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  1. Need help with Old English Sheepdog?
  2. My shih tzu ate 4 or 5 M Ms. Will she be ok?
  3. Thinking of adopting a second dog - Which breed(s) is best with a collie?
  4. Unique, cute name for a girl beagle?
  5. were can i find a great Pyrenees to foster in California kinda near HB?
  6. What could I do to play with my 9 week old chihuahua?
  7. how to make a female toy poodle pregnant?
  8. What do you think of bitbulls boxers?
  9. How Long should I feed my Husky purina puppy chow?
  10. Risks? 7 year old beagle with multiple mammary tumors.?
  11. golden retriever names? please help!?
  12. Question about my golden retriever?
  13. Looking for a second dog, german shepard or saint bernard ??? any input will...
  14. companion for irish setter?
  15. is it safe to take my shiba inu out side at age 8 weeks?
  16. do dachshunds make good hiking partners?
  17. does anyone else have a small basset hound?
  18. I think my pug is sick or depressed?
  19. at what age are bernese mountain dogs full grown?
  20. Proper nutrition for chihuahuas?
  21. my two month old neapolitan mastiff isnt really eating much. we brought her...
  22. why does my boxer head butt me when i walk around?
  23. Does aCavalier King Charles Spaniel Kinda look like a Shih Tzuh to you?
  24. Is it true that bare knuckle boxers use vertical punches instead of horizontal?
  25. Where in the Philippines can I buy a BORZOI puppy? How much would a BORZOI
  26. Pomeranian Color??????
  27. Can someone please help me my 14 year old chihuahua has just started on tablets for
  28. my whippet has had puppys?
  29. Rottweiler threw up after dinner today?
  30. How will I know when my shih tzu's coat is changing? When does this usually happen?
  31. Should I neuter my 6 month male mini dachshund now or can I wait until June?
  32. where is a really cheap Pomeranian puppy if any one knows email me on?
  33. basston dogs. Boston terriers mixed with Bassett Hounds??
  34. Would it be okay if a border collie puppy use stairs alot?
  35. Where can i find long haired chihuahua pups for sale in England?
  36. why is my old boxer dog dripping from the mouth?
  37. Help with New Chihuahua?
  38. my female beagle is 6 months old. Is it normal for her to be in heat or get
  39. golden retriever names (: ?
  40. My adult Boston Terrier is nursing on stuffed animals as if a mother. Why do adult
  41. I Want to get a English Bulldog but I...?
  42. Why Doberman Pinscher is Considered Best Guard Dog ?
  43. How many comps do boxers usually have per year?
  44. is the shiba inu related to the akita, do u own a shiba inu?
  45. Should I neuter my 1 year old male Shih tzu and my six month old female?
  46. Can you help me name my miniature dachshund puppy?
  47. my 2 1/2 year old chihuahua...?
  48. How much is a chihuahua female?
  49. What is the difference between toy poodle and miniature poodle?
  50. Shih tzu problem with strangers?
  51. My Siberian husky keeps breaking his leash!!!?
  52. I keep my puppy crated while I am at work still, he is 7 months old and a tiny
  53. GIRLS: do you find it gross when a guy's boxers are showing?
  54. how to boxers keep there weight so low?
  55. dog weight of a german shepherd.?
  56. Chihuahua puppy name suggestions?
  57. Moving with Italian Greyhounds to a colder climate?
  58. Can't choose between a Miniature Dachshund or a mini Poodle?!?!!?!?
  59. What is the best dog food to feed a 4 month old Havanese puppy?
  60. how big is the average chihuahua litter ?
  61. Is it possible to know what traits to expect in a Bichon Poodle Mix?
  62. GIRLS: do you find it gross when a guy's boxers are showing?
  63. Wild chihuahua's exist? if so what do they eat?
  64. should I get a papillon?
  65. My Basset Hound is turning green?
  66. what is that dog called that begins with h and looks like a tiny poodle lol?
  67. What is it like to own a Great Dane (or similar breed)?
  68. Dog food recommendations for 7 year old Australian Shepherd?
  69. do you like this name for a vizsla puppy?
  70. Have you ever heard of Pocket Pugs?
  71. How do you properly stack a labrador retriever?
  72. Purebred English Bulldog owners please answer?
  73. does anyone know where they sell chihuahuas under 300 dollars i just cant find one?
  74. What do these Greyhound Abbreviations stand for?
  75. My dog(maltese) just had puppies by my other dog(shih-tzu)...what is a good name...
  76. How much more will my american bulldog grow?
  77. is it normal to keep my pet chihuahua in the laundry room by itself during the
  78. how to groom my pomeranian?
  79. ok my chihuahua is about 2 weeks pregnant, i was wondering if the symptons
  80. Which Bichon Frise gender is better?! (help me!)?
  81. My Pug is EXTREMELY fat every time im gone he goes into the cupboards and eats all
  82. where can i get a golden retriever?
  83. how much would you pay for a boxer dog?
  84. Which is better boxers or briefs?
  85. minetur poodle male can he mate at 7 months old?
  86. Where can i buy a samoyed in NY?
  87. Can a staffordshire bull terrier....?
  88. how do i keep my 8 wk pomeranian to sleep through the night?
  89. saluki under weight just got boney boy?
  90. How to remove Bloodhound.Exploit.213?
  91. What is a good brand of dog food besides Wellness to feed my Miniature Schnauzers?
  92. When you wear boxers, which side should my penis hang?
  93. male shih tzu wont mate?
  94. What are similarities and differences between Taiping Rebellion and Boxer Rebellion?
  95. What are you favorite examples of boxers who had a great boxer's number?
  96. R U an American who is brave+proud+strong+hard working like Boxer in Animal Farm...
  97. How much dose it cost to fence a yard for a boxer dog?
  98. My chihuahua is not eating and has stomach pain. Help?
  99. I have a 7 week old Deer head Chihuahua....?
  100. How much should I sell my Boston Terrier puppies for?
  101. i am unable to walk my dachshund.what other exercises can he do?i am
  102. Does the breed of a dog reflect the owners personality? I have a Shih Tzu female
  103. I found a Pug today, in AZ, anyone lose or want her ;) no microchip.?
  104. My mastiff has been wanting to fight?
  105. HELP I need help naming my CHIHUAHUA puppy?
  106. would like to know why my beagle is sniping at my kids when she is...
  107. my 4 1/2 year old dachshund is a picky eater he only wants people food what...
  108. Akita Inu questions.?
  109. Looking for chow chow puppies!!?
  110. I am the Tresemme poodle woman AFTER using the products?
  111. I want to get a baby shih tzu and there is one from a resue place that has...
  112. Looking For American Staffordshire Terrier Breeder in Michigan?
  113. Chihuahua and Breeding?
  114. My sister inlaw just had a baby in november now she wants to get a pug she works
  115. Any ideas how I can improvise Ryder wagon/w/ sides to allow big dog to pull Toy
  116. Beagle pup peeing in crate after first season?
  117. Does anybody have a dachshund up for adoption or know where I can get one
  118. i have a 2 year old pomeranian that is sheding her hair how long will she do...
  119. Help my chihuahua wont eat!!!?
  120. Why does my chihuahua bark at nothing?
  121. My Newfoundland Puppy is 5 months old, and her fur is not long. It is soft and it
  122. Help I need help about new Chihuahua!!!?
  123. Breeding my dachshund?
  124. I have a question please help..I have a almost 4 month old boxer puppy...?
  125. How do I prevent my 4 year old female pug from going to the bathroom in the house?
  126. how long do you think the average pro boxer ie khan, de la hoya spends in the...
  127. Is a Pomeranian and chihuahua/dashunds a nice mix?
  128. how often do chihuahuas go in to heat ?
  129. Schnauzer experts please??????????
  130. Eric crumble the possibly the worst boxer with the worst record ever?
  131. Pregnant boston terrier question?
  132. chihuahua with a crushed pelvis please help.?
  133. Poodle experts please?????
  134. Pomeranian owners, did you have trouble potty training your puppy?
  135. What's causing my Beagle to Itch incessantly?
  136. Tips for training a beagle?
  137. What is is like to take a 1200 mile trip aboard Greyhound?
  138. Who was Saint Bernard and what is he the patron saint of?
  139. Pug Eye Question????????????????
  140. Queensland Heeler/Border Collie Puppy?
  141. Toys for my destructive shiba inu puppy?
  142. Which shed more, a french bulldog or an english bulldog?
  143. Will my pug really over-heat in the summer?
  144. Boxers!!!!!!!!!!???????????????/?
  145. Any tips on pugs? I am a noob, lol. Found her in the street yesterday...I am
  146. How is the pug's boxing gym in palatine?
  147. My American Bulldog is SUPER itchy. Please Help!?
  148. What happened to the Taco Bell chihuahua?
  149. Is this a good golden retriever breeder?
  150. Golden Retriever or Border Collie?
  151. Questions for purebred Labrador Retriever owners?
  152. I really want a chihuahua when i leave home...?
  153. i have beagles and when i go in the pen to feed them they are skiddish but...
  154. What should we name our male beagle?
  155. Why is it that people think all poodles are female and all yellow short
  156. Should I get a boy or a girl Boston Terrier?
  157. Can someone tell me everything I need to know about a Saluki Dog.?
  158. Do girls find it gross when a guy's boxers are showing?
  159. GIRLS: do you find it gross when a guy's boxers are showing?
  160. Which Bichon Frise gender is better?! (help me!)?
  161. My boston terrier puppy?
  162. what happened to jack grant boxer from chesterfield?
  163. Papillon Breeders in GTA?
  164. Why do boxers and boxing fans think that modern boxing is the same as thing as...
  165. My 5 year old shih-tzu snapped at me.?
  166. rottweiler bite dont want it to bite again?
  167. Are English Bulldogs normally gassy?
  168. How big should a 10 week old Miniature Schnauzer be?
  169. bichon havanese )?
  170. How Do I Tell When my Chihuahua is About to Have her puppies?
  171. What should I get a golden retriever, German shepherd, or a Labrador retriver?
  172. long coat chihuahua hair?
  173. Boxers, Briefs or Commando? What's the concensus out there amongst my...
  174. To save time, can a passenger board an airplane wearing only boxer shorts and
  175. My old golden retriever dog!!?
  176. What is the difference from the German Shepard's breed and the Belgian
  177. Bichon Frise breeders?
  178. How can i get my chihuahua to eat?
  179. Pedigree Border collies?
  180. Which breeds are friendly to Golden Retriever?
  181. 8 Week Old Pug with Fontenelle?
  182. Are there any Welsh corgi breeders near Redlands?
  183. Are there rottweiler friendly apartments in Virginia Beach, VA?
  184. How do you make puppy chow/dog chow for kids?
  185. what do you think of my pups? APBT (mia)and Rough coated collie(harley?
  186. I just got a border collie chow mix. Does any one know what kind of
  187. Will Obama or Pelosi or Boxer lead an effort to put in jail the person who gave
  188. what size is a 10 week old miniature schnauzer?
  189. were can i get a pomeranian?
  190. Would The Rock Obama own a Portuguese Water Dog named Bark Obama or would he have...
  191. Which is a better name for a golden retriever?
  192. I'm getting a new chihuahua. Help?
  193. Good Ideas to find a Bulldog or Pug?
  194. When can I Start Training My Boxer Puppies?
  195. What would you suggest for a new chihuahua owner?
  196. 5 month old beagle/doxie mix puppy missing small patch of hair between
  197. I have a 5 mos boston terrier puppy..he is not fully potty trained...
  198. how much money is it wise to save for a trip to newfoundland? or Halifax?
  199. Does anyone know about a dog breed which is a dalmatian and poodle cross?
  200. I have a Rottweiler-Labrador mix. How tall will she grow?
  201. Why does my dachshund pee in the crate when we leave?
  202. Vet doesn't know what is wrong with my Chihuahua. Can you help?
  203. What can I put in my shih tzu poop to keep him from eating it?
  204. How to find a new home for my Chihuahua boys.?
  205. What can you all tell me about English Bull Terriers?
  206. Ladies, is it bad that i buy nice boxer briefs? I mean their AE trunks..Ladies
  207. My chihuahua puppy is getting skinnier, please help!?
  208. What's the difference between Parson Russell Terriers and Jack Russell Terriers?
  209. grooming my pomeranian?
  210. Boxers and babies...?
  211. Should this Dachshund be put to sleep?
  212. Is Bernabe Concepcion ready to face the featherweight boxers?
  213. whats the difference between American bulldog pitbull?
  214. What age is best to Get your great dane de-sexed at?
  215. How tall is scene queen Brittany Krammer?
  216. My greyhound HATES small animals?
  217. Do you have a lucky shirt, lucky boxers, or etc?
  218. my little boston terrier just ate dark chocolate?
  219. How do you take care of a siberian husky?
  220. Is it bad for my greyhound to ALWAYS have runny poop?
  221. Help me potty train my toy poodle?!?
  222. Am I expecting too much from our newly adopted Boston Terrier?
  223. I think my miniature schnauzer is pregnant she is has milk coming from...
  224. im missing a poodle her name is sandy shes black with white on chest and chin
  225. help potty training a 12 weeks old boxer puppy?
  226. I need help potty training my shih tzu?
  227. How to get my Beagle's AKC papers?
  228. Exercise my labrador retriever?
  229. Keeping a boy and girl Chihuahua together..?
  230. what are some good dogs to go with a border collie?
  231. Out of ideas to potty train a Chihuahua.?
  232. I lost my job and I need to take my pug to the vet because he has been itching
  233. How old must a Bichon frise be before they can have pups?
  234. My little Chihuahua whines a lot and whisperss?
  235. How much would it cost to take the greyhound bus from..????
  236. TOY POODLES - CUTE OR GROSS? Me and my friend disagree, and we want to...
  237. Your opinion about Dalmatians...?
  238. My Great Dane ate about 5 big double chocolate cookies and a donut... will...
  239. Is this safe?.... my two boxer/staff mix 4mth puppys love to chew on...
  240. Are chow chows restricted breeds universally?
  241. How Did My Roomates Siberian Husky Die 4 Weeks After Giving Birth?
  242. What can I give our beagle for chronic diarrhea?
  243. Doberman or black labrador retrievers?
  245. I am getting a golden retriever she is 2 years old. can i change her name?...
  246. i'm getting an apricot lab/poodle mix soon, what should i name him?
  247. Tips for a beginner boxer?
  248. Don't you find it annoying when people say a boxer is out of his prime when he loses?
  249. What breed of dogs are comparable to Golden Retrievers and labs in personality?
  250. Spiritually speaking! I just got a Doberman Pinscher puppy. I decided to name him...