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  1. I was thinking of getting a Pug, I don't know if I should?
  2. I just got a Maltese-Poodle and I need help!?
  3. Collie or Shetland sheepdog?
  4. Can I use a human conditioner or home made conditioner on my poodle cross?
  5. How can I make brushing my dachshund easier?
  6. what age do pugs start to breed?
  7. a Pomeranian's first heat lasts how long?
  8. Feeding a puppie chihuahua....?
  9. Whats an idea for a folk tale about chihuahuas?
  10. 14 year old chihuahua seeming less herself what to do?
  11. ive got a 4 year old boxer that is scared of everything help. i have had...
  12. can anyone help me get a black tan shiba inu up PLEASE HELP!!!!?
  13. If I do sprinting with regular boxers instead of compression shorts, will it be...
  14. We have a 3 year old Dachshund that when touched by the vet or tech always
  15. I'm looking for a full body shot of a boxer (front view).?
  16. Would a 3 week old Pembroke Welsh Corgi get along with a Ferret?
  17. what breed would make a good companion for a male rottweiler?
  18. Why do mexicans always have chihuahuas?
  19. How much will it cost to feed a newfoundland dog per month?
  20. Does this like a Purebred beagle if not what else might it have?
  21. my 9 week old mastiff pup howls like a wolf what can i do and crys loud at
  22. why do people like golden retrievers so much?
  23. does anyone have a registered french bulldog to breed my female?
  24. How long has your English bulldog lived?
  25. What does the casino fare for greyhound buses mean? Help needed right away!!?
  26. Are boxer briefs okay on a guy?
  27. Does anybody remember the name for a sanrio dog character, which was a hand
  28. Does my dog look like a full breed Pomeranian?
  29. How do i tell my dad i want to wear the same boxers as you?
  30. My american eskimo bit my son on the face lip and eye 3 stitches on the lip?
  31. 10mth old border collie questions?
  32. I have a yorkipoo dog,part yorky,part poodle. I've heard that they have...
  33. I have 2 cats (2 and 3 yrs old) and I am getting a Golden Retriever. i'm...
  34. How much should my 4 month rottweiler weigh?
  35. We need some UNIQUE dog names for a 3-legged male pomeranian?
  36. RE:Face) Does this like a Purebred beagle if not what else might it have?
  37. What are some ways to challenge a border collie?
  38. Questions about taking a Greyhound bus to Macon from Atlanta?
  39. i changed my shih tzu puppies food from kibbles n bits to blue buffalo and now he's
  40. Help with My beagle's digestion problem? what diet/food should i follow?
  41. what is the Diet of a Great Dane ?
  42. Whats wrong with Basset Hounds!?
  43. Why does my Labrador Retriever get vicious before he has to poop?
  44. Is Brittany Still Paris Hiltons BFF?
  45. My pomeranian has dry patch skin on her back...?
  46. I'm getting a mini dachshund, but he has kink in his tail is this normal and will...
  47. What kind of dog is a blue eyed, black/grayish, with spots like dalmation.
  48. chihuahuas for sale ?
  49. How can i predict my boxer st bernard mix puppy size?
  50. Please help me. I have a miniature italian greyhound that WILL NOT EAT.?
  51. Does Great Dane Started Considering him King of House and thinks that owner
  52. Question about a Doberman Pinscher...?
  53. Who do you think is the most over rated Boxer of all time?
  54. beagle shakes with pain?
  55. Top 5 heavyweight boxers of all time?
  56. my staffordshire bull terrier keeps fighting with my 3 year old?
  57. To anyone who has had a komondor dog, how are they like?
  58. Catahoula Beagle (Mix, Color, or breed?)?
  59. What is Brittany cain's screenname?
  60. Question about Shih tzu dogs?
  61. How can I stop my chihuahuas from running out the front door....?
  62. what breeds don't shed hair, apart from Yorkshire terriers?
  63. Boston terrier itchy skin?
  64. What is a resonable price for a Shih Tzu?
  65. What's wrong with my pugs' eye?
  66. What kind of dog gets along well with a Chihuahua?
  67. Why do people make poodle mixes on purpose?
  68. Chihuahua puppy vomiting/diarrhea... help!?
  69. Pit Bull owners? what is it like to own a Pit Bull Terrier?
  70. were can i buy a beagle full breed online or in connecticut for cheap?
  71. Serious problems training Shih Tzu. Advice?
  72. what is Temprament of a Great Dane ?
  73. what is Great about Great Dane ?
  74. OK. So there is this excellent Papillon breeder..........?
  75. Can you tell me if my dog is German Sherpherd/Rottweiler or German Shepherd/Shar pei?
  76. How long should a west Highland white terrier bleed for when they are in season?
  77. im a boxer...and i need help...?
  78. Which is easier to use greyhound or amtrak for someone who's never left the
  79. What was the name of the jewelry shop @ The Venetian Canal Shops with a...
  80. Why does my gorgeous chihuahua x lick my face?
  81. what is Temprament of English Cocker Spaniel ?
  82. i have a 4 year old toy poodle with no bottom teeth?
  83. How to get rid of heartworms in a pomeranian?
  84. Any Boxers that are two sport athletes?
  85. When buying boxer-briefs, what color do you buy?
  86. Im getting a Victorian Bulldog.....looking for names, please help (female)?
  87. 8 week old Dachshund puppy tips?
  88. My Aunt and me both have samoyed puppies I have the girl she has the boy?
  89. Why does my beagle groan so much?
  90. Anybody own and Swissy (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog)?
  91. Pomeranian at the Mall?
  92. help why is my chihuahua puppy so skinny?
  93. How do I get my 10 week old shih tzu puppy to stop biting me and my family?
  94. My 1 yr old great dane has allergies and ear infections and is more thirsty then...
  95. What are the differences between the Yorkshire Terrier and the Silky Terrier?
  96. Do you think a rottweiler that weighs 145 lbs is big for a rottie?
  97. Border Collie or Australian Cattle dog?
  98. My welsh corgi accidently got bred on her first heat, what should I do?
  99. Calling all Chihuahua owners- will you share your knowledge with me?
  100. I am getting a 2 year old great dane, have I thought of all the things I need?
  101. Any adivice on raising my mini long haired Dachshund?
  102. My German Shepherd barks at other dogs.?
  103. I have two dachshunds that are so precious to me.....?
  104. What two breeds make a chihuahua?
  105. Know anything about trains or greyhound buses for travel arrangements?
  106. I have a 1 year old Great Dane Puppy who has started going to the bathroom in the...
  107. what should i train my beagle to do please help?
  108. What colour is this pomeranian? Cream, cream beaver/dilute?
  109. how do i teach my beagle to protect my home?
  110. '08 or '09 Big dog pitbull vs. Big dog mastiff?
  111. Is my Golden Retriever's leg broken?
  112. how do i teach my beagle to find thing with his nose?
  113. Registered name for a bichon frise?
  114. Why do Basset Hounds represent Ireland?
  115. What are those dogs that look exactly like Scottish terriers but are white?
  116. Bichon Frise Help PLEASE?!?
  117. boxers or boxer briefs??????
  118. How can I tell if my puppy is a german shepherd/rottweiler or german...
  119. was the drought the reason for the boxers rebellion?
  120. What will I need to care for a chihuahua?
  121. Does Brittany Spears Desrve a Tax Break?
  122. why my pug paws started to turn in when she tries to walk?
  123. Ok People Please Awner this i have 2 pugs and 1 licks the other 1s ears 24/7
  124. Why does my female pug HUMP my sister in law?
  125. Good Southern California shih tzu breeder?
  126. How to pin back a Beagles ear to air it out, has ear infection needsair to...
  127. How do i get my 2 1/2 yr old Chihuahua to stop pottying in the house?????
  128. I just got a puppy -Great Dane?
  129. Boxers, Briefs, or Boxer briefs?
  130. how do i train my border collie x staffy?
  131. Will a lab get along with a Bearded collie?
  132. what age should a mini Dachshund reach his heaviest weight?
  133. I have a American Bulldog puppy and her breath smells bad when will her breath
  134. What should I name my silky terrier?
  135. I want to know if their is a growth pattern of Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  136. Can a chihuahua breed from a bigger dog?
  137. I have a 16 YOA border collie. Today out of character she nipped a friend and
  138. what has a pug 206 lx have to offer ?
  139. A question about tibetan mastiff pup?
  140. What Kind Of Dachshund Mix is this?
  141. Best American Staffordshire Terrier Breeder In U.S.?
  142. does anyone have dalmatian puppy for sale?
  143. I need Pomeranian Puppy Help?
  144. How can I find a Doberman Pinscher breeder in Plymouth Michigan?
  145. How big will a shepard/beagle mix get?
  146. can someone please tell me how to drain the fluid out of my male chihuahuas butt?
  147. I got my chihuahua when she was 10-11 weeks. She isn't eating much and...
  148. do you think boston terriers are cute?
  149. Are there any secrets to Obedience Training a Bloodhound?
  150. How long will my Pedigree, Black Labrador retriever live? Approx?
  151. Bernese mountain dogs?
  152. Need help naming my shih tzu puppy.?
  153. Do girls prefer boxers or briefs?
  154. Will a pit bull mix get along ok with a chihuahua?
  155. Bullmastiff Guard Dog?
  156. What diet should Border Collies Be on ?
  157. where can i find men's boxer shorts with the days of the week printed all over them?
  158. Why is my shih tzu's nose turning color?
  159. American Eskimo information?
  160. What City In California Has Produced The Most Boxers?
  161. my litter of bernese mountain dogs all have 5 or 6 toes on each back
  162. Is my stray dog a Beagle Harrier?
  163. german shepherd...belgian shepherd[belgian sheep dog]?
  164. How old do toy poodles live to be?
  165. My Cavelier King Charles Spaniel Has Red Bloodshot Eyes?
  166. is it ok for girls to wear boxers?
  167. Questions involving my beagle and obedience improvement?
  168. Boxers to briefs??????
  169. Scottish Terrier pooping in the house?
  170. What is the average life of a small Boston Terrier?
  171. mini dachshund acting weird?! plz help!?
  172. Is this the funniest picture of a Bull Terrier ever?
  173. Miley Cyrus, Demi Lavato, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, or Brittany Spears?
  174. How many calories does chow mai fun have?
  175. Does my Chihuahua have a breathing problem?
  176. Golden retriever or Beagle which do you prefer and why?
  177. Any Boxers that are two sport athletes?
  178. We're going on a trip, and planning to take our 3 year old miniature American
  179. Why is my 10 week old toy poodle puppy aggressive?
  180. How long does the boxer breed of dogs usually live for, or any disease's they
  181. does anybody own a pitbull / english bulldog mix.?
  182. I think most boxers are fakes...do u agree?
  183. my 2 month old golden retriever puppy is defecating blood spots?
  184. Help find a teacup or toy chihuahua purebred?
  185. need a chihuahua really really badly?
  186. What is the best puppy food for an eight week old Pug?
  187. We just got our 8 month old pug - he's always scared and tries to hide?
  188. 1 1/2 Year old Beagle acting strange. Is he sick?
  189. Is the People's Republic of China providing proof that Barack Hussein Obama is...
  190. Pug or Chiuahaha?? pros and cons of both?
  191. Could a Boxer beat a Kickboxer...?
  192. Transporting a two year old great dane?
  193. Do Shetland Sheepdog and Pomeranian good friends?
  194. my pug hurt her back leg?
  195. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to relieve dog allergies in a Jack...
  196. About the Reagle Beagle downtown...?
  197. I just got a male Pomeranian puppy, he is 10 weeks, any tips?
  198. My chihuahua recently went to the vet..?
  199. Good name for girl Samoyed puppy?
  200. Siberian Husky question?
  201. who has a yorkie or a dachshund?
  202. i have a english bulldog and i changed his food a month ago to blue buffalo...
  203. POLL: Do you have a lhasa apso?
  204. this boxer wants to fight me?
  205. Should i get a Shih-Tzu ?
  206. Dachshund puppy has parvo?
  207. Should i get a Whippet Puppy or a Retired greyhound or a Italian Greyhounds?
  208. My miniture American Eskimo newborn puppies wont stop crying?
  209. My Boston Terriers Farts Stink!?
  210. Would you rather have a Bulldog or a Dachshund?
  211. Sre pit bull terriers right for us?
  212. Can toy poodles change color from brown to white?
  213. Do Shetland Sheepdogs have a history of brain aneurysms?
  214. how to make chow mein sauce?
  215. border collie scared of rabbits?
  216. Free pembroke welsh corgi puppies for sale?
  217. For poodle lovers. Do you prefer light or dark poodles, solid or parti?
  218. what should my shih tzu weigh when he,s fully grown?
  219. My 8wk old beagle is fighting with my 8wk old Cavalier king charles. I need them...
  220. How old are chihuahuas when they are fully grown height and weight wise?
  221. How much do beagle puppies weigh around 9 weeks?
  222. Papillon puppy wont eat?
  223. Will you vote for my dog to help our golden retriever rescue?
  224. Pomeranian poops in her crate...?
  225. what name do you like best for a saint bernard puppy?
  226. is my chihuahua too clingy or too active or something?
  227. i was out of boxers, so I wore my gf's panties?
  228. I cannot tell whether I have a mini or standard schnauzer. He is 6 months old
  229. What is wrong with my toy poodle?
  230. Anyone have a beagle and kids......?
  231. how many calories in chow mai fun?
  232. What is that on my schnauzers groin?
  233. Any idea what mix our dog is? she has zero purple on tongue, if youre thinking chow.?
  234. Why are people so prejudiced against APBT and Rottweiler type dogs?
  235. Another Question about my adopted Papillon?
  236. Any tips on training a Newfoundland pup?
  237. what name do you like best for a saint bernard puppy?
  238. I just got a silky terrier pup. 48 hrs in aqnd she has white water stools. Went...
  239. How far should a German Shepherd Dog go for a walk a day?
  240. What can I do to help my fearful Border Collie?
  241. Question for Bull Terrier OWNERS?
  242. I want a Great Dane, but I want to meet one first. How do I find one near me?
  243. golden retriever or labrador retriever?
  244. i have a 1 year old male border collie dog, im not sure how much i should be
  245. Oh No! My poodle took her stitches out! Should I take her to an emergency vet?
  246. What are beagles like as pets?
  247. I have a full blood 2 year old siberian husky to give to a good home.?
  248. Is a pug right for me? Also are they good pets?
  249. i was out of boxers, so i wore ...?
  250. I have a beagle/pug mix just got it from the shelter its only 9 weeks