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  1. Should I get a Newfoundland?
  2. What do boxer/westie puppies look like?
  3. My pug stinks all the time?
  4. When Can I Start Feeding My newborn Boxer Pups?
  5. My dog s splint just broke and the vet is closed. Any suggestions.? 9yr old
  6. What is the best smelling dog shampoo? I have a Saint Bernard...?
  7. Dachshund bites neighbor, what do I need to do?
  8. why do my rottweiler have red?
  9. A chihuahua of a Boston Terrier?
  10. Pretty Brittany......?
  11. question about playmate for a dachshund?
  12. Is anybody else as mad as I am about the cat chow bag being made smaller.?
  13. Do you need i.d. for greyhound if you bought tickets online?
  14. saint bernard owners?
  15. Where can I find a chow chow puppy in florida?
  16. Stud fees for a 2 year old, pure breed, Great Dane?
  17. Keeping a boy and girl Chihuahua together..?
  18. What would cause a red bump on my boxer puppy?
  19. Are Pugs generally good with kids? I have an almost 2 year old and 8 year...
  20. How do I potty train my chihuaha/poodle to go on his puppy pad?
  21. Pug 306 Driveshaft Issues?
  22. who knows about bichon frise like me and tell me your opinion about them.?
  23. Savate VS Boxing?Why are boxers bragging savate sucks?
  24. will my boxer protect my pug if it would ever come down to it ?
  25. Great Dane Rescues????
  26. standard poodle for a pet?
  27. Do you have to carry insurance on American Bulldogs in Ohio?
  28. Miniature American eskimo ears flop down normal?
  29. teacup or toy chihuahua?
  30. what foods are bad for boxers?
  31. My weimaraner puppy is really fat/bloated?
  32. OK. Oscar de la Hoya is my all time fav boxer BUT wth is with the fishnets
  33. I just got a 4 months old puppy (shih-tzu). He always cries when we
  34. HOW hard is it to house break and train teacup poodles?
  35. Vets and Vet techs. Is it OK if a miniature poodle mix ate the cat's canned cat food?
  36. my mom is labrador retriever?
  37. i need an attention grabber for a speech on boxers vs briefs. any suggestions?
  38. um i need to know .....who invented boxers?
  39. What food should I feed my French Mastiff puppy?
  40. does anyone know where my grandmother can get a pure black or pure white maltese...
  41. How do I teach a boxer mix puppy/dog to get along w/an older beagel dog?
  42. is she a sheltie or collie?
  43. POLL: Do you think pugs are cute?
  44. Do you need an state issued id to ride a greyhound bus?
  45. I have a pregnant boston terrier?
  46. Is it safe to use a flea bath and the drops in one day for my lhasa apso?
  47. Anyone have this problem with their weimaraner?
  48. Why does my chihuahua get in the washer?
  49. Training Dachshund Puppy?
  50. Thinking about getting a Bichon Frise?
  51. American Eagle BOXER BRIEFS ???
  52. My friend's brother crossed his Golden Retr. with a silver poodle, what color...
  53. Do you think The Blond Beast is a good nickname for a boxer?
  54. who has a border collie baby and what is its name?
  55. I have a Chow Chow that has dry eye, the medication the vet prescribe is
  56. 4 month toy poodle quick questions...please help.?
  57. How long does an average Basset Hound live?
  58. is it okay to wait until my 2 pound chihuahua is 8 months old to spay her,...
  59. Adopted Shar Pei won't eat.?
  60. Golden retriever help?
  61. Is a 4 year old toy poodle easy to welcome to your home?
  62. Name For A Basset Hound??
  63. Siberian Husky is Nipping?
  64. GIRLS: do you find it gross when a guy's boxers are showing?
  65. My 4month old Rottweiler/Pitbull Puppy...?
  66. Any Mastiff Club of America members?
  67. I have a male 6 month old beagle, I buy him a harness and today he bit it...
  68. Funniest joke EVER about a dachshund?
  69. Have you guys ever seen a shar pei chihuahua mix?
  70. Is there anything else I can do to help my Chihuahua with her grief?
  71. How would you rank following heavyweight boxers....?
  72. Adult Giant Schnauzer - potty training issue... or incontinence?
  73. how do I get my 7 month old chihuahua to be more friendly with other dogs?
  74. Is my dog a chihuahua or not?
  75. Will getting my Boxer nuetered calm him down?
  76. Belgian Laekenois breeders?
  77. My chihuahua WON'T TRAIN!!! What can I do?!?!?
  78. do Labrador retrievers tend to bark a lot ?
  79. If a boxer 1s 74.4 kilos,which weight category does he fall into?
  80. What is the maximum number of days a boxer is allowed to rest while...
  81. Hello there! Help! My long-haired chihuahua gave birth March 6 to four puppies.?
  82. What are Barbara Boxer's views on immigration? (senator of CA)?
  83. How much exercise is healthy for an 8 month old beagle?
  84. What to look for in selecting a groomer for a shih tzu?
  85. is there such thing as a toy french poodle?
  86. Shih Tzu Owners...your opinion?
  87. is it normal for my 4 month old chihuahua to weigh 10 pounds?
  88. Why does my 2 yr. old fixed pomeranian male potty in the house when we leave?
  89. Why does my toy poodle gag and throw up?
  90. 1 of my great dane pups died from Parvovirus.was there a cure for it like...
  91. My Staffordshire bull terrier HELP?
  92. I have a basenji pitbull mix and want her to be more protective, not mean. ?
  93. Can you breed a shih tzu and a westy?
  94. my beagle mix is gassy. any suggestions on a solution?
  95. What the He'll is wrong with Brittany Spears??!!?
  96. My 5 year old cat is too aggresive with mother-in law's new Boston Terrier?
  97. 1 year old female boxer.?
  98. are pugs noisy alot and are they ok to be left alone for about 6 hours or 3?
  99. Ihave a 3 year old golden retriever diagnised with cushin disease. what is the...
  100. My Chihuahua is breaking out all over?
  101. i need advice about boxer briefs?
  102. Why is my white pit bull pink all over, around eyes, paws, tummy. He has white
  103. My Husband was cutting the hair down on my poodle and cut his tongue what...
  104. Help! stiff gears in pug 106?
  105. If you crossed a chihuahua and a monkey...?
  106. i was given a chihuahua and i dont know the breed?
  107. Why would a female pitbull attack my submissive american bulldog puppy?
  108. Is there overnight parking at the Greyhound Bus Station?
  109. My Boxers eye is swollen...?
  110. Where can i get a great dane pup in Western Australia?
  111. Getting a golden retriever?
  112. Pit bull exercise, Great dane exercise?
  113. Can I travel through Greyhound buses?
  114. How old does a chihuahua have to be to have puppies?
  115. Two Mastiff's what can I do to get them to get along?
  116. Stopping two 8 month old golden retriever puppies from jumping?
  117. my chihuahua just had her pups about an hour ago and there not latching on?
  118. when do female chihuahuas go in heat?
  119. Ricky hatton ,the most exciting boxer of the last 12 years in his weight?
  120. Who is the oldest boxer to compete?
  121. What is wrong with my poodle's ear?
  122. English Bulldog Rescue?
  123. Why does my Weimaraner sleep so much?
  124. doberman pinscher question.!!!?
  125. what is the colour of your labrador retriever?
  126. yorkshire terrier or pomeranian? and why?
  127. Looking for a Japanese translation to a name for our new shiba inu puppy?
  128. what breed would be a good companion for a male rottweiler?
  129. German Shepherd or Rottweiler?
  130. Golden Retriever getting sick!?
  131. What do you do when a female French Bull Mastiff is in heat on her period?
  132. Where are the puppies in the shiba inu puppy cam?
  133. where can i buy a great dane and what are the features to be checked?
  134. Do you think a boxer's won-loss record is a number which is most decieving in boxing?
  135. Pug Vs Dachshund........?
  136. I am flying my Great Dane from the US to England and i Cannot find a crate big
  137. Can I give my 3 lb. chihuahua a half of baby aspirin for pain?
  138. dog names for a boxer?
  139. Which is the best of these illinois golden retriever breeders?
  140. Name for a female border collie?
  141. Can anyone who live in Montreal Quebec Canada tell me if they know any...
  142. mineture poodle as got my girle by accident she is in heat help with advice?
  143. What colors can I breed my Great Dane with?
  144. How come my 4 month old Shih Tzu is not growing hair?
  145. Collies:how do i do this?
  146. I have a 5 week chihuahua. He needs a bath and may have fleas too.?
  147. Are there any Siberian Husky breeders in Missouri?
  148. Why do some boxers age better than others?
  149. My chihuahua just had puppies one has a clep lip...?
  150. How Do I Train My Chihuahua To Go Outside And Piss?
  151. Chihuahuas or shitzus?
  152. 6 month old chihuahua that needs potty training advice!!!?
  153. Cross breeding with poodles?
  154. Would a puppy female Englis Mastiff and 4yr old female Shih tzu get along well?
  155. Boxing--sparring with more experienced boxer?
  156. Aggressive Yorkshire terrier, training help?
  157. my pug has rotten breath....?
  158. where can you buy a rottweiler?
  159. Tips on finding a new home for 2 boxers?
  160. What kind of chihuahua do i have...?
  161. Poll.......undies, knickers, jocks, boxers, panties?
  162. Show I get a dog, its a puppy chow?
  163. American bulldog healthy weight?
  164. Does anybody own a Native American Indian dog?
  165. My golden retriever scratches like crazy, i changed his food to rice and
  166. Does anyone know where i can find a free chihuahua in or around hagerstown, md?
  167. Is diamond a good name for a chihuahua?
  168. Anybody here that traveled in a Greyhound?
  169. Is it a problem that my chihuahua doesnt have all his teeth?
  170. What food should I feed my miniature schnauzer puppy?
  171. Will a Rottweiler get along with Pomeranian?
  172. Why did the cowboy go to the animal shelter to adopt a dachshund?
  173. I am moving into an apartment soon with a beagle puppy and I am starting to...
  174. how do u get a english bulldog for cheap price?
  175. Question about growth and development of Papillon Puppies. PLEASE HELP!!!?
  176. breeding chihuahua??????..?
  177. what characteristics does a teacup poodle have?
  178. does anyone have an english bulldog?
  179. Aurora Borealis over Newfoundland?
  180. Whats the cost of the greyhound discovery pass for 30 days?
  181. Does this mean my pomeranian loves me?
  182. Which of these golden retriever breeders is better?
  183. is a teacup chihuahua a real breed?
  184. poodle i have a poode that was gave to me she about 1 yr?
  185. Should Newfoundland leave Canada?
  186. Stomach problems in a 5 month Boxer puppy?
  187. Purina Dog Chow!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  188. In 'Small Soldiers' the movie, who is the guy in boxer shorts?
  189. Cairn Terriers in Los Angeles?
  190. What can we do to contain our whippet mix to the yard?
  191. when is the best time to breed my Boxer dog?
  192. Is it safe to get a puppy mastiff with currently having a 4yr old shih tzu?
  193. Large dogs with baby gates (weimaraner energy)?
  194. My poor little pomeranian, what should I do?
  195. What is the habitat for chihuahuas and staffys?
  196. How can I convince my mom to get a Beagle?
  197. how are white scottish terriers?
  198. bought a boxer 1 moth old tips plz?
  199. What are the pros and cons of a Border Collie?
  200. Pregnant Chihuahua with slight bloody discharge?
  201. dachshund puppie-tried everything nothing works, he can cry over hour very stubborn!
  202. White and Cream Golden Retrievers? No such thing?
  203. my friend brittany hates my guts what should i do? please answer :(?
  204. What should i name my male jack russell terrier puppy?
  205. Considering Breeding Irish Mastiff Hounds!?
  206. Newfoundland dog shows?
  207. how do i train my 3 month old rottweiler?
  208. Am i feeding my dog enough? it is a shih tzu?
  209. Great Dane neutering question....?
  210. My dog(maltese-poodle) is scared of other animals and people.?
  211. Miniature Dachshund help?
  212. Are pugs superior then chihuahuas? Opinions!!?
  213. What colour Toy Poodle is more sellable ones?
  214. How much does a full grown Boxer weigh?
  215. So what is your guys opinion on the Brittany song If you seek amy?
  216. okay say if a retard was a boxer?
  217. what is the best way to teach my 1yr. old boxer pup to come to me when i call...
  218. Pomeranian Question??!!!!!!!?
  219. 1 Year beagle butt licker?
  220. is my dog a great dane or a black lab?
  221. How cute is this pug!!!!!?
  222. where can i get a golden retriever puppy?
  223. why does my pug eats it poop?
  224. Is my dog a Chihuahua x Mini Pinscher (2nd question - more photos)?
  225. a lump on 10 week old shih tzu?
  226. Bichon frise puppies for sales online?
  227. Is Blue Buffalo blue wilderness good for a 1 year old golden retriever?
  228. 8 month old mini dachshund with to many impacted baby teeth, will it cause pain...
  229. How do i take care of a Papillon dog anything inportant i need to know?
  230. How old do you have to be to ride Greyhound by yourself?
  231. Does anybody know any good golden retriever breeders in illinois?
  232. have a little beagle hit with a car a few days ago his shoulder is hurt
  233. My husband growls at my chihuahua, and my chihuahua growls back , does that
  234. How much would it cost for a Bullmastiff?
  235. I just got a month old american eskimo pup, what's the best way to care for it?
  236. Facts myths about the Doberman Pinscher?
  237. I'm getting a chihuahua dog, but i am stuck between 2 names! Which name do you...
  238. how long will it be until my shih tzu is full grown?
  239. Pug Owners............?
  240. what are some characteristics of poodles?
  241. Briefs, boxers or boxer briefs?
  242. which is cuter: an Australian Silky Terrier or a Pekingese?
  243. I have a 12 week old Pomeranian puppy, I want to do agility with him, where
  244. Golden Retrievers Or Labrador Retrievers?
  245. how much would you expect to pay for a great dane and were is the best
  246. help me and my dog the pug?
  247. Does anyone know a good English bulldog breeder?
  248. ideal tempeture for a boston terrier????????
  249. Doberman pinschers/ American pinschers?
  250. My dog is Shitzu mixed with Schnauzer. When you rub behind her ears she snorts why...