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  1. Why does my Shih Tzu shed ?
  2. Where's the best Chinese roast duck and beef chow fun in NYC?
  3. Does your weimaraner (or another dog) make you laugh with this?
  4. How can I convince my parents to let me get a beagle puppy?
  5. Will a girl be ok with guy wearing ONLY Boxers and Tshirt when she visits him?
  6. why is a pug a good idea?
  7. what should I name my boxer puppy?
  8. Help my Boxer has Diarrhea?
  9. Do Standard Poodles pee and poop more often than other dogs?
  10. where i can find a very good quality english bulldog?
  11. Problems with male Chihuahua?
  12. Good boy dog names, for a Cavalier king Charles spaniel?
  13. An unusual name for a boxer?
  14. Can you take a gun on a greyhound bus?
  15. Well socialized from puppyhood till to 1yr. old border collie still has leash
  16. pomeranian with upper respirtoy infection?
  17. Great Dane Club Bear Augusta, Georgia?
  18. where can i get a CHEAP siberian husky pup in georgia?
  19. My 1 year old female poodle has a bad habit of going to bathroom in house?
  20. Should I travel with my Italian Greyhound?
  21. Rottweiler eye problem?
  22. New Yorkshire terrier....?
  23. Please tell me funny Great Dane stories?
  24. How to spell Border collie puppy call name?
  25. What is it like to take a 1100 mile trip aboard Greyhound?
  26. american eskimo dog questions?
  27. German Shepherd and Rough Collie Breeders in NC?
  28. I plan on getting a pug and don't want it to be bored.?
  29. How do I stop my 9 month old Chihuahua from chewing on everything?
  30. Is there such a thing as a Corgi Pomeranian mix?
  31. have a shih tzu who is havin extreme shivers is she in labor?
  32. Which breed is better among Great Dane,Bernese Mountain Dog and Pitbull
  33. My shih tzu is 7 months old and has been having her period for almost 6 weeks. Is...
  34. What do you do is you got a new dog (chihuahua) who is 5 years old.....?
  35. help me, My newfoundland wont train, I used a leash and walked him around my yard...
  36. I have a beautiful 8 month old siberian husky.?
  37. Where to buy cheap designer boxer shorts?
  38. How can I litter train my 2 year old chihuahua?
  39. my ex wife has my Chihuahuas papers they had puppies now i want to get papers on the
  40. Trying to breed my 21/2 year old female welsh terrier?
  41. Just to show this a scam to get money for an english bulldog from nigeria?
  42. What food is best for a chihuahua?
  43. how would a 1 year old beagle react to a new born baby?
  44. is a labradoole schnauzer real?
  45. Out of 100 Greatest Boxers, what would you rank David Tua?
  46. Pomeranian Breeders in the North East?
  47. For anyone with great danes...I have a male great dane he's1.5yrs old and im having
  48. Does anyone have Boston Terriers for sale, pretty close to Batavia Ny. Ones
  49. How much are greyhound bus ticket one way ?? from geraldton to Thunderbay ?
  50. who was the best boxer?
  51. Have you lived (or live) in Canary Wharf, Isle of Dogs or Greenwich?
  52. What are the right types of foods to eat when being an Amateur Boxer?
  53. is the siberian husky a strong dog ??
  54. My Miniature Poodle wont let me brush his teeth! What do I do?
  55. Question about amercian pit bull terriers?
  56. Would a Havanese or a Bichon frise be a good dog for an elderly person?
  57. What is the best homemade recipe for my Great Dane ?
  58. saving a weak shih tzu pup, any one have luck with this?
  59. Can a 1 years old female toy poodle get pregnant?
  60. Which breed is better Great Dane or Dogue De Bordeaux?
  61. teacup pomeranian facts?
  62. Is it good to mix spinach with chow mein teriyaki beef flavor noodles?
  63. Does anybody know what the results of breeding a Boston terrier with a French
  64. does anyone have a student discount for greyhound card or any kind of discount
  65. Name for a miniature poodle???! help =]?
  66. saint bernard pup with blue eyes?
  67. Are beagles good dogs to have?
  68. How Much dose a Beagle cost?
  69. Toy Poodle Puppy not wagging tail?
  70. Is Alaska too cold for a papillon?
  71. What should I name a male pug?
  72. Do you know anyone who knew the boxer Sandy Sadler?
  73. How big do yorkshire terriers get?
  74. we found our boston terrier on the side of the highway...she is very active...
  75. Girls do you like boxers or briefs on guys?
  76. Pregnant dachshund............?
  77. Poodle traumatized after dog attack?
  78. What food my Toy Poodle can't take?
  79. Bichon Frise breeders in New Orleans area?
  80. Which of these three golden retriever breeders is the best?
  81. Where is t he best place to get supplies for a German Shepherd dog?
  82. How do I get my fixed male chihuahua to stop humping my other male chihuahua puppy?
  83. what breed is this - looks like a beagle but bigger?
  84. Why do boston terriers have those big pointy ears?
  85. I am thinking about getting a Bernese Mountain Dog can any one give me...
  86. Help How to sell my new Chihuahua!!!?
  87. What activities can I do to make a border collie not bored?
  88. What is wrong with my 9 year old Boxer?
  89. My 10month old American Eskimo has a bad habit of chewing through the wall! how do i
  90. Golden retriever question! Different colours?
  91. What is the bite force of a bullmastiff?
  92. I want to have a dachshund...?
  93. My neutered pomeranian pees everywhere. Help!?
  94. How to put my pomeranian in a dog show?
  95. My 4 month toy poodle and his behavioral issues. Please help.?
  96. tea cup pomeranian ?
  97. Why has my great dane puppy started eating her own poo???!!?
  98. What is a good name for a girl Chihuahua?
  99. What is the temperment of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  100. I have a 5 week old chihuahua puppy. Is warm milk bad for him? Mother is not around.?
  101. Could my Newfoundland save me from a bear or a Wolf?
  102. Shih tzu questions...?
  103. Will having 2 beagles help with separation anxiety?
  104. how do i know if my jack terrier puppy mixed with chihuahua ears will be
  105. My 9 month old male beagle is aggressive towards my 2 year old beagle. What do I do?
  106. my chihuahua sheds terrible! HELP!?
  107. What do I do about my Boston terrier's joint poping?
  108. Is my 5 months old Pomeranian a mix?
  109. How to get a newfoundland to pull a sled with 70-120 pounds in it?
  110. English Cream Miniature Dachshund Breeders?
  111. Where can I get clothes that are specifically made for a Mini Dachshund?
  112. Dog attacked by Tibetan Mastiff?
  113. Does anyone know where i can find hello kitty boxer briefs?
  114. My Beagle wont eat anything, what can i do to get her to eat?
  115. Would a German Shepherd crossed with a Pitbull or Rottweiler Shed as much as they
  116. what does a male shih tzu need to be ready to breed?
  117. how big can a shiba inu get?
  118. Potty Training miniature poodle?
  119. My 5 month old doby italian mastiff mix puppy quit eating and is now puking and
  120. different kinds of chihuahuas?
  121. Is it normal for dachshund pups to attack each other as if they are in it to kill?
  122. Where are the immigration checkpoints between san antonio, tx and new orleans, la...
  123. At what age Great Dane dogs reach full growth?
  124. is it normal for chihuahuas to smell?
  125. are miniature australian shepherds lap dogs?
  126. where can i download a copy of the navteq sat nav disc for a rt3 system in a pug 407?
  127. could a Newfoundland pull say a 120 pound person in a wagon?
  128. How do I potty train my Miniature Schnauzer?
  129. Good name for a beagle puppy that is kindof an oddball?
  130. my english boxer has a problem with his hind legs?
  131. what human foods can my 2 months shih tzu eat daily?
  132. What is the average weight a pug should weigh at 6 months?
  133. Do poodles like water?
  134. does Brittany spears has IQ of 115?
  135. Does anyone know a really good dachshund breeder near the Toronto GTA?
  136. what to do? How I know my puppy(belgian malinois 2 months plus) getting enough...
  137. I want names for a shih tzu pup?
  138. Is royal canin a good food for an English mastiff?
  139. Feeding a 7 month English mastiff?
  140. Any beagle owners out there?
  141. are welsh corgis good with other dogs?
  142. Chihuahua freaks out when it rains. Help?
  143. What should I do with my chihuahua?
  144. Can a female Harlequin and Male Brindle Great dane's Breed?
  145. My beagle is unusual?
  146. Golden Retrievers - if you go to the beach with them?
  147. Boxers vs Underwear question?
  148. About how many pounds would a shih tzu maltese mix dog be full grown?
  149. norwich and norfolk terriers?
  150. What should I name my beagle puppy?
  151. English Bulldog has hives?
  152. i have a pit/boxer/coonhound mix right now she is almost 6lbs at 8 wks.
  153. Labrador Retriever owners?
  154. i have a 8 month old Rottweiler who I would like to start in obedience training
  155. What are some Good tricks i can teach my 1 year old chihuahua?
  156. HELP We have a 5 month old Mini Schnauzer, she was used to going outside to...
  157. My shar-pei keeps itching. What should I do?
  158. How big will a boxer beagle mix dog get?
  159. My Boxer/Lab mix puppy has Parvo.?
  160. getting a second chihuahua.. good idea or not?
  161. Army base in Mosul? Facilities? Chow? ETC?
  162. What is a good place to get a american eskimo puppy for less money?
  163. Shih tzu female 6 mths coming to live with male shih tzu one year old?
  164. How do I get my chihuahua to pee, hiking his leg?
  165. When do female basset hounds go into their first and second heats?
  166. chesapeake bay retriever?
  167. is it ok to use margarine for monkey munch/puppy chow insted of butter?
  168. what is the best food for my belgian malinois 2 months plus?
  169. can my 10 month old chihuahua be pregnant?
  170. Socializing and American Bulldog puppy?
  171. My rottweiler is so mouthy, what can I do to stop this?
  172. what perts of a shih tzu face do you cut?
  173. finding a saint bernard?
  174. My pug is having babies next weekend.?
  175. Does a miniature american eskimo dog shed a lot?
  176. why is my beagle throwing up?
  177. What would a miniature schnauzer/yellow lab mix look like?
  178. Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, or OK Computer?
  179. My greyhound has corns. How can I remove them?
  180. How do I get my Lakeland terrier to stop trying to attack my cat?
  181. Our recently adopted 2 year old female dachshund is very aggressive with
  182. What's wrong with my boxer?
  183. ooooo HELP...MY SHIH TZU!!!!!!!!?
  184. Should I name my Samoyed girl puppy: Chloe or Violet?
  185. What's spooking the border collie?!?
  186. 8 week old chihuahua puppy...still has a soft spot?
  187. Am I the only girl who finds it hot when a guys boxers are showing?
  188. Boxer puppy 7 months old - being yelled at - Needs properly trained, Po?
  189. Have you lived (or live) in Canary Wharf, Isle of Dogs or Greenwich?
  190. Wearing Boxers at night?
  191. boxers, what is the size of your calf and ankles?
  192. Chocolate labrador retriever names?
  193. Great dane- male or female? what should i buy?
  194. Golden Retriever, Black Lab, or Yellow Lab?
  195. hi im thinking about getting a 2nd boston terrier. good, bad ups and downs. please
  196. Help, about my toy poodle! ):?
  197. Shetland sheepdog info.?
  198. Biting Pug puppy and dominance questions-?
  199. My sweet golden retriever is getting agressive at the dog park...why would that be?
  200. Boston Terrier advice?
  201. My friend is a boxer and he isn't allowed to have sex before a fight, why is this?
  202. Beagle breeders or kennels?
  203. help!!!!!! my boxer is sick...... please read.....?
  204. Price and place to get an English Mastiff?
  205. Ryan Ross from PATD has a Teacup Beagle?
  206. i was wondering how to get my miniature schnauzer in agility?
  207. Where can i buy a chihuahua from, that isnt a scam?
  208. Where can i find a rottweiler mixed?
  209. chihuahua problems??????????
  210. should i were boxers underneath my bathing suit?
  211. Border collie needed puppy.?
  212. why won't My beagle won't stop barking?
  213. Does anyone know responsible Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders/ owners in New England?
  214. Have you ever heard a chihuahua howl?
  215. Why aren't there any good black heavyweight boxers anymore?
  216. Is it gay for a man to own a poodle?
  217. How can I introduce our staffordshire bull terrier puppy to our eight year old Jack
  218. Are there English bulldogs on any of the nintendogs games?
  219. I Have a chihuahua he licks his feet all the time .Why?
  220. What the best lineage of Shih tzu?
  221. Nintendogs: Dalmatian cheat gone wrong?
  222. 18 Year old Dachshund with Congestive Heart Failure?
  223. Did i get my border collie from a good breeder.?
  224. is it common for a shih tzu/ lhasa apso mix to have its eye randomly pop out...
  225. My one year old beagle/australian cattle dog is becoming aggressive?
  226. How do i train my 3 year old chihuahua to use the bathroom on the training mat...
  227. My Boxer puppy has a bulge under his tail. Is this a normal Boxer thing?
  228. do miniature poodles looks change over time from puppy to adult?
  229. Golden retriever names!!!??? please help!?
  230. Why did a nurse pull down my boxers and pants and wiggle MY YOU KNOW WHAT?
  231. I have a mini schnauzer and I was wondering how to cut his hair?
  232. Diabetic miniature poodle?
  233. Any tips for training my 8 month old beagle?
  234. Am I the only girl who finds it hot when a guys boxers are showing?
  235. Are there any legitimate pocket beagle breeders?
  236. Am I the only girl who finds it HOT when a guys boxers are showing?
  237. chihuahua breeding question ?
  238. Why should a guy wear boxers?
  239. Do Pugs have a lot of health problems?
  240. How many times a day do I feed my 6 wk old chihuahua?
  241. Help with register Vizsla puppy name for AKC.?
  242. People say dogs have lots of variation, like chihuahua and St. Bernard. If humans...
  243. pregnant pomeranian, i think?
  244. shih tzu socialisation problem?
  245. Help I got 9 month old Beagle-Jack Russel mix?
  246. Okay i have a 3 year old Bichon Frise and i was wondering...?
  247. to adopt a apricot toy poodle in Colorado?
  248. How long can Beagles be left alone for?
  249. pomeranian pregnancy? small breed pregnancy signs?
  250. I have a 6 1/2 month old Neapolitan Mastiff that is 120 pounds, I feel he...