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  1. have a full blood 2 year old siberian husky to give to a good home?
  2. Is this a good name for my Pomeranian?
  3. i have a 1 year old maleborder collie, we feed him MEDIUM ADULT ROYAL
  4. How to get from JFK NY Airport to Greyhound station?
  5. How do I protect my pomeranian from the hot sun in the summer?
  6. How do pug breeders get chocolate ones?
  7. What does a boxer's ( the sport) diet consist of?
  8. l have a bullmastiff he is three he has very runnie poo,s also his gas smalls...
  9. Greyhound Terminal to LA Convention center?
  10. what is a good name for a male pocket beagle?
  11. How should I crate train my Jack Russell Terrier at night?
  12. how to know if a chihuahua is pregnant or not?
  13. How old do you think my boxer should be before hes ready to breed?
  14. Why does my Pomeranian?
  15. What should i do to get a shih tzu if my parents say no?
  16. If I put out boric acid balls to kill insects, will it harm my
  17. At what age do Hungarian vizslas face start to turn white like this-?
  18. how do i get my 3 month old beagle to stop going crazy when he sees alot of people
  19. can a dachshund live over 15 years if I can't afford dental work?
  20. what boxer size should I wear?
  21. I might get two of miniature pinschers. What should I name them?
  22. Rabbit hunting with one beagle?
  23. Boston terrier breeders in Montreal?
  24. Are there Vets who will perform sex change operations on poodles?
  25. American Bulldog Breeding Question???
  26. how much are chipinch worth aka miniature pincher/chihuahua?
  27. what's a good boxer size for me?
  28. How often should i bath my Labrador retriever?
  29. we just got a baby chihuahua and my two cats stare a?
  30. What type of chinese dish is better for you lo mein or chow mein?
  31. How much does a Shiba Inu cost to buy?
  32. Can i put my only 1 week old beagle/pug with my chiwawa who has a 2 week litter...?
  33. Which type of dog makes a good playmate for a large Chihuahua?
  34. SEEKING AMY???? BY Brittany Spears?
  35. how old should a male rottweiler be before he is allowed to mate?
  36. Does anyone know of a good, cheap shipping company that can ship a Great
  37. Can a Great Dane be kept in an apartment?
  38. My American bulldog Only limps sometimes??? Why??? Is It His Hip Giving Out?
  39. Do you think i should the hole (boxers)?
  40. What boxer has been consecutively knocked out the most.?
  41. Is it common for a guy to not wear boxers with pants or jeans?
  42. Should you avoid taking protein shakes if you're a fighter/boxer?
  43. Stinky Beagle! What can I do?
  44. What should i be expecting from my female Shih Tzu?
  45. Yorkshire Terrier or Shuh Tzu?
  46. how much are beagle puppies in Tennessee?
  47. Shar- Pei owners help please?
  48. Does any body have Boxers for sale?
  49. Is it bad to shave a beagle and a chihuahua?
  50. Do you keep your boxers on while swimming?
  51. What is the BEST brand of dog chow?
  52. what can i use for my english bull terrier as she has a skin infection and the
  53. Boston Terrier or Dachshund?
  54. Help! My crazy Border Collie bites.?
  55. MY 4 Month Old Bichon Frise Won't go to the bathroom. What is wrong with her?
  56. what does a bosten terrior/pug and what do they call them?
  57. i want to breed my mini poodle?
  58. Why does my shih tzu hate men?
  59. Is my shih tzu in heat or is she pregnant?
  60. Why does my boston terrier puppy bark at herslelf in the mirror? ha is it
  61. What is it like to travel on a Greyhound?
  62. For dogs like the Yorkshire and Silky Terriers, can you keep the hair
  63. Akc Pomeranian named FOXY?
  64. Is this just another sign our enemies see Obama as a French Poodle?
  65. Great dane Food? just looking for a good kind?
  66. Does anyone know much about papillons?
  67. I have a Corgi/Collie Cross who sheds...?
  68. cavalier king Charles spaniel puppies?
  69. where can i get a geological map of the seafloor off the coast of newfoundland,
  70. What do I expect from my 4 week pregnant Shih tzu?
  71. girls, should men wear boxers or boxer briefs?
  72. my shepherd/chow mix bites my friends and wont sit on laps?
  73. How do i know if my great dane is going into heat?
  74. Whats a good name for a brown black Dachshund?
  75. are great pyrenees puppies playful?
  76. is this puppy a siberian husky?
  77. Will staffordshire bull terrier protect me if nessesary?
  78. Westie or Shih Tzu for my apartment.?
  79. My parents got me a pair of boxers for my 16th birthday??
  80. Why does my 2 year old miniature poodle vomit after eating?
  81. Limping Siberian Husky help!!!?
  82. I recently rescued a beagle. What's the best way to get him back to a healthy weight?
  83. Recommend good book on Yorkshire Terriers?
  84. does the fly for guys boxers easily?
  85. American Bulldogs Illegal in Uk?
  86. does anyone know how much boxer julio cesar chavez jr makes per match?
  87. My 3mos old Shih Tzu cries horribly whenever I leave in the morning?
  88. Merle Chihuahuas Banned?
  89. What size lead and collar would i use for a miniature schnauzer puppy?
  90. need help stopping my 8 month old border collie from scratching?
  91. Can you rank those boxers into top ten, (one to ten)?
  92. Chihuahua in the washer?
  93. Should i get a border collie?
  94. My boston terrier is 1 year old and is still no housebroken what do i do?
  95. Who is the best Pound For Pound Boxer? I Think Miguel Cotto.?
  96. Is a Shiba Inu A good dog to have??
  97. Im about to buy a great dane and wanted to know-?
  98. do you guys wear underwear/underpants/briefs underneath ur boxers?
  99. Is it possible for anything to happen if he was wearing boxers and i wasn't...
  100. What do i do with an agressive 5 month old siberian husky?
  101. Great Dane ear cropping?
  102. What is a good name for a female English Mastiff?
  103. Beagle hunting question?
  104. girls, men should wear boxers or briefs?
  105. Does any one know how basset hound collie mix?
  106. When will my Jack Russell Terrier go into heat?
  107. My long-haired chihuahua urinates everytime he gets excited?
  108. Any black pugs near Idaho for sale?
  109. Do boxers keep a replica of their belt when they move up the weights?
  110. How would a tibetan terrier mixed with chiuahua will look like?
  111. English Bulldog - DEEP TAIL WRINKLE?
  112. Gay guys, does it turn you on when a guy wears boxer briefs, or briefs?
  113. boxers or briefs and why?
  114. Need help on a quote from Beverly Hills Chihuahua? Something about bootie.?
  115. Weimaraner questions..?
  116. What would your name a golden retriever?
  117. who has a american pit bull terrier?
  118. Does anyone have info on beagle/smooth fox terrier mixes?
  119. anyone here know how to feed a dalmatian?
  120. if an Afghan hound dies on a suicide mission?
  121. 11 week old Mastiff pooped in crate for first time.?
  122. Does anyone have a Welsh Corgi ALC to give away in Chattanooga area?
  123. please some one give me a list of things i need for a teacup chihuahua?
  124. how long is to long for a pug to be in labor?
  125. i need help getting the action replay code for all items for nintendogs dachshund
  126. Searching for a female perspective on boxer-briefs?
  127. What age can my siberian husky start to have puppies?
  128. Is it safe to go to Canada from California on the Greyhound?
  129. What small poodle cross breeds are there?
  130. How are golden retrievers when it comes to handling heat(summer)?
  131. My dachshund always cry when left alone?
  132. What is wrong with my Schnauzer?
  133. hich do women prefer on men boxers or boxer briefs?
  134. Potty training my 4 month old Chihuahua...?
  135. American cocker spaniel question ?
  136. Lhasa Apso Separation Anxiety..How do I help him?
  137. why does my bull mastiff puppy bite?
  138. A Few Questions About My Dachshund/Beagle Mix...?
  139. Dachshunds male or female? personality's?
  140. How many boys wear pants/briefs/slips rather than boxers?
  141. Pros and Cons of having a and a Mini Schnauzer Yorkshire Terrier?
  142. how do i leash train my 11 month old chihuahua?
  143. DNA DOG TESTING - Boxer?
  144. Tell me about English Bull Terriers?
  145. My Chihuahua is very aggressive when woken up, how do I stop her?
  146. Staffordshire bull terrier vs Boxer?
  147. Havanese puppy coat / adult coat?
  148. my newfoundland is 19 months old and will not eat any?
  149. Where Can I find free beagles for sale in PR?
  150. Why does a pomeranian dog not wag its tail?
  151. shih-tzu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11?
  152. im making puppy chow. (Chex, PB, Chocolate, powdered sugar) CHOCOLATE emergency!!!?
  153. My mom has a fat min schnauzer how to get weight off?
  154. Underwear: Boxers or Briefs?
  155. My new boxer is peeing all the time.?
  156. Do miniature pinschers howl?
  157. What do breeders call a cross between a poodle and a Shih tzu?
  158. Talking Black Poodle In Dream - WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?
  159. Question about yorkshire terriers?????!!!!!!!!!!!?
  160. Do Boston Terriers get big?
  161. Basset Vs. Beagles?
  162. Wanting to buy a Beagle in Miami, FL?
  163. Got a large Border Collie , probably hasn't bath in 2 years , when we bathed him ,
  164. my mother has two Chihuahua and she needs something thats cheap and can be done at...
  165. How can I keep my Keeshond from barking at everything?
  166. Were can I buy a PUG (UK)?????
  167. Beagle Acting Odd...?
  168. how do i get my whippet beagle mix to play frisbee?
  169. are great pyrenees puppies playful (4 wks - 9 wks)?
  170. Sick 12-yr old Dachshund, help?
  171. do i have a lhasa apso or shih tzu?
  172. Different eye colors in shih tzu?
  173. how can i tell my mom to leave my pug alone?!!!!?
  174. How big will my 10 week old chorkie (chihuahua/yorkie?
  175. i am Looking for rottweiler puppy less than 2 1/2 months old. Can anybody help?
  176. differantiate between labrador and old english mastiff?
  177. Why is my chihuahua scratching around his mouth and nose?
  178. HELP; 5 yr. German Shepherd Behavior (Rescue Dog)?
  179. does anyone own a neopolatain mastiff?
  180. Need advice for my 8 yr old Pekingese and he is acting strange.....?
  181. about my king charles spaniel........?
  182. Need advice my 8yr old Pekingese is acting lethargic.?
  183. Golden Retrievers!!!!!!!!!!!?
  184. How do you train a 7-8 months golden retriever?
  185. I have a three month old chihuahua and he does everything inside the house?
  186. How big will a Dachshund/Min Pin be?
  187. how old should my pug be before i can take her on a walk outside?
  188. My border collie makes this weird sneezing noise when she'sreally happy...
  189. How do I get a 10 month old chihuahua to pee outside in the winter?
  190. What should I name my Webkinz Irish Setter?
  191. How I get my chihuahua to get along with my other dogs and other dogs?
  192. I want to foster a Golden Retriever?
  193. whats the best trick 2 train my 1 year old boston terrier she already knows
  194. Schnauzer mix........?
  195. My roommate moved in a gal that has a deaf great dane a weimeriner. The new...
  196. What would be a good name for a male imperial shih tzu?
  197. What brand sells a lip gloss similar to NARS Chihuahua?
  198. What can i do to disiplin my pomeranian?
  199. Who designed the black and white dress brittany snow wore in the Tyler
  200. my shepherd/chow mix doesn't like baths.?
  201. How do u get an english bulldog puppy to stop bitting?
  202. Is it okay to feed an 8 month old beagle once a day?
  203. Which labrador retrievers are the sweetest?
  204. how do i teach my dog not to poo and pee in the house? (he's a mastiff, wolf...
  205. Maximum age for a dachshund to have pups?
  206. i am looking to adopt a pug puppy in illinois?
  207. german shepherd or border collie?
  208. Chihuahua or Mini Pinscher?
  209. im looking for rottweiler puppies to adobt....?
  210. Ok. I have a female Bichon Frise in kansas. i want to find a male bichon in
  211. Why does my Dachshund act this way?
  212. Im 21,Am i too old to become a boxer?
  213. how big does a lab/mastiff /bulldog mix get?
  214. How far should i walk my 9 week Old English Mastiff?
  215. What is this Border collie crossed with? (Picture Included)?
  216. Where can i get the small tight shorts used by MMA and UFC fighters??it almost
  217. are yellow labrador is differ from black labrador retriever?which should i
  218. when you guys wear boxers, do you wear underwear/underpants/briefs also?
  219. I have a recently neutered 8 month old beagle and mom?
  220. Help! I want to buy a Dachshund?
  221. Is my chihuahua pregnant?
  222. Great Dane or Bernese Mt. Dog?
  223. When does the beverly hills chihuahua soundtrack coming out?
  224. boxers or briefs on guys?
  225. What should i name my 2 shih tzu puppies!!???plz help?
  226. Who is your favourite Boxer and why?
  227. Shar-Pei breeder reviews?
  228. Adopting a beagle dog, help please......?
  229. After giving birth a little over 2 weeks rottweiler's breast is swollen about the...
  230. Where can I get a low cost papillon in GA?
  231. Need Help my sis just got american bulldog puppies after they ate?
  232. Is this crate big enough for a full sized great dane?
  233. How much do siberian husky pup's cost?
  234. Golden Retriever Price?
  235. Can girls wear boxers?
  236. Chihuahua training, care, treats and food?
  237. How big will my dachshund/beagle mix...be?
  238. Pomeranian dogs: are they good for me?
  239. why are poodles so stubborn?
  240. is Daisy Duke a cute name for my new Dalmatian female puppy?
  241. pomeranian owners please answer?
  242. A name for this cute havanese puppy!? Please help! :)?
  243. these are what i call boxers wat do u think?
  244. What colour Pomeranian do you prefure ?
  245. does anyone know the best way to Tape collie's ear's?
  246. Anyone own a papillon?
  247. How can I stop my penis from always popping out of my boxer shorts ?
  248. SHORTS!! really small tight oneswhich almost look like boxers which the UFC MMA
  249. What is a good havanese dog name?
  250. Golden retriever certification on hips, eyes ect.?