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  1. Whats a good name 4 a chihuahua?
  2. Undervey: I am currently sporting a nice pair of boxer briefs that are sky-blue?
  3. Yorkshire Terrier Help?
  4. where can i get a smooth collie from?
  5. Why do guys wear boxers under their swim shorts?
  6. if you seek amy - brittany spears?
  7. How to make my golden retriever EAT?
  8. do pugs have a lot of health problems?
  9. Should I get a german shepherd or cavalier king charles spaniel?
  10. How much to feed a pug?
  11. How much do u think this would cost for my chihuahua? please answer =]?
  12. Nintendogs Jack Russell Terrier Book.?
  13. Need Training Advice for my Boxers?
  14. I have a Basset Hound she is 1. i love her very much but she is naughty and
  15. Help! My chihuahua swallowed gum!?
  16. my beagle just had puppies today?
  17. Usual age for Mastiff.?
  18. Whats the difference between boxer briefs and low rise trunks?
  19. What is your experience with standard poodles?
  20. Mastiff owners please read?
  21. do poodle mixes chew/destroy things?
  22. Anyone have a Japanese Spitz x Tibetan Spaniel?
  23. how do I teach my golden retriever to play fetch?
  24. I got a dog that is half Rottweiler and half something? Is it going to Be a big dog?
  25. hi i am looking to introduce another staffordshire bull terrier to my neutered...
  26. Calling all Great Dane Breeders?
  27. why are long coat chihuahuas uncommon?
  28. Is there any place that has boxers with nice designs but are cheap?
  29. Native American Indian Dog, Small house?
  30. In dog shows, what group does a shih tzu fall under?
  31. Funeral for CJ...chihuahua?
  32. ENGLISH BULLDOG! TONS OF ?S! What food, harnes or collar, yogurt/cottage cheese in
  33. Do ladies find it sexy when guys sag their jeans and you see half of the...
  34. I'm looking to make a video on a boxer...?
  35. can black mollies mate with dalmatian mollies?
  36. Should I breed? I have a 10 month old female dachshund that's in heat. It's her
  37. 3 month old chihuahua with parvo?
  38. I have an 8 month old american bulldog he weigts around 75 lbs an is
  39. does any one know where can i find a wep page that shows how to teach dogs...
  40. I have a five month old chihuahua that will not walk on a leash?
  41. i have a 38 pound shih tzu, (yes hes pure breed) is that very odd?
  42. Question For Boxer Owners?
  43. Where do you buy akc keeshond puppy in nc?
  44. often pomeranian babies they have?
  45. Why does my Chihuahua have the worst breath ever?
  46. what are your top 5 boxers and why?
  47. My German Shepherd dog started attacking people at random it seems?
  48. How do I stop my 9 month old pug from marking everything in the house?
  49. Dog problem - border collie chases small dogs how do I stop it?
  50. i have a staffordshire bull terrier, how can i get her hair to grow back
  51. My dachshund has been acting weird lately (please help?)?
  52. which dog is cuter rottweiler puppies or german shepherd puppies?
  53. GIRLS: Do you find it gross when a guys boxers are showing?
  54. which do women prefer on men boxer shorts or briefs?
  55. about American Bulldogs?
  56. Is it bad to have a Basset Hound mix live outside?
  57. Fussy shih-tzu that wont eat her food!?
  58. Will my border collie/lab puppy have long hair or short hair?
  59. What are Siberian Huskies like ?
  60. American bulldogs and pregnancy?
  61. american bulldog sos?
  62. Rough collie puppy question?
  63. doberman boxer cross?
  64. Thinking about getting a Westie (West Highland White Terrier)?
  65. My pug wont let me cut her nails!?
  66. Labrador Retriever question?
  67. Chihuahua 50 days pregnant, any advise?
  68. How to completely remove Bloodhound.Exploit.213?
  69. What would be the recommended amount of glucoseamine for a Dachshund?
  70. I want to have a Female Great Dane advice me please ?
  71. Where can I purchase a Bugg puppy (Boston Terrier and Pug mix)?
  72. Registering a Poodle?
  73. Should I get an lion,a tiger, or an American Pit Bull terrier?
  74. Cropping a Doberman Pinscher?
  75. how to give an Atomic wedgie when the victim wears boxers?
  76. why wont my chihuahua wont eat her food?
  77. What's a good shampoo for poodles?
  78. i have two pit bulls my bf wants a Rottweiler pup would they get along?
  79. Sagging jeans and half the boxer being revealed from behind?
  80. Anyone know of Miniature Pinschers in Northwestern PA?
  81. What does it mean when a pug has a big half inch shiny black circle on her.?
  82. Why does he do this? My pug pup?
  83. Is it a turn off to most women if a guy is a boxer?
  84. Pug owners - how old to housebreak?
  85. do i look like brittany murphy?
  86. OMG my pit bull/boxer almost got into a fight with a french mastiff?
  87. My boxer/great dane mix puppy of 14 mths has been panting like crazy(has a
  88. Shiba Inu Dog Question?
  89. German Shepherd, Rottweiler and a Doberman?
  90. Basset hounds age????????????????????
  91. What do you think about puppy chow?
  92. I got a shiba inu 8week old pup 3 days ago, and I've been doing things to inforce my
  93. I have a mixed dog... at least half yorkie and we think the father was a...
  94. How do you train a stubborn 3 year-old chihuahua?
  95. Did anyone else see Brittany Murphy on the Craig Ferguson show the other night?
  96. Why is my 4 month old chihuahua vomiting yellow stuff?
  97. Does anyone have any good names for black/white tibetan terrier puppies!?
  98. is it true that reggae/dancehall artist collie buddz was dropped from
  99. Pug pregnancy question? Please help!?
  100. showing a border collie?
  101. Is Adrian Diaconu without any little doubt the most feared Boxer in the world today?
  102. At birth, how do you tell the difference between a long-haired and a...
  103. why is my chihuahua puppy scared of my nieces?
  104. Anyone know of a German Shorthaired Pointer breeder in San Antonio, Texas?
  105. golden retriever has VERY dry skin.?
  106. How big does a border collie, lab, blue heeler mix get?
  107. Scared Pug/Jack Russell Pup?
  108. Should I adopt a pomeranian puppy?
  109. chihuahua mixed Pomeranian?
  110. I have a plastic food chopper and when I chow garlic I can't get the garlic
  111. puppy chihuahua mixed Pomeranian?
  112. I have GSD pup and rottweiler pup both 9 weeks old. Will they get along with
  113. Does anyone else sometimes wear gym shorts as boxers?
  114. I have a 9wk old Shih Tzu she puts her 2 paws in her water bowl and flicks
  115. I was just wondering if any shiba inu owners or dog owners have any suggestion on...
  116. do basenjis live well with bunnies?
  117. what r some good dog names for a toy poodle?
  118. how do i get my english bulldog to not be so skittish?
  119. why is my pomeranian coughing so much?
  120. which and how many chihuahua shots?
  121. is it normal that my puppy shiba inu likes to spend a lot of time by himself laying
  122. would a german shepherd and old english mastiff go well toegther?
  123. What breed of dog is similar to the French Bulldog?
  124. i am getting a golden retriever puppy .. ?
  125. What car company were the commercials for that the weimaraner dogs were
  126. How do I know if my golden retriever is eating enough?
  127. How to tell if my dog is a great dane/ pittbull mix?
  128. English Springer Spaniels temperament?
  129. Chow can I create an OS?
  130. When does a labrador retriever go into their first heat?
  131. Does anyone have pictures of Havashire pups that are 3/4 Yorkie and 1/4 Havanese?
  132. dalmatian puppy ate little piece chocojate cake?
  133. My finicky shih tzu won't eat?
  134. Should i get a Great Dane puppy?
  135. Why does my Great Dane have a tiny notch cut on the edge of each ear? There is...
  136. How can we get my 4 month old boxer to be comfortable walking with a leash?
  137. Why is my 12 yr. old Boxer acting dominant all of the sudden?
  138. Unruly stray beagle.... need help or she's gone!?
  139. My bull mastiff dog bled to death after being spayed. What can i do?
  140. Do french bulldogs make good pets?
  141. White Schnauzer How are they bred?
  142. Boxer Puppy question?
  143. a rottweiler mixed with german shepherd?
  144. Wart like areas on poodle.?
  145. Anyone know of a good vet in st. pete for my english bulldog?
  146. Introduction of New Puppy to My Chihuahua?
  147. medical exam for ameture boxer?
  148. How far can I get using Greyhound with only $40?
  149. Are Pembroke Welsh Corgi's born with long tails?
  150. Boxers or Briefs???????????????????????????
  151. What's the best kind of couch to buy if you have two messy pugs?
  152. Golden retriever foot rashes?
  153. Chocolate labrador retriever names?
  154. Is North Korea fixing to make Barack Hussein Obama its french poodle?
  155. Can I feed my chihuahua soup bones?
  156. My 11 week shih tzu puppy cries, barks and whines all night.?
  157. Whats wrong with my Chihuahua?
  158. Why won't my 8 month old beagle mix stop chewing up EVERYTHING?
  159. What do you need to get started as an amateur boxer?
  160. Registered name for GORGEOUS collie pup?
  161. Are you a boxers or a Briefs person?
  162. North Hollywood Greyhound Station?
  163. I need these boxers, please!?
  164. anyone have a pug???
  165. i need all the info on dog/beagles i can get?
  166. how come my 1 yr old shih tzu pisses on the same spot when i've done...
  167. My saint bernard's teeth have starting bleeding?
  168. I got bit by a basset hound?
  169. My poodle hit her head then had a seizure?
  170. Subliminal Message in Brittany Spear's If you seek amy??
  171. What should I name my new Great Pyrenees?
  172. Would a rottweiler and german shepherd mix shed?
  173. Why does my male Chihuahua stink?
  174. Shih Tzu Experience???? Please help?
  175. how big are border collies?
  176. is my 6month old boxer on heat???!!!!?
  177. How can I train by poodle without using treats?
  178. can you dock a boxers tail after a certain age?
  179. Why don't the governing bodies of boxing rank each others champions? And is this
  180. will my staff bitch stop fighting my 5mthold american bulldog staff is 7yr old?
  181. Would you say Tri-colored Bull Terriers are rare?
  182. Injured dog tail...at the bottom to end...great dane pitt mix so its a long tail...?
  183. How do you get a chow pass in the Army free food?
  184. What can i do for my chihuahua he is losing his hair don't think it is
  185. Whats the best way or is it advisable to rename my 5 yr old Schnauzer?
  186. What is Brittany's new song? (spears)?
  187. Does anyone have a baby Yorkshire Terrier?
  188. Why is my Border Collie Coughing?
  189. What is the best dog food for a rottweiler puppy?
  190. Whippet Dogs; Pictures Inclueded (:?
  191. How long will my Boston Terrier act weird after his dental exam?
  192. Do i have to train a siberian husky not to bite the owner?
  193. Are German Shepherds good guard dogs?
  194. why are some chihuahua's smaller than others. some are huskier looking and bigger
  195. Should I get two rottweiler puppies?
  196. Bichon frise crate training?
  197. One more Pug question. lol I adopted a new pug. The first week or so was
  198. For chihuahua owners?
  199. Terrified Miniature Schnauzer?
  200. I'm having a problem with my Pomeranian...?
  201. How much would an adult Shiba Inu cost? Even better, a trained one?
  202. does anyone know where they sell toy chihuahuas in ventura county ?
  203. whippet dogs (: pictures inclueded (:?
  204. 4 a professional boxer does the gym you belong too get everything straitened
  205. why does my chihuahua do this?
  206. how long does a doberman or rottweiler tail normally get? Why are they clipped?
  207. whats better german shepherd or rottweiler?
  208. Any Good Chihuahua Names?
  209. Would a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel be good with elderly and children?
  210. What kind of dog food is best for my pomeranian puppy?
  211. how much money are female yorkshire terriers in english money?
  212. Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky Mix weight ?
  213. When should I get my great dane Neutered?
  214. How to train my newfoundland to pull me in a wagon?
  215. If you had a golden retriever, would you let it sit on your couch?
  216. Anyone have a Keeshond?
  217. whats Wrong with my Chihuahua?
  218. Boston Terrier Experts Please Help?
  219. At what age Great Danes and Mastiffs should be weened - off their mother's milk?
  220. Whats the best dog food for a lhasa apso?
  221. how much are jabs for a german shepherd cross rottweiler?
  222. my 9 week old shih tzu likes to nibble n me and my children how can i get him...
  223. MY hyper POMERANIAN???
  224. ok, so i have this 4 month old collie, (collie people should know what im
  225. Who Is Your Favorite Character In Beverly Hills Chihuahua's? 90210?
  226. Why is John McCain seeking a pardon for a boxer for a 1913 conviction?
  227. American bulldog help!!!!?
  228. Paris hiltons BFF brittany?New season?
  229. My dachshund is in her first heat. Her coochie has been swollen for about a...
  230. Mastiff leg question?
  231. What are some really tough rottweiler names?
  232. Daschound? Do you know anything about them? Are they good with beagles? What do...
  233. Basset Hound questions?
  234. My 7 month old chihuahua kaitie has issues with people (strangers).?
  235. help with rottweiler puppy buying?
  236. My Dachshund is having what I think are small seizures?
  237. whats a cool name for a white female boxer. That has to do with boxing?
  238. Why isn't LEONBERGER in my dog breed book?
  239. I have a Miniature Dachshund?
  240. I have an 8 year old Bichon Frise what vitamins and or minerals should I give...
  241. What size Gentle Leader should i get for my 6 month old akita chow mix?
  242. how i can break my poodle out of this?
  243. Boston Terrier or Miniature Schnauzer?
  244. My year old Female Chihuahua Is Constently Licking her Paw!?
  245. Is the Shiba Inu really that bad of a breed?
  246. I have a Golden Retriever and a Pomeranian, should I get a bunny?
  247. How to get my border collie more exercise?
  248. what is the youngest age to breed a great dane pup?
  249. Why does my beagle have urinary problems?
  250. Pug with other dogs????