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  1. Anyone know why my beagle always waits on our stair case and stairs at the door?
  2. GIRLS: guys sitting in class with his boxers showing?
  3. My boxer sheds ALOT...?
  4. Rottweiler vs. Can Corso?
  5. Difference Between Dog and Puppy Chow?
  6. My Border Collie gets a limp when she runs what might this be?
  7. The vet and her assistant caused my pug to foam at the mouth and gag....?
  8. Border Collie Registered and Call Names?
  9. Help! My dachshund still...?
  10. Curly haired Jack Russell Terriers? Exist?
  11. Taking the greyhound from salt lake city to las vegas, where is the drop off?
  12. My boxer Wes has been acting wierd.?
  13. How much to charge for Border Collies?
  14. Is it possible to teach a rottweiler to not want to eat cats?
  15. Question about Golden Retriever puppie?
  16. 8 Year Old Staffordshire Bull Terrier..!?
  17. How long should my 16 week old American Bulldog be able to hold her bladder?
  18. id like to buy a boston terrier,but my partner is worried that they are really...
  19. how many DAY'S was your american bulldog pregnant for? my dog is due today so...
  20. Good Irish Setter names?
  21. is a belgian malinois the same as a german shepherd?
  22. Is my dog a chihuahua x mini pinscher?
  23. Help sam the pug!!!!!?
  24. how do i get papers and register my full blooded boxer female?
  25. How to train my border collie to do a flip?
  26. why does my boxer only have 1 or 2 puppys each litter?
  27. What songs are good for a boxer coming out?
  28. Why does my Pomeranian put his nose down and then rub his paws over it?
  29. how can i get my boxer heart tested?
  30. Is Wellness dog food good for my english bulldog?
  31. Should I get a Pomeranian or a Yorkshire terrior?
  32. What is a good name for a teacup Pomeranian puppy?
  33. If you breed a long-haired Saint Bernard with another long-haird saint, Can it...
  34. How do you train a Chihuahua?
  35. Havanese breeders in Canada?
  36. do boston terriers leave fur all over ur clothes and furniture?
  37. Good and reputable golden retriever breeder in the illinois area?
  38. Is there any good collages in Brittany?
  39. How did Golden Retrievers become so popular?
  40. What do you think about Border Collies?
  41. Do Chihuahua's communicate with thier ears?
  42. Why do boxers and kick boxers make funny noises when they shadowbox or hit the bags?
  43. Labrador and Golden retriever questions? would either one be right for me?
  44. should i get a pomerian,Chihuahua a yorkshire terrier?
  45. what do i buy for my guy on his birthday apart from singlet, boxers,...
  46. Havanese breed-dog question?
  47. How much would you be willing to pay for a teacup chihuahua - without papers?
  48. What do you think of german shepherd dogs?
  49. I'm getting an Italian Mastiff, and I want a training routine to start...
  50. Other dogs beside poodles?
  51. My boxers show when I wear slim fit low rise jeans?
  52. What is Your Favourite Bloodhound Gang song?
  53. I have a Great Pyrenees who is constantly barking. Any suggestions?
  54. Beagle pees in crate after being in crate for 1 hour?
  55. how do i stop my 9 month old female chihuahua puppy from pooping and peeing in
  56. Yorkie or Boston Terrier?
  57. is a bichon frise right for me?
  58. Boxer/Mastiff Crosses?
  59. what is your favorite name chelo or carmen or brittany?
  60. Pug dander and fur is driving me buggy?
  61. Is my 1 yr old boston terrier full grown?
  62. question about shih tzu?
  63. my rottweiler. stares at my friends dog all the time, with ears up?
  64. Pomeranian or Yorkie Terrier?
  65. what are some good games for a boxer puppy.?
  66. Should Newfoundland leave Canada?
  67. Does any one know where I can get a English Bull Terrier crossed with a...
  68. Can English Bulldogs Stay Outside When I 'm at Work?
  69. What is the best way to take care of my Shih Tzu's coat?
  70. papillon training.. ?
  71. For the french people.. Brittany, France?
  72. What is your opinion on schnauzers?
  73. Does anyone know the average grooming price for a Pekingese?
  74. How big would a shar pei puppy mixed with german shepard get to be?
  75. 10 month mini poodle growling too much?
  76. My shih tzu ate a humongous bug is he OK?
  77. Why do kick boxers leg breaks?
  78. Fostering a deaf english/american bulldog and he keeps getting into fights with...
  79. How old are Chihuahua puppies when they get their teeth?
  80. My 3 year old shih tzu has breathing problems!!?
  81. Skin problems - Dalmatian?
  82. im trying to find a Bull Mastiff puppy in new jersey close to camden if possible?
  83. Is this normal for a 1 and a half year old golden retriever?
  84. A boxer punches a sheet of paper in midair..?
  85. What's a resonable price for purebred unregistered schnauzer puppies?
  86. ladies: boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs?
  87. Great Pyrenees Puppy Fur?
  88. golden retriever chewing and licking his paw?
  89. I am looking for an English Bulldog puppy and live in Florida, anyone know where I...
  90. Are golden retrievers or the labrador retrievers who help the blind?
  91. my chihuahuas leg makes a click noise sometimes when she is moving around?
  92. Is this okay for a irish setter pup?
  93. Shih Tzu with blood shot eye?
  94. How many federal ridings are there in Newfoundland?
  95. Why arnt Samoyed puppies in more ad's etc?
  96. What should I name my female chihuahua puppy?
  97. my 8 week old rottweiler beagle mix just peed on the carpet and i dont...
  98. is it possible to reintroduce my Chihuahuas pup after stress?
  99. help me with my whippet pleease :)?
  100. do you like our chow chows?
  101. I have two english cocker spaniel, both 6 and my family got them when...
  102. How do i make a homemade dachshund costume?
  103. good names for a male or female boxer..gettin a new puppy =)?
  104. how much would it cost to start and run a boxer dog kennel for a year?
  105. Why are the older boxers still in the sport?
  106. will a collie or other herding breed be a good choice for my lifestyle ?
  107. i need help on siberian huskies?
  108. Help ... i need name for my new Chihuahua?
  109. Are beagle dogs good house pets?
  110. i want to get a red toy poodle, from uk. does anyone have one i need to know...?
  111. What dogs look like Aussies (Australian Shepherds)?
  112. What Do You Think About Borador's (Labrador / Border Collie mix) Are They Good Dogs?
  113. GIRLS: Do you find it gross when a guys boxers are showing?
  114. Fruits and Veggies for Chihuahuas!?
  115. when ever my boxer is laying with me and my pug comes up she attacks him,is
  116. My 7month old female border collie has become very possessive?
  117. I want an English Bulldog For Under $200 That Will Be Shipped?
  118. Labrador-Golden Retriever Mix?
  119. Help with Boxer doggy adoption...?
  120. Will having two pugs cause tension between the dogs?
  121. Would any one want a Full Bread English pointer?
  122. Don't know what to do about my Boston Terrier chewing stuff!?
  123. Really pathetic question about boxers?
  124. Weimaraner is annoying at night!?
  125. english bulldogs. HELP!?
  126. Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy!?
  127. Who is this famous singer with his dalmatian in the picture?
  128. My Cavalier king charles spaniel.?
  129. Border Collie spayed?
  130. Dachshund dog house help me!?
  131. any websites or people you know looking to sell a border collie?
  132. Questions about a Pug.?
  133. Whose the Kid on the cover of the album Hooray for Boobies by The Bloodhound Gang?
  134. dachshund questions.........?
  135. I just got a beagle pug mix whats a good name?
  136. Are Staffordshire Bull Terriers for chavs?
  137. How do I play with a dachshund?
  138. Does anyone have advise about my Dalmatian's seizures?
  139. How are boxers so light yet muscular?
  140. Siberian Husky starting to bight..?
  141. I'm thinking of getting a mini schnauzer...?
  142. I recently bought two 9 week old chihuahua brothers. How do I potty train them?
  143. When was the Border Collie brought to the USA?
  144. What grooming tools would I need to groom my new 13 week old Bichon Frise?
  145. Which name is better for a Chihuahua puppy?
  146. why is my pomeranian fat? He is only 6 months old?
  147. ok,whenme and my boxer are inside she is so timid and quiet and only plays
  148. What would be the best dog to get when I already have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  149. Do you like Kuvasz dogs?
  150. where do i rehome a 3 year old boarder collie?
  151. My Beagle Mix is extremly aggressive.?
  152. Chihauhau and toy american eskimo breed?
  153. my 18 month old basset hound bites me and my family all the time, how
  154. Help! Mouthy pomeranian puppy!?
  155. Training my toy poodle help!?
  156. How old is a shih-tzu aprox. before its coat is long enough for a top knot?
  157. why is my chihuahua loosing alot of hair?
  158. Chihuahua or Frenchie?
  159. My friend's Pomeranian has some fur that's crimped?
  160. Will my health plan cover my pet dachshund? It has been depressed lately. A
  161. Is this place a good golden retriever breeder?
  162. Palmolive dish soap to bathe my basset hound?
  163. Spaying My Female Maltese/Brussels Griffon?
  164. How to convince my mom to get a rottweiler?
  165. who wins a coyote or a rottweiler?
  166. I would like to get a welsh corgi.?
  167. Do I Have To Have An ID To Purchase A Greyhound Bus Ticket At The Station?
  168. which gender of boxer is more affectionate and calm?
  169. Can you access the internet on a greyhound bus?
  170. How can I help my 6 month old Golden Retriever puppy get rid of her gas
  171. does anyone else loooveee bull terriers :D!?
  172. Rottweiler question.....?
  173. im trying to find a miniature english bulldog breeder in San Diego CA?
  174. A miniature pincher, chihuahua or a jack Russel terrier?
  175. west highland terriers skye terriers?
  176. Questions about a rottweiler..?
  177. Do silky terriers make good pets?
  178. I'm looking into getting a long-haired chihuahua from Brisbane area!?
  179. Does anyone know a reputable pug breeder for under $400?
  180. What do you think about my new Pomeranian baby?
  181. Pembroke welsh corgi or toy manchester terrier?
  182. wich is better bull terrier or mini bull terrier?
  183. GIRLS: Do you think guys who show their boxers is kinda hot?
  184. i have a staffordshire bull terrier puppy is there any laws in london that i
  185. When adopting a great dane puppy, is there a difference between males and females?
  186. I have a lab and great pyrenees mixed puppy and want to know how much he will weigh?
  187. how old do bloodhounds need to be before you start teaching them to trail? I have a
  188. Havanese or Jack/Parson Russell Terrier?
  189. Adopted English Bulldog doesnt like my 2 cats...help!?
  190. My dog is a 15lb chihuahua mix, and he ate a mini hersheys bar. What can i...
  191. 6 1/2 month old Great Dane separation anxiety issues?
  192. how to play with all the boxers in fight night round 3?
  193. how many kinds of pomeranian do they have?
  194. my little Pomeranian has a small red bubble on her upper chest?
  195. Mini Schnauzer training help!!!?
  196. Great Dane pup... please read on?
  197. Does anyone currently own an American Staffordshire Terrier?
  198. POLL: Do you have a brother who walks around the house in just boxers!?!?
  199. siberian husky, golden Retriever and lab?
  200. Someone told me thatin English bulldogs it is now legal 2 breed with mother and son
  201. Brittany Snow hairstyle how to?
  202. What are the chances for my 9 weeks old Boston Terrier puppy to survive parvovirus?
  203. Brittany Spears how how how?
  204. How do I RE-train my Pomeranian dog to use the restroom?
  205. What kind of doh is Rafa from beverly hills Chihuahua?
  206. Bichon Frise Owners?
  207. I have a new rabbit and my greyhound is trying to get to it. Im worried that
  208. I Need Help With Registering My Chihuahua?
  209. Does anyone know of any pug breeders in Northwest Florida?
  210. seek amy song by brittany Spears?
  211. Thinning Hair on Mini Dachshund?
  212. Should we get a cavalier king charles spaniel?
  213. i have a great dane bitch i had mated twice 2 days apart she is now on
  214. My saint bernard is having trouble getting up?
  215. How much does a adult teacup yorkshire terrier weigh?
  216. american bulldog run beside a bike?
  217. SHAR_PEI OWNERS____ looking for puppy?
  218. Any health problems with Papillons I should know about?
  219. What's wrong with my 7 month old dachshund?
  220. Can I go running with a Shar-Pei?
  221. Name for a young spunky irish terrier?
  222. Brittany can mow her motherís yard in 90 minutes while it takes her brother
  223. which is the better film cool hand luke or papillon?
  224. Where can i find a free / cheap / low priced Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) puppy?
  225. What shampoo (UK) do you use for your Whippet/Greyhound?
  226. How much would a miniature red poodle puppy cost?
  227. Dog Dogo Argentino Puppy Mill HELP!?
  228. Does summer heat makes my dachshund itchy?
  229. Weimaraner oral fixation?
  230. my american bulldog is 62 days pregnant today but is showing no signs of giving...
  231. My chihuahua's not walking on her hind leg. Will it heal on it's own?
  232. Why is my pug puppy eyes tearing?
  233. Stopping territorial marking? In a Weimaraner.?
  234. i have a play comming up and it is the 50s clothing what should i wear i am
  235. How much should i charge to stub out my male snorkie= Miniature Schnauzer /
  236. Thinking about buying a bull terrier, need some advice.?
  237. my weimaraner puppy is showing dominance over her sister who lives at mums. how...
  238. Do are Saint Bernard's drool?
  239. does weight training make an american pit bull terrier mean?
  240. Border Collie Vs. Australian Shepherd?
  241. Is she an American Pit Bull Terrier?
  242. Can Bull terrier puppies be raised with other puppies?
  243. Are there any photos of a grown dog that is half doberman and half great...
  244. What should i name my Vizsla puppy?
  245. I recently got a Bordeaux/French Mastiff puppy and I am concerned he is...
  246. how far is Newfoundland Canada from Baltimore Maryland?
  247. I might be getting a golden retriever soon.. I need a cute boy name for it! Helpz!?
  248. Am i the only one who likes brittany and lindsay?
  249. Names for a male english bulldog?
  250. where can i get a shih-tzu dog in egypt?