Should I get a mini dachshund or a beagle?
  65. Where can I advertise my Male AKC registered boxer for breeding for free?
  66. anyone in Sydney selling border collies/golden retriever pups ?
  67. Cute names for my chihuahua-pomeranian mix?
  68. pls help.. pug/boxer pups?
  69. Owning a boxer questions???
  70. Nintendogs Chihuahua and friends-unlock pug?
  71. My 10 mth old Pomeranian died .. what can/should i do?
  72. Help with English Bulldog!?
  73. what is the coolest bullmastiff video on youtube or the internet?
  74. Will my pekingese ever stop peeing in the house?
  75. My Female chihuahua whines and behavior has changed after buying toy?
  76. Will our Fila babe get along with her boxer cousins?
  77. how much do you sell for schnauzers!?
  78. Why when my husband blows at our chihuahua she?
  79. I want to get a tattoo to do with my boxer pup....suggestions?
  80. 8 week old chihuahua is playing really ruff, should we be concerned?
  81. Why is my poodle's hair changing color?
  82. How do I get a Chihuahua?
  83. What do you think about English Bulldogs?!?
  84. Which do women prefer on men boxers or boxer briefs?
  85. Is a Norfolk Terrier a yippy dog?
  86. How do you care for a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix?
  87. When should i notice if my schnauzer is pregnant. She was breed on Jan 31st.?
  88. chiwawa mix with bichon frise?
  89. Amtrak and Greyhound in houston?_?
  90. Hives on Chihuahua again?
  91. were to download sos-collie budz that will work on my itunes?
  92. Basenji questions????????????/?
  93. Bichon/Yorkie Cross.............?
  94. Boxers or Briefs or Boxer briefs?
  95. need advice about my chihuahua.?
  96. How much would it cost to purchase a greyhound in america?
  97. how can i potty train my pug?
  98. My 11month old golden retriever keeps jumping up on our other golden...
  99. Would anybody recommend a great dane for a person who is 5'3''? and are...
  100. Guys: boxers or briefs?
  101. Male Weimaraner names?
  102. Dog shots Labrador Retriever?
  103. How much to feed a border collie mix... Settle an argument between me and hubbie?
  104. Beagle Puppies. Denver, CO?
  105. my chihuahua just ate an entire pack of orbit gum?
  106. does anyone want a boxer/pit bull? free to good home?
  107. Fred perry boxer shorts and henleys boxers?
  108. what cool tricks could i teach my boxer?
  109. Are all Shar-Pei's vicious?
  110. best type of boxers for pants sagging?
  111. Bichon frise owners only please?
  112. My schnauzer breed with another schnauzer on Jan 31st 4 times in one day,...
  113. Charles Darwin made many observations along his travels on the H.M.S. Beagle.?
  114. Do you know the minimum and maximum size of a miniature schnauzer who
  115. what kind of Great Dane do I have? Mother was black, Father was harlequin. My pup...
  116. is it normal for my dachshund to sniff around every where?
  117. How do you tame a Miniature Pinscher?
  118. Name for a Pomeranian?
  119. Anyone who has a pekingese and small kids?
  121. Shedding Labrador Retriever?
  122. Will my shih tzu hair come back different if i cut it?
  123. Update American vs. English Bulldog DNA testing?
  124. By what reason I can not sent some message to Renews ,Newfoundland,Canada?
  125. I'm looking to try and litter box train my one year old chihuahua any suggestions?
  126. Does anyone know where i can buy a pomeranian in the UK?
  127. Would a Yorkie Pomeranian mix grow up to be very big?
  128. Does my basset hound need to go to the vet?
  129. 1 year old Labrador retriever?
  130. Two Boxers, Riddle...Riddle?
  131. Airedale Terrier owners?
  132. Is it possible to give my 5 week old Pomeranian litter a bath?
  133. Good name for my Great Dane?
  134. My Miniature Pinscher (terrier family) has small skin cysts. What's causing it?
  135. who is the best brazilian boxer beside EDER JOFRE and ACELINO POPO FREITAS?
  136. Name of PBS childrens show with Jack Russell terrier dog as main character?
  137. Ok so I want a boxer..?
  138. Depressed Shih Tzu? Not sure if she is sick or depressed?
  139. my beagle wont get along with my black lab I just got today they attack
  140. where can i find magazine or books about schnauzer?
  141. American Bulldog Help~?
  142. German Shepherd Dog / Rottweiler Mix? Good?
  143. Who are the top 5 greatest female boxers ever?
  144. Can Irish Setters Be Blond Color?
  145. Who or how many boxers could matched Henry Armstrong?
  146. Why does my 7 year old great dane keep developing these little reddish bumps/lumps
  147. What do all of you think of the Canadian Greyhound Bus beheader getting off on...
  148. Shih-tzu ate marshmellows, do I have reason to be concerned?
  149. Subaru Boxer Diesel, coming to the US? (i would buy one) comments, opinions,
  150. Do you have a basset hound?
  151. Would an English Bulldog be a good housepet?
  152. My chihuahua's hair is falling out on top of her head and she scratches constantly?
  153. Poll:Boxers or Briefs(ladies can answer as well)?
  154. Siberian Husky sick? HELP?
  155. i just got an english bulldog puppy today and i cant think of a name?
  156. I really need dachshund info!?
  157. Chihuahua help?! it seems like her stomach is ballooning and has a ball in her
  158. Which do women prefer on men boxers or boxer briefs?
  159. Grooming A Dog-I have a poodle mix who has very thick, curly fur.?
  160. I am looking to buy a Jack russell terrier.?
  161. Would a West Highland White Terrier right for me?
  162. My friends english bulldog pees every time I pet her. What can I do to
  163. 1 year old chihuahua peeing and pooping in crate?
  164. Can an English Bulldog and American Bulldog get along?
  165. My mini Poodle does not like men .?
  166. How often should i wash my long haired chihuahua?
  167. Is it Chocolate Newfoundland, or Brown Newfoundland?
  168. Are Golden Retrievers And Irish Setters Good Dogs?
  169. why does my chihuahua do this?
  170. Italian greyhound question problem?
  171. siberian husky owners need?
  172. not a question,i just want to thank Brittany for choosing my answer as the best.?
  173. What dogs should I get? German Shepard, cavalier king charles spaniel, golden
  174. Good names for a female Dachshund?
  175. Do you think this is a pure bred beagle ?
  176. I Can't Keep My Standard Poodle Around....?
  177. why is my american bulldog (1yr old) chewing up all my floors, walls, furniture....
  178. How Much Does It Roughly Cost To Buy A Border Collie?
  179. I just got a German Shorthaired Pointer. I have a few questions.?
  180. My dachshund gets an upset stomache about twice a week, what can I do to
  181. i have found lumps on my boston terriers?
  182. Are Siberian Huskies a good dog?
  183. Know where I can get an Irish Wolfhound?
  184. I have a border collie who is skinny as a rail no muscle. She eats well...
  185. Miniature Schnauzers?
  186. My 14 y/o Boston Terrier has really weak legs. What should I do?
  187. is the siberian husky endangered?
  188. 13 year old Border Collie with stomach problems?
  189. Im 13 Years old and I currently wear boxers but I want to wear Briefs!?
  190. do you think this is a cool beagle, can your beagle do this seriously is this normal?
  191. i spayed my chihuahua?
  192. my dog a 7 year old AireDale terrier has a prostate problem can this be helped
  193. Any Shiba Inu owners?
  194. Is there a boxing website which tells you which cities boxers are promoting their
  195. How big should my mini schnauzer get?
  196. hmmm rottweiler crosses...please help :)?
  197. My Chweenie (part dachshund, part Chihuahua)?
  198. Home insurance cover rottweiler?
  199. My 5month old pomeranian just got her 1st rabies and 2nd distemper. She now...
  200. long haired german shepherd dog?
  201. My dachshund is in heat. I need help!?
  202. Unique names for a white Pomeranian?
  203. What do you'll think about the passengers on that Greyhound bus?
  204. What's your favorite thing about your American Bulldog?
  205. What's the best sensitive food for french bulldog to avoid rashes?
  206. I am looking for a children's book about a basset hound.?
  207. What kind of boxers are best for sagging?
  208. How do I train my new chihuahua/dachshund to not pee in the house?!?
  210. Should i get an italian greyhound or a cavalier king charles?
  211. My Bichon Frise shaking?
  212. Chihuahua is pooping green?
  213. Can a yorkie (female) get pregnant with a pomeranian (male)?
  214. Info on border collies ?
  215. I have Beagle that's almost 1 and gets very jealous if he see baby toys! How...
  216. Odd Chihuahua Question?
  217. Is it ok that I have Captain America boxer shorts even though I'm Canadian?
  218. Our Schnauzer gets these pimples appearing all over the belly and up his ch?
  219. can a Schnauzer (salt and pepper) have a small white vertical stripe on the
  220. my boxer is 3 years old i got her about 4 months ago and i got her vet chekd but
  221. Pug Constant Snorting? Normal?
  222. I have a question for a vet or breeder. (Papillon)?
  223. nintendogs. My beagle is really slow?
  224. English bulldogs!! : )?
  225. Border Collie Cigarette Butts?
  226. My pug, is something wrong?
  227. My Pomeranian's voice changed, why?
  228. Why does my shih tzu get so upset?
  229. What are all of the different types of cuts for poodles?
  230. advise on chihuahua and boxer?
  231. Are female Jack Russell Terriers easier to train than males?
  232. A Great Dane or a Boxer?
  233. how dangerous actually was this?? collie x jrt?
  234. Questions regarding Greyhound bus?
  235. Cairn Terrier Barking Issues?
  236. Grumpy Jack Russell Terrier?
  237. X Ray for my Boxer Dog?
  238. What are some pros and cons of owning a basset hound?
  239. We have a little full blooded chihuahua that's a little bit over a year
  240. Looking for an English Bulldog?
  241. Doberman Pinscher Or German shepherd!?!?!?!?!?
  242. Does anyone have a schnauzeranian? (pom schnauzer mix)?
  243. Male White Boxer Names?
  244. Buying a Shih Tzu dog in West Lothian area?
  245. i got a small chihuahua who is aggresive with other people even my fam members
  246. What is the stuff they rub into boxers cuts?
  247. How bad is a mastiffs drool?
  248. Pictures of Schnauzers?
  249. I have a Beagle that is almost 1 and has never been around newborns before how do i
  250. Need Staffordshire Bull Terrier info? Bully breed owners I have a situation