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  1. How do I get my maltese puppies to stop jumping on bed and tearing up stuff?
  2. How to house-train a dachshund effectively?
  3. is it possible to cut a yorkies hair like this?
  4. what's dog breed looks like a teddy bear?
  5. 10 Week old Labrador diagnosed with ParvoVirus :(?
  6. Good dog names for a female puppy?
  7. I'm a pug rapist. Does this mean i'm a sinner?
  8. My 8 month old pekingese-poodle puppy growls?
  9. please tell me the name of music videos where there are girls with dogs on leashes?
  10. Is it normal for my yorkie to still be panting?
  11. pet rescue need help placing a dog?
  12. How to clean a smelly dog collar?
  13. Is a Rottweiler right for me?
  14. How much do yorkies usually cost?
  15. Worst dog name you've ever heard?
  16. Golden Retriever Rolling Around, Making Noises?
  17. is it too cold to walk a labrador retriever?
  18. i have a 10 year old pitbull who will not eat on his own how do i break him
  19. What are the best Cream (color) Golden Retriever Breeders in Massachusetts?
  20. Some questions about German Shepherds?
  21. is it ok to have my 5 month old cat around my 8 week old puppy?
  22. Asian name for my small dog?
  23. Poodle Puppy(1mth old) constipated?
  24. Can you raise a chihuahua with small children?
  25. My rottweiler/boxer puppy?
  26. boston terrier or french bull dog?
  27. which dog family friendly, doesnt bark too much, doesnt shed hair too much,
  28. Why do people waste their time "rescuing" dogs?
  29. Suggestions for foster dog name?
  30. Why does my shih tzu eat his poop?
  31. is this behaviour normal for a german shepherd?
  32. How many puppies could a maltese have because my maltese is pregnant?
  33. A golden retriever puppy for $2000?
  34. How can i stop my jack russell from shedding?
  35. cheap breeders that will mate a german shepherd , stander poodle ,golden
  36. i have a little Chihuahua and i try to potty train her but its impossible to...
  37. how heavy is a boston terrier's first heat cycle?
  38. Do breeders/dog showers make a lot of money?
  39. have you ever ate a poodle?
  40. how many quart bags would i need for a 50lb bag of dog food?
  41. can my female pitbull still get spayed even if shes in heat?
  42. My pitbull killed my sausage dog? will rate best answer.?
  43. Please Help! Chihuahua is shaking uncontrollably on the floor. What do I do?
  44. who has a bichon frise? quiestion about there hair.?
  45. The RSPCA have responded very quickly to the recent event in Newcastle. If
  46. My computer broke I lost all my music for my ipod :( does anyone have any...
  47. i adopted a 7 mo old Shih Tzu who had been shaved down. how long will it take...
  48. What's you favorite Dog Breed and why?
  49. Can my dog fit on the OCK9 travel bed?
  50. pic of short haired maltese dog?
  51. Dog Names For A Male Blue Merle Border Collie?
  52. Rescued Pomeranian abandoned in the snow?
  53. What are the best dog books??? (Fiction)?
  54. Is an hour long walk too long for an adult mini poodle?
  55. Are Yorkshire terriers essentially feminine dogs?
  56. I am getting a dog and am wondering what breed to get?
  57. leopard vs large rottweiler.....?
  58. How will I know if my pomeranian is ready to have her puppies?
  59. Questions about my chihuahua ?
  60. what should i get, a teacup pomernaian or a teacup applehead chihuahua?
  61. pugs: all you know... tell me?
  62. Can you bath yorkshire terriers in normal shampoo and condtioner?
  63. What's a good name for a Poodle mix?
  64. My pomeranian used to have breath that was odorless, now it is offensive ,his...
  65. how big does a dachshund/australian shepherd mix get?
  66. My 3 yr old pug just had a seizure. What do i do?
  67. Who Would win pitbull or German shepherd?
  68. German shepherd got in trash?
  69. how to train my yorkshire terrier to poop on the pee pad?
  70. my pomeranian honks all the time?
  71. How can i stop my german shepherd biting?
  72. How can i stop my German Shepherd from barking at everything?
  73. How can you tell if your puppy/dog has been abused while out of your care?
  74. What would you call the style of skirt that is a poodle skirt?
  75. Should we get another dog? Big dog and small dog?
  76. Is there anything cuter than a chihuahua?
  77. I need some info on my Weimaraner?
  78. Who fed Go! Natural grain-free endurance dry dog food?
  79. Would my yorkie get along with a chinchilla?
  80. How to keep shih tzu from going through fence?
  81. What are some cute small dogs that stay tiny forever?
  82. how to train a jack russell?
  83. Male Teacup Chihuahua Names????
  84. Where in my area can i find an American Eskimo puppy for sale or adoption?
  85. how to deliver staffy puppies from jack russell?
  86. What could L.J. be a nickname for, For a Male Chihuahua?
  87. I finally decided that I want a teacup Maltese!?
  88. Male dog name ideas !?
  89. Good dog food recipes?
  90. Do you like this song of Pitbull ft T-Pain - Drop it to the Floor (Hey Baby)?
  91. The best miniature english bulldog breeder in Texas?
  92. my pomeranian colour changing why?
  93. What is your favorite breed of dog and why?
  94. I got a Yorkie yesterday, and he has yet to go to the bathroom?
  95. Dog Bandana for Labrador Retriever!?
  96. What are the top 3 smartest breed of dog?
  97. where can i adopt a dog in east rockaway ny? it's either a
  98. One year old Pomeranian...?
  99. what do u think of this name 4 this dog?
  100. Has anyone ever farted on a cocker spaniel?
  101. information about a yorkie maltese shitzu mix?
  102. What do you think about Dachshunds?
  103. carbonhydrate amount in dog food brand Taste of the wild?
  104. can a cocker spaniel and a lab have puppies safely?
  105. My pitbull puppy is he normal?
  106. Maltese vs. Shih tzu?
  107. do dog breasts become small again after the breast feeding period?
  108. A few questions about toy poodles..?
  109. I'm looking for bea-tzu puppies (beagle & shitzu mix) in Southern California?
  110. is it normal for a 4 month old shih tzu to still have dandruff?
  111. why does my pitbull not show an intrest in toys?
  112. I think my Golden Retriever is pregnant?
  113. Healthy dog food for my Sheltie?
  114. How can my partner and I make a adjustable dog collar made form recycled material?
  115. Does anyone own a Maltese,Yorkie,and a Shih tzu?
  116. My 12 yr. old Yorkie has been diagnosed with Kidney Disease. They say he only has
  117. my blue pitbull i need answers?
  118. Golden retriever names (male)?
  119. How often should you bathe a Golden Retriever?
  120. Dog has small itchy red bump on belly?
  121. does anyone know any pet stores that have kittens?
  122. Who would win in a fight A pure fighting bloodline pitbull, or a wolf ! ?
  123. Super bowl dog names?
  124. which breed of dog is best for me?
  125. Some German Shepherd Questions?
  126. My Chihuahua is leaking water from his butt?
  127. What is the best flea and tick preventative for an 8 week old pitbull puppy?
  128. What is the average lifespan of an American Cocker Spaniel?
  129. There is something wrong with my chihuahua?
  130. rottweiller from the pound with a 4 pound chihuahua?
  131. why does my dog have to bring all her toys to bed?
  132. How much grooming would a Bichon Frise/Poodle mix need?
  133. can my puppy eat lettuce?
  134. My daniff (Great Dane/English Mastiff) won't eat his dog food anymore...?
  135. How do I convince my mom that we should rescue a dog instead of buying one?
  136. Where can I find a good kennel for an English Lab puppy?
  137. Is it necessary for my maltese to wear a sweater when he goes out in the cold?
  138. Golden Retriever Biting Problem?
  139. Puppy has wound on face other dog trying to clean it?
  140. How much should I pay for a Husky puppy?
  141. My puppy is losing hair, it comes out in chunks some places, help?
  142. What breed are Jwoww's dogs?
  143. How much should I pay for an unregistered purebred pug in Canada?
  144. Need help with my pregnant miniature dachshund!?
  145. Maltese Puppies constantly fighting?
  146. How much would it cost to certify a golden retriever female?
  147. how do you reward a dog if it doesn't like dog food or treats?
  148. what brand of dog food should i give my boardacollie dog?
  149. Can you see a yorkie and Jack Russell in this dog?
  150. Deciding on a dog. I'm either up for an Olde English Bulldog, or a Shih Tzu!!!?
  151. Where in the greater Charlotte, NC area can I buy a male Yorkie puppy?
  152. How do I make my Boyfriend's rottweiler stop being aggressive toward me?
  153. Pomeranian weighs 15 lbs.?
  154. yorkie or bichon frise or maltipoo??(or any other small hypoallergenic dog)?
  155. Shih tzu or Chihuahua?
  156. Does it look like my brindle labrador might have pit bull in her?
  157. How can I prevent a topknot on a Shih Tzu from matting?
  158. What are some good names for a labrador retriever?
  159. Why is my Golden Retriever??????
  160. How long till a Chihuahua gets hoarse?
  161. Maltipoo Breeders or Kennels in Ontario?
  162. My bichon frise 1 year old 18-20 ate 2-3 pieces of scrabble laura secord milk...
  163. 20 month rottweiler puppy humps her pillow?
  164. Any dogs for sale?? PLEASE HELP!!?
  165. What are some creative names from a dog walking business?
  166. I m having a dog it a Shih Tzu but my mother won't let me keep it forever!!?
  167. what dog breed would be best for me?
  168. my shih tzu dog had a red thing that came out of her? plz help?
  169. Whats a good name for my rottweiler crossed maltese?
  170. Help..puppy pitbull is unconscious RIGHT NOW..?
  171. Where can I watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 on demand?
  172. Will my rottweiler pup catch up in size as he grows?
  173. i just got a full blood rednose female Pitbull Pup. i need a name for
  174. What's the differense between a Pitbull and a Staffy?
  175. what would be a cute name for a male poodle puppy?
  176. How do i calm down hound dogs?
  177. How to bathe a medium sized rescue dog who is scared of the tub?
  178. Good names for a female dog?
  179. Recently attacked rescue dog with separation anxiety?
  180. Which of these dogs would be best for a family pet and guard dog?
  181. What are some good names for a female dog?
  182. question about my shih tzu puppy?
  183. Do I have the wrong breed of dog? Is a shitzu cross a bad word in here? Purebred...
  184. Need a male name for my dog?
  185. I need some information on my toy poodle, can you help?
  186. Lump on our dachshund?
  187. Why is it that when my poodle poops he poops like 6 piecesI?
  188. Is my Boston Terrier puppy full bred?
  189. Which breed of dog has tiny spots/speckles all over its back?
  190. What are these bumps on my dachshund?
  191. what age should a pomeranian be given adult food?
  192. POLL: What do you think is the best breed of dog?
  193. Why does my 8 week old puppies back leg go numb and cause him to not be able to walk?
  194. Could someone please help me find a pomeranian breeder?
  195. German shepherd food aggresive now ?
  196. what kind of food poodle toy?
  197. What will be the adult size/pounds of my german shepherd/husky mix?
  198. where can i find a reliable breeder of tea cup puppies in colorado?
  199. Pomeranian Vs. Yorkie?
  200. Whats your favorite dog breed and why?
  201. House-training; My new rescue dog.?
  202. When to start exercising mini poodle?
  203. 9 year old yorkshire/pomeranian?
  204. What are some good cute names for a girl Shih Tzu?
  205. My wife brought a yorkshire terrier into my life that has never been housebroken....
  206. What kind of temperatures are Golden Retrievers comfortable in?
  207. How do I housetrain my cocker spaniel?
  208. I have a 4 month old English cocker spaniel and his white part of his eye is blue?
  209. What is your zodiac sign and favorite dog breed?
  210. i have a golden retriever an im looking for a home to put her in.?
  211. What stuff do i need to make my own pet store?
  212. Which PINK dog do you like the best?
  213. how do i find a local pomeranian breeder please help?
  214. Bichon frise vs miniature poodle?
  215. My Maltese is in heat and is not being herself. She sleeps a lott and won't
  216. How much should I sell my Chihuahua for?
  217. What food should I use for a mini dachshund puppy?
  218. Cute girl dog names for a shih tzu/wire haired terrier?
  219. Getting A Standard Poodle?
  220. my 3 year old labrador has not been neutered but she humps a soft toy, she has...
  221. My rottweiler pup is 47 days old and is having continuous loose motion
  222. Why do my cats always sleep on my bed but they run away when i try to pet them?
  223. golden retriver dog names? :)?
  224. incontinence in Yorkies?
  225. Lazy chihuahua with active Akita. Playtime and general habits questions...?
  226. i want a labrador puppy for free adoption in chennai?
  227. I Just Cut My Dogs Hair . Really Short. When Is He Gonna Be Hairy Again ? (
  228. What do I do with my miniature dachshund during the day?
  229. Why is my dog peeing on my boyfriend's son's bed?!?
  230. i have 2 yorkies that sleep in bed with me an i was wandering if that was a good
  231. How do I stop my German shepherd from going after neighbors dog?
  232. What kind of dog is this? Its not a rottweiler!!!?
  233. Does anybody have a weimaraner or a Weimaraner lab mix male I can breed to...
  234. what kind of food poodle toy?
  235. Will Golden Retrievers defend their owners from ill-intended people when
  236. Whats a good name for a 9 week old, golden retriever puppy? ?
  237. Cairn Terrier help plz?
  238. Can you recommend any of these dog foods?
  239. why was the breed name "Jack Russel Terrier" changed to "Parson Russel terrier"?
  240. My girlfriend just purchased a pomeranian pup.She told me owner said to pick pup up.?
  241. My dog digs in her food bowl?
  242. Does your dog act crazy when you take a picture of him/her?
  243. My little Shih-Tzu mix dog has a rash and is hot, shaking, and wheezing. Help!?
  244. How do I teach my labrador to fetch?
  245. Is a Yorkshire Terrier or any dog right for my family?
  246. Has anyone owned an english bulldog that hasnt had any health problems?
  247. my 2 day old german shepherd puppy wont eat and he barely moves? whats going on?
  248. My bichon frise 1 year old 18-20 ate 2-3 pieces of scrabble laura secord milk...
  249. live it up remix radio edit featuring pitbull, bobby v, and roscoe umali.?
  250. cocker spaniel and Miniature dachshund question ?? :)?