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  1. Can Dachshunds live in a Mediterranean climate?
  2. Is it true that Amir Khan is a better boxer than Mohammad Ali?
  3. I just got an 8 week old Chihuahua, how many times a day do I feed him? And
  4. which would you get? mastiff or boxer or german shepherd?
  5. My Grandmothers beagle coloration?
  6. do dalmatians get as much spots as their parents?
  7. my 3 pound Chihuahua willnt stop making chocking noises?
  8. I have a 14-month old male yorkshire terrier. How can i find him a mate?
  9. CARKIE BREEDERS?!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!??!?!?!? ( Yorkie/Cairn Terrier
  10. what is wrong w/ this Pug?
  11. My Boxer Mix Puppy doesn't know his name yet?
  12. Great Pyrenees question?
  13. Where can I find the latest pictures of Brittany Ashton Holmes?
  14. where can i find a rottweiler puppie for sale in antalope valley cheap?
  15. my american bulldog is 8wks pregnant but is not showing, will she show before the...
  16. Are chows born with the black/blue tongues, or does that happen as they grow?
  17. Pug puppy 5 months old How much Do I feed Him.?
  18. why in the world is my 10 month old schnauzer trying to hump my 9 week old puppy?
  19. French restaurant (Le Papillon)...what type of wine would go with our meal?
  20. I have 2 border collies that usually get along great, but are jealous of each
  21. information on dachshunds?
  22. How long is a Chihuahua pregnant for?
  23. guess what a dachshund and scottie mix is called i think its a cute name do
  24. I asked is it hard to train a miniature dachshund more info.?
  25. My 8 week old rottweiler puppy growls when we show affection?
  26. Easy 10 points, name this boxer?
  27. What would you like to ask?Breaking My Yorkshire Terrier Puppy?
  28. How do you know when a chihuahua is pregnant?
  29. AR codes for Japanese Nintendogs Dachshund and Friends?
  30. I have a 6 month old american bulldog who won't potty train!?
  31. Parson/Jack Russell Terrier?
  32. can you save a chihuahua puppy with a cleft lip?
  33. How can I make my Chihuahua stop using my rug as her toilet?
  34. Has anyone had their great dane spayed?
  35. How Do I Train My Border Collie / Lab Mix To Fetch A Ball?
  36. How do I know if my chihuahua is pregnant?
  37. Groomer clipped my long haired dachshund's coat very short....is there a
  38. Am I taking good care of my dog(pug)?
  39. Has anybody ever owned or has experience of English Bull Terriers?
  40. Thinking about buying a pug. What should we know?
  41. my chihuahua's pupils are rapidly changing from small to large, also crys...
  42. Great Dane with dry skin and sores on her paw. What can I do and what
  43. What to give a Boxer for gas..?
  44. I want to know more about breeding my boxer?
  45. how often can i wash my pomeranian?
  46. Who has a brindle chihuahua?
  47. Poodles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!?
  48. My 60 lb mastiff puppy 5 months old ate chocolate candy and wrapers.?
  49. what type of terrier looks like a mini boxer?
  50. We have a chihuahua named Chi-Chi, does her name mean breasts in Spanish?
  51. Is my chihuahua overweight?
  52. Chihuahua is acting nervous tonight!?
  53. What do I do to make my toy poodle stop barking at everything?
  54. My chihuahua is 6 months old and he does some very bad things to my stuffed
  55. How could you potty train a 9 week old shih-tzu?
  56. Does the weight of the boxer not matter at the actual night of the fight?
  57. How do I get my Saint Bernard to poop in one spot of the yard?
  58. Chihuahua or Papillon?
  59. why is my basset hound so mopey?
  60. How much are Tibetan Mastiffs?
  61. Are sussex spaniels good with kids and are they good watch dogs?
  62. I have a 15 week old beagle mix he totally gets pooping outside but on occasion he
  63. How do i know if my poodle is too skinny?
  64. Shiba Inu in Connecticut?
  65. Chihuahua Pug Mix.....?
  66. mini dachshund knows its bad to pee on floor, but does it sometimes and shows me?
  67. whats better a jack russell or toy poodle?
  68. Guys - boxers or briefs?
  69. Would you recommend this product for a Doberman Pinscher?
  70. i have two labrador retreivers and wish to purchase bichon frise?
  71. 2 chihuahuas female big pains in the butt sometimes.?
  72. Does anyone know where I can find a basset Hound in Portland, Oregon?
  73. How big will my GSD/Mastiff mix get?
  74. Is your Red/gold English Cocker Spaniel Aggressive ?
  75. I bought A mutt from a farm close to mine? She is supposed to be half border
  76. How big will a Miniature Schnauzer puppy get?
  77. Items for a Newfoundland dog?
  78. name the GOLDEN RETRIEVER?
  79. What type of regular food can I give to my big, fat chihuahua?
  80. Is my Rottweiler dog pregnant?
  81. How Big Can A Border Collie Grow To And How Much Can They Weigh?
  82. Help- Looking for a Bearded Collie to adopt.?
  83. Does anyone know of a pic of a Great Dane/Chihuahua Mix...?
  84. Can my Toy Poodle always have this kind of cut?
  85. does anyone know where they sell t cup chihuahuas for 200 dolars or less
  86. My dog american eskimo bite my son on the lip and eye last sunday, he is...
  87. Does my dominant dachshund really want to play with me?
  88. is my american bulldog going into labor? HELP ME PLEASE!!?
  89. Chihuahua puppy food?
  90. Pomeranian puppy 8 weeks old coughing?
  91. where can i get a dogo argentino or argentine mastiff dog cheaper?
  92. Attention: SHIH TZU owners or any other small breed owners, please answer my...
  93. Is 14 pounds normal for a pomeranian?
  94. Are chows born with their black/blue tongues, or does that come as they mature?
  95. What's the best way to get my beagle puppy to speak/bark on command?
  96. Taking the Greyhound Bus?
  97. Pit bulls and American staffordshire terriers?
  98. Why does my boxer puppy eat my poop out of the toilet and lap up my pee
  99. Any suggestions for a pomeranian puppy?
  100. English bulldog eye/pupil problem...?
  101. how much do mastiff's cost ??? and where can i find a good breeder?
  102. My boxers show when I wear low-rise jeans?
  103. I read that Shih Tzu should drink water from a water bottle.?
  104. I need some cute girl chihuahua names, please?
  105. average costs of owning a standard poodle?
  106. Do you think Pomeranian dogs are cute ?
  107. How to train a dog to fetch and any reputable breeders in Pennsylvania for golden...
  108. my pomeranian is in heat. is it okay if i shower her?
  109. Will my adopted mini-schnauzer ever liven up?
  110. My Boston Terrier is 12 years old...?
  111. Which breed of dog is smarter? Schnauzers or Poodles?
  112. Is it okay for my older cat to eat kitten chow?
  113. my neighbor has a Rottweiler and they keep locked in a small shed sometimes it is...
  114. Am I the only girl who finds it hot when a guys boxers are showing?
  115. should i get a tiny toy poodle?
  116. How much would a border collie cost?
  117. What causes stillborn pug puppies?
  118. Could my mini-schnauzer get re-infected with spirochetes?
  119. How much would this border collie cost?
  120. Should i wear boxer shorts or none?
  121. Is he a border collie spaniel or something else?
  122. I am trying to sell my pure breed dachshund for $250 dollers and people say
  123. my border collie cross lab breathes very fast?
  124. Would you rather have a bulldog or a dachshund?
  125. Hi, I have a question about chihuahuas!?????????????
  126. How long do german shorthaired pointers usually live?
  127. 4 month old boxer won't stop biting.?
  128. what kind of a dog is bull mastiff?
  129. what are boxers on the list on the dumbest dogs on the list?
  130. Pomeranians and Poodles?
  131. What is the condition Collie nose and what is discoid lupus erthematosus?
  132. UFC WARRIORS more like kick boxers or martial arts combined?
  133. We're thinking about getting a shih tzu?
  134. How to draw a Border Collie?
  135. How are Australian Shepherds ranked according to their intelligence...
  136. Is a weimaraner good for me?
  137. How long can a 14 year old brittany spaniel live with out surgery to repair a...
  138. a song in beverly hills chihuahua?
  139. What's Wrong With My Dachshund Mix?
  140. GIRLS: guys boxers showing?
  141. Why are golden retrievers so wonderful?
  142. What is my chihuahua mixed with?
  143. Out of curiosity about Poodle colors?
  144. Why Do guys like boxers so much? why do they like boxer-breifs, or like breifs?
  145. Great Dane with dry skin and sores. What can I do and what would it be
  146. Do Whippets have problems with anaesthetic?
  147. NAME THE PAPILLON | with a twist|?
  148. What is a good name for a male Pomeranian?
  149. my female dalmatian just gave birth to 8 puppies, i am concerned about her
  150. Breeds like cane corso, mastiff...?
  151. Should i shave my golden retriever for spring?
  152. My Pomeranian was neutered yesterday, and hates the ecollar?
  153. My Scottish terrier who is only 3 has to bald patch on his side of him, there...
  154. how do i train my border collie to climb a ladder?
  155. i have got and 11 wk old french bulldog that's got a heart murmur at stage 1?
  156. What shoud I do about my 11 month old Shih Tzu who keeps barking when I
  157. Scottish Terriers....?
  158. Again...5 month old, male, poodle maxwell.... please help me, thank you?
  159. dose anybody have a male pug IN LAS VEGAS?
  160. shih tzu at what age can i start breeding him?
  161. i have a 5 month doberman pup, and about to get a 17 month jack russell terrier,
  162. Are papillons good family dogs?
  163. What to feed an American Bulldog?
  164. What would cause my boston terrier to have blood in his poop?
  165. 5 month old, male, poodle maxwell.... please help me, thank you?
  166. How to potty train my teacup chihuahua?
  167. my girlfriends 8 week old chihuahua quit eating how can we make him eat again?
  168. any great dane owners here??.i have some questions. what is like living with that...
  169. I'm considering a Beagle puppy. On a scale from 1-10, how easy is it to train?
  170. How much are the Greyhound Bus tickets for three adults?
  171. Is there any movies out there that have doberman pinschers in them?
  172. Cute names for toy poodles?
  173. How do to tell if pug puppy is in heat?
  174. my husband and i are taking a 3 day greyhound trip from NC to CA. what tips do you
  175. What category do the Dachshund dogs stand ? as far as the smartes dog and stuff...
  176. I am feeding by English BullDog the Right food?
  177. 2-year old Golden Retriever stopped eating any suggestions?
  178. Im an aMATEUR BOXER..?
  179. what are the health problems with tiny toy poodles?
  180. My beagle is relentless about the couch?
  181. are pembroke welsh corgi's suitable for living outside?
  182. Am I the only girl who finds it hot when a guy's boxers are showing?
  183. I have a pug problem.....?
  184. My 9 week old shih tzu is starting to hurt me when he bites, what should I do?
  185. I want to get a puppy. What dog is better. A beagle, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, or Maltese?
  186. Do You Think I Can Handle A Border Collie ?
  187. Does anyone else out there have a border collie/chihuahua mix?
  188. Help wiht a yappy beagle and a 9 month old pup.?
  189. Hyper boxer goes out ALOT?
  190. Staffordshire bull terriers and a baby?? People's experience please?
  191. Great Pyrenees? Mix or Purebred?
  192. Where can i find breeders or adoption clinics for yorkshire terriers in the...
  193. Find four of Darwin's observations from his voyage on the Beagle.?
  194. Advice for making a new dog (Australian Cattle Dog) feel at home?
  195. Papillon conformation?
  196. Female Jack Russell Terriers?
  197. Our Dog (pug/beagle/bichon) constantly lays down the last place we were laying...
  198. Male boxer?......?.......?
  199. What color is this Pomeranian?
  200. I have a 2 year old golden retriever how can i stop him biting my soles of my...
  201. How do i train my whippet?
  202. Adopted American Bulldog?
  203. Rottweiler vs Dogo Argentino?
  204. Is My Newfoundland pregnant?
  205. Know any good names for a brown male chihuahua?
  206. My F dachshund is in heat, she is very unsocial just sleeps. We think she may...
  207. I have a 15 week old beagle mix he totally gets pooping outside but on occasion he...
  208. ive got a 4 year old boxer that is scared of everything help. i have had...
  209. Does it is Necessry to Trained a Great Dane ? what are benefits of...
  210. i found out that im pregnant they say im 7 weeks i weigh 126 and my stomach was
  211. Bloodhound puppy! Please answer!?
  212. Pekingese puppy going to be neutered.?
  213. How Much is My Miniature Schnauzer?
  214. Recommended tips for Dachshund breeding?
  215. Do Poodles have Wet Dreams?
  216. What can I do To prevent Seizure in my Pug?
  217. help with pug puppy training (7wks)?
  218. I have a border collie/german shepard mix. She has 4 claws on front paws and 5 on...
  219. Housing that will accept a staffordshire bull terrier/ pit bull?
  220. What do you think of chihuahuas?
  221. My 4 month old chihuahua stopped vomitting and having diaria but she still seems so
  222. My boxer pup sleeps a lot?
  223. i have a greyhound and the people next door have a sort of pitbull cross,
  224. What is better - Border Collie or Golden Retreivor?
  225. what kid of dog should i get, a yorkie or a chihuahua?
  226. how much do teacup chihuahuas bleed during heat, and for how long do they bleed...
  227. Great Dane are Aggresive like Doberman or they are Loving and Playful like Labrador ?
  228. pug girl acting weird?
  229. Could a chihuahua safely have puppies at 6 months of age without any complications?
  230. My chihuahua needs to lose weight?
  231. Can you train out a Border Collie's desire to herd?
  232. Female Rottweiler: Why So Small?
  233. does anyone know any good Bloodhound Gang songs?
  234. Will my pomeranian be okay?
  235. The Gossip Girl Spin-off show (focused on Lily Vanderwoodsen) Brittany
  236. what was this dog??? Like a pug?
  237. what is the best way to keep my long haired yorkshire terriers hair knott free?
  238. Are you a briefs or boxers guy?
  239. I will be placing a 3wk-old, male English Mastiff on hold next week. Which...
  240. will ganz make a webkinz shih tzu?
  241. My maltese and my long-haired chihuahua?
  242. What episode of the original Bevery Hillbillies did Mrs. Drysdale take...
  243. Australian Cattle Dog and Ferret?
  244. why does my rottweiler puppie keep growling and nipping?
  245. Boxers under boardshorts?
  246. Im considering getting a German Shepherd. What do you think of this dog?
  247. How can I find a great newfoundland breeder close to new mexico.?
  248. Help! We cant housebreak our chihuahua!?
  249. Dachshund / Austrailian Shepherd mix?
  250. my american bulldog momma just bit her 4 day old puppy in the head,pretty