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  1. Where can I find a Private Shih Tzu Breeder?
  2. My 6mo dachshund was neutered and?
  3. Should I convince my parent about getting a chihuahua ?
  4. Miniature poodles for sale?
  5. mineture poodle in heat got stuck together he is a 6 month old poodle she is...
  6. my shih tzu puppy has one blue and one brown?
  7. Brittany Spaniel PUPPIES?? In Florida anywhere in Florida?
  8. What behaviors do labrador retrievers show when they are tired?
  9. what should we name our shih/tzu?
  10. Information about Papillon puppies?
  11. im getting a baby chihuahua !?
  12. Olde english bulldog or Old english bulldog?
  13. Why golden retriever end with cancer?
  14. Chihuahua/Toy Fox Terrier mix....?
  15. I have a miniature poodle, i want her to have babies but i want it to have babies...
  16. i have a callhoula hound,austrailen shepard,and boxer mix puppy.health problems?
  17. update on the scared chihuahua?
  18. Is your Great Dane hyper?
  19. HELP NAME MY CHiHUAHUA!!!!!!!!!!!?
  20. My dog's a Australian Kelpie right?
  21. What is the best grooming supplies to groom a Shiba Inu?
  22. How long is a dachshund pregnant?
  23. Name for a border collie puppy?
  24. How do I train my Chihuahua to stop going up to anyone who comes up.?
  25. My greyhound won't eat and threw up. HELP!?
  26. How do I get my one-eyed 6 month year-old pug to calm downxX?Xx?
  27. how big is the tail supposed to be on rottweiler?
  28. Whats the best dog food for a Doberman Pinscher?
  29. I'm traveling in april by greyhound for my first time from pa to mo to visit
  30. Golden Retriever skin issues?
  31. How large should a 4-5 month old bullmastiff be?
  32. Yorkshire terrier puppys?
  33. Boxer loosing patches of hair?
  34. Is a 1 year old Great Dane still a puppy?
  35. Anyone know of a good Papillon Breeder?
  36. Whats the best way to housebreak a shih tzu poodle mix little girl puppy?
  37. which dog is smarter beagle or havanese?
  38. What do you guys think of Belgian Malinois?
  39. What are good traits about shih tzu/bichon frise dogs?
  40. Would a Pomeranian need to wear shoes?
  41. IMPORTANT-Golden Retrievers or Labrador Retrievers?
  42. Pomeranian dog owners!! Plz!!!?
  43. Introducing Scottish terriers to newborns?
  44. Labrador Retriever questions? please help if you know anything at all about the
  45. What should I name my Giant Schnauzer puppy?
  46. What's a good name for a Golden Retriever?
  47. how do you say golden retriever in spanish?
  48. Mini Keeshond??? Names? (Pictures)?
  49. american bulldog a running dog?
  50. does anyone have any good bullmastiff stories, my bullmastiff is 6 months old.?
  51. Which is better a male or a female Labrador retriever?
  52. Our 7 month old golden retriever is having stomach problems?
  53. My Pomeranian is losing all her hair. Why?
  54. I have a wheaten scottish terrier and want her to have wheaten pups. How can I...
  55. Does anyone own a havapoo? Havanese-toy poodle mix? Also any good names for her?
  56. Im thinking of getting a Chorkie ( Chihuahua x Yorkie) i need info?
  57. I wanna know if i can get another Australian Kelpie somewhere in Maryland or close?
  58. brittany spears (if U seek amy)?
  59. i have a 2 yr old english bulldog...she recently got an eye infection and yellow...
  60. Border collie registry question?
  61. Toy poodle girl problem?
  62. i'm trying to train my 1yr old boston terrier beagle but don't know
  63. Is a west highland white terrier a good first dog?
  64. miniature american eskimo drinking excessive amount of water after he went to
  65. i live in the north west of the uk,and would like to buy a boston terrier puppy?
  66. My pug is peeing everywhere?
  67. Have a question about buying an English Bulldog..?
  68. Adopting a Greyhound?
  69. German shepherd dog guarding ability...?
  70. Siberian Husky and Shiba Inu?
  71. breeding a white german shepherd with a siberian husky :)?
  72. Where can i find a cheap mini schnauzer in Arkansas?
  73. My Dachshund is extremely difficult to house break. What should I do?
  74. How to Housetrain A Beagle You got from a shelter?
  75. How many Portuguese Water Dogs did Noah take on The Ark?
  76. Anyone know where I can get a t-shirt or something with Jock the Scottish Terrier
  77. how can i make my german shepherd a gard dog?
  78. Is a west highland white terrier a good first dog?
  79. Does anyone know the average Hip Score of a Greyhound please?
  80. Raw Prey Model or B.A.R.F for my 14 week old siberian husky girl?
  81. How long will it take after boxer's fracture to be able to make a fist?
  82. What are some breeds of Giant White Dogs besides Great Pyrenees?
  83. rotweiler or bullmastiff?
  84. Looking for a Saluki?
  85. Can a 16 year old cross the US/Canada border on a Greyhound bus?
  86. i have a question about AKC registration i have a 5 year old pedigree
  87. Australian cattle dog is breed from quite a few breeds.?
  88. I rescued a 7 year old french bulldog from the local pound for my son.?
  89. Do you think the Anti-Christ will own a Portuguese Water Dog?
  90. Ok so I have a Border collie/chihuahua mix. I know it sounds weird but?
  91. My Boston Terrier is pregnant.....?
  92. do toy poodles smell or shed?
  93. How can I keep my Pug happy?
  94. which dog is cuter Beagle or Havanese?
  95. Do you think Aeo would be a good name for a german shepherd dog?
  96. hello well i searhed alot of dogs I came up with 2 dogs the Welsh Corgi,...
  97. questions about German Shepherd Dog !!?
  98. do bull terriers jaws lock?
  99. I lost a bet have to run across the quad in my boxers,but my friend Jess said...
  100. I need cute and fun names for a Yorkshire Terrier Female!?
  101. i have a cross german shepard / rotweiler. i want a toy poodle, will they get on?
  102. My american bulldog pups are 3 weeks old mom stop feeding them? What can they eat?
  103. compression shorts with boxers?
  104. 4 lb Pomeranian was dropped!?
  105. Where can I get a purebred Great Dane?
  106. inbreding boxers and problems effects breding can have on them?
  107. What's the number to the greyhound station in downtown Houston?
  108. how many pugs (small dogs) can fit in a four bdroom home?
  109. Min Pin (Miniature Pinscher) Potty Training Help!?
  110. mineture poodle puppie is attacking me please help please help?
  111. Does my American Bulldog puppy weigh enough?
  112. Is it okay to give my pug tums?
  113. I really want a little toy poodle?
  114. I have 2 6 month old Saint Bernard/Lab mix puppies. How can I stop them from...
  115. How much taller are Irish Wolfhounds than Great Pyrenees?
  116. My 5 Month Old English Mastiff...?
  117. Does Anybody Know Anything About Basset Hounds??? Or Own One ?
  118. How do I train my German Shorthaired Pointer to hunt?
  119. Taking a pekingese dog to the beach?
  120. great dane shedding...???
  121. My beagle is shedding like crazy!?
  122. Breeding my chihuahua?
  123. What Should I Feed My Siberian Husky Girl?
  124. what is the chance of getting a white or brindle pug?
  125. red toy poodles... anyone have one? i need to know price?
  126. should white GSDs only breed with other white german shepherd dogs?
  127. How do you tire out a Labrador Retriever?
  128. How do I know if I'm ready for a Yorkshire Terrier?
  129. greyhound bus ticket by mail..?
  130. Shiba Inu/Siberian Husky breed?
  131. chihuahua question. do they?
  132. How big do shar pei puppies get?
  133. should i get a bichon frise?
  134. How to get my cute 1 month old beagle to stop biting me?
  135. Mini schnauzer grooming?
  136. Aggressive 8 month old male Shih Tzu!?
  137. help with my 1yr old boston terrier beagle?
  138. How do I make my boston terrier's transition better?
  139. How much would a miniature red poodle puppy cost?
  140. I have a four year old labrador rottweiler mix dog. What is the best dry...
  141. Any recomendations? A dog a bit bigger then the King charles Cav.spaniel, with
  142. Where can I adopt a Yorkie or Toy Poodle?
  143. Mastiff Owners.. How are they with children?
  144. What are the possible reasons that my 4 month old English Mastiff is wetting the bed?
  145. are rottweiler dogs nice?
  146. My new Siberian Husky puppy, 8 weeks old! HELP!? xD?
  147. what breed of dog is this Staffordshire bull terrier or pitbull terrier?
  148. Local breeders in San Jose for A Bichon Frise?
  149. does anyone know an american eskimo dog rescue in nj?
  150. foreign diplomats in boxer rebellion?
  151. DOES anyone out therte have an ENGLISH BULLDOG?
  152. How Do I Keep My Little Chihuahua From Lifting His LegHim Pissing On Furniture.?
  153. Why do golfers pretty much only make money if they win versus boxers and ball...
  154. Question about preeding pugs (dog breed) If a male is born weighing two...
  155. we have a 8mo. old Dachshund 1 of it's eyes is going bad at the back of the
  156. Who is better and prettier: Sophia Bush or Brittany Snow?
  157. I have 3 dogs a chihuahua, a mix chihuahua and a saint bernard. recently my two...
  158. who do you think is the best boxer of all time?
  159. Toy Pomeranian Eating Her Poop... help!?
  160. What is a good name for my girl Shih-Tzu? (Vote)?
  161. Need help with a siberian husky?
  162. Name for a mix breed yellow lab/English bulldog?
  163. what's the best food for an english bulldog bulldog puupy?
  164. maltese x shih tzu playful puppy - how do i stop her biting me?
  165. Help me name my Weimaraner!?
  166. If a guy wears boxers, is that a good sign that he is straight? Do gay guys
  167. My ten year old beagle has an iritated eye.?
  168. Am I the only one from Chihuahua in this section!?
  169. what would be a good name for golden retriever?
  170. Which dog should I buy? King Charles, Beagle or Jack Russel?
  171. My cat got in a fight with a rottweiler! Help!?
  172. bull terrier sick after breeding due 4-10-09?
  173. My pug limps on right front leg. Vet doesn't know why and xrays where good.
  174. Do Great Pyrenees make good family pets?
  175. My female golden retriever keeeps wiping herself now yesterday we were
  176. which one should i get ? yorkie/maltese/shih-tzu?
  177. How easy are Toy Poodles to train (Potty wise)?
  178. My chihuahua has parvo!?
  179. Why has 4month old Shih Tzu's teeth not grown out yet?
  180. Ladies.....you love to shop...Help me find boxer briefs, trunk style that...
  181. Does anyone have any information or pointers on teaching high school English?
  182. We live in a 4 story apartment, is it bad for my 7 mos old standard dachshund to...
  183. How do I get my dachshund to not be scared of the show table and slick...
  184. My 9 mo. old beagle mix makes a wheezing sound when he runs hard or jumps...?
  185. My Saint Bernard is still breathing pretty heavy after a hike....??? Is this normal?
  186. Cats on Greyhound is that allowed?
  187. My one year old Dachshund is afraid of small children and other dogs.?
  188. Anyone with a Cocker Spaniel / Chihuahua mix that can tell me what their...
  189. Ok so my beagle is 10 years old (just turned 10 about a week ago) and she is still
  190. is it necessary to train a boxer dog?
  191. Where can I get a puppy /not expensive/ in springfield ma? Looking for a girl-
  192. pug puppy training question?
  193. Is it normal to hug my golden retriever every day? Does he like it?
  194. Questions regarding a Cairn Terrier?
  195. I gave my shih tzu some worm pills now her stool has blood. is that normal.?
  196. Do Dachshund's get along with Corgi's?
  197. I have a question about my golden retriever.. ?
  198. Whats the best breed to pair with a puppy Rottweiler?
  199. Q about my Great Dane Puppy?
  200. I have a few question about Shih Tzu Breders.?
  201. how tall do toy FRENCH poodles get?
  202. How do I remove Pinke temporary dye from my poodle?
  203. What size crate/cage would be best to get for a Shih Tzu-Terrier mix (small dog)?
  204. Small Dry Kibble...I feed my dog Eukanuba for Yorkshire Terriers.?
  205. how old do shih tzu go in heat?
  206. do you think pugs are cute?
  207. look i have a BOXER/PITBULL i love him alot and it dosent seem like he loves me?
  208. Are Golden Retrievers good pets?
  209. My golden retriever at 2 yrs old is so submissive to other dogs.?
  210. My Pug is Depressed, Please Help!?
  211. Good names for Golden Retrievers?
  212. Gastropexy for Great Pyrenees?
  213. How to make Niniche from Brittany, France?
  214. where can i get a shih tzu puppy in florida?
  215. i need to help potty training my border collie aussie mix?
  216. I do I train a 3 year old great dane who destroys the house and pees and...
  217. I lost a bet have to run across the quad in my boxers,but my friend Jess...
  218. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!?
  219. I might get two of miniature pinschers. What should I name them?
  220. A short spanish name for my Chihuahua?
  221. My Golden Retriever puppy has just eaten a whole pack of chewing gum?!?!?
  222. Good names for Golden Retrievers?
  223. Best Food for 1yr Old Malnourished Boxer?
  224. Best food brand for Miniature Bull Terrier?
  225. Who were/are the greatest Irish Boxers?
  226. 28 week old golden retriever house training issues / urination in crate....
  227. what age shuld I swich my dog from puppy chow to regular dog food?
  228. Can I give a bath to a beagle in heat?
  229. What is the starting age for a boxers career?
  230. Shiba Inu Dog with bad hips at young age needs help!?
  231. Labradors and Chihuahua's?
  232. my poodle still bites shoes, is that normal?
  233. Can I AKC register my pure bred belgian malinois if the parents are not...
  234. Need help naming my golden tibetan mastiff female puppy?
  235. Pomeranian Teddy Bear Haircut?
  236. i have a cavalier king charles spaniel?
  237. does any1 know where they sell chihuahuas under 300 dollars in oxnard california ?
  238. how much does the average english bulldog cost?
  239. Best dog food for 7 month rhodesian ridgeback?
  240. Do long hair dachshunds shed?
  241. What would win in a fight a akita or a bull mastiff?
  242. jockey cotton spandex boxer?
  243. I have a Great Dane who loves to bark only when he is outside any tips to make...
  244. great dane jumping.....help!!?
  245. My 13 month boxer is protective?
  246. opinion of a boxer or an american pitbull terrier?
  247. On Greyhound, can you get off the bus at an earlier stop, if you paid for a
  248. Any havanese puppies (white)?
  249. on the website 'boxingscene' who is the boxer on the tab 'forums'?
  250. Would a herding dog (such as an australian cattle dog/red heeler) make a good...