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  1. Saint Bernard Puppies?
  2. Should I get a great dane? I never had a dog of my own...?
  3. My Golden labrador retriever?
  4. Does anyone have any pictures of their yorkie-poodle mix?
  5. Is my Shiba Inu puppy small?
  6. probability of poodle colors?
  7. My bull mastiffs front right leg has been causing him to limp. We think its...
  8. Best name for a male Rhodesian Ridgeback?
  9. Has anyone ever potty trained a shih tzu puppy?
  10. how to socialize a full grown great dane?
  11. My 3 year female pug is listless and producing milk. She's not fixed, but there's no
  12. Does anyone know where I can find a male rottweiler?
  13. I am a qualified fitness instructor and kick boxer, how do I set up a business?
  14. staffordshire bull terrier or bull terrier (english)?
  15. scary movie lady blows up poodle?
  16. This girl called me a shih tzu in class witch is a dog am i suppose to be offended?
  17. are boxer briefs really boxers?
  18. Can any 1 tell me what website could I use to adopt/buy a border collie puppy?
  19. Do you think Boxer Jack Johnson should get pardoned?
  20. Pugs and their Anal Glands question?
  21. I am taking my shih tzu to the groomers. Do I tip her?
  22. At BCT can I bring black socks and black boxers?
  23. What present should I get my dog Kysi she'z a CHIHUAHUA with 4 pups?
  24. how much should my 2 and 1/2 almost 3/4 dog weigh? she is a beagle?
  25. Greyhound Bus Tickets?
  26. I got bit by a Basset hound is this typical basset hound behaviour?
  27. I have a boy poodle and we're getting another one. How do I introduce them?
  28. Why do Chihuahua's shake constantly?
  29. My dog ate semi sweet chocolate covered chex mix (puppy chow) WHAT DO I DO?
  30. Does anyone here own a Greyhound?
  31. are most chihuahuas hyper active?
  32. Hey i am thinking of breeding my 9 week shih tzu?
  33. border collies for sale in edinburgh/glasgow?
  34. Seven ounce full-grown teacup poodle?
  35. Are there any videos of Scottish boxer Gary Jacobs fae a few years ago?I
  36. I am looking for a fully trained bull mastiff for personal protection, any ideas on
  37. Is my Pug doomed on an airline?
  38. how did tori spelling pug dog?
  39. i am a good boxer and im 13 years old. i want to be sponcered. i live in skikie
  40. my boarder collies eye color...?
  41. German Shepherd Compatible With My Dogs?
  42. Miniature poodle: what collar?
  43. English Bulldog has alopecia, Does anyone know what I should do? And What is a
  44. i am looking after a english bulldog that is turning aggressive..?
  45. GREAT DANE PUP-calcium supplements yes/no and help with food ?
  46. My 9 month old Shih Tzu just got her period?
  47. So I have this male siberian husky named Blaze.?
  48. does any1 have a teacup pomeranian for sale Australia, nsw?
  49. Italian Greyhound people here is easy points?
  50. Papillon- Good dog for our family?
  51. Great Dane pictures??????
  52. is it true that collie breeders and owners have the dog's?
  53. Can a young miniature Schnauzer and an aging Chihuahua Mate?
  54. Can my 1 year old boxer continue to sleep in bed with us, even though I am newly
  55. How can I tell how old my Great Dane is? The previous owner said he's...
  56. Tell me why Shiba Inu's are your breed of choice?
  57. Do You Think It's Easier for a Brawler to become a boxer, or for a boxer to...
  58. what works best for a short hair chihuahuas brushes or combs?
  59. can my 5 month old rottweiler run with me?
  60. Are Chihuahuas strong enough to bite human skin that can cause great pain?
  61. When can a Teacup Pomeranian have birth.?
  62. Pregnant for Toy Poodle?
  63. How Can I Keep My Mastiff Cool in the QLD heat when on our trip?
  64. Where can i get a great dane?
  65. newark nj train station to greyhound bus lines?
  66. Do you love Chihuahuas?
  67. When will a Chesapeake Bay Retriever Reach it's max Height?
  68. Are there any places I can call about getting me a pug in Baltimore?
  69. how much money can a pro boxer make in one fight?
  70. My chow/shepard mix has trouble with flies eating the tips of his ears raw...?
  71. Training treats for Papillon?
  72. How should a normal Samoyed act?
  73. Really starting to like the American Pit Bull Terrier.....how do we know if we...
  74. do greyhound buses run a background check on you?
  75. Does Greyhound X-ray screen or inspect checked luggage?
  76. My Great Dane has HORRIBLE gas. How do I solve this?
  77. why did my pomeranian just pee in the floor?
  78. How do I make my lively Chihuahua get along with my short tempered cat?
  79. Im pregnant and have a lhasa apso.(Dog) Are they gonna get along?
  80. How old a Great Dane dog should be be fore he can be used forbreeding ?
  81. Should I worry that my chihuahua is pregnant?
  82. do you prefer boxers or briefs?
  83. I got bit by a Basset hound and i didn't provoke it is this normal?
  84. How much benadryl should I give my one pound chihuahua?
  85. boxers briefs or boxers briefs?
  86. young border collie owners ..?
  87. How Many of you have Female Great Dane or any other breed Female Dog ?
  88. how old does a boston terrier have to be to breed?
  89. My German Shepherd dog is favoring his right hind leg, please help.?
  90. is Brown the next poodle for American prezs?
  91. male teacup chihuahua names?
  92. what are the album names for bloodhound gang?
  93. Which is faster. Whippet or Greyhound?
  94. Help. My Chihuahua is pregnant by a raterrier.?
  95. pregnant shih tzu what do I do!?
  96. Where in Oliver Twist does it mention that Bullseye is a bull terrier?
  97. How much could I expect to charge for an unregistered French Bulldog stud fee?
  98. My 11-yr old schnauzer was just diagosed w/diabetes. Vet has her on 10...
  99. About the Memorial University and jobs in Newfoundland!!?
  100. Sort of disgusting question about my Shih-Tzu?
  101. why is my chihuahua buff?
  102. I need help with my baby chihuahua?
  103. what are the best vitamins or supplements for a boxer puppy to grow bigger?
  104. How do I get my Golden Retrievers to mate?
  105. my dog is puking white yellowish foam.he is a shih tzu that is 10 months old.
  106. How much for a German Shepherd Dog, in Sydney?
  107. Minature Poodles and Kids...a good combination? Yes or No?
  108. Are teacup poodles cute?
  109. Is Chow hall in the Army free after basic training?
  110. Small dry bald spot on my Pomeranian's face? Is it mange?
  111. Is a beagle the right dog for me?
  112. Would the English Mastiff be the toughest dog?
  113. Check this video out of a boxer vs 2 gypsies in a park,brutal stuff,but
  114. Boston the Border Collie and Ruby the Yorkshire Terrier?
  115. why is a trained chihuahua having multiple accidents on carpet?
  116. Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler or Labrador Retriever ?!?
  117. Do smooth coat chihuahuas have any hair?
  118. Has anyone owned a dog breed called Basenji?
  119. Where are good maltese shih tzu (malt-shi or malt-tzu) puppy breeders in california?
  120. How old does a labrador retriever have to be in order to have puppies?
  121. How do you properly measure reach? (boxer/mma)?
  122. What happens when my shih tzu dies?
  123. why do they fight (cairn terriers)?
  124. japanese spitz and chihuahua mixed breed?
  125. i need to name my rhodesian ridgeback dog ?
  126. Name for my female border collie?
  127. Why is every dog mixed with a poodle these days?
  128. anyone now where i can get my irish staffordshire bull terrier protection...
  129. About English Cocker Spaniels?
  130. Old English Sheepdog question?
  131. My poodle is chasing its tail anti clockwise instead of clockwise and this is
  132. Mexican VS. Black Boxers?
  133. Beagle (13in) and Miniature Poodle Mix- how big, and shedding?
  134. i have a Chihuahua and its a boy, he always eats his stuff and i want to dress him
  135. How likely is it to find a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at an Animal Shelter?
  136. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog?
  137. shih tzu girl who is nearly 6 weeks pregnant?
  138. $300 for mini schnauzer no papers too much?
  139. Please help me train my roommate's Beagle!?
  140. I have a 4 year old female chihuahua (not fixed) and i'm contemplating on getting...
  141. How much can I get per puppy if I breed my purebred Mini Schnauzer with...
  142. How do you go about training boxer puppies?
  143. I want to (eventually) breed my Yorkshire Terrier?
  144. Does anyone have teacup chihuahua puppies for sale?
  145. When is the April Dachshund Parade in Washington Sq Park in NYC?
  146. jack russell terrier problems?
  147. What shall I write for my english - any help, quotes or pointers?
  148. Golden Retriever may have injured leg.?
  149. Correcting Rhodesian Ridgeback with Separation Anxiety?
  150. lf your going to wear something as loose as boxer shorts why wear anything under
  151. Where can I buy a free pomeranian?
  152. My pug dog has an unusual gait...almost as if he seems drunk. Any ideas?
  153. Where cani I get a pug puppy for cheap?
  154. How do I get my Chihuahua to eat?
  155. Siberian Husky Puppy Behavoiral Question? Please Advice!?
  156. Are pugs good pets considering thier possible health problems?
  157. Does anyone own a bichon frise that has skin problems?
  158. Does my Beagle look weird?
  159. Long legged Boxer briefs?
  160. Does anyone own a toy poodle?
  161. should i get a boxer dog as my first dog?
  162. 2 any1 Boxer briefs?
  163. How Many of you have Siberian Husky ?
  164. I'm getting a lab mixed with a collie. Do they make good dogs?
  165. What is the best food for a Chow Chow?
  166. my pug will not play with others?
  167. i'm thinking of getting a french bulldog what do i need to expect?
  168. Advise about my old Chihuahua?
  169. Pug issue about feeling uncomfortable?
  170. we are picking up an 9 week old cavalier king charles spaniel puppy next week and
  171. Are Shiba Inu's smart?
  172. my chihuahua is wayyyy tooo skinny?
  173. Urgent: Need to go from Richmond, VA to Blacksburg, VA. I don't have a car and...
  174. Boston Terrier Dry Skin?
  175. pro's and con's of having a pug?
  176. What is the normal size and weight of an american johnson bulldog though out life?
  177. How to teach my chihuahua to fetch stop barking.?
  178. Do all pugs mark their territory?
  179. My dachshund-pug swallowed a chicken bone?!?!?!?!?!?
  180. i have a 2 month old neapolitan mastiff pup. we have had her for three nights...
  181. How can I find out what kind of breed my chihuahua is?
  182. Shih Tzu Dogss NORTHH WESTT!?
  183. 8 month old Shiba Inu is picking fights with my 4 Year old Pitbull?
  184. Is my dachshund a standard or a mini?
  185. My dog just ate a whole bowl (4 cups) of semi-chocolate puppy chow. What do I do?!?
  186. English Bulldog,shaving him?
  187. I have a 7 year old German Shephard/Chow mix. He has no fever. But DEFINETLY not
  188. American Eskimo Dog Vs. Pomeranian.?
  189. my 1 yrs old shih tzu cross king charles cockerspaniel?
  190. Good dog names for a Bernese Mountain Dog?
  191. Where can i get some naruto boxers?
  192. Saliva stains on white smooth coat chihuahua?
  193. What to expect from a Beagle?
  194. About pugs... I am seriously considering adopting a pug...?
  195. Jobs in Newfoundland?
  196. How much is a full blooded beagle worth?
  197. mini pincher or mini dachshund?
  198. Why?? What's the point of stealing questions?
  199. How about a Goldendoodle instead of a Golden Retriever?
  200. Does anyone know where I can find a long-haired red dapple mini dachshund puppy?
  201. Guys What do you wear to sleep, clothes, pj, boxers, or nude? Girls what would you
  202. I have a 5 yr. old beagle, and about 2 days ago I noticed two lumps one on the
  203. Do tomboys wear boy boxers?
  204. If an English Bulldog jumps in deep water, can he swim?
  205. might beagle be depressed?
  206. Great Dane hair loss question?
  207. Would it be seen as 'normal' if a girl enters the room and guy is wearing...
  208. Finding a Mentor for American Bulldog?
  209. my border collie is getting neutered tomorrow,any tips on aftercare?
  210. How many hits to the ear does it take to develop boxer's ear??
  211. can I take a swiss army knife on a greyhound bus?
  212. does anyone know who sells toy chihuahuas or kittens under 300 dollars?
  213. What should I know about getting a Labrador Retriever?
  214. what's the mean of Boxer Trunk in underwear category?
  215. Puppy names for male labrador retriever?
  216. potty training a chihuahua puppy?
  217. Does anyone have a minature dachshund?
  218. for those who litter box trained their chihuahua puppy...?
  219. Are bull terriers good dogs? what other small to medium size dogs are good?
  220. My English Bulldog....?
  221. Is it bad to cut your Pomeranian's hair like this?
  222. Shih-tzu 10 year old dog (in human years) at like 5 pieces of Toblerone white...
  223. What would you name an adorable Rottweiler puppy?
  224. How to make Chow Mein Using the Hard Egg noodles?
  225. feeding a bernese mountain dog?
  226. Chihuahua pup health issues, assistance needed!?
  227. Dachshund won't stay in her basket during menstruation! Would you please help me?
  228. What dog would work best in a townhouse with a chihuahua?
  229. My miniature poodle bites my nephew, what do i do?
  230. What should I know about Luxation of the Patella in my Chihuahua?
  231. Is my dog a border collie or a papillon?
  232. Would a Toy American Eskimo dog survive in the heat?
  233. I adopted a 19 month old Boxer from a friend, she had just a single puppy from...
  234. What is the song If you see Amy by brittany spears even about?
  235. Im fed up with my Golden Retriever Puppy, who is nearly two years old, what do i do?
  236. i'm wondering what would be a good smaller dog to keep my great dane company?
  237. a name for my male black pug?
  238. Miniature poodle + names!?
  239. Golden Retriever puppy name?
  240. Does he look like a purebred toy poodle?
  241. what type of diet do they use for racing greyhounds and what type of...
  242. What is wrong with my chihuahua dog?
  243. My Chihuahua Screams?
  244. How do you lower the amount of hair your shetland sheepdog sheds?
  245. Need a good lease/collar for my bull mastiff. He is just getting to strong
  246. what is the best method to housetrain dachshunds?
  247. should i feed a two week old puppy puppy chow?
  248. do you think thier is such thing as a black boxer dog?
  249. Is mixing ferret food and kitten chow safe?
  250. why does my chihuahua puppy shiver when she wakes up?