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  1. Invisible Dog Fence for two Beagles...Innotek or PetSafe?
  2. Wanting a Siberian Husky puppy?
  3. I am looking for a american bulldog mixed with boxer, commonly called a bulloxer?
  4. my boston terrier has one ear that wont stand?
  5. what is the life span of a min poodle. Although this question has been asked, mine
  6. Can anyone help me with my beagle puppy?
  7. i dont know how to train my chihuahua?
  8. What professional boxers have either written a book or had one written about them?
  9. For native Spanish speakers, What is Golden Retriever in Spanish?
  10. What changes could your favorite boxer make in his camp(trainer) and...
  11. chihuahua in a sewer?
  12. my husband won't let the beagle in the house.?
  13. Do you know where I can find a male chocolate labrador retriever?
  14. Does anyone have a picture of what a Shiba Inu mixed with a Chocolate Lab...
  15. Tear staining Bichon Frise?
  16. Where should I buy a golden retriever?
  17. They're spoiling there dachshund!!?
  18. i have a 2 year old boxer which has been throwing up like flem for about a month?
  19. Is it better to indoor potty train a mini-dachshund?
  20. How old should a golden retriever be to be separated from its mother?
  21. I REALLY want a Border Collie, but...?
  22. What would happen if I tried to mate a great dane and a chihuahua?
  23. Collie in Utah his name is gus can anyone give any up dates on him?
  24. Who is Amy in If u seek amy by brittany spears?!?!?
  25. Is it normal for my registered pure bred male beagle to be 35-40 pounds?
  26. Mohammed Ali so overrated, not as a boxer put as a human being?
  27. My Papillon wont potty train? what do i have to do?
  28. My Siberian Husky now has milk , noticed the last 2 days, temp is 100.5, how much
  29. I just adopted a pug and we decided to call him Curly Moe. Do you like it?
  30. i took the trash to the road this morning in my boxers and it was cold?
  31. Pomeranian?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  32. whats a good name for a female boxer puppy?
  33. greyhound bus ticket..?
  34. How often should a lhasa apso be groomed?
  35. german shepard schnauzer mix?
  36. Does anyone have one of these breeds? standard poodle, basenji, giant
  37. Help destructive american bulldog/pitbull!!!!!!!!!!?
  38. My 10 year old poodle is vomiting water and won't eat. What should I do?
  39. Boston Terrier Puppy with the Hiccups?
  40. American eskimo puppy (problem with eyes!)?
  41. has anyone ever crossed a Great Dane with a Chihuahua?
  42. dalmatian puppies anyone got one for sale?
  43. I adopted a beagle/pug mix puppy from a friend who could not care for him. Why is
  44. How much does a pembroke welsh corgi cost? and are they docked before they are sold?
  45. Basset Hound car sick?
  46. Should I get my Pug swimming lessons?
  47. Why are Border Collies so smart?
  48. Is this an alright way of wearing boxers ? (10 pts!)?
  49. i am getting a jack russell terrier?
  50. Doe's Anyone Know The Name Of A Good Pug Breeder?
  51. Why does my Pug stink like Frito Corn Chips?
  52. looking for west highland white terrier puppy?
  53. I have a little chow chow dog and?
  54. Tips for untrained, unloved Pomeranian?!?
  55. Who are some of the well known boxers that have come from Pittsburgh?
  56. I just rehome a shih tzu puppy he is 5 weeks what to do?
  57. My Jack Russell Terrier is 1 and she's never been vaccinated. Is it too
  58. My Shih Tzu delivered her pups yesterday but today she keeps panting?
  59. We are getting a Vizsla puppy soon, and i was debating on two names: Alec and...
  60. Is a teacup pomeranian good?
  61. What is the name of the Australian Cattle Dog Ranch featured on The Dog Whisperer?
  62. Why are there so few greyhound puppies for sale?
  63. Is it kinda gay for me to have a Pomeranian?
  64. is my dog really a mini schnauzer?
  65. Crate Training my chihuahua?
  66. lhasa apso pure breed standards?
  67. what to do about a misbehaving Boston Terrier that is 6 month old?
  68. Where can i buy a poodle skirt outfit like ths?
  69. Are Australian shepherd good dogs?
  70. I have a shih tzu and he eats like a pig why?
  71. My chihuahua is about 12+yrs old. Recently diagnosed with englarged heart by vet,...
  72. Vizsla debate: ALEC vs. Slugger?
  73. I need a beagle expert?
  74. Can two golden retrievers defend you?
  75. My german shepherd dog?
  76. Good names for a Chihuahua?
  77. A new mini dachshund?
  78. Question about color on Neapolitan Mastiffs?
  79. If I am wearing a pair of green boxer briefs today, should I feel compelled
  80. anyone want to buy a pug puppy? ideas on selling puppies?
  81. What's the best training method for Miniature Bull Terriers?
  82. How can I stop my 12 week old Akita Inu from biting so much and so hard?
  83. Are boxers becoming less popular to wear for guys?
  84. Do you agree with greyhound racing?
  85. We have a 4 year old male beagle who in the past month has tried to bite 2...
  86. How do I get my Beagle to do his business when it's raining or?
  87. i have a 4 month old pug, how long after do i take her out after he eats?
  88. Greyhound Ticket (Read Details)?
  89. are there any cats like poodles?? lol?
  90. What medium sized dog can you breed with a pomeranian?
  91. my 3 year old rottweiler's front legs keep giving way?
  92. is their anyway a chihuahua can breed a lab?
  93. Anybody found anything a Beagle won't eat?
  94. help with ear wax in a pug puppy?
  95. Whistle/clicker training a rottweiler and rat terrier?
  96. I am looking for an animal care taker who will take care of my 1 year old male
  97. When is a good age to start training my Miniature Schnauzer?
  98. does anyone have a boston terrier?
  99. What is it my 7month old boxer pup has?
  100. How do we prevent our 3 year old usually-housebroken female Collie from
  101. How do you wear a boxer?
  102. Newfoundland owners!!!!!!!?
  103. How do I convince my sister a Yorkshire Terrier is not for her?
  104. Why does my schnauzer dig holes?
  105. Shih Tzu and baby problem...Please help.?
  106. Where can I buy a Lhasa Apso?
  107. What could be wrong with my pekingese?
  108. golden retriever.why does he act this way?
  109. Irish red setters . . . . . .?
  110. How do you get a Shih-Tzu dog to stop eating her poop?
  111. whats a good weight for a female golden retriever?
  112. Where can I buy an American Bulldog puppy in New Jersey?
  113. How do I get my Shih-Tzu to eat her food REGULARLY?
  114. I would like a Chihuahua.?
  115. my 2 year old chihuahua started to bite couple months ago?
  116. Will my mini schnauzers color change?
  117. Whats wrong with my new Weimaraner?
  118. does saliva keep comin out frm boxer dog?
  119. tips to dressing a horse like a poodle?
  120. My German Shorthaired pointer has sores between her toes on all four paws.?
  121. What To Do With An Overly Aggressive American Eskimo?
  122. My Saint Bernard is due today...?
  123. What is the difference between a Samoyed and a Japanese Splitz Dog?
  124. how do you do the Brittany spears move?
  125. Does my pug look 100% pug?
  126. How many times should a mini dachshund puppy potty #2 a day?
  127. Do you remember the Chihuahua Taco Bell commercials?
  128. what age can you breed border collies?
  129. How do you feel about dressing up dogs? (chihuahuas)?
  130. My norwegian elkhound is going crazy..=(?
  131. I'm trying 2 get this dog named Lucas, he is a Labrador Retriever?
  132. Should I be worried about my Alpine Mastiff?
  133. My Poodle age 7 wks is having ParcoVirus infection. She has yet to rec any
  134. How big will my lab/gs/collie mix get? Any guesses?
  135. help training a 4 month old boston terrier?
  136. My bull mastiff does not like little dogs.HELP?
  137. my shih tzu is being crate trained and refuses to eat or use the restroom.... HELP?
  138. chesapeake bay retrievers?
  139. My 8 month old boston terrier has loose bowels?
  140. does all chows have black tongues?
  141. I adopted a 3-4 month old Papillon a week ago. How much will all his shots cost?
  142. can you take a poodle home a 6 weeks or 7 weeks?
  143. My dog(greyhound/dober mix) is good listener inside, but outside is too distracted.?
  144. Did anyone else see Beverly Hills Chihuahua? My daughter hated it, but I thought...
  145. are the boxers moody?
  146. Why has my German Shepherd stared attacking my other dogs?
  147. What can I do to a puppy pug, that is dying?
  148. Chihuahua vs. French Bulldog- You chose!?
  149. Anyone from UK have any good pug adopting websites?
  150. Cute GIRL Chihuahua Names?
  151. Can someone tell me what color a Yorkshire terrier's fur is?
  152. can you get pregnant if you are wearing boxers and the grl is wearing sweats and
  153. where can i find a kurdish kangal puppy?
  154. Advice on my adopted Lhasa Apso?
  155. I am searching for the website for english springer spaniel rescue society or...
  156. what age can i breed boreder collies.... second post?
  157. Okay lets try again, Finding a Border Collie/Aussie?
  158. Will a Rottweiler defend its family?
  159. I have a mini dachshund that's about 6-7 months old now. I've been
  160. What is it like owning a Siberian Husky?
  161. I lost a bet have to run across the quad in my boxers,but my friend Jess said...
  162. I have a great dane and he was fine untill he got bit by an evil Vampire dog?
  163. Why is food called Chow in the military?
  164. Am i racist if i support only European Boxers?
  165. my chihuahua, help me please : (?
  166. Anyone want a 3 month old Golden Retriever?
  167. Toilet Training 18 week old Border Collie!!!!!?
  168. What do you think of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed?
  169. Where can I find a legitimate Pomeranian and Maltese breeder in AZ?
  170. Do Chihuahuas shed their fur?
  171. Why can't my English Bulldog skateboard?
  172. what do u do when you pomeranian bites and growls at you?
  173. do you think the problems created by pug breeding can ever be fixed?
  174. do you like the german shepherd dog with a sloped back?
  175. Best boxer, best martial artist, best wrestler, best streetfighter in the UFC...
  176. Why doesn't my one year old shih tzu lift his leg when he pees?
  177. How big will my boxer puppy be when full grown?
  178. my dog won't stop barking? she's a two year old shih tzu that i just got?
  179. Great Pyrenees Puppy Sleeping Problem?
  180. I have a one year old Great Dane who is shedding non stop for a couple weeks now?
  181. What can you tell me about the Portuguese Water Dog?
  182. What should i name my female black pug?
  183. Where can i find english bulldogs for cheap?
  184. How Big Do Miniture Siberian Huskies Get?
  185. i have an 8 year old male shih tzu and we brought back an 8 month old female
  186. what can u tell me about my chihuahua to help me understand what going on with him?
  187. Oh no....my 3 yr. old dachshund eat some kind of?
  188. Beagle gets sick in car every single time. What to do?
  189. I am wanting to become a boxer ?
  190. What shall I call my collie?
  191. Human Vitamin E Capsules for Chihuahuas?
  192. I have a 12yr, old chihuahua that has developed a cough. It comes goes....
  193. Name and Advice about Papillon Puppy?
  194. How should i start the trainings with my siberian husky?
  195. Any info on Weimaraner dogs?
  196. Good macho dog names for my hardcore pug?
  197. I need help with my 13 week old chihuahua!?
  198. I've finally narrowed down my choices! should I get a Maltese or a Bichon Frise?
  199. miniature schnauzer expert. Why is my 5year old silver grey schnauzer going
  200. Why does my chihuahua get in the oven?
  201. How much would a maltese and a bichon frise cost?
  202. My Saint Bernard is due March 16 (tonight after midnight)?
  203. Is a Harlequin Great Dane a good dog to have?
  204. would a malamute or a shiba inu be ok in this climate?
  205. Are German Shepherds good dogs?
  206. My English Bulldog puppy is spitting up white foam every other week. What causes it?
  207. is there a chart on standard golden retriever weight?
  208. I am 18yrs old, and 138lbs. I love my wieght but hate my belly pug. how can i lose
  209. What are some cute names for a Pug puppy?
  210. Dalmatian puppies in Kingdom Hearts 1?
  211. I don't think my chihuahua is a purebred. What do you think?
  212. Can you tell me a little bit about Collies?
  213. where can I find a Harlequin Great Dane Puppy in Denver,CO.?
  214. is it illegal to dock a boxers tail and crop their ears in the uk?
  215. toy poodle or papiloon?
  216. trying to name my new basset hound?
  217. Is it true golden retrievers rarely attack people?
  218. I am looking for a female Chow Chow about 2 years old to buy. I live in PA.
  219. Why does my beagle watch me?
  220. Looking for an English Bulldog?
  221. Sealing the deal on getting a Chihuahua?
  222. which is better for breakfast: a Beagle or a Bagel?
  223. Why do long haired dachshund lick so much?
  224. Max size of a bichon frise?
  225. is this nose acceptable with this coat color |dachshund|?
  226. Are Hollister Boxer Briefs a good way to hide b***rs?
  227. Rottweiler vs. Doberman?
  228. can any one help my yorkshire terrier is 10 he has started drinking loads of
  229. FOUND! Dalmatian puppy in Bakersfield, CA.?
  230. Training a male dachshund?
  231. Does anyone know what to do for a Golden Retriever that has an ear infection
  232. Some basic questions about a Bullmastiff?
  233. Does anyone know where i can get a border collie puppy?
  234. Could the ultrasound on my pregnant chihuahua be wrong?
  235. Great Dane/German Sheperd Mix?
  236. I want to breed my boxer?
  237. Walking a Jack Russell Terrier?
  238. Labrador, Weimaraner rescue centres (UK only)?
  239. i bought a boxer mix puppy 6 weeks old and i wonder what to name it?
  240. I got a new scottish terrier puppy?
  241. Eight month old female Golden Retriever has started piddling. How do I...
  242. How Much Great Dane Eat ?
  243. Is it just me, or does WalMart not sell white Hanes Boxer Briefs?
  244. Our Border Collie ate a bunch of shrimp , when we weren't looking. Precooked with
  245. what are the names of all of the songs in beverly hills chihuahua?
  246. miniature english bulldog?
  247. 80 pounds rottweiler?
  248. Survey about Men's underwear - Boxers, Briefs, Thong or Manties?
  249. my friend is going from farmville va to baltimore travel plaza,what bus company...
  250. are english bull terriers a handful?